A'rytiss Edar

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 A'rytiss Edar
Sage and A'rytiss.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship None, Tribes of the Shroud
Age 'Unknown' Between 18 and 22
Grand Company None
Free Company None
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Linkshell#2: None
Linkshell#3: None
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Basic Info


Build: Small
Hair Color: White with red highlights
Hair Style: Short and smooth
Eye Color: Left: White, Right: Amber/brown
Skintone: Pale, white.
Distinguishing Features: Green tatooes around the eyes.

A'rytiss Edar is often seen wearing long, white robes that one would associate with nomads and those on pilgrimages. They are mostly well-kept, but there are brief signs of wear-and-tear on them, ranging from some slight well-done stitching, to some rougher edges here and there.


Mannerisms:Easy to emberass. very polite with a proper 'sir' or 'miss' before every name. Very honest. Very kind. Very worriesome for others. Very soft.

Voice:Generally, a very light-spoken character, but with a soft and smooth tone to him.


A'rytiss is very easily emberassed. He has a hard time when put on the spot in an overtly sexual conversation or when talking about his own relationships.

On the other hand, he also has a very good heart. He earnestly believes whatever he says, and if one knows him well enough, they'll instantly be able to tell that he would never tell a lie of his own accord. Honesty and loyalty are held in high esteem with him.

Generally defined as 'jovial', if not a bit ignorant and happy, he charges forward quickly without hesitation.


Feeling useful
Tea (All kinds!)
Chocobos and animals


Disrespect of the natural world, particularly earth,

regardless of large trees or stones and dirt

Being lied to
Seing injuries




Early Life

A'rytiss is originally born of a non-traditional clan, living on the extreme outskirts of the East Shroud. His mother, a pure-blooded keeper, sough multiple males of both Keeper and Seeker heritage in an effort to bear a son. Her official words on the reasons for naming her son a'rytiss, is that it is a reflection of her favorite male from those she sought out.

While he was young, he was initially trained in hunting with his clansmen. The females would take him out quite often to train, though he displayed only limited aptitude for hunting and gathering.

It did not take long, however, for his talents with Aether to be quickly noticed. Inherited dominantly from his mother, when he started healing - and when he wasn't any good at hunting - his family set him on the path of a healer, teaching them all of their techniques and tricks to ensure that he could become as strong a healer as possible. He was raised along his long-time companion Sage, his chocobo and trusty partner. If there's ever a time this bird doesn't come up in conversation, it's because the Chocobo is actively standing at his side, being doted on by his long-time friend.

At what is assumed to be age 21, he left the Shroud in search of new adventures and learning the world around him.

Time with the Harbingers

A'rytiss spent a time with the Harbingers of the Dawn. It was a short, brief stint, where the healer learned much about himself, as well as about others. He grew close with members, making good long-term friends, and also grew to fear the organization - for their leader was a 'partially tempered' man by Leviathan.

His fear eased and soothed by his companions, he stayed with the company. Until a day came when he exhausted his healing magic. Suffering a severe whiplash from the healing, it was found that his style of healing was not conjury - but a style that draws upon nature as well as the user. Losing access to sight and sound alike, he was called an Illegal Conjurer by one of his free company mates.

Having heard in a correspondance of this, his family demanded he return to the shroud. He left without a word from the company, and dissapeared for a few months. Upon reappearing, he now often is found wearing a hood, and has not re-contacted the Harbingers since.

Current Life

His current life is spent traveling and helping people. He lives a simple life in poverty, but it is very clear he is happy for what he does, and he loves all of the people that he helps.

He seeks companionship and friendship to fill some of the gaps left by the sudden departure from HoD, hoping to one day bring himself to a place that he can call his home away from home. Until then, you can find him sleeping outside in camps anywhere in the world, enjoying a cup of tea when gil permits, or simply wandering last in any area in the world.


A strong lack of Self confidence. This transcribes dominantly to his relationships.
Healing can cause extreme exhaustion
He is incapable of wielding destrucive aether, thus his offensive capabilities are limited
His skill with bladed weapons is considered 'sub-par.'
When he is terrified, it is hard to calm him down
He is incapable of properly using Aetherite. He can not teleport himself, first of all, as there is a complete lack of understanding for it. Secondly, his body suffers shock from using teleportation, often symptomized by nausea and vomitting one the other side.



Harbingers of Dawn (FC)

The untempered sylph of the eastern shroud are considered his friends.

Family (Positions/RP opportunities open! Feel free to ask!)

[NPC]Sage: This bird is A'rytiss' long-time companion and friend. The bird always seems to watch over A'rytiss curiously, though he's clearly a bit of a spoiled brat with how much A'rytiss gives him Gyshal Greens. A loyal and humerous bird.

[NPC]Irisvar Edar: A'rytiss' biological mother and skilled hunter. She keeps in contact with A'rytiss via mail while he's away from the tribe. Many say A'rytiss takes after his mother, save the combat type.

[NPC]Arytis' father: No name has been given from him ICly.


[PC] Delial Grimsong: 'Miss Delial' -> 'Delial' One of the first people A'rytiss met at Ul'dah. A'rytiss has a bit of a crush on her at times, but it's rather clear he's a loyal friend to her first and foremost. He's often seen traveling around with her.

[PC] Clawyn Eliae: A friend from Limsa Liminosa, Clawyn is a rather sweet Miqo'te female who often seems to be trying to teach A'rytiss more of the real world. A'rytiss does keep in mind to beware the hand that baps from her.

[PC] Leilana Belle: A close miqo'te friend to A'rytiss, both of them seem to make an awkwardly sweet little couple, though it seems neither really understands that regard.

[PC] Mylene Wharf: A recent, shy Hyur friend for A'rytiss, she also enjoys tea, and A'rytiss feels enthusiastic for future meetings with her and enjoying tea with her

[PC] Dheina Tayuun: A miqo'te from the Shroud. It's a starting friendship for A'rytiss, and a good one that he remembers - they danced together at the Dinner for the Harbingers of Dawn, and had dinner together. Always good to have more friends! :3

[PC] Set Beadra: A tall Roegadyn of a man working with the Maelstrom. He seems to get along well with A'rytiss, though he has A'rytiss mildly concerned for his well-being. The man is a far better drinker than A'ry could ever dream of being.

[PC] Faye Covington: A kind and sweet woman, and the woman responsible for A'rytiss joining with the Harbingers of Dawn. Their first meeting involved him looking for a gift for one of his friends, and she displayed not only a great degree of compassion, but also a skilled hand with weaving. She has A'rytiss' trust and respect, though he still knows little of her.

[PC] Mimiko Miyuki: 'Miss Bard' -> 'Miss Mimi' -> 'Mimi' A miqo'te bard from the Harbinger's of Dawn. Sexually open and rather light-hearted, she is quite literally the 'polar opposite' of A'rytiss in regards to openness with others. She's also the one responsible for stealing his first kiss, though it was purely chaste. A'rytiss enjoys her music and spending time talking with her.


None yet! :3


[PC] Zularti Vensar: The leader of the Harbingers of Dawn. His first meeting with the man, he learned that Zularti was 'partially tempered' as it was described to him.

Fearing for his own life and wellbeing, A'rytiss quickly tried to leave the area and find safety either back in Ul'dah or back in his home in the shroud. However, efforts to calm him by Mimiko Miyuki and Scarlet Riggs caused him to have a nervous and fearful breakdown, leaving him feeling like he was prevented from leaving for a good amount of time.

He now holds an irrational fear of Zularti Vensar, and doesn't wish to have anything to do with the Free Company house. However, the belief of the free company is carried on with his spirit and he continues to affiliate with them as a member, as well as respects the members themselves.


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I think he's lost..." --Anyone, anywhere, anytime.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"A'rytiss? He's rather strong with Earth-based aether. A healer, sure. But... He seems to become weak after healing? That's not natural, for one borrowing proper." - An older conjurer watching over his healing from the Shroud
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!)
"That boy knows nothing but a want to do good for others, even for those who may ultimately do him harm. It will hurt him, I'm sure. I will... no. I will pray I am wrong." - Delial Grimsong
"Don't you think A'ry and his Chocobo Sage are a little too close? I think that bird gets jealous when girls speak to him." Mimiko Miyuki
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