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 Ado Tado
Ado Icon 1.png
Birth Name ???
Pronounced Ah-doe Tah-doe
Nickname(s)/Alias Ado Tado
Age 18
Nameday 29th Sun of the Second Umbral Moon (April 29th)
Birthplace Unknown
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Alignment Lawful Good
Citizenship Unknown (Birth)
Ul'Dah (Childhood)
Undetermined (Present)
Guardian Oschon
Height 35.7 inches
Physique Lean
Hair Ash-gray with subtle navy blue highlights
Eyes Rust-red
Skin Tanned with freckles on his cheeks and shoulders
Piercings Two on each ear
Scars Several shot scars up both of his arms
Clothing Long-sleeved and heavy
Keywords Amiable, adventurous, naive, anxious, moralistic
Hobbies Skywatching, sightseeing, sketching, playing music???
Likes Skies, scenic views, heights, climbing anything taller than him
Dislikes Doctors, medicine, strong scents, bitter tasting food, vegetables, toads??
Core Motivator Somewhere, out there, is a place that he could belong in. That, and he can change the world by healing its problems, one wound at a time.
Fears Abandonment, and non-consensual, life-changing alterations by the hands of an imposing person
Greatest Accomplishment Surviving up to this point, honestly.
IC Profession Conjurer and adventurer
Combat Style Healer and DPS
Physical Advantages Small and agile, quick reflexes
Physical limitations Weak physical strength, easy to knock down
Primary Weapon Wand and shield
Secondary Weapon Staff
Username Darlingist
Time Zone EST
Server Mateus
RP Preferences FFXIV, Discord

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Ado Header 2.png
"Things that are damaged can be mended, no matter how ruined they may be. That is why I am a conjurer. I will not rest so long as there are things and persons that are in need of healing."
Ado Tado (Ah-doe Tah-doe) is a Plainsfolk Lalafell and ex-Midlander Hyur who was sold to a corrupted alchemist as a boy and was rescued by an adventurer. After being in his rescuer's care for a few months, Ado Tado sought to help her with her personal quest. The two parted ways as Ado Tado stayed in Gridania in order to pursue conjury - his rescuer's discipline of magic - while she continued her search. With his newfound freedom, Ado Tado developed a fascination for the sky, and he could be found within all corners of Eorzea - namely Gridania and the Lavender Beds - upon high rooftops and areas with unobstructed views of the stars.

Basic Info


Night skies and stars
Scenic views
Sunrises and sunsets


Wooden crafts
Baby animals - especially chocobos
Soft music


Doctors / Infirmary-like environments
Medicine / Medical equipment
Strong scents


Alignment: Lawful Good
Favorite Food: Apple Tart
Favorite Drink: Water, or Hot Chocolate
Favorite Colors: Green, White
Ado Tado, whenever he isn't fulfilling tasks as a conjurer and adventurer, could be found wherever the night sky could be seen best. He especially likes to scale buildings and mountains in order to get the best view of the sky and the land, and can spend hours at a time staring up at the clouds and the stars. Ado Tado welcomes others who share his passion for heights and admiring the sky, and happily experiments with the pursuits that his friends invest themselves within in turn... so long as they are not medical nor alchemical.
Ado Tado can often be found in these locations during the night:
The Lavender Beds, within the first Ward. He can be found sitting on the rooftops of houses. He definitely doesn't reside in any of the houses in question. This is, without question, his most frequently spotted location.
Lower La Noscea, by the windmills northeast of the Mist.
The outskirts of Camp Drybone.


Ado Header 4.png

Ado Tado is a Plainsfolk Lalafell with tanned freckled skin, downturned rust-red eyes, and ash-colored hair with subtle navy highlights. His hair, which reaches down to the middle of his back when let down, is often tied into a low-hanging braid; a few stubborn strands of his hair fan away from his hairline to the back of his head, and a fringe of his hair partially covers the right side of his face. His ears are pierced, and he consistently wears simple silver earrings on each of them. Ado Tado is smaller than most Lalafell.
Ado Tado wears thick clothing and robes most of the time; such garments allow him plenty of mobility and breath-ability in any terrain, making him an agile conjurer. He wears long-sleeved clothing and gloves that extend past his wrists, and he makes sure to wear pants that cover his legs past his knees. He becomes greatly discomforted if his arms and legs are exposed. Several dot-like and thin-lined scars layer his shoulders and within the gap between his forearm and bicep for both arms, and more dot-like scars speckle his right thigh.
He occasionally wears a hairpin adorned with light blue chocobo feathers along the left side of his head. Other accessories he wears vary according to what he needs to wear for the field, including hats and cowls.
His expression is often that of thought, curiosity or wonder, which can quickly turn into ones of excitement and enthusiasm in conversation. He is especially cheerful when he is outside during the night. Ado Tado is easy to read, and his stance upon subject matters are made clear in body language if his words do not speak for themselves.
While Ado Tado is boyish in behavior, his speech is clear and enunciated most of the time. When angered, his words become clipped through his hasty delivery of them - "-ing" suffixes suffer a lack of G at the end, and vowels are glazed over as his words race to catch up with his thoughts.


Ado Header 3.png
"Finding view like this can be hard to achieve - but it's well worth the trouble searching for it.
See? Look! The stars - the sky - look absolutely beautiful and
endless up here."








Autophobia - fear of abandonment
Iatrophobia - fear of doctors
Trypanophobia - fear of needles
WIP - but in summary:
Ado Tado comes off as a loner upon first glance, but he quickly proves to be a friendly individual when spoken to. He is passionate about his life as an adventurer, and he freely wanders through Eorzea in order to take in its sights and help those who are in need of healing.
He gives the people he meets the benefit of the doubt and is seldom shy from others; however, he becomes irritated quickly if the person he is speaking to makes him uncomfortable. Ado Tado holds fast to his morals and ideals, and will fight those who oppose him when push comes to shove.
Ado Tado is not opposed to living on his own, but he becomes panicked and will even shut down mentally if abandoned. Similarly, the concept of interacting with doctors or alchemists make him incredibly uncomfortable; he would excuse himself if approached with either subject, and will be quiet yet distressed if forced to interact with them. He refuses to drink potions and similar concoctions, and will even deny taking medication if presented them, as conjury naturally covered all of the bases alchemy provided.


Small, agile body
Quick reflexes
Environmental understanding and prowess, as per conjurer standard
Healing capabilities drawn from the elementals and aether, as per conjurer standard


Weak defenses
Weak physical strength
Susceptible to getting illnesses
Easily taunted


Ado Tado likes to perch upon things - chairs, crates, fences, what have you - in order to be at eye-level with those who aren't Lalafells. He also just likes to climb things.
Is the most talkative and willing to share information in a high, open-spaced setting. The reverse of this is also true; he becomes quiet and subdued if taken to an underground and closed space. Consider him incredibly silent and anxious in a room remotely similar to a prison.
Will not eat his vegetables. He just doesn't like them unless they've been boiled into absolute tastelessness.
Will eat his grains, meats, fruits and sweets however. Especially sweets. is sweet tooth is a beastly thing.
He insists on eating an apple a day, and will become uncomfortable if he failed to have one after 24 hours of eating his last apple.


Ado Tado will panic and become unresponsive if made to believe that he would be abandoned. He may lash out and undergo a panic-driven frenzy if given room to fight against whatever was separating from others.
He will also freeze up if met with alchemists or doctors. He will do his best to avoid them, and conversations he must have with them are dejected and to the point. He will not complete objectives for these people unless something of importance to him was on the line.
Ado Tado flat out panics and will lash out if forced to take medication, potions, or injections. Especially injections.
In addition to refusing to take medicine, he insists on using conjury and natural remedies in order to recover from injuries and illnesses.
Doesn't like toads just because he heard horror stories about them from his rescuer. That's all there is to that.


WIP - but in summary:
Ado Tado's primary concern in battle would be his and his allies' health. He stays away from combat and heals his allies' wounds as a battle is waged with the enemy. When his allies are in good health, he switches into an offensive stance and delivers elemental attacks towards his enemy. Ado Tado dances between healing and attacking as needed during a battle.
In the event that a he is faced with a formidable foe, the Lalafell will concentrate on keeping his allies alive, leaving the offensive to his allies. However, if a foe were to target him in some way or form - namely, if he were to be taunted - Ado Tado will become an offensive fighter himself in order to silence whatever aggravated him.


Gosh Uldah Is Pretty.png
WIP - but in summary:
Ado Tado grew up not as a Lalafell, but as a Hyur. His mother and father, who were nomadic merchants of poor stature, gathered their things and set off to Eorzea in search of profit once their son learned how to walk. His days were spent playing in the sun and learning the ways of trade from his father. As they neared Ul'dah, his mother became desperate for success and wealth, and she searched frantically for a way to make more coin.
Upon reaching the city, his mother pulled her husband and her son into a lucrative deal provided by an independent alchemist; they would grant the family a good stall to sell their goods, as well as provide medication that no doctor in Ul'dah would sell for cheaper coin, in exchange for their successful business and spare materials. Any additional information regarding the deal was kept secret by his mother - the family solely had to concentrate on selling their goods and giving some of their materials to the alchemist. For a while, Ado Tado's family was able to secure their business and provide goods for others, but over time they were unable to gain enough to support themselves.
By the time the most essential details of the deal were revealed, Ado Tado's parents were broke. His mother, in a last attempt to secure coin, sold Ado Tado and his father to the alchemist in exchange for several bronze pieces. The alchemist promised to provide constant allowances in exchange for her husband and son's "services" and took them both to separated caravans. He never saw his parents again after that day.
WIP - but in summary:
Ado Tado was not alone in his predicament; there were children of different races within the caravan, each of them looking as haggard and void of life as the next. He and the other children were forced to gather and steal materials from wherever they stopped, and they were threatened to keep quiet as they were driven from town to town. All of the children were subjected to meeting quotas for materials; those who did not fulfill what was required of them were subjected to torture and experimentation by the leading alchemist's hand. Children who rebelled were either sold to even more imposing back-alley organizations, subjected to crippling forms of torture or were even put to death.
Unable to bear the cruelty of the life he and the children was subjected to, Ado Tado and Roegadyn friend of his - a Hellsguard girl named Sleepy Peach - plotted an escape plan that would free everybody. Their plan failed, and Sleepy Peach was put to death. Ado Tado, on the other hand, was sold to a quack and was kept in a basement. Shackled to the floor and kept in a cage, Ado Tado was forced to intake the doctor's arcane concoctions. It was there where one alchemical product - a mockery of fantasia - twisted and altered his form and subjected him to a high fever that made him delirious.
While he was gravely ill, a band of adventurers stormed into the alchemist's hold. Ripping the place asunder and apprehending the people who maintained the establishment would be what they were known for doing - but for Ado Tado, these adventurers were his rescuers. One of the adventurers, a Dunesfolk woman called Rarana Rana, found him huddled into a corner and freed him. The entire ordeal was a blur for the boy; he passed in and out of consciousness throughout the chaos, and his most prominent memories of the time were those of the night sky and him being carried on the back of a chocobo. But when he finally came to, he was in an infirmary...


Ado Header 5.png

WIP - but in an extended summary:
Ado Tado spent weeks within the infirmary. While his high fever subsided after a few days, the malicious side effects of the concoctions took nearly a moon for his body to flush out. His new form - that of a small Plainsfolk Lalafell - made him disoriented at first, and he had to learn how to coordinate himself in his new body. Once his strength was renewed and he was able to stand on his two feet, he was visited by the adventurers who rescued him, Rarana Rana included. His rescuer offered to take him back home, wherever it was, and Ado Tado leapt to take it.
Within the days the adventurers and he spent travelling, Rarana provided Ado Tado the details of his captivity. In pursuit of finding a recipe that would recreate fantasia - a legendary potion that could alter a person's form - Rarana and her friends followed a lead detailing an organization of doctors who worked to create incredible medication. What she and her friends found instead was a second-rate network of corrupted alchemists who loansharked their clients and trafficked the poor and their children. With this knowledge, Ado Tado feared that his parents were in the same position he was in weeks ago, and the group made haste to Ul'dah. Neither of his parents were found, and the stall they owned was replaced with another. It was as if his mother and father never existed at all.
Homeless and orphaned, Ado Tado was devastated. Rarana took no time to offer the boy her apartment in the Lavender Beds as he gathered his bearings. The Dunesfolk stayed with him for a week, providing food, clothing, and anything he needed as he mourned. She offered him a shoulder to lean on and an ear for his burdens and traumas for as long as she could. Rarana ultimately had to leave the apartment in Ado Tado's care as she was called back out into the field.
During the time Rarana was gone, Ado Tado took to poking around the Lavender Beds. He became fascinated with his newfound height and the perspective it granted, and sought to make the best of it. Days were spent further rebuilding his strength through jogging, exercising and climbing trees. Climbing soon became Ado Tado's favorite past time, which soon evolved into an addiction for heights and reaching the highest points of the Lavender Beds. Coupled with a fascination for the stars at night, Ado Tado became a nocturnal boy who spent his waking hours climbing rooftops, learning about the stars, and dabbling in several other hobbies - namely, drawing and playing a pan flute.
Rarana returned and was delighted to see Ado Tado up and about. She offered him permanent residence within her apartment, as she had another lead on the legendary fantasia and needed to follow it as soon as she could. Knowing that the work Rarana was doing was dangerous, Ado Tado insisted on helping her. She, in turn, refused to let him do anything of the sort without him learning how to defend himself first. When the boy decided that he would pursue the magical field she was studying - conjury - Rarana laughed and brought him to the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania.

Present Day

Ado Header 6.png

Ado Tado spent the next few months learning conjury and assimilating Gridania's culture. When he felt ready to help Rarana, he joined the Adventurer's Guild under a new name - Ado Tado. He and Rarana, to this day, keep in close correspondence to each other as they followed leads that would bring them closer to discovering the ingredients needed to create fantasia. The pursuit of these items unsettled Ado Tado, however; as much as he wanted to help Rarana, the memories he had of the alchemists and doctors scarred him irreparably.
As time went on, Ado Tado became less focused on finding Rarana's ingredients and instead concentrated on helping others. He would rest during the day and frequent Guilds and taverns at night, finding work and information through the patrons he met. On days where no work was found, he would scale the tops of buildings and nearby formations in order to stargaze.
Yet even helping others and performing good deeds isn't becoming enough for him. Having yet to discover the source of his restlessness, Ado Tado continues to work as an adventurer and conjurer...



◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He books a room during the day and leaves at night. Seems like he don't like sunlight much." -- Musing innkeeper
"That Lalafell's fond 'a rushin' in, buying nothin' but pies and meat, and runnin' back outside. Won't take his vegetables without the rest o' his meal bein' made've somethin' else entirely. Will someone teach that man t' eat his blasted veggies?!" -- Overbearing bartender
"Ado Tado? I met him when he was climbing up the roof've my house the other day. He taught me how to climb really tall things when I asked him! He's so cool!" -- Excitable youth
"Somebody get that Lalafell off of the roof..." -- Tired Free Company house owner
"Ado Tado likes t' come 'round 'ere t' get 'is gear patched up. Likes t' sell 'is potions 'n ethers too. Don't think 'e made those things by th' looks of 'em. Guess they're rewards fer a job 'e took. Tha' make me scratch me 'ead, though... conjurers need ethers, don't they?" -- Mumbling merchant and mender
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Eh? That boy who came into th' bar an' left minutes later? He was lookin' at them alchemy apprentices like they're out fer his throat. Looked real uneasy, that one. Seems like 'es got history with that lot, if y' ask me." -- Gargantuan-gutted gossiper
"Most've his clothes look too big on him. Ha! It's like he's scared to get his outfits tailored to his size. " -- Stuck-up socialite
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I was talking to my retainer, Adalris, and told her to beware of the Ixal, especially those Dulltalons, and I swear I saw some passerby flinch. Before I could get a good look at them, they darted off. Strange." -- 'Worried warrior
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Name : Description
Name : Description.
Name : Description.
Name : Description.



Ado Tado's name was nearly "Ado Cado," making his name sound similar to the word "avocado."
Here's a neat playlist for Ado Tado: boop!
Ado Tado will be found in more places as he progresses through FFXIV's story content. As of now, May 4th 2017, the Lavender Beds is where he could be found the most often.
I do not own Heavensward, so I do not have first-hand experience with Eorzea's constellations and what they mean. I am basing my knowledge of Eorzea's stars off of the internet. OTL;

Out of Character


I can be easily reached through the forums via PM, as well as Discord. I can also be reached in-game as Ado Tado, but I am IC whenever I am doing anything as him, including activities such as crafting and gathering. In order to talk to me OoC, please send me a Tell and use bracketed text!
The above note has two exceptions, and those are for weaving and alchemy. While Ado Tado fears needles and ingesting achemical products, I will be leveling his weaving and alchemical skills at some point. Because I will be focusing on FFXIV's gameplay in this case, Ado Tado will not be in character when I am working with these crafts. People are free to help him grow out of these fears in character, but do note that his reaction towards these attempts will range from discomfort to full-on panic and aggression. (I am an enthusiastic advocate for helping Ado Tado outgrow his fears!)
I try to incorporate whatever Ado Tado is doing in-game to his character. Ado Tado is not a Warrior of Light - but he will assist other adventurers, Warriors of Light or not, with their goals if asked to do so.
Do not be afraid to get Ado Tado's attention in-game at any time - he's very friendly! He'll happily talk to those who approach him.


Ado Tado can easily come to like others. However, his sense of justice and his morals will conflict with those who have dubious intentions, and he may flat out refuse to get along with those who strike him as wrongdoers. Ado Tado will be openly friendly or aggressive towards others depending on how much he likes them. Whether he likes or dislikes a person does not say the same for myself; my opinions on a character are separate from Ado Tado, and all actions that he may perform in reaction to what a character does will not be based off of my own biases.
On that note; if I or the person have any issues or concerns pertaining to RPing and Ado Tado's stance on somebody, I will be open to communication, and will address concerns as they occur.
Ado Tado has no preference when it comes to gender and forming romantic relationships, but I will not be doing anything remotely Not Safe For Work with his character. I am all for a relationship that is full of action, angst, drama and fluff, what have you - but activities that take place behind closed doors is where I draw the line.
Romantic relationships and friendships are formed based off of the chemistry Ado Tado and the character in question has. In addition, Ado Tado will not cheat on his partner if he were to develop feelings for another person, nevermind feel inclined to act upon those feelings. Do not expect forced relationships or love triangle-esque drama from me or Ado Tado; I will drop all RPs and connections towards the character(s) and mun(s) in question should that situation arise.

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