Nabi Kharlu

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Nabi Kharlu
The Lost Daughter

Nabi KoiPond.jpg
Name... Nabi Kharlu
Nicknames... Ervee
Age... 20-something
Gender... Female
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... Heterosexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Dusk Mother
Nationality... None
Occupation... Alchemist
Alignment... Lawful
Nabi Pond2.png

Nabi runs an apothecary out of a small inn in Shirogane called House of Sparrows. It is owned by a powerful Hingan nobility, House Kozakura. She also works part time at a stall peddling herbs and healing services, along with two middle aged Hingans in the Rakuza District in Kugane. She often has her nose buried in a book as she is always looking for new formulas and potions to concoct. She greets each customer that approaches with a bright smile, perhaps to make up for the usually aloof but polite Hingans that also man the stall.

Nabi keeps her jet black hair cropped short, else it would get in her way of her work. While she keeps herself adequately groomed and cleaned, her choices are made for practicality and comfort first and foremost. Her dark locks and sun-kissed complexion make her light golden eyes seem starkly pale in comparison, and her gaze is usually wont to look about her surroundings, ever curious. Her onyx scales mark her as Xaela, but aside from occasional tribal wardrobe, she does not seem to abide by the ways of the Xaela.

It is easy to see that she has a cheerful personality and has a youthful energy about her. She does not seem to care if one is Hingan, Doman, or a foreigner hailing from other parts of the world; she welcomes anyone looking for her services. She will converse easily and is happy to share stories, although she does not seem inclined to speak of her tribe.

Scars & Markings: A detailed and complex looking mark, on her left shoulder that spans to her mid back.

Clothing: She prefers cottons, either comfortably loose robe, yukata, or tunic and breeches, and comfortable leather boots. The boots that allow her toes to peek out are her favorites. Under her sleeves, a keen eye may also notice that she wears a woven bracelet of gold and silver threads. A small butterfly charm usually hangs from it, with two small bells attached. She sometimes wears this trinket in her hair instead, but it is always on her person. When traveling to the Steppe, she prefers to wear a head scarf or a hood.

She also often carries a large sack with her, slung over her shoulder and back. It is usually filled with all sorts of unusual knickknacks, but those with a keen sense of smell could discern various herbs among her collections.

Nabi Pond Fishes.png

  • Gaining knowledge on medicine and herbs - Her mother was a talented shaman and healer of her tribe, and has taught Nabi all she knows of herbs and their medicinal properties since she was young. Nabi has since expanded her knowledge, and is always looking to study various materials for different uses.
  • Small things - Whether it be babies, dogs, fireflies, or tiny flower petals, she can't help but adore tiny beautiful things.
  • Outdoors - Despite the fact that she spends a lot of time indoors brewing potions, she tries to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. She loves weather of all types, including rain and wind, unless it is unhealthy and unsustainable -- like the freezing cold.


  • Rigid Traditions - Her tribe and ancestors are known for their long standing heritage of war. It is why her mother risked her life to run away, and Nabi has a natural aversion to such strict culture.
  • Violence - Having been removed from the Kharlu tribe and being raised in the tranquil mercantile port city, Nabi has not been exposed to the violence people can inflict upon each other. She has treated wounds however that arises from such a conflict. While she is not a vocal opponent of it, the thought of such brutality frightens her.
  • Things that do not make sense - Nabi has a logical mind when it comes to healing and alchemy. She likes figuring out the mechanism of how things work physiologically which often drives her to try and find a medicinal solution to any ailment she comes across.


  • Being powerless to help those she loves - Nabi lost her mother to a mysterious illness. She was young and not a skilled healer at the time. She has secretly vowed to herself never to allow that again under her watch, to lose another loved one to illness that she could have otherwise prevented somehow.
  • Being forced to return to her family's tribe - Nabi has only heard about her tribe from her mother, with very few memories still remaining. But she knows to return to them would be to return to a prison her mother risked everything to free her from. She has been warned by her mother never to reveal her origin to other Xaela in fear of this.
  • Being discovered by the Jhungid - Long standing antagonism between the Kharlu and the Jhungid is well known to her. While she has never met a Jhungid, she believes that if they were to know her own tribe, they would kill her out of tradition.
  • Drowning - She fell off a boat when she was very young and nearly drowned. While she is an excellent swimmer, she still has nightmares now and then about drowning.


  • Favorite Hobby - Drawing herbs, flowers, and sources of reagents. She likes keeping notes on medicines which includes pictures of how to find them in nature.
  • Forward - When she is curious about something, she rarely recognizes people's personal space or privacy. It may come from her practice as a healer. It can come across as socially awkward.
  • Enthusiastic - Nabi is easily excited and her energy sometimes seems boundless. When she gets an idea in her head, she is quick to act upon it, although sometimes she may come to regret it later. This is especially the case if the matter is of greater importance.
  • Guileless - She often says what she thinks, and her emotions show easily upon her face. She readily believes people at their word.
  • Optimistic - Nabi has an optimistic outlook on life, which allows her to easily forgive, forget, and hope for the best.
  • Adventurous Culinarian - She was taught how to cook by her mother, but also by her Hingan guardian, Mimiyo. She likes to experiment with cooking, melding flavors from both cultures.


Color Key
In A Relationship: Nabi considers herself romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Nabi has romantic feelings about this character but doesn't know how the other feels.
Sexual Attraction: Nabi is unwittingly physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Nabi considers this person family.
Friend: Nabi considers this person her friend whom she trusts.
Friendly Acquaintance: Nabi considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Nabi has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Nabi has neutral feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Nabi has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: Nabi doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Nabi has very negative feelings about this character, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Nabi is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Nabi consider this person a rival, and will try to compete with them in some way.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Nabi.
Business: This character is either an Nabi's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Complicated: Nabi may feel one or more of the feelings above, it's complicated.


Chanai Kharlu ( ) (NPC) - Departed Mother
Remembered fondly by Nabi, her mother was the only true blood kin she has known and remembers to this day. She taught Nabi much of what she knows about herbs and medicines of Othard. She passed away some years ago but is still regarded favorably by her Hingan neighbors, including Yoshinari and Mimiyo. Nabi has discovered since her mother's passing that she kept secrets from her daughter about her lineage. Nabi has many questions for her mother, that will likely forever go unanswered.
Yoshinari Naeuri ( ) (NPC) - The Onery Uncle
A Hingan hyur in his mid-fifties, runs a stall in Kugane that sells various herbs and spices. He lets Nabi occasionally help out, as she also peddles her medicinal herbs there as well. It is a mutually beneficial business relationship, since her cheery disposition usually attracts more customers to the stall than his cranky demeanor. Nabi calls him 'uncle' as a term of endearment, to which he complains overly much.
Mimiyo Naeuri ( ) (NPC) - The Nosy Aunt
Wife to Yoshinari, the woman loves to poke her nose into everything, including the business, the gossips of other merchants, and also that of Nabi's. Nabi calls her 'aunt' in an affectionate way.
Tugan Kharlu ( ) (NPC) - Kin Long Forgotten
Brother to her mother, Nabi remembers him only by name and vague images in her memory. He was always a frightening figure of an Au Ra, and to a young girl of six winters, he was the most intimidating figure whom everyone in the tribe respected. His name still frightens her to this sun, but she has not heard or spoken of him in years.
Batuhan Kharlu ( ) (PC) - Warden of Kin
Nabi only encountered Batuhan through pure chance, when she went into the illegal fighting pits underground to help Anchor Saltborn. He was the first Kharlu she had encountered since her mother fled from the Steppe. He claimed to be the guardian of her cousin, Arasen, and besought her to return home to her own tribe for cryptic reasons. While Nabi didn't trust him at first, in the last many months she has come to know him, she has recognized his kind and patient heart, and his genuine desire for peace. Despite the Kharlu's unwavering loyalty to Nabi's former tribe, she has come to trust this warrior.
Arasen Kharlu ( ) (PC) - Bearer of Ill Tidings
A cousin she does not remember, and yet Arasen came to her with truths she did not want to hear and never sought to find. A student of an udgan, Arasen seems to be well-spoken and concerned for her well-being, but he made no secret about putting a greater purpose first, which unfortunately includes what he perceives as Nabi's destined path. She has yet to feel threatened by him for he has shown no inkling or want for violence. Quite the opposite, he continues to plead for peace. But those she trusts has labeled him as a fanatic and has warned her to stay away from her kin. Nabi remains curious about what her cousin knows and is willing to give him the benefit of a doubt as long as he isn't forcing her hand.
Kagero Kozakura ( ) (PC) - Benefactor
Nabi met this Hingan lord at the very end of her ordeal in the mountains, escaping from the clutches of Elam Grave. He was on the trail of one of the Doman lords that were involved in that illegal underground operation, and while the Doman in question was dead, somehow Kagero saw it worthwhile to provide her with new employment since her former clinic had burnt down. He is likely just keeping an eye on her in case her accidental involvement with the Doman criminal lords reared its ugly head again, but for now, Nabi sees Lord Kozakura as her benefactor and seeks to fulfill the terms of her employment to the best of her ability.
Elam Grave ( ) (PC) - Ruthless Man
A Highlander representing a company called Stonesthrow Consortium from Eorzea, he has shown keen interest in some of Nabi's concoctions. He broached the subject of Nabi working exclusively for his employer and has offered her what seems like a lucrative deal. He seemed charming and generous at first, but when refused, showed an angry and violent temper. When she tried to end their contract for good, he had his men drug her and abduct her, to sell her to a Doman lord to work in his drug house. He is also responsible for bringing much suffering onto Anchor for his interference in her well-being. Due to recent events, Nabi believes him to have met his demised under the ruins of a mountain.
Kiyokage Mizuhiki ( ) (PC) - Troubled
A friend of Tserende, she initially met him when he agreed to accompany both of them to the Steppe. Since then, she has become used to his brusque nature and even his crude humor, perhaps even fond of it, for she knows there is an earnest man beneath it all who is driven to find his own purpose. He does seem to always be surrounded by trouble and violence, which makes her relieved to see him intact every time he takes the time to visit her. She has not seen him in almost a year, but that does not mean she considers him any less of a friend, or hopes for his well-being.

More Characters

Anchor Saltborn ( ) (PC) - A Closed Heart, Mostly
Nabi became acquainted with this foul tempered Confederate pirate when she had to pay the Ruby Tithe for passage to the mainland a few times. She always saw him as an irritable and reckless man, but one who honored his contract. One of her most memorable encounter was when she found him to be working for Elam Grave who abducted her. But instead of fulfilling his agreement with Grave, Anchor slew the men that were involved in her being sold to a Doman lord in a fit of rage. Since then, she has glimpsed some rare truths of the man that lay beneath all his layers of anger and hurt. While much of his past and even his current motivations remain a mystery to her, she believes she has seen his heart, and knows she would risk much, even her own life, for his sake. She has recently realized the depths of her feelings for him, and has confessed to him as much. And in his own way, Anchor has reciprocated those sentiments.
Shael Stormchild ( ) (PC) - A Desert Cactaur
A Highlander from the west who visited her stall seeking medicines, Nabi sensed something troubling about the woman's well-being. She tried to help the her as best as she could, but only ended up getting duped and lured out into the Steppe and stranded there. She suspects that the woman was also responsible for robbery and vandalism of her stall, causing her to lose a great deal of medicines and supplies. Due to a strange twist of fate, Nabi was then called upon to heal her when she was found with a broken arm and hand, and since then, Shael seems to have developed a reluctant friendship and trust with the Xaela. During her time of captivity under Grave, Nabi has come to realize that Shael's loyalty and friendship go far deeper than the woman would ever admit to.
Ghoa Mankhad ( ) (PC) - Almost A Sister
Nabi met this beautiful Xaela woman as she approached her stall looking for specific potions. Nabi saw Ghoa for everything she herself was not: a beautiful, refined, worldly woman. She instantly admired the fact that she seems to know how to say just the right thing. Nabi felt empowered by her, and trusted her advice, but later discovered that she was working for the man who has orchestrated her worst nightmare. Ghoa and Nabi has since rekindled their friendship, Ghoa becoming a confidant of sorts for Nabi when it comes to her feelings for Anchor. Nabi has also recently discovered that Ghoa was made a slave by her mother's tribe, the Kharlu, which motivates her to try and right the wrongs that was done to the Xaela in her younger years.
Marius Aventine ( ) (PC) - Generous But Aloof
Nabi encountered him on one of her usual trips to the Umineko Tea House, where upon the end of the day, they just sold the last of their dango, much to Nabi's disappointment. But the customer in front of her, a pale haired man, elected to give her his order instead. She thanked him and tried to strike up a conversation, but he departed soon after, seemingly distracted. She has seen him a few more times at the Tea House since and eventually they even sat for awhile to share tea and dango. Due to recent events, Nabi considers him a trusted friend, since he has shown willingness to aid her in her time of need.
Akhutai Khatayin ( ) (PC) - Friend Akhutai
One of the first natives of the Steppe that Nabi has met, she has taken a liking to him quickly. He seems forthright as well as knowledgeable regarding the Steppe, and he has given her sage advice regarding the Xaela culture. He has also offered to show her parts of her homeland, which still remains much of a mystery to her. Since their first meeting, he has taken to calling her "Friend Nabi" after which he has forever become "Friend Akhutai" in her mind. Recently, he has offered his help in her dealings with her mother's tribe, and has shown a protective streak when it comes to her. She is starting to trust him more with each sun.
Lheko'a Nhali ( ) (PC) - Unexpectedly Kind
Nabi does not even truly know this miqo'te's real name, for Ghoa calls him one thing and he introduces himself as another. But that doesn't matter to her, for he has Ghoa's heart and therefore Nabi's trust. Despite his outwardly stoic and aloof disposition, he has shown her kindness when they talked privately, and a keen insight into her troubles that showed her the miqo'te has a good intuitive eye for assessing certain situations. He has offered her aid should she ever need it, and while Nabi trusts his word, she hopes it will never be the case.
Pjel Qoet ( ) (PC) - Fierce in Heels
Nabi met this Viera warrior when she walked up to her stall, lost in Kugane. Immediately Nabi was fascinated by her, for her bold sense of humor, the ease she held herself despite impressive and intimidating looking armor, and most of all, her dexterity despite a pair of striking heels she sported. Despite the woman's teasing nature, the two got along well, and Nabi hopes she will visit again more often as her travels find her in the East.
Tserende Valqirelle ( ? ) (PC) - Gone But Not Forgotten
He was the first to answer her new advertisement for a guard, but over the months that they have worked together, the two developed a trust and then eventually admitted affection for each other. She came to appreciate his discerning eye, his wry humor, and his courteous ways, but even more so his ever comforting presence. But in recent trials, Nabi has discovered he also has a cold pragmatic side to him, one that she finds unfamiliar and puzzling. Despite her plea to help Anchor Saltborn, he refused. He eventually helped her gain her freedom from the shadows of Elam Grave, but afterwards Tserende left without saying a word to her, leaving her confused.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Nabi? She's always bumping into people, her head buried in a book." -- Sekiseigumi guard
    "Oh, I wouldn't go to that girl for healing. She asks for unusual things in return." -- an old Kugane resident
    "She always stops on by for tea and some treats." -- Tea vendor

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Her mother brought her to Kugane when she was but a wee thing! Look at her now, all grown up and running her own clinic." -- Kugane silk vendor
    "She doesn't have to go to the Steppe herself for what she needs, but sometimes she insists!" -- an adventurer
    "Peculiar girl. I've seen her randomly pluck a leaf from a tree and chew it." -- Thavnairain guard

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "She concocts her own medicine. Kami knows what are in some of them. I heard she's traded with the Bolir. And we know what they peddle." -- Kugane herbal vendor
    "I asked her about that scar on her shoulder once. She went all quiet and covered it up immediately." -- Kugane customer
    "She never had friends her own age while growing up here. But she's always been bubbly, even all by herself." -- Mimiyo Naeuri


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Infuriatingly nice. Annoyingly cheerful. Incessant rambler. ... Pretty good healer though. Don't mess with her else you mess with me. Got that?" -- Highlander wearing some fly shades
    "It is a little strange to see a Xaela running a stall in Kugane. But she acts more Hingan than... no, I stand corrected. She does not act much like Hingan residents either. A spirited woman, she. " -- Marius Aventine
    "Who would've thought that I'd find a skilled alchemist amongst Xaelas of all races. I thought they were all plain roaming tribals. Starting to see uses for a few though. This one? Definitely." -- Elam Grave
    "The lost daughter is all I hoped she would be, compassionate, with a light of the sun in her eyes. I know she can fulfill the destiny that was foretold. But I am starting to wonder, if she should?" -- Batuhan Kharlu
    "Add rumor here." -- Name

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RP Hooks
■ She has been seen in the docks and in the markets inquiring for foreigners that hail from Mor Dhona. While she is careful not to say it out loud or openly, but she is looking for anyone who can possibly bring something back from that specific region.
■ She is always looking for adventurers and bodyguards to help her gather some unusual materials and ingredients across the Ruby Sea that are found in the Steppes and Yanxia.
■ She is known by word of mouth as an unusual healer/alchemist, but one that will usually take in strangers and the like for little or no money.
■ Some say that she will offer healing or goods if one is willing to be a test subject for her experimental medicinal herbs. Rumors suggest that the side effects vary, and while not dangerous, some have been rather peculiar.
■ She has been growing more curious about the cultures of those from abroad. She has approached merchants and travelers for any foreign recipes and books.
■ Also growing more curious about Xaela culture in general, she has been making trips to the Reunion for both reagents and to try new foods and peruse various trade items.
■ Members of the Kharlu tribe may recognize her features as being very similar to a skilled shaman that left the tribe over two decades ago.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.
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