Adalhaid Rask

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 Adalhaid Rask
The Red Monk
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul’dahn
Age 19
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Miner and Dockworker, Wandering Fighter
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Namesday 15th Sun of the first Astral Moon.
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Adalhaid Rask is a young woman hailing from Ul’dah, the daughter of an Ala Mhigan warrior and a famed Coliseum fighter known as Annaliese Swiftstrike. After being orphaned at ten years old due to a pit-fight that turned into a bloodbath, Adalhaid was taken in by the fighter Saga Bearclaw, and eventually found work as a quiet, hardworking cargo porter and dock worker, operating between Ul’dah, Horizon, and Vesper Bay, as well as a serving maid for the Quicksand, a job for which she earned her room and board. She briefly worked with a band of adventurers, carrying their goods for them, and eventually fighting alongside them in a limited capacity, before the group settled down to create a proper Free Company. After leaving the newly-formed Company due to her worry that she was simply holding them back with her hesitant nature, she began wandering the world on her own, looking for ways to improve her skills.


Adalhaid sports messy, black hair, parted to keep it out of her eyes and cut short to prevent it from getting in the way while fighting. She has the dark, deep-brown skin of a desert dweller, with matching brown eyes. To many, she qualifies as surprisingly androgynous at first glance, with somewhat boyish looks coupled with a small chest, and a rather nonthreatening face for one that wishes to call themselves a fighter. Despite her somewhat weak nature and innocent appearance, she is actually quite athletic and well-muscled for someone her age, especially a female. Due to her daily training regimen, she is often adorned with scars and scratches, especially on her legs and arms. Although they are small, and therefore tend to fade away, she gains them with such frequency that their presence seems to be nearly constant.

She often wears light, loosely fitting clothes in order to allow for as much movement as possible when fighting and practicing, usually donning large cotton shirts and pants like most pugilists in training. Underneath, she always wears a set of heavy, weighted braces on her arms and legs, only ever taking them off to replace them with heavier weights once she can no longer feel the effects of the previous ones.


A rather odd girl for her age, Adalhaid Rask has the combat skill of someone decades ahead of her, and the confidence of a timid child. Despite spending the majority of her life honing her skills, she never considers herself good enough, and has, as a result, managed to limit herself with nothing but the powers of her doubts and fears.

Her lack of presence is her distinguishing quality to most. She rarely speaks, except when she is spoken to. Even then, her words come in short, easy to understand sentences, and she rarely says more than she must in order to get a point across. She stands to the sidelines when others speak or act, and is strangely reluctant to provide input, even when it is requested of her. She does not display intense emotions outwardly, instead giving slight smiles or modest frowns at most. She does not pry into the business of others, finding that she has neither the drive nor the assertiveness to do so, and believes that such things are none of her business to begin with.

Despite her skill, Adalhaid believes herself to be worthless, and unintentionally holds herself back in fights by believing that she is far below her true capabilities. She prefers to simply believe that she cannot do something by default, rather than take the time to try. Nevertheless, she trains every day, pushing herself as hard as she can in the hopes that she will some day be able to aspire to what she believes she must be, even if she has passed that point already without knowing it.


Despite her skill at fighting, which would seemingly be in high demand, Adalhaid has almost no coin at all to her name; would-be thieves have often scouted her person only to find that she doesn't even have a Gil pouch, let alone anything to carry inside one. Having become indebted to the Hourglass for her lodging, Adalhaid sends every spare coin she has to the establishment, and the various jobs she holds hardly manage to pay well.

Adalhaid receives most of her money from her orders filled as a contracted miner; when there are no orders available, she moves goods down by Vesper Bay, and takes up whatever odd jobs she can acquire in the meantime. "If she's lucky," in her own words, she'll manage to acquire one-off jobs as a ruin delver or a sell-sword, but those jobs are hard to come by in the middle of an adventuring boom for someone like her.

When there's no work to be found, she'll often take off for long periods of time, either heading back to Little Ala Mhigo to sharpen her skills with Jaxwell Vice, or travel the world in search of other ways to further her training. Unfortunately, these long periods spent without work only help to further her debt.


Adalhaid knows no combat practices other than those used for fist-fighting, and, at least seemingly, does not wish to learn any others. She holds a steady conviction that her fists are the only weapons she needs, and has honed her art of choice to reflect such. Thanks to the Ala Mhigan refugee Jaxwell Vice, she also now has a strong grasp on the concept and practice of chakra manipulation, even despite her age.

In addition to the common hand-to-hand arts known to Eorzea, Adalhaid has put a great deal of hours into building two fighting styles of her very own; the first, which she calls the Ogre Style, is a very solid, counter-heavy, hard-hitting style that is designed to use a combination of the strength of the user and the momentum of the enemy to toss them around every time they try to strike. The second, which she calls the Ochu Style, is its opposite: a blazingly-fast, acrobatic style of combat that focuses on quick spins and whirling leaps that serve to bury one's adversary in a flurry of crossing kicks and the occasional hook. Neither is entirely perfect just yet, but they are well-formed, and are coming along nicely.



Sparring and Training, and watching others do so
Meditation, often for long periods
Light breezes
Caring for Chocobos, especially Wildheart, her own companion.


Large bodies of water (she can’t swim)
The smell of fresh fish
Loud noises
Her own timidness


Prodigious fighter
Surprisingly good singer
Good at taking care of Chocobos (they especially seem to like her singing)
Excellent climber


Favourite Food/Drink: Rice with any sort of spiced meat, not picky when it comes to drinks.

Favourite Place: The rooftops of Ul’dah, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Favorite Weather: Sunny, warm, and with a light breeze.

Favorite Seasons: Spring and Summer.

Favorite Color: Red, Orange, and hues in-between.

Favorite Scents: Anything that smells as if it’s cooking.


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

81st Maelstrom Foreign Levy: Although Adalhaid holds the group in high esteem, she managed to convince herself that the Free Company that would go on to become the 81st Foreign Levy would be better off without her, and left the group to wander the world by herself. She believes that her time with the group has helped boost her confidence, yet felt that it was not enough for her to be helpful among their number. Although she doubts she will ever see them again, and does not believe she can repay them for what they have done for her, she hopes above all that they manage to keep themselves safe.

Sokhani Malqir: A refugee that kept Adalhaid company in Pearl Lane while she was guarding a door for some extra coin. Although the Au Ra wasn't entirely fluid with her words, she was more than fluid with their fists, with both women finding each other equally impressed with the fighting style of the other after a brief spar. Despite taking different paths through life, they found their current situations quite similar, each offering encouraging words to the other in the conversation following their spar. Ada looks forward to crossing fists with the Au Ra again, and hopes the Monk order in Mor Dhona will develop Sokhani's fighting style further.

Enemies & Rivals

Easily Overheard Rumours
"The Rask girl? Sure, I know 'er, pretty popular cargo hauler 'round these parts. They say she's got th' strength of a Roegadyn or two, but without tha' bumblin' clumsiness. Don' know how a tiny girl like her can tie three crates her size onta' her back an' keep walkin', but I'm not gonna question it. In Thanalan, a damn good deal's a damn good deal!" -- Vesper Bay Dockworker

"Oh, her! You know who her mother was, right? Annaliese Swiftstrike! Hell of a fighter, that one. See, for us Coliseum Insiders, she was one of the safest bets out there for her time! That big guy she had wrapped around her finger wasn't too bad either, but Swiftstrike was the main event! If that girl's as good as her mother, I'd pay an arm and a leg to get her in that ring. Think of all the money I'd make! Shame what happened to her folks, though. Don't think they ever caught the guy, I heard he just plowed his way through the guards and out of Ul'dah after he struck them down." -- Coliseum Enthusiast

"Some sort of odd cat has taken to following her around recently. It's rather adorable, really; do you think she'd be willing to sell?" -- Ul'dahn Noblewoman

Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"Word is she likes to meditate a lot. I've heard a few merchants at the bar talking about some girl that likes to sit out in the ruins around Southern Thanalan and other weird places like that. Don't know for sure, but I bet it's her. I tried to get her to talk about it when we were serving together, actually! But she doesn't talk to anybody. Maybe she's just shy." -- Quicksands Serving Girl

"Saw someone try t' mug her in Pearl Lane once. He rushed her, and, I swear t' Thal on this one, she jus' punched 'im in the gut, hefted 'im up and over her with the fist she slammed in 'im, and brought 'im down on her knee with nary a thought. Could hear the poor guy wheezing in the alleyway fer an hour afterwards." -- Sapphire Avenue Merchant

Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Her family used to have an apartment or something 'round these parts. You could hear her mother and father yelling at each other for hours. Father apparently didn't want her learning how to fight. She and her mother didn't want her to do anything else." -- Pearl Lane Beggar

Player Character Rumours
"'Kind Ada', I nicknamed her, on my way out of the Canopy. Because she was kind to me, of course. Probably the only one who has ever given me an eye of notice, haha ! Very pretty clothes, she had !" -- Hawu'tan Zhwan
"I had the honor of meeting Lady Adalhaid in Little Ala Mhigo. She has a very clear perspective on Rhalgr and helped many others to understand Him; which I have found is not an easy task. If you are in need of guidance in the Destroyer I bid you to seek her out." -- Jancis Milburga
"She's nice! She always looks really sad though, or...troubled, I guess. I wonder what's eating at her." -- Chip Wayman
"She seems really nice! I am excited to eventually fight alongside her as a fellow Fist, but that won't be for a long time while I still learn..." Yoshi Ebonclaw



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