Alec Harknezz

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 Alec Harknezz
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Occupation Strategy Lieutenant, Harbingers of Dawn
Height/Weight 6'0" / 178lbs.
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relatives Unknown

Alec Harknezz (14th Sun, Fourth Astral Moon [July 14th]) is an Ala Mhigan Hyur who was raised as a refugee in Little Ala Mhigo by his guardian, who he calls his father. Raised in the company of other poor souls displaced from the fall of Ala Mhigo, he saw the harsh realities of being a refugee, but he found solace in the stories of old, of grand knights and heroes who strove to protect the people. On his twenty-first birthday, he left his adopted father's side and journeyed to Ul'dah to find his destiny.

Basic Info


People Watching
The Sea
Good Food
Friendly People


Magitek Weapons
Disrespect of the impoverished, whether refugees or the poor.
Criminals and law-breaking, unless it has to be done to help those who can't help themselves.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Drinking
Favorite Food: Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favorite Color: Green

Appearance & Personality

Alec stands fairly tall for a Midlander male, reaching a lean six feet tall. He stands tall, and despite his upbringing he shows the poise of a more dignified man. His skin s fair, marred only by the long scar stretching across his left eye. His hair, a vibrant red, is usually styled up into messy spikes, but despite their look of mess, they are done so on purpose. His face is diamond-shaped with a slightly pointed roman nose and thin lips. His eyes are almond-shaped and a light bluish green with thin, dark red eyebrows and thick lashes. Each of his ears sports a single piercing, following traditions of the past and he has no other piercings or tattoos that are known of. He has a lean, muscular frame, and he moves his body with a fluid grace as he walks. He is usually seen sporting a smile or laughing, and he tends to wear plainer clothes, likely due to those being all he has. He does however seem to take great care with the clothes he has, keeping himself quite clean and orderly.

He is almost always smiling, and seems happy enough on the surface, but as close as he seems to get to someone, his eyes always show some distance, as if he is holding himself back from truly opening up. An outgoing young man, he will approach almost anyone unless they look busy, and he's happy to say hello to anyone who does the same to him. He also often tends to be a bit of a flirt, and it only become more prominent when he's drinking, but he keeps it all in good fun for the most part.



Most of Alec's childhood was spent travelling with his 'father' as his people made their way and finally settled in Little Ala Mhigo. It was then that his father began training him in his own trade, keeping the two of them close to the others in Little Ala Mhigo, but encouraging a healthy distance as well, not trusting the young Alec to remember what to say about the two of them. His days were spent under the caring, yet harsh mentoring hand of his 'father, and his evenings were spent reading about the Knights and the heroes of old.


Alec's tutelage under his 'father' continued into his teenage years, and his frame began to show evidence of it. He grew taller, and his frame began to show the lean muscles that were brought on by the tutelage of his father, and he walked with a fluid grace as he went about the settlement. In his free time he explored other activities, helping the other residents where he could, and he started to see more and more the plight of his people, and the way they were treated by the residents of Ul'dah. He grew furious as he saw how badly they were treated, and he got in fights quite often at first, trying to punish those who insulted his people, but after a few harsh losses and alot of bruise he calmed down some and just gritted his teeth at the slurs. He still did his best to help stop the prejudice against the Ala Mhigan refugees, and any others, but he learned he had to do so with tact, not a hard right to the jaw.


With his mind still set on the goal of helping ease the plight of the refugees, and set on finding his own path, instead of the one his father had trained him for, Alec mentioned his wishes, expecting to be chastised harshly for wishing to leave. To his surprise, his father pulled out a small case that contained a large sum of gil, saved from their years in Little Ala Mhigo, and from before the fall of the city, and he told Alec that he had long known that the day woudl come where he would leave to chase his fate. It was shortly after that Alec took a caravan to Ul'dah to seek his future.


Alec opened his first Chakra, the Mind's Eye at the age of five, just after his training had begun. His master took him out into the desert before a large stone and he was forced to stay there, striking it until it broke. He lashed out at the stone to no avail for hours, his young body not strong enough to cause the stone any damage. His master was unrelenting though, and threatened him with starvation if he did not break the stone, and so he continued. Hours later, Alec was on the verge of exhaustion and dehydration, not to mention how hungry he had grown. He weakly struck the stone as he slid to his knees,a nd then to the ground fully, giving up, and readying himself for death. As the darkness of death began to overtake him, he saw the stone standing there, taunting him in his Mind's eye, but the longer he looked at it, he noticed thin cracks running along it's surface, and a point in the center where they all met. He didn't know where the energy cam from that lifted him to his feet, or what the gift he had received was, but he stood and simply jabbed forward weakly, with little to no strength left, and his fist hit the point solidly. Seconds later the stone shattered, crumbling to the ground with a large crack. Since then, Alec has trained his Mind's Eye, using short flashed of it to discern the flaws and weaknesses in objects using whathe and his master called," The Eye of Rhalgr." He did realize later ont hat extended use of the ability would cause him to belighteheaded, and even go blind temporarily, so he keeps it's use to but a few seconds at a time.

Four years later, having spent every day training under the man he called father, Alec would open his second Chakra. Feeling his pupil ready, his Master led him to the grave of his mother, who died in childbirth.He explained that his mother had been a criminal in their homeland and that is why she was not allowed burial with the other residents of Little Ala Mhigo. Seeking the boy's rage, he insulted her again and again until Alec attacked him. It was there they fought, the Master easily besting every advance of his student as he jeered at him and insulted his mother further. Finally Alec could take it no more and lost control of himself, and with that he blew the Second Gate open wide, letting the massive amount of aetheric energy flood out like a dam had been broken. With this Alec's attacks became like fluid, lashing out quickly like a raging storm as his aether took on the aspect of water. He was still unable to harm his Master, and the man knocked him out cold when he realized his pupil had no control over his new-found power. What followed was half a year of hermitage in a cave, meditating to control his abilities, with naught a soul for company, not even his Master. When he finally emerged from the cave, he had seized control of the the Heart chakra, and would refrain from ever letting it fully open again, for fear his inner monsoon would swell out and he would lose control again.

Shortly after he turned fifteen, Alec's master took him to the site of a legendary battle in Thanalan. He had done this several times before, and they sparred. Neither man relented for hours, and day turned to night and then day again. For three suns they fought until exhausted, slept, then resumed the fight once again. On the third sun, Alec pushed himself to his limits, absorbing the aether of the battlefield around him as he jumped at his Master to strike. The result was him launching clear over the massive Highlander's head, landing on his other side with a thd and striking his first ever clean hit on the man, directly to th eback of his knee, a move he would later adapt into his fighting style, using it to defeat many opponents in competitions and out. As he trained to master his Root Chakra, he found himself to be more graceful, able toaspect his aether to the wind itself anduse it to soar over his opponents. He also foudn thatif he pushed himself, he could attain great speeds for a short time before he became exhausted.

At eighteen, Alec had been given leave by his master to visit the people of Little Ala Mhigo, knowing the boy needed interaction with others to develop socially. It was during one of these trips that Alec saw a group of Ul'dahni merchants selling their wares to the people of the cave. He became quickly smitten with the merchant's daughter, and the two of them spent some time together, taking trips outside the cave to the areas around. During one of these trips, the girl's father followed, thinking to give Alec a beating for his relationship with his daughter, but things aligned differently. The girl's father was also followed, he by several unruly and quite drunk Ala Mhigans. they arrived as he was pulling the girl away from Alec, about to strike at him with an open hand and they pulled out large knives while throwing insults at the outsiders. Alec had long been a reader of stories of the Knights of Ishgard and the Paladins that sought to bring Justice to the world and int hat moment he decided it best to forsake his people and save the innocent merchant and his daughter. He jumped between them and defended them as the men attacked; he fought as hard as he could and his skill surprised them all as he unleashed his three chakras on the untrained vagrants. He had been doing well too, until one of the men was able to get a lucky strike in and stabbed through Alec's back with his knife. He fell to the ground face first as his next Chakra, the Sacral, blew open with enough force to quake the earth beneath hem.He would never remember this, having just lost consciousness, nor would he remember the surge of energy as his wound knit itself shut. He would remember however that when he stood, the sand clung to his skin like armor, his aether taking on the aspect of the earth as the men, the merchant, and his daughter looked on in horror. The men attacked him once again, still seeking to finish what they started, but he quickly dispatched them, leaving them heaped unconscious in the dirt. The merchant and the girl Alec had feelings for fled in the fight, and he would never see them again, known only to them as the demon in the sands.Since then, Alec has trained the chakra and in rae moments, has been able to use it to heal injuries, even major ones, but he generally cannot do it very routinely.

Alec had long felt a distaste for the life he was born into. He dreamed of grand Knights and protecting the people, but lived a life in which he was trained only to sow destruction. He had many times tried unsuccessfully to get his master to give him leave to stop his training and leave to find his own way, but every time he did not have the courage to stand up for himself. That was, until the day of his twenty-first birthday. Alec and his master stood upon their new battlefield sparring as they oft did, when Alec asked once again. His master joked and told him that if he truly wanted to leave, he would have to best him in combat, a feat Alec had never been able to accomplish, due to his Master's mastery of five of the chakras. But Alec had had enough, he was tired of following a path of destruction, and in that moment he decided to do just that, at any cost, even if it meant his life. What followed was not a blast as the gate blew open, but more a gentle ease as he opened it calmly. He felt his control of his abilities grow and he used it to fight his master.With his newly opened Solar Plexus Chakra, Alec was finally able to best his master. He would remember afterwards that the man congratulated him and sent him to pack, giving him all their savings for his journey, as if they had been saving up for this exact moment. it was on this day that Alec would leave for Ul'dah by caravan, seeking his destiny, and hoping to become a Knight.

Alec had stopped training for so long, focusing instead on learning a stance using a sword and shield. He would keep this up until he joined a Company called the Harbingers of Dawn, and found himself competing in a friendly tournament. He knew he didn't have the skill to win with his blade, and he sought to impress his new family, so he unleashed his chakras and emerged the victor, besting all who fought him. One of his opponents, a Miqote namedC'lai Tia, fought as a monk as well, but his aether burned brightly and uncontrolled as they fought. At first Alec thought little of it, but when he saw the notice asking for someone to assist the Miqote in controlling his aether, Alec offered what little knowledge he had. He sparred with him in Thanalan, and watched as the Miqote gave in to the aether, letting it control him as all four of his gates opened fully with not discipline to quell them. It was then that the plane to seal C'lai's gates long enough to teach him control was born, and the way came from an unlikely source, Flameson Hammersmith. Using a technique the Roegadyn had shown him, Alec sought to seal C'lai's gates in his room. He pushed two almost closed and was fighting against the third when he was knocked backwards. In that moment his third gate opened wide for the first time since he was a boy and he crashed towards C'lai like a tidal wave. As he lashed out uncontrolled at the Miqote, the sixth of his gates was opened, his Throat chakra unleashed. With it his aether took on an aspect of fire and began to burn him from the inside even as C'lai's fought back to burn him from the surface. He did what he could to help C'lai before he lost consciousness, having pushed himself to the brink of death as he worked. He has yet tto discover what thisnew chakra might do, and he trains carefully to keep it under control.

To this day Alec trains to master his chakra, seeking mastery over the new chakra he does not yet know the power of. He also knows that this has brought him to a new battle...Living with the knowledge thatonce his power is felt byothers, that he will have to fight for his life against those seeking to unlock the seventh, which he was always trained to believe exists. Even as he fights to control hisnew chakra, he seeks to forsake his training and finalyl follow his dreams to become a Paladin, even havign his eye on a possible Paladin to seek the tutelage of.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I heard the lad once gave away all his gil to a street urchin to impress a pretty girl."
"He looks alot like a Garlean 're-educator' that they say is dead."
"Heard him play the Harpischord once, twas beautiful. Even heard he played a song so sad tha someone broke the piano to stop it."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"You didn't hear this from me, but one time I saw several lads try to mug him, and he dropped that blade he carries around and a split-second later they were all on the ground, looked like they'd been beaten to seven hells." -Ul'dah resident
"I heard he was thelad that wrote the haunting song about Ala Mhigo that's started to get played in the taverns of late."
"Odd lad, hard to tell if he really likes ya, or if he just acts like it, those eyes just don't match the look on his face."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard. If you want to have your character have overheard one of these, please get with me OOC first.)
"Rumor has it that the boy unlocked his sixth Chakra, but only time will tell."
"Used to hear queer things about that 'father' of his. And if you ask me, they don't even look alike."-Little Ala Mhigo Resident
"The lad left justbefore his 'father' was found dead in the desert. He talks like the man's alive though, even seems to write letters and send them back home to no one."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Kid's built his house outta pain. S'a shitty brick fir the sorta work he wants t'ae do. But will do till he finds better in his head." - Flameson Hammersmith
"Has the best intentions but perhaps not the best execution of those intentions." - J'maaira Tuhl


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing

Anadl Tristan : One of the first people Alec met upon joining the Harbringers. He soon found himself infatuated with her, but quickly realized that his feelings were more that of a brother and sister than anything more. He feels protective of her, but knows with her wild spirit not to press things too much, instead choosing to fight by her side, doing what he can to lessen the danger in his own way.
Edda Vincents : Alec's superior in the Harbinger's Strategy Branch. While most see her personality as somewhat toxic, Alec actually enjoys it. HE understands she's young, but he's seen her in action and has a great respect for her abilities, and loyally follows her orders, just perhaps not exactly as she gives them sometimes.
Flameson Hammersmith : Alec first really was introduced to Hammer after sparring with C'lai Tia, trying to gauge how best to help the Miqote with his aetheric issues. The giant of a Roe was brash, but showed Alec a technique that could help him in the process. Other than that, Alec's encounters with the Roe have either ended neutrally or with the Roe threatening him. He doesn't really feel intimidated by him anymore, despite the prowess he has seen on multiple occasions, and his foolishness ends up with him receiving more threats in turn. HE knows he can't fully trust Hammer, but until such a time that their neutrality in things end, he considers him a good man.
Toorime Hoshiko : A peculiar Au Ra in the Harbringers. On multiple occasions she has come to Alec with riddled futures and guidance. He is still not completely sure about her, but he knows better than to doubt her when she tells him something. He's also been in charge of investigating an incident involving her, which was quickly found to be an accident, but it led to more questions concerning her past, which he seems intent, if not patient, to uncover the answers to.
C'lai Tia : A Miqote Alec first fought in the Harbringer's tournament. He recognized his style immediately as that of a trained monk, and was disconcerted by the massive amount of aether the Miqote used when fighting, so when he saw a bulletin in which C'lai was seeking assistance with his chakras, Alec jumped at the chance to help. He did what he could to find out the Miqote's issue and fix it, but in the process did something to cause the Miqote to feel threatened by him, he believes. While he has no qualms with C'lai, he can tell that feeling is no longer mutual, and chooses to keep his distance.
Zohie Juari : Alec met Zohie soon after becoming a Lieutenant of Strategy, and the two have been close ever since. She helps him with research for the Strategy Branch when he needs it, like during the investigation of the death of Airka Lakshmi.


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