Aetius Valesius

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Aetius sas Valesius
A little bit of pain never hurt nobody.

My loyalty is my life.


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Ay-shus sahs Vah-le-Shus.

NICKNAMES... Farsight, The Steel Hound, A.V..

RACE & CLAN... Pure-blooded Garlean.

GENDER... Male.

AGE... 36.

NAMEDAY... 5nd Sun, 6th Umbral Moon


MARITAL STATUS... Unmarried.

Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP... Garlemald.

FAMILY... Septima mal Valesius [Mother - deceased], Placidus quo Valesius [Father - deceased], .

RESIDENCE... The Capital of Garlemald.

OCCUPATION... Tribunus Angusticlavius of the Vth Legion.


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 1 ilms. ??? ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Evil.

General Information
If She tells me to live, I will live...
Gray. Light Blond. Pale. Muscular. Monotonous.
Eerily relaxed at all times. Ambidextrous. Some along his chest and stomach, missing arms and legs, and a single scar over his nose. Nothing of note. Proper, but loose-fitting clothing.
Hair & Eyes
His hair is a light, creamy blond, neatly combed into a militaristic, side-swept style. His eyes are a silvery gray color. Where a third eye should be, however, there is heavy scarring and a white, magitek third eye in its place. Wires surround the area like veins, giving it an eerie appearance, and as such, it's nearly always glamoured, even around the rest of the legion.
Physique & Markings
Aetius holds himself in the way a military brat is expected. He's incredibly fit, and despite all of his trauma, he has an air of power and danger instead of helplessness or depression about him. Though he bears plenty of scars to tell the tales of combat, he often hides these with clothing, and is never seen, even by people close to him, without a shirt or undershirt on. His arms and legs are magitek, sleek black in color. The most definitive of his scars would be a mark over the bridge of his nose, and one across his cheek.
Hygiene & Attire
Aetius Valesius is an incredibly fickle beast. He's clean at all times, and has been on record to immediately take a bath instead of dress wounds or get repairs after a battle. He bathes himself daily, weighs himself after each bath, and refuses to drink alcohol in order to 'keep himself clean inside and out'. Aetius often wears clothing in dark colors, a stark contrast to the pure whites of the Balventius family. He always has an undershirt on beneath his vests, coats, shirts, et cetra, to ensure his scars are seen as little as possible.
Psychological Profile
To describe Aetius as having a 'personality' would be to describe cardboard as being interesting - he almost seems like he doesn't. He's cold, calculating, and intelligent in all aspects of combat, but he sacrificed his ability to empathize with others to gain that brilliance. It was once that only Decima could pry things out of him - though people such as Avidia Iuvenlis, Lydix Notki, and Quincy Vatesh have seen rare moments of vulnerability and sincerity, respectively. That said, he isn't the type to avoid interacting with others, in spite of this. No, actually. Aetius is the type of person to intentionally approach another person. There are times he does it solely to hurt them, and other times he does it out of interest. Trying to figure it out is difficult. Around the few he trusts, he grows softer, asking an endless string of questions - usually about how best to deal with a social situation - and trying to piece together not only himself, but how he can make those pieces fit into the grand, complex puzzle of personalities the legion has.
Aetius has a smooth, deep voice. He generally doesn't stutter, or cut himself off, or fumble with words whatsoever, unless pressured emotionally. In that case, he tends to stammer somewhat, with a fluctuation to his tone.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Attempting to piece apart whatever catastrophe is happening in Aetius' head and figure out his personal philosophy is a very difficult feat. He often says it himself, that 'every action has a consequence', or 'my loyalty is my life'. He lives by those two personal laws, along with the Vth Legion's motto of 'no doubts, no fear'. His mannerisms are as hard to place as the rest of him is, because they're very.. odd. His personal rituals, his tendency to annoy specific groups of people, his racism - everything links in ways that don't necessarily make sense. To certain people, he will try at every opportunity to kill them. To others, he's bizarrely relaxed, following them like a lost puppy. Perhaps finding out what's happening in his head for oneself is the best way to handle Aetius.
● His mother
● Cleanliness
● Bows / arrows / firearms
● Birds of prey
● Reptiles of any type
● Loud people
● Uncleanliness, mud, etc.
● Alcohol
● Math, physics, and science
● Combat
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Intelligence
Above Average: Tactics / Plotting
Average: Versatility
Low: ...
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: N/A
Expert: N/A
Average: N/A
Novice: N/A
Weapon Training
Mastery: Bow / Gun
Expert: Magitek Prosthetics / Ferromagnetism
Average: Fistfighting
Novice: Daggers
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Intelligence
Above Average: Strength
Average: Defense
Low: Speed
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
Combat Abilities
● -- Farsight: Aetius's skill with a bow is nearly unrivaled, envied and coveted by many recruits he trains. Using magitek-augmented arrows, as well as his prosthetics, his skill with a bow has become an ability of its own by name, and has given him his nickname of 'Farsight', as well.
● -- Ferromagnetism: After excessive augmentation and rigorous training, Aetius has gained the ability to use his prosthetics as weapons of their own, and utilize specially augmented daggers and arrows - kept on his person - in order to keep himself hands-free in combat. The limbs detach and can float so long as he calculates correctly. However, if he loses focus, or is in an area with heavy aetheric or magnetic interference, it often backfires on himself.
OOC Note
Aetius is a very violent character. Aetius is a character that WILL go out of his way to hurt you, for no real reason. -- Please be aware that I won't do anything you don't give me permssion to do with my son, but he is an incredibly violent and disturbing character, and his fighting style is often very brutal. If given permission, he has many gorey, uncomfortable, or downright alarming scenes involving the things he does to others. Please be aware of this when encountering him in combat, thank you.

Disclaimer: -- Graphic scenes of violence/animal abuse may or may not be written below. Be cautious where you tread, ye olde RPer.
Sixth Astral Era
-- Aetius grew up as most did. He was raised learning titles, names, goals, military tactics. He was raised to know his place, to know loyalty, and to understand the goals of the Empire. Propaganda though it may have been, he always seemed the more skeptical type, perhaps an extension of his strange personality. While he wasn't as strange as he is now, he always had a difficult time trying to communicate with others. He grew up talking less than most children, than most adolescents, than most teenagers. His parents, for the most part, ignored it, letting him do as he pleased once his duties were over. He attended military school at a young age, and inevitably ran into one Avidia Iuvenlis in the streets. She was ten years younger than him, six years old when he was sixteen and stumbled upon her, and her spitfire attitude and the look in her eyes immediately caught him. He ended up being her unofficial caretaker, and, discovering her orphaned status and the group of other homeless children she stuck with, he found himself spending allowances and time and energy protecting and caring for them. When she was finally able to get into military school, he was her supervisor, as he climbed the ranks quickly.. However, the more distant the two got, the more skeptical Avidia became, snooping into his personal life when possible. It wasn't until he snapped at her one day that she stopped, but rumors began to circulate about what it was he was up to...

Seventh Umbral Era
-- With nobody to pry into his business, the reclusive Aetius Valesius began to form ideas of his own. He saw the poor, he saw the damned, the oppressed. He witnessed firsthand executions and slaves and the way any 'aan' was treated in the streets. Feeling hatred boil in the pit of his chest, he and his family sought to gather those men and women of Garlemald that agreed to fight against the Empire, to help Eorzea. It was a process that lasted many years of his life, from when he was in his mid-twenties to when he became thirty, climbing the ranks all the while. Always a step ahead of Avidia, always praised for his skill in combat, he quietly climbed the ranks without a shred of suspicion toward the coup d'etat he was planning; all except for one Decima van Balventius, the newly named Legatus of the Vth Legion. Her watchful gaze didn't leave him for a moment, following the trails he left behind all the way to the meeting he had organized. A meeting intended to spark civil war among Garlemald, with hope of getting aid from Eorzea and the Ala Mhigan and Doman refugees within the city walls. Their goal was not only to take down the Empire, but to assassinate Decima in hopes of making a political statement.

--She, of course, inevitably discovered this plan, and swiftly took action. By her command, Aetius' family was taken, the men following him captive, and he, the head of the operation, was dragged by the hair up the steps of the executioner's block, arms bound behind his back and bloodied by her hand. He was made a public example of, dropped to his knees and given the punishment of Decimatio, forcing his men to beat him within an inch of his life. After taking him back to her office, she spent three years emotionally and physically carving his mistakes into him, tearing down the foundation of anarchy he had created, and isolating him so to 'correct' him. He was castrated, his family killed, so that the Valesius line would end with him as his punishment. With his legacy stolen, he had nothing but empty dreams to continue living for, and began to bend to her will. After a year of being selectively mute, confined within the Castrum out of fear of him bringing his tyranny upon others, Aetius was permitted to leave the cold, metal walls for short whiles at a time. During those escapades, he began to act in twisted, uncomfortable ways, causing Decima to have to be at his side each time he left. Two recruits ended up being felled by his hand during this time period, which he was punished for, and there was an instance of a morning patrol found a disturbing scene of multiple dead marmots, strewn about the front gate, Aetius standing idly by and staring up at his handiwork.

-- After some time of recooperating and calming down, he was released back into the battlefield as a twisted, loyal soldier of Decima's, kept under careful supervision. His killcount climbed drastically on a raid to secure a piece of Eorzea's territory for Garlemald, causing him to recieve more manipulation in the form of positive reinforcement. This careful corrective training was what turned him into what he inevitably became.

-- It is worth noting that, at one point, he nearly sacrificed his life for Decima, referring to her as 'Mother' and losing his left arm in the process. In a fit of disgust at his imbalanced state, he had ADAM remove his other limbs and replace them with magitek ones, causing him to become Garlemald's first experiment with the manipulation of magnetic fields.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
-- After some serious improvement and displays of loyalty, if one can call it that, he was given the rank of Primi Ordines due to the untimely death of the former one, and given charge of the First Cohort. Alongside Avidia, the now Tribunus Laticlavius, and Decima and Fabius rem Balventius, he was permitted leave to travel to Eorzea, assisting the Vth Legion in their goal to take Eorzea from the inside out. Since then, he has begun to slightly sway and improve in terms of mental state, but Decima's careful gaze on his back remains a somber reminder for him not to make any stupid moves or betray their trust. He knows his punishment for doing so.

Relationship Status Legend

Former Acquaintances
NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Scary, robotic sorta fella. See him mopin' around the Quicksand sometimes, usually tailed by this white haired woman. Somethin' about him rubs me the wrong way.." — Quicksand Patron.
"Oh, that guy! I heard he challenged someone to a fight to the death, but this lady intervened. Scary, isn't it?" — Giggly Woman.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Doesn't surprise any one that he was arrested. Guy's Imperial, gotta be. Twelve only knows how he got out of it, but he needs to be put down before he terrorizes our whole damned city." — Brass Blade.
"Saw him kill a girl once. Just out of nowhere. She looked at him funny, and then she was dead. It was so quick.. I.. D-don't hurt me, don't let him know I said anything! He'll find you if you tell..!" — Trembling Ruffian.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"They say he can bend knives and arrows to his will with his arms. They say a lotta things about him, though. If you ask me, the guy's got something wrong in his head. Have you seen the way he looks at girls, with this hungry, predatory gaze..? He's up to something sick." — Shifty Sellsword.
"Overheard him talking to this white haired girl one day. He kept saying weird things in a foreign language, and then ended up spewing something really somber sounding in what had to be Garlean. Blond hair.. weird military terms.. I didn't dare say anything, because it's bad news to kick the hornet's nest, but I pray Ul'dah will be safe." — Suspicious Merchant.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Aetius Valesius? Ergh, a disgusting and vile Imperial scumbag. Half of his body is Magitek. He's horrible, talks a lot of fucking shit, he's arrogant and rude. I hate him. I will personally congratulate the fucker who murders him." — Teirra Lihzeh.
"Scum suckin' basterd o'an asshole." — Ali Gani.
"...Who?" — Dawn Flaresong.

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