Albaunt Ruivoy

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Albaunt Ruivoy
Knight, Healer, Optimist

The greatest expression of kindness is to believe in the good of others.



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... al-bōnt roo-vou

NICKNAMES... Al (rather prefers this name)

RACE & CLAN... Elezen, Wildwood

GENDER... Male

AGE... Thirty-Four

NAMEDAY... 4th Sun, 6th Umbral Moon, 1526 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Of Ishgard, but currently wandering

CITIZENSHIP... cooly Ishgard, currently Ul'dah

FAMILY... The Ruivoy family; a respected, lowborn family that was blessed by House Fortemps. Father, mother, and two brothers deceased, an aunt and two cousins still living


OCCUPATION... Former squire, currently a healer and cook


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 7 ilms. 205 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Type Active Neutral Good.

General Information
A once Ishgardian hopeful, now a wandering healer and man of the people; Albaunt’s family was lowborn until his father raised them out through a show of valor against the heretics. Though he gave his life in this act, the man was celebrated as his entire family was given land and a stipend in Ishgardian lands under the mark of House Fortemps. Albaunt trained under a knight known as Escad for many years. Though the boy was lacking in the physicality, he made up for it in his connection to the aether. A natural healer and caster, Albaunt was always a softspoken, kind-hearted boy; quick to think of others. Sadly, Escad was murdered due to some cloak and dagger business in the streets of Ishgard. Albaunt could not handle the loss and found his way to Eorzea to remove himself from the memories. His aunt and cousins enjoy his wealth and lands in his absence. Albaunt has spent a grand portion of his life among the gutters of Ul’dah aiding those in need, though he struggles with the desire to find his way back to Ishgard to solve the mystery that sent him away: who murdered his mentor and dearest friend.
You will always stumble on your path, but always keep following it.
Brown Brown Pale Lithe, strong Colin Firth
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Hair & Eyes
Physique & Markings
Hygiene & Attire
Psychological Profile
Albaunt stands out among others not from his skills, however formidable he might be in aether and swordplay, but from his optimism in others. He seems to understand the advantage he gives over them when he is so easy to trust, but he deems it worth whatever risk most times. He has no interest in the material, placing value in spirit and the intangible. To him, individuals are temporary and the only true lasting mark that one can leave on this world is that of the good people do for others and the world. No kindness is too small and no act is too much to the would-be knight of Ishgard.

In each person, Albaunt sees the capacity of heroism and the only thing stopping others is that the misgivings of the past. To overcome selfishness, which the man is a staunch believer is a type of fear, is no easy thing. Honestly, he struggles with choices every day as any person. He has wants and desires as any man: a comfortable home, a quiet life, a loving family; but to have these things would be to focus on himself and lose the very values of philanthropy. There are people in this world he can help and inspire to do the same as him; not just with grand gestures of giving and kindness, but with simple words of belief and support. Thus, the Elezen focuses hard on doing what he can to impact the world in the best way he can.

Distrust is not an easy thing to come by from the Elezen, but it has been given plenty of times. Murder, rape, slavery; anything that strips people's innate dignity and will is the gravest of actions one could do. Albaunt is an easygoing man usually, but he will be quick to seek out retribution against these acts above any others. Theft, assault, and bribery, generally any crime that is rooted in selfishness or passion, are easily forgivable with apologies and working to correct the damage done. Albaunt treating the offenders as children as that is how they acted: like children who had to have their way. The Elezen does not believe in capital punishment or killing, believing that everyone can change if given the chance, but he understands that some threats must be put to rest as there are those in the world who cannot be reached in time before they hurt or do worse to others.

Albaunt has a fondness for children, letting them chalk on his armor when he visits towns. He has little ego to speak of and does not really mind how others view him. He is open-minded and enjoys trying new things. That said, he can be a bit conservative about his own methods and actions. He is not one for debates on morality as he believes that instinct and the heart is supreme in these matters while the mind is more suitable for magitek and tactics for the battlefield. He adores reading, especially books on romantic stories that are an allegory on heroism and ethics, preferring simple Aesops over most things.

Secretly, Albaunt is a writer himself and works with a publisher in quiet who sells his rather meek stories of a knight (who is fashioned a bit off of himself and his departed friend, Escad). Most of these stories have little to offer than a bit of silliness and heroism. Ser Gearoux has become quite the hit with children in Eorzea. Albaunt took up the penname "A. Esil", a pun on easel as he hardly views what he does as art; a joke in poor taste at himself. Most recently in his writing, he introduced a female counterpart for the knight. This addition has become quite the talk for the children as maids, mothers, and other ladies of the household have taken a keen interest in the blossoming relationship between the two heroes. Sadly, this was done accidentally by Albaunt and knows not the first thing about relationships. This has slowed his next book and the publisher has received a number of letters. Albaunt is overwhelmed by the entire matter and to make matters worse, a rival writer who has taken up the name "B. Russ" has gone so far to continue the story in A. Esil's absence. Albaunt cannot help but begrudge the liberties taken, but rather likes the character depth, obviously a superior writer compared to the Elezen. This has caused a new insecurity in the man, one that he does his best to hide, but struggles with every day when he hears children and women talk of the recent book.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
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Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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