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 Mimiko Miyuki
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): • Dancer

• Singer, Dancer, Musician, Entertainer

Main Tradeskill: • Blacksmith
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: ?
Reputation: Fun loving party girl!
Occupation: • Entertainer (Pop Star Bard. Dancing, Singing, Music Playing, Total Flirt.)
Education: Some teaching in secret. Self taught and learning from some mentors.
Marital Status: Not married.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Free Company
Ravenfall Reliquary
Items Carried
Mandolin, which is lovingly taken care of.
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Clanless
Age: 17(about 21 now)
Height: 4 fulm 5 ilm
Weight: How Rude!
Eyes: Left ~ Purple, Right ~ Pink
Hair: Pink with white highlights
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Slim and toned
Notable Features: Bright Eyes and Smile. Feline markings on her face, and big breasts. The softest hair and the fluffiest tail ever!
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Mimiko Heart.png
Basic Info

Mimiko Star.png

Build: Small
Height: Short
Weight: She'll never tell!!!
Hair Color: White ((But she usually has it Pink))
Hair Style: Short, Silky, Soft and Fantastic to the touch!
Eye Color: Left: Purple, Right: Pink
Skintone: Pale, white.
Distinguishing Features: Very Faint Scars in a magical pattern down her back that follow down her arms and legs.

Mimiko Heart Small.png
Appearance Narrative Description

Mimiko is a very lovely flower of a Miqo'te. She is not very tall, in fact she is some would consider her short which adds a bit of adorableness to her looks. She is fair skinned with a few stripes on her cheeks and forehead. Her hair color is almost impossible to determine because she is constantly changing it. Mimiko is usually found wearing glasses which brings attention to her Pink and lavender eyes. But staring will only cause her to blush and look away.

Mimiko Star.png
Personality since she became a Bard

Once shy and timid, Mimiko has blossomed into a radiant flower. Mimiko's experience as a bard has led her to the lifestyle as an entertainer. Mimi has gotten over her shyness rather quickly. She started out playing her mandolin and singing to close friends and eventually began performing in the streets and a few taverns of ill respect. As her popularity grew and the class of her venues grew and changed so did her flirtatiousness and forwardness. Her attire reflects her personality, she now wears very colorful, flashy and revealing clothing. Mimi is quick to laugh and easily excited about things, and always willing to have a good time. She always has her mandolin with her and is usually playing a tune on it. Mimi has never met a stranger she is friendly to almost everyone unless she is given a reason to not like them.

Mimiko Heart Small.png

♪ ~This reflect Mimi's Personality long ago* (A new addition will be added later to reflect her growth as a person) Mimiko is shy in most social situations and can be usually found at many of the inns around the world. She doesn't go to the inn's to drink, she goes to them to do one of her favorite activities…people watching. While she "people watches" she likes to guess a persons profession by their appearance and comes up with a story why they chose that path. Even though she is shy, she will engage in polite conversation when approached to do so. Buried deep inside this shy Miqo'te is playful person which has been known to surface amongst friends and has gotten her into some trouble. Mimiko has a fascination with Lalafell's, she finds them adorable and will pick them up at random and give them a hug which she refers to as a "Hugglepounce".

Mimiko Heart.png

Mimiko Star.png
Background History


Mimiko was orphaned at a young age, too young for her to remember. She was taken in by a wealthy and powerful family of Elezen in the grand city of Gridania. Mimiko was raised in many combat arts to be a servant and protector for the Family. She was not allowed to speak to anyone unless addressed by her masters and other servants. Which leads to having a somewhat timid nature, and being cold at times. When Mimiko blossomed into a woman she was gifted to her family's youngest son as a personal protector, servant, pet and toy. Her new master was a sadistic and cruel to her, he would often torture and beat her for the smallest of imperfections. Mimiko was made to wear a collar that would punish her if her master willed it to do so, or if she knew she did something wrong. Though he had never had his way with her, some of her masters friends had shown interest in her. One day her master was being a gracious host ordered Mimiko to show his friend some hospitality. She lead him into a nearby room where she was brutally stripped and groped. The collar was getting in the way for the friend and not knowing what its true function was, removed it. Mimiko realized his mistake and quickly took her chance to escape not before she blinded the man who was trying to have his way with her. During the commotion and screaming Mimiko hastily dressed and sprang from the room coming face to face with her cruel master. He tried punishing her with the collar, shortly realizing it she was no longer wearing it he lunged for her. She was able to dodge and rolled to her lance was to be used to protect her master was now used to scar his face and cripple one of his legs. Scared, realizing what she had done she fled.


She made he way to the city of Ul'dah and managed to find refuge in one of the many taverns. She was only there a few moments when a man approached her. He was a handsome Hyur by the name of Belgorian Spellsmith, he spoke to her in a way she was not accustomed to. They spoke for a while and he invited her to join the Limsa Lominsa Gardens Academy, she gladly accepted. She has been growing and learning what its like to be something other than a servant for the first time in her life. The happiness of having a new family has made her forget of the danger that is lurking in the shadows.

Her former masters have sent trackers from their personal army to track her down and bring her back. She was ambushed by these trackers and nearly survived the attack, having to crawl to Limsa Lomisa with several arrows firmly lodged into her arm back and torso. She has recovered from this attack physically but the thought of going back frightens her. She has a tendency to wear a mask now to hide her identity. A few weeks passed by and Mimi was in Ul'dah with her fiancé when she was knocked out and taken back to her masters mansion. But only for a short amount of time, Collson and Feya was able to track Mimi's location and was able to liberate her from captivity.

♪ When she was younger one of the servants in secret taught Mimiko to read and write. Which she still loves to read till this day. She use to sneak books in her room or in other nooks she would find, and read when no one was around. She eventually read every book in her family's library. She tends to hide the fact she is intelligent and well read.*

Mimiko Heart Small.png
Recent History

Mimi book.jpg

Mimiko is no longer in fear of her former master searching for her due to his recent demise. Unaware to Mimi, her former master had implanted several magical items into several places throughout Mimi's body which would allow him to use her like a marionette and force her to do his bidding for short amounts of time. After which Mimi would awake with no knowledge of the events. Her former master was able to install the last magical piece when she was kidnapped only a few weeks prior. Mimi knew something was wrong when she would awaken in strange places she did not go to sleep at and missing time during the day. Mimi sought the advice of many, finally receiving a talisman that would hopefully disrupt whatever was causing her troubles. It worked to keep her from being controlled but she could now feel the pull of the magical devices inside her. With quick thinking she took advantage of this, she obeyed the pull and it led her back to her former masters estate. She was able to stroll right through the front door and all the way to her masters inner chambers where he performed all his dark experiments. Her master was unaware that she had control of herself and while his guard was down, she took her dagger and killed her master. Finally freeing herself from his grasp. Mimi had dismembered her masters body taking his head and the book that he looked all his spells and experiments in. She would dispose of the head into the ocean and would keep the book close to her at all times so no one else would continue his vile work.


Mimiko is no longer enrolled at the Limsa Lominsa Gardens Academy due to a falling out with her fiancé . She thought it would be best so her presence would not cause any more trouble or drama amongst the students and faculty. Leaving was a rash decision for her for several reasons. The first this was the first happy home she had ever been a part of, and now she finds herself homeless again. She has been wandering the streets of Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa playing music in taverns trying to earn some extra coin while looking for a new place to call home.

She soon ended up with a small free company called the Harbingers of Dawn where she met the man that she would later find out to be her brother. While working with the Harbingers, Mimi got curious where she came from, so she hatched a plan to return to her former masters home. One night she snuck in and made her way to a room where records were kept. She spent hours quietly going through ledgers and journals. Finally she came across a purchase document that had the name of the tribe she had come from, as well as her mothers and fathers name. In her excitement when Mimi was leaving she triggered a protection spell in her hasty exit. The spell summoned a rather nasty beast that roughed her up pretty good. Mimi barely escaped and survived a fall through a second story window. Mimi ran losing a lot of blood rather quickly only made it to the nearest river where she nearly collapsed but not before she could call for help over the free companies link pearl. Mimi awoke several days later in a bed with her wounds treated. While confined to bed rest Mimi studied the documents she found, learning she was purchased at a very young age, which tribe she was from and the names of her mother and father. When Mimi was well enough to move about she started asking around about the tribes and found out there was a Miqo'te from the tribe she was sold from. This miqo'te went by the name of S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh , she began asking him questions about the tribe and other things, but he would tell her that tribe was no more and he was the last of it. She then asked about the names in the documents, Shonji's face went pale, those were the names of his parents. Shonji left the room leaving Mimi confused, he would return several hours later to explain why he had left. Turns out they Mimi was his baby sister.


Things almost went back to normal for Mimi, but now she had a newfound brother that had taken it upon himself to make sure his promiscuous sister more of a lady. As one would expect this had become troublesome for Mimi and any lover should attempt to take on. Other than that life was pretty much normal for a while, she would have her ups and downs and lovers would come and go. And Mimi would take up roots and move on to another Free Company. At her new home Mimi had a lover by the name of Febriel De'drine who Mimi adored. But Febby and her brother had a not to friendly of a past and that would cause tension between Mimi's relationship between all three of them. Mimi's normal calm demeanor started to boil over into frustration and would trigger something inside her that no one knew was there, well except for her deceased master. Dark lines started to appear all over Mimi's body in a magical circuit like pattern, she began to growl in a hallow tones and her eyes became black. Mimi had changed into something and attacked Febby and Shonji knocking them to the ground. The Mimi monster fled and was eventually cornered which caused her rage to increase, then things got weirder. Rips in the void began to open. The tears to the void started to increase in size as a battle with the Mimi monster began. The battle was tough for all who were involved and ended with Mimi being knocked out, the lines on her body faded away and the holes to the void closed as well. Some began to fear Mimi could she really open doors to the void and what is this thing she could turn into?

Mimi book.jpg

After Mimi's transformation and attack, those involved with Mimi's capture were forced to investigate further into Mimi's aliment/curse. She reluctantly showed them the book she had taken when she murdered her former master. Mimi had no clue what it contained cause she simply could not read that particular language. However one of the Unsung Heroes could, and he studied the book for a time and was able to figure out a few details. The first things was that she had an enormous amount of aether available to her and that the experiments were designed to focus that aether into making her a key to open doors to the void. The second detail is that the experiments had a side effect with all that aether. All that aether would began to manifest itself into Mimi when she would be extremely frightened or angry and physically transform her into something else. This thing she would transform into had enhanced speed and strength and was pure emotion. And the easiest way to stop it would be to knock her out. A plan was made to seal this power to prevent Mimi from opening any more doors to the void. Much time was needed to prepare for the procedure and during that time it was deemed Mimi was too much of a danger to stay at the Academy so Mimi was asked to live somewhere else until the procedure could be performed. Eventually the procedure was performed and was successful in locking away the power to open doors to the void, but if she gave into her emotions she would still change into a beast. Knowing she would still be a danger to people Mimi left to go train her mind and learn to focus her body and emotions with a group of Monks in a monastery hidden in the mountains. Well that didn't last long Mimi only received a small dose of training before her antics caused her to be asked to leave. Not many of the monks were use to seeing a young naked Miqo'te strutting around the halls, and caused impure thoughts. The head of the monastery knew of a monk that could help her. Long story short she got the training she needed.

A few months went by without incident....then things began to manifest with led to Mimi loosing control. She awoke several months later finding herself in bed wrapped in bandages. Sacred Ash a friend of hers, who had knowledge of experimented with such things had help capture Mimi in her savage state and was able to remove and disable the experiments that had been done to her so long ago. Since then Mimi has been able to live quite the normal life. She has gained and lost friends and lovers. She has continued to pursue her craft as and entertainer traveling all over and having a good time while doing so. She has moved in with her brother in the Lavender Beds and has recently discovered she has an older sister. Mimi and her family has been enjoying getting to know one another and forming quite the bond.

Mimi has changed some of her wild habits. She does not drink as often as she once had. She has also reframed from having intimate relations with anyone. She wanted to know if people would still come around and would be her friend, after several months she has realized that those "Friends" had only come by for one reason. So Mimi is currently in a slight depression, missing the attention she once received from so many people. Her brother and sister have been helping her through this, by encouraging her to work with her sister in the Free Companies Cafe.

(( Updated as of 09/17/2016 ))

Mimiko Heart.png
Experiment and Scar Information (( All the details and notes for what was done to Mimi. All this information is ooc at the moment only small tidbits are known IC at the moment.))

Mimi experiment.png

Mimiko Star.png

Neck ~ Light to heavy scaring from years of wearing a magic slave collar. The collar would shock, burn, grow spikes to cause pain when her master deemed it necessary.
Right side ~ Her right side has seven to ten round scars caused from arrows. Bounty hunters were hired to track Mimi down not long after her escape from. Mimi was lucky to get away, her scars remind her to never let down her guard.

Mimiko Star.png
Experiments ~ Most of this section happened long ago and is not used much in current role-play.

Note~ Any side effects or powers gained from these magical experiments have been sealed away and are currently inaccessible. Basically she is now a normal everyday adorable Miqo'te
Puppet Master ~ This particular experiment was placed in order to control Mimi during the effects of another experiment performed on her. He bones have been infused with small metal medallions for the sole purpose of controlling Mimi. While she is being controlled Mimi has no recollection what she is doing or have done. This would explain her bouts of missing time. As noted above this has been disabled and quite painfully to the host.
Aether enhancement ~ Mimi is not and was not ever talented in the magical arts, but she has such a massive amount of aether at her disposal. This is why she was selected by her former master. If you look very closely at Mimi's skin, you can faintly see lines traveling all over her body. This particular experiment was placed in her to enhance her already massive amount of aether to power another experiment. This had a rather nasty side effect when Mimi would get furiously upset or is she used up too much aether. The aether would manifest itself and warp Mimi into a savage and rampaging beast of herself. This side effect would cause many issues in her life later on. As noted above this side effect has also been sealed away. But she still retains her ability to use aether.
Key Master ~ This is what the other two experiments where meant for. With this particular enhancement Mimi would have the ability to open doors to nether, allowing anyone passage to or from that dimension. She needed a huge amount of aether to open the door and would need to be controlled when she would change into a monster while accessing her ability. As noted above this has also been disabled and is currently dormant.
Final note ~ The Puppet master link has been destroyed completely and cannot be currently restored. While the other two has the potential to be re activated.
💘 Crush ~ She has a thing for you. You could get lucky! 💗 Romantic Interest ~ She has been or is in a relationship with that person. 💞 Sexual Desire ~ She lusts for you, and you have her undivided attention while in her presence. 💝 Platonic Love ~ You are either family or been placed in the Friend Zone! Good Standing ~ Everyone starts out here. Neutral Standing ~ You have either parted ways for various reasons but she will still be civil to you. 💔 Poor Standing ~ You are heading in the wrong direction. 💀 Extreme Hatred ~It's not in Mimi's nature to hate someone, so you really Fucked up or you are just a fantastic douche.
(( If you would like to be added to this list please contact me in game. ~ Thank you.))
((Due to Mimi's friendly nature, everyone starts out with a Good Standing(). To be dropped to a poor standing you really had to be a total ass OOC or IC.))
   ♪ Blood Relatives


   ♪ Maryel Shadowstalker (♀)()(💝)
~ Thanks to her Big Brother's quest to find more of his families tribe Mimi now has an older sister. Marcel and Mimi have been slowly getting to know one another and now Mimi loves cuddling with her newfound sister and is pretty protective of males that show interest in her big sis. Mimi is also pretty jealous that her older sister chest is much larger than hers.
   ♪ S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh (♂)()(💝)
~ Shonji is Mimi's older brother. Event though he is a bit odd at times and a little overprotective of his younger sister, she does love him as an older brother.

Free Company
   ♪ Ravenfall Reliquary

~ Mimi's current Home. She has recently moved in and is not too sure what it is that they do.

   ♪ Bebebop Bebop (♀)()
Menacing Bop.png

OMG LALA SOooooooooo Kawaii!!!!!!!!

   ♪ Talendros Malqir (♀)()(💘)

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

Friends & Enemies
   ♪ Friends & Such
   ♪ Gus Pumpkinweed (♂)()
~ OMG LALA! Soooooooo KAWAII!!!!!
   ♪ Gen Quickpaw (♂)()
~ Is Mia Sasano's adoptive big brother. Mimi has spent quite a lot of time with Mia and Gen and a few others she met while visiting the Lux House.
   ♪ Mia Sasano (♀)() (💘)
~ Mia is a sweet and innocent Miqo'te who is only a few years older than Mimi, and she enjoys making her blush with talks of some of her exploits.
   ♪ Winter Harrison (♀)()(💘)
~Lives in the same FC.
   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Now you're just someone that I used to know. (People that are Mia or no longer talk to Mimi)
   ♪ A'rytiss Edar (♂)()(💘)

~ Is a sweet and extremely innocent male Miqo'te that Mimi on more than one occasion had offered intimacy to. But his morals wouldn't allow such an act to take place. Mimi tired to peruse a relationship with this one, but Mimi knows deep down that he deserves someone just as sweet and innocent as he is. And Mimi knows that eventually she might end up hurting him emotionally and she fears that would upset their mutual friend Delial, which Mimi thinks would do unspeakable acts of pain and killing upon her.

   ♪ Barbarccia Valadis (♀)()(💞)(💘)

~ Complicated.....Very very very long story.

   ♪ Belgorian Spellsmith (♂)()

~Mimi had always found this man interesting. He had even shown interest in Mimi as more than just a friend, but as with so many other people in her life he just disappeared.

   ♪ Coatleque Crofte (♀)()

~ A well spoken and upstanding Hyur. Mimi likes her well enough, and she has been nothing but polite to Mimi. Mimi is afraid that CC will find out about her past and be sworn to uphold the law and return her to her former masters. (Mimi really has no idea what the laws are regarding slavery.)

   ♪ Edgar Von Gandervalt (♂)()(💗)(💝)

~ Is a close friend to Mimi. He has proven he is a person she can trust on several occasions protecting her and keeping her out of trouble. They have had an intimate moment together that was cut short when Mimi's brother walked in on them. Her brother has made it very difficult for them to spend time together since, until recently she invited him back to her room and picked up where they had left off Back at Bronzelake. Mimi has had the pleasure of running into her old friend once again, she still enjoys his company. Recently Edgar confessed his love and asked her to be his girlfriend, she sadly had to turn him down because she was seeing someone else. Things did not end well between the two and now Mimi is lost and has no idea what the future holds with their friendship. Mimi has not seen Edgar for months, she tries to make contact only to receive short if any messages in return. She fears that she causes him pain and he now despises her.

   ♪ Erimmont Chevalier (♂)()

~ Met Mimi from her few visits to the Academy Monty attends. They have spoken a few times, and even though Mimi has a slight fear of Elezen she has enjoyed his company so far. But after a few intimate encounters, he hasn't seemed to interested in Mimi anymore. Mimi has found out that Monty has an interest in Nai Ruahki which would explain his behavior in avoiding Mimi.

   ♪ Febriel De'drine (♀)(💗)()(💝)

~ Mimi was introduced to "Febby" through a mutual friend Rhuya Lanbatal. Some time after Mimi's lover at that time had gone missing, Mimi had become very lonely. Rhuya had decided to set them up on a date. A romance had blossomed between them but tensions between Febby and Mimi's brother S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh and complications from Mimi's behavior eventually drove them apart.

   ♪ Feya Velka (♀)()(💗)(💝)

~ has been a close friend of Mimi's during the time when Mimi was in a relationship with Collson. Feya, Collson and Mimi formed a close knit friendship and had even had a few intimate moments together. When Collson and Mimi had ended their relationship, Feya and Mimi began a relationship together. Feya has been missing or away for several months. Mimi did wait for quite some time before she felt she should move on. But Mimi's feelings for Feya are still strong. Feya has returned from a long time away. Feya has been very understanding and supportive that Mimi has moved on in her absence, they still remain close friends.

   ♪ F'hana Rihll (♀)()

~Lives at the same Free Company.

   ♪ Jace Hunter (♂)()

~Lives at the same place Mimi does. She like to make him blush and become shy when he's trying to be forward.

   ♪ Jaquline Frost (♀)()(💝)

~ Mimi adores Jaq, and looks up to her like an older sister. Jaq has been missing for a long time, Mimi misses her and still thinks about her from time to time.

   ♪ J'tehn Tia (♂)()(💝)

~ Mimi has only ran into this person a few times at the Quicksand Inn. Mimi thinks he will make a decent drinking buddy.

   ♪ Koh'sae Nelhah (♂)(💗)()

~ Mimi's first relationship after gaining her freedom. She regrettably cheated on him with his best friend Collson Thalias. Mimi has never cheated on anyone since. Later on Collson and Koh had a fight in which Koh ran Collson through with a lance. Collson survived and eventually disappeared.

   ♪ Lhea Korolon (♀)()(💝)

~ Mimi has met Lhea in passing through her brother S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh and Mimi's ex lover Febriel De'drine. They have recently started speaking with one another. Mimi has been enjoying their conversations.

   ♪ Mauci Ejinn (♂)()(💝)

~ A tall dark skinned and horned Au Ra that kept running into Mimi out in the world. They have become fast friends but Mimi keeps calling him Mr. Mau even though he insists and her calling him Mau.

   ♪ Nai Ruahki (♀)(💔)

~Is the one who started calling Mimiko "Pinky". She was one of the few people who noticed Mimiko at the academy and spoke to her. After Mimi's dealings with the Bitch who must not be named, Mimi left the academy without warning and notice. An has been pleasant to Mimi one moment and quite snippy the next. Mimi understands that she might have reasons for her behavior, but Mimi has never been anything but nice to Nai.

   ♪ Rhuya Lanbatal (♀)()

~ Is a friend of Mimi. Rhuya originally approached Mimi and told her how pretty she thought Mimi was. At that time Mimi was in a relationship with Feya Velka, so friends they became.

   ♪ Rurutani Sasatani (♂)()(💝)

~ Is a sweet and adorable Lala who asked Mimi to the First Ul'dah ball. She had a very good time with "Ruru". Recently hired someone to place a winning bid on a date auction Mimi was participating in. On this date "Ruru" confessed his love and that his feelings for Mimi were true. Mimi is sure her feelings feelings for this lala do not go past the realm of just friends.

   ♪ Sacred Ash (♂)()

~Mimi has know this Roe for a long time, and has helped her with her issues.

   ♪ Syrin Dusk (♂)(💗)()

~ Mimi became infatuated with Syrin when she saw him on the beach once. She followed him around and flirted enough that he came out of shell and began talking. They became fast friends while Syrin would dismiss all of her flirtatious advances. She soon became aware that he wasn't the typical male and he wasn't going to bed her and leave. He wanted a relationship with Mimi and not just a one night stand. Their relationship had blossomed as they fell in love with each other. He eventually broke Mimi's heart when she had received a letter explain that he was leaving. Its been a few months since Syrin has left but she still keeps the note tucked close to he, and she breaks down in tears whenever she thinks about him. A short time ago Syrin walked back into her life. They had some tense and awkward moments but have gotten back together. But Mimi has her reservations and keeps him at a slight distance now. Syrin left to go on an expedition with several others to some ruins a few moons ago and Mimi has received word that the expedition was attacked and they did not survive.... Mimi is hoping that the reports are wrong and is secretly hoping he will return.

   ♪ Towering Falcon (♀)()

~ A very flamboyant and polite Roe that Mimi finds fascinating. Falcon at one time had asked Mimi to work for her escort service....

   ♪ X'kohu Tia (♂)()

~ A young male Miqo'te, thats not as shy as most male miqo'tes Mimiko has meet. His forwardness and playful nature has perked Mimiko's interest.

   ♪ Zeak Meak (♂)()

~ The number one most super awesome Lala in the land! (( He made me say that lol ))

   ♪ Character Name (♀)()

~Flavor Text

   ♪ Enemies
   ♪ Collson Thalias (♂)(💀)

~ Mimi's ex boyfriend. Collson and her were quite close a fair time ago. But he became very controlling of her. He would never let her out of his sight and even told her how to dress and how to have her hair styled. Thankfully she is no longer with him. Mimi fears this person.

   ♪ L'kerti Hevtu (♀)(💀)

~ It's not like Mimi to admit she doesn't like someone. But Mimi hates this bitch with a passion. She treated Mimi like abosolute trash from the first moment they met and was the main reason she left the USH Academy.

Mimiko Heart.png

Dancing in the Rain
Trashy Romance Novels
Playing Music with her Mandolin
Sex (But refrains from having it.)
Drinking (But refrains from having it.)
Stuffed animals and Cute cuddly things
Hot tubs, Hot springs, Frolicking in rivers and on the beach.
Beaches and places with lots of water.

Mimiko Heart.png

Being Ignored or Abandoned
Cages of any kind
Her former Masters
Mean, Rude and Spiteful people
Cold, and cold places.
Male Elezen. (Not so much of a dislike, due to her history she is very timid around them)

Mimiko Heart.png

Kind hearted
Wild at times
Overly affectionate.

Mimiko Heart.png
Hobbies / Talents

People Watching
Playing her Mandolin
Getting into trouble

Mimiko Heart.png
Sexual Orientation

Pansexual. "Love is love, it doesn't matter where it comes from!"

Mimiko Heart.png

Mimiko Heart.png
Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
♪ Was caught sneaking into the men's dorms of the Limsa Lominsa Gardens Academy.
♪ Has a pair of Koh's small clothes. And he has a pair of hers after their only encounter together.
♪ For some reason whenever she has a problem. Everyone assumes she's pregnant….
♪ "I hear if you gent her drunk she will be all over you. If you know what I mean."
♪ "Since her mate left her I hear she's been drunk and sleeping around. Its a shame she's such a kindhearted girl."
Mimiko Heart.png
Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
♪ "I think her and her brother are a little too close, if you know what I mean."
♪ "I think she fancies the the ladies as well as she does the gentlemen."
♪ "She's willing to take on multiple partners."
Mimiko Heart.png
Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear)
♪ "I hear she is working for Miss Falcon"
♪ "Did you hear that she has a bounty on her head for killing her master."
♪ "I thought I saw glowing lines on her body and then she turned into some rampaging thing."
♪ "I've seen her open a door to the void and a shadowy figure was waiting for her."
Mimiko Heart.png
PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!)
A'rytiss Edar: ~ "M-Miss Mimik--- erm, Mimi? S-she's a very sweet woman. The type to put her heart out there completely. A-and she's... really kind, too..."
Rurutani Sasatani: ~ "Mimiko's one I wish I'd had more time with because she's sweet, and a fine dancer as well."
Edgar Gandervalt: ~ "Her voice when she sings...How it soothes my soul."
X'kohu Tia: ~ "Mimi? Sweeter than candy, with a voice and looks to match. Just, uh, make sure you don't let her hold the rum bottle. It'll be all gone by the time you get it back."
Coatleque Crofte:~ "Innocent, naive even, but always friendly. She always says hello on her occasional trip to Ul'dah."
Gen Quickpaw: ~ "Mimiko yes.. Hoh boy, she's one lovely kitten, and a good friend"
Character Name: ~ "Enter Rumor Here"
Character Name: ~ "Enter Rumor Here"
Character Name: ~ "Enter Rumor Here"
Character Name: ~ "Enter Rumor Here"

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Miscellaneous Information (Please add something you have noticed IC here!)

~ Enter Information Here ~ your character name
~ Enter Information Here ~ your character name
~ Enter Information Here ~ your character name

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Player Information

Name: Marion
Location: Somewhere in Ohio
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married with one child.
Education: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Way To Contact me: Discord ~ @Mimineko#8710
About me: Like I said I am a forty year old wife, and a mother of a 17 month old child. I live in the middle of nowhere Ohio, its peaceful but can be very boring. I like to watch anime and and a lot of stuff on Netflix. I did attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh back when it was reputable... But I love to draw, paint and make pottery in my spare time. For those of you with children know thats not a lot of spare time. hehe. I don't play many video games but I do find FFXIV to be very fun.

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Roleplaying Style

I tend to go with the flow of most role-players, and like to have a good time. I consider myself still new to roleplaying but I have been doing it for three years on FFXIV. I use a mix of written emotes, with motion emotes and good old fashioned talking in Say:

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Types of Roleplay

I use to participate in ERP but have stayed away from it for awhile now. I don't mind adult language and themes because Im an adult lol. I would like to find more role-players that would like to have Mimi along for gatherings and adventures.

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Roleplay Hooks

You were a servant at the same mansion Mimi served at.
You were one of her owners friends, or business partners.
You attended the USH Academy.
You are part of Mimi's brothers clan.
You want to hire Mimi to entertain an event or social gathering.
You are fan of Mimiko as a Musician.