A'quila Tyaka

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A'quila Tyaka
Gender Female (Androgynous-often pretends/looks like a boy.)
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Undeclared
Age 19, almost 20
Sexuality Heterosexual
Mate V'aar Tia Open
Height 5fulms & 6Ilms (5'6")
" The Battered Thief."
Constantly under construction. Content due to change as Character and her story progress.
Last update: 3/28/15

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A lanky, very small Seeker Miqo'te; standing around 5'7" with messy black hair with copper to auburn highlights, and a long lionlike tail with a soft black tuft on the end of it. She has a round androgynous face with a tattoo upon her forehead; along with a red gem from her old tribe. This little birdlike-female doesn't really have the desirable womanly curves or swell of the chest as most women her age do; in fact her name suits her aptly. She's small in general and thin. If her tunic is lifted; her ribs can be somewhat visible under the flesh. Usually dressed in raggedy baggy clothes dyed neutral earth tone-colors and scuffed up old leather boots. ---Being fed regularly now, she's not as malnourished as she used to be; but she's still a waif of a girl. Now actually having different changes of clothes; usually found in Earth tones, still dressing like a boy a good portion of the time. Concealing her identity when she's off on her own.

Body Type
Mismatched: One bright blue, the other a turquoise-green.
Black with auburn/copper highlights
Slightly tanned
Lanky, small

First impression/At a glance

Most people consider A'quila a beggar- which in some cases. She is. Others get the right first thought and become wary. She's a thief; and she will pickpocket you if you let your guard down. ---Not so much a thief any longer; but she will strike if you irritate her, or make her mad. She likes to see it as a 'grievance tax'.
Being so young yet; and fresh to the life of theft and being a thief; she's still learning to hone those skills, and often times her attempts to steal end up with her running into the back alleys. Using them to lose the people chasing her.---Has had her hopes and dreams rekindled and isn't as much of a 'broken youth' as she used to be. Now, she more focuses on honing her skills on trying to become a Machinist, Armorer, and Weaponsmith. Her disposition being much more playful, and happy-go-lucky.

Often; she's found alone and on her own. Currently; she's often found at the side of V'aar Tia. Working with V'aar as an assistant when he's in town; and spending time with him when she can. (Their relationship the result of pick-pocketing gone wrong.) Working for the Daughter of Lyrre, she's currently under the wings of the older Miqo'te; being mentored in other skills and traits as opposed to theft and pick-pocketing. Also, She now has other mentors teaching her how to fight and how to work with Machinery. Completely being lifted from the ground and now beginning to find her feet and develop into a whole new person.

Behavior and Personality

A'quila is at first- reserved, bashful, and very quiet. Making her seem timid and demure. She's not very welcoming to new people, but still remains polite. Usually thinking and calculating the world around her, constantly learning and adapting to new situations and new people she meets. Over time though; she eventually will relax and calm. Her personality usually playful, sassy, and impish.
She has a bad habit of fidgeting. (Especially when nervous or on edge.) be it from her fingers moving, to her leg jiggling. She's constantly in motion. Despite her skittish traits, if listened to close enough, often she hums or sings to herself. Having a very wide variety of lullabies, stories, and songs.

(Rarely,if caught unaware she'll sing out fully. Able to sing quite well- she's usually to shy to do so in front of others. One odd quirk she has that's unknown is she'll actually sing herself to sleep.)

To simply live and find a place for herself. She's desperate to find stability in her reckless,slapdash life.
Sense of Humor
Silly,Impish, Often times a prankster, very playful once out of her shell.
Emotional Disposition
Quiet, sometimes passed off as sad, or nervous.
Moderate (She does have a temper; she'll usually try to avoid confrontation however)
Sexual Orientation
Somewhat moderate. Doesn't think anyone finds her attractive, thus doesn't think about such.
Realistic/Pessemistic (Tries to keep a level head) Sexual Expressiveness Very Modest on the outside, Behind closed door's she's adventurous.
Very low.
Sexual Expressive Style
Outgoing once she's revved up.
Openness to sexual experience
depends on the situation/Her mood.Can go from Low to High instantly.
Bashful around others;but slowly comes out of her shell.
Expression of Beliefs
Very Low--If anything she's rejected the 12 and lost her faith.
Modest when first meeting people, very playful when comfortable
Chaotic Neutral
Topics of Conversation
Music, exploration, stories, blacksmithing, armor forging, mechanics
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities
Very fidgety, has issues being made to stay still. Very androgynous- will deliberately dress and act like a boy instead of a girl. Has a deep rooted fondness for food-mainly sweets; actually going without food, she has a deep love for anything edible and appreciates home cooked meals.
Hobbies & Enjoyments
Traveling,adores animals, has a deep passion for Machinists and what they do, along with blacksmiths and armorers. Aspiring to do all three.
Warm summer days
U'ldah and Thanalan
Warm evenings/Warm nights.
High places to perch where she can see everything
Singing and music
Exploring new places.
Sweets and food in general
Machinists,Armors,Blacksmiths, Anything that involves mechanics and metalwork, or weaponry

Loud noises
Wasted or spoiled food
Cold places like Corethas
Overly authoritative figures
Arrogant and Prideful people
Loud/Obnoxious people
Failed Hunts
Large groups of people (In relation to the noise)
Too hot of days/too hot of nights
People who condescend or talk down to her
Being hungry

Aspiring Machinist, Armorer, Blacksmith
Eating a lot for someone her size
Fast to learn, can pick things up very quickly
Able to slip into crowds and vanish
Able to quickly figure out how cities are set up and learn the backroads.

Favorite Food/Drink: Adores food in general: Loves sweet things most
Favorite Creatures: Chocobos and Opo-Opos
Least Favorite Food: None yet
Least Favorite Creature: Wesps,Wasps,Hornets, large insects/arachnids


To sum it up in a word: Inexperienced. She'd sooner run than fight, and when she does fight- It's with trickery and ways to confuse or blind an opponent so she can get away. One major trick up her sleeve is she has a powder she'll throw at people. Sylph powder mixed with spices designed to launch into an enemy's face and blind them along with clouding their sense of smell (Since a lot of Miqo'te track with scent as well)
Usually fast on her feet and a quick wit; she'll often try to outrun, or outsmart an opponent as opposed to physical violence. When she is pushed to extremes; she has two stabbers she'll use to threaten, or try to stab with.

Occupation, Skills, and Pastimes

A simple homeless thief Currently learning the Ins and Outs of working along side V'aar/ working for the Daughter of Lyrre. Her skills include mainly working with her hands. She adores machines, weapons, and armor. She's aspiring to become a Machinist, but also wants to learn Blacksmithing, and how to make Armor/Weapons.
She loves music, and often will sing to herself or hum. (Even more so before she falls asleep- literally will sing her own lullabies to get to sleep.) Despite the thievery, she actually has a high work ethic but has a hard time finding anyone to accept her for work due to the damage on her arms.
Favorite past-time? Eating and napping.


A'quila doesn't overly like talking about her past; her mother and father being very touchy topics which usually will make her just go silent.
Her father is (Or was, she's not sure now) the Nuhn of her tribe; Her mother passed away when she was around 13. Unable to overly cope with the loss; A'quila left her tribe. From there she's lived on her own since. Taking up odd jobs and living on her own as a form of wanderer. It was then she found pretending to be a boy was safer, and easier than being a girl. Thus, her androgyny developed once she hit puberty.
Wanting to become someone who works with metal (in any form) she began collecting scrap metal and parts. From there in her stay in Gridania, she found an old abandoned forge in the Black Shroud. Beginning to use it and try to hone her skills, one day the forge collapsed; pinning her arms between the stone, and the red hot metal and coals. Luckily; her hands were spared since she had on heavy leather-gloves.
But from the wrists up to her elbows; she suffered serious burns. (She was very lucky she didn't fully lose her arms.) Having her arms heal; it was then she was cast aside, ostracized, and rejected for work. People looking down upon her for her disfigurement. Over time; she fell into depression, rejected/resented her belief in the 12.

Romantic Attraction Sexual Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Positive Standing

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Negative Standing
S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh : Show text

C'kayah Polaali : Show text

L'Kenthi Rarahn : Show text

L'lani Tyata : Show text

Rinh'sae Nelhah : Show text

Avalyn Piper : Show text

---- : ...

Current Events:

Currently,A'quila can be spotted in the cities running errands and simple tasks for L'Vi, or V'aar when he's in the area.
If not running errands, often times she's found in Ul'dah, wandering around or working on one of her many projects. Half the time hoping to find a meal, or running very small odd jobs/part time work. (Usually the jobs assisted in being given to her from V'aar or L'Vi.) More often than not if there's no work to be had, and no errands to run she can be seen hanging around the QuickSand.

Right now; A'quila has bags under her eyes from learning L'oki Wulfskar has passed away. Mourning over the loss; she has issues sleeping and it shows.


Common Rumors

!"Who? That boy? I saw him with an older Miqo'te man...Father and son,maybe? I know the boy was laughing a lot. Was rather sweet."-- Hyur man and his wife passing by the outside of the QuickSand.
!"Oh yeah, I saw the little guy in the Quicksand. He's there a lot; often watching people." --Seeker Miqo'te patron to the Quicksand

-Previous Common Rumors-
"watch your purse around that one...He's notorious for trouble"-- Irritated Elezen socialite
"Who? Oh. The little beggar boy... I dunno much about him, he looks like he's one stiff breeze from falling over sometimes; the little thing's so skinny."-- Hyurian Merchant.
"He's usually very quiet, comes here and buys the stale bread I have from me, along with the hard cheese I'm about to give to the hogs... I feel sorry for the kid, but I have a living of my own to make"-- Lalafell Merchant

Moderate Rumors

!"A'quila? A pretty decent worker, very polite! I used to think he was just a beggar but then with the help of the partner I do business with, I went ahead n' gave the kid a chance. Turns out the kid's alright, if not a bit shy." --Lalafel merchant.

!"I saw that kid running with a group of people.All Miqo'te; his new tribe? A miqo'te woman with gold eyes, dressed in white, a Miqo'te man in a red coat with shades, and a grizzly looking Miqo'te man with white hair and a thick unknown accent. What a strange ragtag group..."--- Passing Elezen

-Previous Moderate Rumors-
"I watched him brush past a few people, then run...Turned out he had stolen their gil; Pretty funny but unnerving for the city" --Passing female Seeker
"If you see him, inform us immediately.."--Flame Guard

Rare Rumors
!"I hear the kid fell into a gang. Is now running around Ul'Dah as part of a group that does dirty dealings underground..." --Passing Roegadyn
!"Oh, That girl is so cute! I saw her working with the Valentones people this passing holiday; Dressed in that cute red and black uniform handing out chocolates, advertising for people to join in with the event!"-- Same Miqo'te dancer from previous Rare rumors.

-Previous Rare Rumors-
"I rounded the corner and from somewhere in the Gold Court I heard the prettiest tune. I thought maybe one of the bards had been practicing. Going to investigate I saw some little rascal sitting on a beam- Once he saw me though, he took off! Teehee- was pretty cute, his cheeks went Dalimund red!"-- Miqo'te dancer.

"Pfffft- I'm telling you, that ain' no boy. I've seen boys and tha' there is a girl."-- Drunken Roegadyn

Player Character Rumors
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Other things

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(Art By PaschtChime)

(Art By PaschtChime)

More to come soon

Author's Notes/OOC

Some things I want you to know-
This is an adult-themed character. She touches on topics that are morbid,graphic, and possibly mentally disturbing. Please interact at your own risk.

This character is disfigured. On her arms from her wrists near the bends of her elbows she has severe burn scars of which she's very self conscious about. She usually keeps them hidden; but every so often a slight peek of discolored bright pink skin/scar.

If you haven't picked up on it yet; This char is a girl and pretends she's a boy. In character when out and about; I'll be adressing HER, as a HIM. deliberately so to mask the identity. I'm very very very appreciative if other RPers pick up on the ruse and address A'quila as a boy; until/unless A'quila reveals her true gender/identity. Thanks sooo much everyone!!!!
A Big Thanks To...
Templete taken fromD'lyhhia Lhuil & Deirdre Ta'ea! Thank you very much for allowing me to build off of your designs!