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Serena-Gauge-II-flipped.png Aela-Name-Header-2.png Serena-Gauge-II.png


Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-BirthName.png Aela

Gene-Icon1.pngSereneRaceClan.png Viera, Veena

Gene-Icon1.pngSerenaGender.png ♀️ Female

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Age.png Sixty Seven Summers

Gene-Icon1.pngSerene-Nameday.png Born on 7th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon


Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Nationality.png Dalmascan

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Occupation.png Huntress, Airship Navigator

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-PatronDeity.png Oschon, the Wanderer

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Height.png 6 fulms, 1 ilm

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Physique.png Strong, Athletic


Aela was born and traditionally raised in a small village somewhere high atop the peaks of the most steep of foothills of the Skatay Range.

As a youngling, Aela bloomed into one of the most strong and fearless warriors of the village with a natural prowess in combat and skills in a range of weapons.

She has thus far devoted her life since coming of age to the protection of Kjrnyss village and the surrounding mountainous region earning her the head leader of many a hunt and the respect correlative to such a position.

However during a time of frequent visitors intruding the woods a small number of huntress villagers began to disappear one by one during the hunts and never returned home. Although her faith in the wardens had never been in doubt; the loss of a close friend to the recurring disappearances stirred Aela's peace and began to trouble her deeply.

Her efforts to investigate were snubbed by others and seen as a lost cause as they believed such disappearances were simply of those whom abandoned the viera ways. While they were not entirely wrong to assume as such, Aela felt a deep burden within herself which she was keen to alleviate.

'Twas on a dark night when Menphina's radiance shimmered betwixt the towering trees and their leaves danced to the flow of the gentle night wind. Aela traced back over the tracks of one of her hunts to see if she could find anything that may aid her in her search for a recent missing villager.

After hours of searching, she climbed to the top of a large branch and let herself rest upon it with her bow beside her. The faint melody of a flute echoed and could be heard from somewhere in the distance of the wood. It was calming and serene.

Aela closed her eyes and let out a deep, quiet sigh. As she rest her head back on the trunk she lay against, the moonlight beamed brightly and passed through the blanket of treetops and glimmered over Aela's eyes causing her to open them.

It was unusual for her to feel any desire to peer beyond her homeland but in that moment she could almost feel a voice that she could never quite describe...

As she gazed through the opening, she saw the stars that glittered the azure sky and felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of something she thought incredible. She recognised instantly the type of wood in the sky but it was bent and shaped into a large boat style with spinning wings and white sheets larger than she had ever seen. Whispered words escaped her. "What could it be?" She did wonder...

"Huntress of the Range"

Aela has wavy locks of a golden-sand like colour often styled loosely draped over her shoulders.

She has a fawn like skin tone with a slightly olive complexion, upwards slanted almond shaped eyes of a luminous moon-silver colour. She has a strong although feminine nose with an elegant tattoo down the bridge.

Her choice of attire is often of which is commonly worn by her kin though is slowly becoming familiar with the outside world's norms of battle gear and casual clothing.

Her personal chocobo whom she acquired within the first moon of her leaving of the Skatay Range and loyal companion is named 'Brother'.

Voice: Breathy, softly deep with a sense of mature femininity.


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