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LATEST ACTIVITIES (RP HOOKS): Akhutai is a regular wanderer of the streets in Ul'dah, and has recently been taking regular trips to the shroud.

FULL NAME: Akhutai Khatayin


RACE: Au Ra, Xaela


AGE: Closer to 30 than 20

NAMEDAY: Undisclosed


WEIGHT: Average


OCCUPATION: For hire-hand, bodyguard, etc.

STATUS: Single


AFFILIATIONS: The Khatayin Tribe

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral



Departed from his tribe under circumstances no one has been able to pinpoint, Akhutai spent one full cycle of his life in his search. For something better? For greener pastures? Safety? Answers to life and everything in between? It can be hard to tell from just looking at him. Either way, this once proud hunter of the Khatayin has found himself stuck in Eorzea, disillusioned and grumpy.

Will he make his way back home? Will the time spent away cause him trouble? Has his mannerisms changed too much? Stalk him, if you dare, and you might just find out.


Akhutai is ta tall man, even for his peers, often finding himself looking down on most of his kin and the rest of the races. His body is of an athletic build, where his best features appear to be his arms and core strength. His skin is dark with a faint purple hue running through it, and is decorated with scales that assist in providing natural armor. His horns are well maintained, curving forwards in a winding shape, though they seem to be kept shorter than they could be through rigorous maintenance. His eyes are naturally dark, surrounded by white limbral rings. He keeps his hair at a medium-short length, and the hairstyle could arguably simply be "How the wind put it on that day". He's not a man who cares overmuch about his appearance.

Scars & Markings: Akhutai has various scars from accidentally being poked holes in by mountain goats, stupid moves during training and other such activities. He also has a couple of places where his scales seem to have been permanently lost. His face is free of marks.

Voice: A reference/voiceclaim may be added later.

Confident, Superior, Independent, Caring.

  • Kumis
  • Good & intelligent conversations
  • Getting into a good fight
  • Socialising & networking
  • Jerky made from the meat of a goat.
  • Cats
  • Mountain climbing


  • Bedrest
  • Helplessness
  • Death
  • Idiots
  • Obvious displays of weakness

Distinctive Features

  • Loss
  • Being exiled
  • Dying alone


  • Favorite food: Food
  • Favorite drink: Most things with alcohol
  • Favorite colour: Red
  • Vices: Indulgence


Akhutai is a man who keeps his cards close to himself. Getting him to open up can be somewhat of a challenge. Outwardly, he can appear rather stoic or even somewhat passive-aggressive. He likes to stick to what he knows, including various traditions from the steppes. He prefers to be among people, and rarely thrives in solidarity for very long at a time. Once someone gets to know him a bit better, one would see a Xaela that is a bit more mellowed down, and down on his luck most of the time. He greatly appreciates company, and tries to maintain the friendships he has. He's open minded, and doesn't shy away from walking up and talking to strangers.

Skills & Abilities

ANGRILY STARING AT THINGS Very important and super great skill

Hunting Akhutai is a skilled hunter, and is trained in various techniques. He prefers the bow and simple blades, and rather likes a very hands on way of hunting. He would essentially shouldertackle a mountain goat if given the opportunity. He knows how to move silently, and has a great endurance when it comes to stalking prey for lengthy amounts of distance.

Misc. abilities - Cooking, preferably over a fire. - Storytelling - Wrestling - Survival skills

Romantic Relationship
Physical Attraction
Blood relative
Trusted Friend
Lost contact
? Unsure


??? ( ) - Mother
???? ( ) - Father


xxx | xxx |

Common rumours & quotes

  • "Why you bothering with the Au'Ra? Lest you want a bodyguard, they're good for nuthing."

Players rumours & quotes

  • "He is quite scary looking, isn't he? At least that's what I first thought. But it turns out, he is rather helpful and honest. He also called me 'Friend Nabi'. I... like that. Did I mention he makes the best goat jerky?" -- Nabi Kharlu
  • "Your rumor here" -- Your name here


ROLEPLAY HOOKS: Let me know if you want to figure something out!

- Akhutai may have had siblings in the Khatayin tribe, and I am open to most family relations outside of parents/grandparents. - Akhutai most certainly had friends in the Khatayin tribe, so this can be arranged too. - Akhutai may have had rivalries in other tribes, I am open to planning something here too! - Akhutai has been working as a hired hand, bodyguard and those sorts of things in Eorzea. This can certainly be arranged too. For the time being he is still in Eorzea. - He may end up travelling back to the Steppes, and in that event, wouldn't mind a travelling partner or two! - ??? The floor is yours really. He's a versatile character, so within reason there's a lot of things I'd be willing to give a go.


Please enjoy this collection of commissions I have had made of Maril. You may think, "But this isn't Akhutai?" and yes, it is not, because I don't have much art of him! So, instead you get this other art. Please check out the artists! They're all very good.

OOC Information

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