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Birth Name: Aki Kha

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Au Ra, Xaela

Age: Twenty

Height 4 fulms 8 ilms

Weight: 110ish ponzes

Nameday: 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Guardian deity: Althyk, the Keeper


Birth Place: Othard

Citizenship: Othard

FC and residence: None

Marital Status: Soulbound

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Job: Anthropologist

Hobbies: Writing, pressing flowers

Alignment: True Neutral

Latest activities (RP hooks): Aki is currently travelling around Eorzea and beyond with Jaliqai.

Aki is rarely apart from her lover, Jaliqai, and the two go wherever she leads them. 


At a mere 4 fulm 8, Aki does not strike any as an intimidating figure. Her long black hair, usually worn up with some hair framing her face, compliments her inky blue eyes and skin.

Scars & Markings: Her inky skin is flawless with typical dark Xaela scales, horns and tail.

Voice: Aki's voice is quite soft and light with little to no accent.

Clothing: While she does not keep up with the latest trends and does enjoy pretty clothes, Aki is mostly found wearing comfortable clothing. She prefers wearing colours that are not in stark contrast to her skin colour.

Curious - Possessive - Volatile

  • Jaliqai, but don’t tell him that
  • Moonlight
  • Being naked
  • Being in control
  • Traveling
  • Pressed flowers


  • Seeing Jaliqai upset
  • Disrespect towards her or Jaliqai
  • Feeling trapped
  • Being without Jaliqai
  • Her clumsiness

Distinctive Features

  • Jaliqai leaving her


  • Favorite food: Honey Muffins
  • Favorite drink: Anything alcohol
  • Favorite colour: Black and purple
  • Flaws: Clumsy, lazy, blunt, laughs inappropriately, dictated by emotion, can have temper tantrums, lustful, addict
  • Possible personality type: ESFP - “The Entertainer”


While Aki loves to people watch and learn about others’ backgrounds and culture, there is nothing she loves more than fellow Xaela and loyal follower, Jaliqai. Though she may not show him or tell him this, preferring to keep him at a distance or act cold toward him, he is the one constant in her life. On the surface, Aki seems like just another pretty young au ra but she possesses a hair-trigger temper and this can be brought on by her clumsiness or being denied anything. Although her humour is quite deadpan she is also guilty of laughing or giggling at inappropriate times.

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

She is somewhat adept with healing magic and curses and a little skilled with a dagger. In most combat situations she would rely on Jaliqai to take the brunt of the attacks while she cast healing on him or threw a few curses at the enemy.

Personal Effects
[[File: |x40px|frameless]]

Personal Room


💗 Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Sexual Desire
💘 Crush
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Jachi Kha ( ) - Mother
Wife of Alan, skilled healer and apothecary.
Alan Kha ( ) - Father
Husband of Jachi, merchant and trader.


Jaliqai Mol 💗

Her lover and guardian. She became enamoured with him during a journey with her father through the Azim Steppes one summer, her father having stopped with the Mol tribe to trade and rest en route to the next tribe. Though she thinks him quite clueless and innocent, she adores him more than she lets on, wanting nothing more than to be forever by his side.

One reason that she may act cold or indifferent to him is that she may be afraid of how much she does care for him and fears he may one day grow tired of her.



Common rumours & quotes

  • "She asks a lot of questions, that girl." - An Ul’dahn guard.

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "WIP" - WIP

Players rumours & quotes

  • Rumours can be true or false! Please feel free to add your own with your character name ♥





When seeking a quiet activity to pass time, she enjoys pressing flowers or embroidering.
She cannot cook very well but wants to be a good 'wife' to her lover.


OOC Information

Stances on RP: I enjoy RP! Most of all I enjoy 'slice-of-life' as well as mature, dark, heavy-RP. I do prefer plot-driven encounters but I don't mind walk-ups, as they may lead to even more fun! I am flexible with lore (within reason). I may not be IC if wearing armour. Please send a tell if unsure!

I am available to RP: in-game, through discord and through RPC pm’s.

Hooks and relationships: Always open to conflicts.

RP combat and injuries: Since Aki’s safety and wellbeing is looked after by Jaliqai there is little to no reason for her to be hurt or in combat.

Miscellaneous: That wiki page is mostly OOC knowledge unless your character specifically knows or learned about it.

Here are a few inspirations for the creation of Aki: WIP

Theme Songs: ‘Et Moi’ by Nym

TV Tropes: It Amused Me Hair-Trigger Temper

Server and Timezone

Player Info: Australian player, GMT-9.30.

Server: Mateus Player Name: Aki Kha

Special thanks to Suen Shyu for the template (also in turn, their inspiration from Rixo and Nanagi's template and the use of the skill stats window from Fancy Template) and Bancroft Gairn for the inspiration to put more work into my wiki!