Chip Wayman

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Chip Wayman
"How can I help?"
The Good Doctor
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 19 or 20
Sexuality Asexual/Heteroromantic
Occupation Physician/Former Hero
Guardian Oschone, the Wanderer
Marital Status Single
Nameday 25th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
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Given Name: Chip Wayman
Nicknames and Aliases: Formerly the Goblin Avenger and 'Hero of Ul'dah'. When he abandoned combat, he abandoned the names. At the moment, he has no aliases.


Chip is an average height midlander, with shaggy brown hair and ice blue eyes. His face and upper body are covered in little scars from knives or other sharp objects used against him by a pair of Highlander brothers that terrorized him growing up. They are the reason he started seriously learning how to fight. Under his ratty and torn clothes, he has a toned and muscular body spawned from day after day of rigorous training. He hides it to hide his past as a vigilante from others, and to distance himself from his old ways.


Chip's voice isn't quite high or low. It's a completely average medium between ranges. He has calmed down significantly since his youth, but still has outbursts of energetic speech if excited or embaressed. When he gets serious or upset, he will often speak quieter or firmly.



Motivations: Chip says his primary objective is to help the people of the world. Unlike before, he does so through healing instead of fighting...although that itch to throw a punch at a bad person still lingers.
Disposition: Generally happy and easy going, unless embaressed or flustered. Then he is a mess.
Outlook: Despite his rough upbringing, Chip has a generally positive outlook on things unless talk of heroes is brought up.

Positive Personality Traits

Chip is always eager to help someone, even if they're strangers. If he hears someone in trouble, or even hinting at something that is negative, he'll leap in to assist...even if it's not something he can assist with. He is also fairly observant and analytical of people. He can tell things from body language, tone, and even how someone fights. He uses this to help him treat people, or to comfort others.

Negative Personality Traits

Chip has given up on a lot of his dreams, settling for healomg at this point. Because of this, he has some depressed tendencies with certain subjects. He is also more easily frustrated as he is conflicted on many things.


Chip got very basic martial arts training from his adoptive sister, Arcian Martell. Since then, he has become an expert at two forms of martial arts, the combat style of the Monks, and the one of the Ninja. He has opened seven Chakra gates in his time, more of light than of shadow, but can only maintain five without exhausting himself. He uses those Chakra gates to channel his healing energy now. He has also learned the Mudras of the Shinobi, using the hand signs as foci for his healing, although he can use the proper mudras in combat as well. At the moment, Chip is a non-combatant.

Primary Weaponry

  • His Fists/Adamantine punching gloves
  • A pair of steel daggers



He enjoys reading and studying, although if he has nothing to do he will practice his martial arts in private.
He loves making new friends.
Goblins...He has a strange fascination with Goblins.


Reckless and unnecessarily violent people.

People who take unnecessary risks.


Chip can bark like a Goblin, and claims he can speak with them using said barks.
He is educated now, but still lacks some common sense. He has become a bit of an awkward nerd.
Chip has nearly perfect vision, but wears non-functional glasses to appear smarter.
He walks very quietly. If you aren't listening, you won't hear him coming.
Chip loves jelly. Any kind of jelly, no matter the flavor, will be gone in moments if left unattended with him.


Martial Arts
Medicine and Alchemy

Performing routes to see if anyone needs healing




Chip was abandoned by his family at a young age, when they couldn't afford to keep him any longer. While he has no memory of his parents, or what life was like with them, he does remember that he was abandoned in Pearl Lane on his 4th Birthday. He was found by an old woman and secretly cared for, until he was old enough and street wise enough to survive on his own. Chip is unaware of this fact. When he was 6 years old, he started noticing a pair of Highlander men mugging and antagonizing the other homeless people in the Lane. This stirred something inside Chip, who at the time had no name, and caused him to stand up to the men. Obviously, it didn't go well. He was beaten within an inch of his life and left for dead in the alley. The people he had 'rescued' didn't want to save him, for risk of attracting unwanted attention. Left to succumb to his injuries, Chip had to fend for himself. He hid away, letting himself heal naturally over the next year. Unfortunately, this caused serious damage to his nervous system. While it didn't cripple him, it did make him less sensitive to touch and pain. He feels mostly numb across his body, but still functions. Seeing this as a blessing in disguise, Chip continued to jump in the way of the Highlander bullies whenever he got the chance. Seeing him as entertaining, the two men would never kill him, instead beating him unconscious, or holding him still so they could cut his skin. This carried on for years, until Chip discovered an abandoned Goblin mask in the alley near where he was hiding. This gave him an idea. He put on the mask and 'borrowed' some clothes that fit him (Sort of) and rushed back into the fray as the Goblin Avenger. His odd antics more often than not got him in trouble, but it gave the people something to talk about.

Word of a Goblin headed boy fighting for justice in the Lane made its way around. The Brass Blades didn't much appreciate a vigilante making trouble in the streets, so they set out to capture Chip. The teenager, at the time at the age of 16, fled to the Goblet, where he broke into a Free Company house to hide. Seeing that no one was apparently home, he helped himself to the kitchen. That's when Reima Awen and Arcian Martell found him. They took pity on the jelly thief and offered to let him stay in the Free Company infirmary until he got back on his feet. To this day, he lives there. Arcian offered to train Chip properly, teaching him how to actually defend himself and fight. This gave Chip an obsession with becoming a Monk, the most feared fist fighters of all! He set out to double his training, using what Arcian had taught him as well as other lessons from other friends. Now, he is a force to be reckoned with. With decent strength, and great speed, he naturally excelled in his martial arts training. While he still isn't sure if he could beat the Highlanders that terrorized him growing up, he has certainly surpassed them.

A year passed by since Chip met Arcian and Reima, and he began letting go of the Goblin Avenger persona, only occasionally donning the mask when he needed to save someone without them knowing he was Chip. With new skills, and a heart still filled with the desire to be a hero, Chip began unintentionally making a name in the city as HIMSELF. Presently, he continues to spar and train, fighting evil and making new friends and family along the way. Chip feels like he is closer to his goal of being a Monk and a respected Hero...but deep down inside, he knows that as long as people see him as a defenseless kid he won't get anywhere. The rage that bubbles inside him, spawned by the mistreatment and belittling he received all his life, threatens to burst out at any moment. He just hopes he can hold it in before it undoes everything he worked for.



The Goblin Nemesis/Brave Horizon - Wife of Arcian Martell, and another sister-type figure to Chip, Brave Horizon decided to humor the lad and give him something to do to keep him out of real trouble. She put on a similar Goblin mask and took on the Persona of the Goblin Nemesis. She 'poisoned' Arcian and set Chip on an adventure with his friends to find the antidote. Chip still doesn't know it was Brave in disguise.

Zaius Rhal'seer - A Miqo'te pit fighter who has a vicious blood lust and murderous tendencies. Chip doesn't really dislike Zaius, but from the stories he has heard, he thinks he is a villain that needs to be taught a lesson. He doesn't know the extent of Zaius's strength, so he continues to train so he can be prepared.

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Arylisse Dayhelm - Chip met Arylisse through his good friend Vektis. While they started off as simply friends, the Miqo'te woman humored by the boys' antics, Chip later became a sort of support for her. He promised her that he would defend her no matter what, and the two swiftly developed feelings for each other. He worked for her for a time and they decided to end their relationship, before he went off to study medicine.
Vektis Sol - Chip and Vektis are very much alike. They are both energetic and passionate young men, with a desire to be heroes and protect the world. They are both roughly the same in terms of power, and find it easy to just bounce off each other in conversation. Chip would easily call the Miqo'te his best friend.
Sonya Young - An assassin that came to Chip's defense when he was being verbally assaulted by a group of women. Chip admires her cool head, and actually had strong feelings for her. He would have pursued a closer relationship, but she dissapeared one day. He still doesn't know where she is.
Arcian Martell - One of the first people Chip met that didn't either try to beat him up or ignore him. She is his mentor and he thinks of her as an older sister. He would do anything for her, and holds her opinion over anyone else's. He wants to prove to her that he can be strong like her.
Brave Horizon - The wife of Arcian Martell, Chip views her as another sister type figure. For a roegadyn, he finds her nice and funny. She humors his antics a lot, which he appreciates.
Reima Awen - Reima was one of the first people that found Chip, and also took pity on his situation. He hasn't had too many interactions with her, but he thinks she's nice. He finds her whimsical, like a Princess, and thinks she is probably the kindest person he has ever met.
Styrnamerli Blanawyn - The Roegadyn known as Star, Chip met her in Ul'dah while trying to find people to help. Like most of the people Chip meets now, she took an almost maternal turn towards him, treating him like a little brother. While they are new friends, Chip likes her.
Izolde Wolfsblood - Another Highlander that Chip befriended in the Quicksand. He doesn't know her very well yet, but has collected her as another sister all the same.
Orenji Kharn - Chip met this Sky Pirate at the Grindstone, and fought against him in the first round. He put up a surprisingly good fight against the seasoned warrior, putting him on edge more than once. Chip and Orenji seem to have a mutual respect for the other.
?Yomi Kaenbu - A Doman girl that Chip met not too long ago. He found her pretty, and strange. When he discovered she was running someone, he was eager to help as always. However, she didn't think he was up to the task, so they sparred. Chip defeated her rather easily but she was still reluctant to accept his help. They parted on good terms, with the Doman girl having taken Chip's first kiss, but Chip is confused on their relationship.
Lanael Fefionne - Chip sees a lot of himself in the Ishgardian squire. And part of that worries him. He decided to keep an eye on her, to ensure her survival since she appeared to have a hard time gauging herself. While the Ishgardian probably doesn't like Chip, he thinks they are friends.
Adalhaid Rask - Chip was introduced to Adalhaid by Saga Bearclaw, and while the older Highlander was teasing the two by insisting they date, Chip found Adalhaid enjoyable. They sparred, giving Chip more reason to be around his fellow Monk. While they are close to the same age, Adalhaid has more skill and power than Chip. The boy found it relatively easy to match her in Martial Arts, but her command of Aether and her Chakras would quickly outclass him. He has added her to the list of people he wants to prove himself to. If she could be a real Monk at her age, what was going to stop Chip?
Emelc Vrand - Chip met Emelc on pure chance on his first night in Ishgard. While he likes the blonde Hyur as a friend, he can't help but butt heads with him a little. Their first encounter led to Chip throwing Emelc down a flight of stairs. Later, when they sparred, the young Monk electrocuted him. It was safe to say they weren't off to a grand start. When Emelc was recovering from his injuries, Chip visited him and they only argued MORE. However, Chip is determined to learn Mudras from Emelc and has promised to be nicer, if the troubled blonde teaches him...Whether he wants to or not.


Common Rumors

  • "That kid is crazy, but he has a good heart...Too bad he's in Ul'dah, where that doesn't matter."
  • "He always walks around covered in dirt..."
  • "He thinks no one sees him running off to put on that ridiculous costume, but we do."

Moderate Rumors

  • "He is actually pretty skilled. When he fought in the Grindstone, he lasted longer than I thought."
  • "I could set my morning routine by that boy. Always out in Thanalan jogging around when I'm heading out to the city."
  • "He calls himself a Hero. Maybe he could be, someday."
  • "A silly boy, with silly dreams. Best someone just pops his bubble before he gets too high."

Rare Rumors

  • "He's stronger than he looks...He cracked one of the stones outside the Quicksand when he got upset."
  • "He fought one of those Dark Knights in the Shroud, once. Lasted up until they started using their freaky magicks."
  • "He's looking for a Ninja...I wonder why..."

Player Character Rumors (Add anything you'd like, true or untrue, just keep it IC!)

  • "I don't know how I managed to be his partner in crime fighting but it seems to be a thing; he made me pinky-swear to have his back and he did the same for me, so you know, don't piss us off?" - Sonya Young
  • "Woah, that guy's as tough as Vektis! Plus he's beat up a few of the bad Gladiators... he's definitely a hero!" -Bennett Cooper