J'maaira Tuhl

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png J'maaira Tuhl
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday True Nameday unknown, goes by the 8th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon, 1556 (Age: 21)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Martial Lieutenant, Harbingers of the Dawn/Sellsword
Height/Weight 5'4"/120 ponze
  • Zwynhelb (Father)
  • Blynbrilda (Mother)
  • Hollswys (Younger Sister)
  • Rhetswys (Younger Sister)
  • Zantulm (Baby Brother)
Server Balmung
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          Jay is average in nearly every way for her race. She stands at a height of 5 fulms and 4 ilms. She certainly doesn't tower over people, especially her family, but she also doesn't have to look up very much to very many people she knows. She has a greater amount of muscle mass than many females and as such weighs more, though it certainly doesn't make her fat. There's a sort of confidence in the way that Jay presents herself. She usually stands with her arms crossed and head cocked to the side, as if in anticipation or annoyance. It's often hard to tell.

          Jay has a rather small and slightly chubby face that doesn't quite match her demeanor. Bushy eyebrows lie atop small, slightly-slanted, eyes. Her eyes are an unremarkable light brown and she envies those that have more exotic colors. There is a small scar running across the bride of her nose, one that she is self-conscious about, earned in a fight with her former mentor and lover. A larger scar extends from her right jawline into her cheek, though it is a cleaner cut. She has dark racial markings on her cheeks that are partially covered by a white tribal tattoo, one that her father did not agree on her getting. She sees no need for makeup as it will only get sweated off at the end of the day and thus, prefers a natural face unadorned by colorful cosmetics. She had rather long hair, but cut it short in favor of a shorter, sleeker style. Growing tired of the shortness, she took a bottle of Hildebrand's Hair Growth potion and now sports a much longer style, which she throws into a ponytail.

          Jay's body is one that exhibits her love of more physical activities. To say that she had a soft-looking figure would be quite the misinterpretation. Her body is comprised of lean, taut, muscle. It's certainly not a bodybuilder's physique but one of a person who trains extensively and knows how to take care of herself. Her curves leave something to be desired. Certain sacrifices had to be made to attain the level of physical prowess that she has and as a result she doesn't have very big breasts or a very large rear. Additionally, unlike many of her race and native country, she is on the paler side. There is a great deal of scarring across her body, though many are faded. There is a scar on the back of her head which she covers with her ponytail, a few smaller cuts on her abdomen, a large brutal looking scar that encompasses her right knee and several scars along her shoulder blades and spine that seem to be made from the nails of human hands.


          In comparison with other female Miqo'te's that she knows, Jay is much rougher around the edges.She has a tendency to behave in a masculine manner, something she feels may be due to her father's influence. Much like her father, she doesn't suffer bullies and whiners and expresses her displeasure with their behavior through eye-rolling, passive-aggressive comments and hostility. Simply put, if she doesn't like you or the way you act, you'll know. That being said, she has a weak spot in her heart for shy and timid people and often tries to stand up for them should the need arise. To many, she can be intimidating and standoffish at first but she tries her best to be as friendly and sociable as possible and will open up more once she gets to know a person. She takes great offense to not being taken seriously or being scoffed at, especially by those she considers below her, both in skill and experience.

          There is more to Jay than the brave and fearless facade that she puts on for the world. Her early childhood has lead to emotional trauma that has not yet been resolved, despite her insistence that she is fine. She has a deep-seated fear of abandonment and being alone, stemming from the time in which she was orphaned. Recent events have also lead to a fear of the Void and it's inhabitants and a wariness of men. On a lighter note, she is deeply curious about the world around her and her place in it. She often questions things that she comes across in her travels and delights in learning new things. Family also means everything to her and you should count yourself lucky if she considers you as such. She would do anything for family, even lay down her life if that's what it came down to.

          Jay was raised to do right by everyone so she is a stern, but fair individual. She believes strongly in the principle "You reap what you sow," and has been known to let others suffer for their mistakes in order to teach them a lesson. She is also very straightforward and honest, believing that harsh truth is better than sugar-coated lies.

Jay Tuhl (Artwork by Maby-chan@tumblr)

Flaws, Merits, and Behaviors


  • Stubborn - Jay is set in her way of doing things and is resistant to change. Because of this quality, she can be argumentative about her views. There are some poor individuals that have attempted to 'fix' her in the past, but she is insistent that she doesn't want nor need to be 'fixed'.
  • One-Track Mind - Once her mind is made up on something she wants to do she sets out to do it, unwavering and focused until she completes her goal. This can also be a merit in it's own way. One can certainly never say that she's left anything unfinished.
  • Blunt - In comparison with some people she knows, Jay is positively subtle about her thoughts. Of course she is quick to voice her opinion, other people's feelings be damned. This has earned her the ire of many individuals.
  • Fearless - There is no sense of self-preservation with this one. She is quick to enter the battlefield and gives no second thought to her own well-being, either emotionally or physically. This behavior is intensified when she is performing a selfless service for another individual.


  • Brave - Brave is just a kinder word for fearless, but it denotes a positive trait. She rides the fine line between being brave and being stupid and has been known to cross that line on several occasions.
  • Intelligent -Many are quick to dismiss her as a thick-skulled and violent oaf because of her preference for fighting, but that's certainly not the case. While she's not as smart as say, a scholar, Jay can certainly hold her own in company with bright minds.
  • Strong - While she's no bodybuilder and she certainly can't lift a fat chocobo, Jay doesn't lack in the strength department. She can lift up to 150 ponze, without very much strain.
  • Reliable -Jay can be counted on to do the most trivial of tasks without complaint. She is a selfless individual and thus, is happy to lend a helping hand. This can also be seen as a flaw as she sometimes stretches herself too thin, leaving little time for herself.


  • Traveling - Seeing new sights and meeting new people has always been a favorite pastime of Jay's. She often finds the change of pace refreshing.
  • Fighting - Fighting always gives her a rush and a sense of exhilaration.
  • Reading -  Atypical of her tough image, Jay is an avid reader. Adventure novels are her favorite genre, but she'll likely read anything she happens to pick up.


  • Books - Books are loved not only for their words but also for their smell.
  • Drinking - Jay loves a good stout or whiskey and can drink many Roe's twice her size under the table.
  • Lump- Lump is her constant companion and pet.
  • Training- Nothing makes her feel quite as productive as training does.
  • Sweets- Jay is a glutton when it comes to sweet foods.


  • Losing- She's not a sore loser by any means, but that doesn't mean she likes it.
  • Ignorance- Nothing makes her quite so angry as hearing another person spout ignorance and claim it truth
  • Garleans- She has no love for a race that killed her parents and oppressed her people.
  • Being Underestimated- She takes particular delight in proving people's assumptions wrong.
  • Cheaters/Liars- Her dislike stems from past experience.

Jay Tuhl(Artwork by Kousagi!)


Before Dalamud's Fall

          Like so many others, Jay did not have the best start in life. She remembers very little of her childhood before her adopted family took her in, at least consciously. She has recurring dreams and nightmares of that time. Many times it's a simple dream of her real mother singing her to sleep while she strokes her hair and other times it's of her real father training or playing with her. The nightmares come less often, but she often wakes in a cold sweat from the memory of her mother's eyes meeting hers before her head was cleaved from her shoulders. These are the only things she knows of her real family and though she is curious to learn more about her origins, she does not let her past define her.

          Jay was born in Ala Mhigo to two seeker parents that had long since abandoned their tribe. J'Tuhl and J'Taena sought a better life for their budding family, but since Theodorac's oppressive regime, they were unable to flee. They tried their very best to provide their only daughter with as much love and warmth as they could possibly give. Her real father was a monk of great renown and was well respected in the community. Her real mother was a famous bard, said to have a voice sweeter than honey. After Jay's second nameday, Theodorac committed suicide rather than be captured and Garleans invaded under the guise of promoting peace and prosperity in Ala Mhigo. The citizens learned of their deception two years afterward. Her father was soon selected as a leader of the resistance, however the Garleans quelled the rebellion in a brutal fashion, killing both of her parents in a public execution as an example to would be upstarts. Jay witnessed the beheading and as a result has the occasional nightmare. Her conscious mind has repressed all memory of this event to save her sanity.

          After her parents death, the following year was a blur of starvation, sickness, and sadness. The country was in a state of constant unrest and chaos and Jay was just one of many orphans of the war. Soldiers from the three city-states were assisting the Ala Mhigans, trying to win back their freedom. As it happens, a unit from Limsa came across Jay and the other street urchins. Some of the men took pity and gave them food and water while many turned a blind eye. Among them was a Roegadyn man,Zwynhelb, who was intimidating in appearance, but Jay was fearless, unlike the other children and approached the man for handouts. The man took a liking to her and during his time there he gave her food and chatted with her every day. He came to her the day before his departure and offered the five year old a proposition. He wanted to take her home with him and raise her with his wife. Jay was apprehensive about leaving the only home she'd ever known, but she knew that she'd stop getting fed once this man was gone. In the end, she agreed and traveled home with him to Moraby.

          His wife, Brynbilda, was overjoyed to have a child and showered Jay with affection. In time, Jay began to forget all about her previous home and the painful memories it held. The man and his wife became "Papa" and "Mama". Her father taught her to wield an ax and stand up for those who had no voice and her mother taught her to be selfless and kind. No one in Moraby questioned her about her past or where she came from and accepted her as she was. Given time, her mind repressed her more upsetting and traumatizing memories and she grew up mostly unaware of how bad it really was. From time to time, she would question her father about it but he was just as clueless as she was about the time before she met him. He advised her to not dwell to long on the past, stating that it can't be changed and she should focus on her bright future.

          She grew up a normal child thereafter. She enjoyed playing Maelstrom and Pirates with the other children, running on the docks and generally just having fun with her best friend, Robert. She experienced no real hardships after her rough start in life. After her tenth nameday, her mother had twin girls, Hollsys and Rhetswys, and Jay became very protective of them, taking to the big sister role extremely well. Her father began training her more seriously in the axe, expressing a desire for her to follow in his footsteps. She was young and impressionable and took up his lessons without argument or complaint. Despite her best efforts, she found no joy in wielding the axe, though she certainly never voiced her dislike to her father.

          At sixteen, she began to wander farther away from home, visiting Limsa Lominsa as often as she dared. She wished to see more of the world and have adventures like those of the heroes she had read about however, her plans to travel were soon put on hold by the fall of Dalamud and the Garleans advancement into Eorzea.

After Dalamud's Fall

          The Fall of Dalamud caused great unrest and chaos spread across Eorzea. The city-states were struggling to resume a sense of normalcy as the Garleans took advantage of the fall and continued their advancement into Eorzea. Jay felt a sense of obligation to help those that had been affected by the war and after much argument and tears from her parents, she faked her age and enlisted in the Maelstrom. Within it's ranks she traveled the land, visiting as far as Ala Mhigo. For quite some time her fighting style had changed and she found herself gravitating towards hand to hand combat.

          She left the service of the Maelstrom on her eighteenth nameday, citing that she had personal affairs to take care of. She stayed with her family for a few months before coming to the decision to travel once more for herself rather than others.

          Her first stop was to Little Ala Mhigo to meet with the refugees and learn more of her native country and the events that shaped her early childhood. She also wanted to discern if anyone had known her parents, more out of curiosity than anything. There she met a Miqo'te Monk by the name of R'Whaji. The two struck up a fast friendhsip and R'Whaji agreed to train her after pestering on her part. In the following months, Jay spent much of her time with Whaji and soon fell in love with him despite him being ten years her senior. He loved her too, or so he led her to believe and they dated for a year a so. Jay was happy with him even though he treated her more as an object than an equal. She traveled Eorzea with him in that time, learning to fight, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. She felt a sense of fulfillment that she thought she had been searching for her entire life. Unfortunately, she was young and naive and her happiness was short-lived when she found Whaji sleeping with another woman. She was distraught and took her pain out on him and the unsuspecting girl. The woman sustained many injuries but walked away in better shape than Whaji did. The testament to her rage still lies on his face in the shape of a scar.

          After R'Whaji's betrayal, Jay's outlook on life changed. She withdrew into herself, no longer smiling as freely as she once did and grew colder and mistrustful of others, especially men. She picked fights in taverns for no other reason than because she wanted to and took what work she could get. Limsa Lominsa was home for quite some time. She grew to hate the person she had become and was not proud of the things she did in that time and yearned to change back into the person she once was.

Present Day

          Through a stroke of luck, Jay joined the Harbingers of Dawn, a free company that she had come to idolize after hearing about the good deeds and services that they provided the people. Within the span of a few short weeks, she found herself gaining many friends and becoming her old self again.

She was promoted to Martial Lieutenant under Saint Lan Darklyn and does her best to continue to earn her position, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Not long after joining the Harbingers, while they were still based in the Mist, she was given an Allagan artifact to pass along to the researchers of the company to study. This seemingly unassuming piece of junk housed the spirit of an Ascian, trapped for centuries as penance. The Ascian, who went by the name Altima, found a vessel in Jay and possessed her causing her to become extremely volatile. She was sedated with the help of Mimiru and many other friends and taken to Barbaccia's workshop where the original artifact was sent to the void along with its occupant. Altima vowed revenge and thus, Jay is unable to rest easy.

A few months passed and Jay had eased into her new role. She felt the urge to explore her roots and traveled to Ala Mhigo, where she witnessed her people being subjected to terrible fates. She vowed to help them and played a small role in the resistance there before circumstances led her back home.

She spent the following weeks continuing her research and training to be stronger but it seemed that she had been followed back from Ala Mhigo. She was taken from the road as she traveled to Ul'dah from Gridania by a troop of Garleans. She managed to kill a few but was outnumbered having been alone.

Her month in captivity was the worst experience of her life. She was beaten, brutalized, starved and she had lost all hope of rescue from people she considered as close as family. She had truly witnessed the worst of people from the guards. She had hoped for death but it never came and she was left to wonder what she had ever done to deserve her fate. Her last day in the cells, she was taken and experimented on by the doctor, Damicard who ruled her prison. He messed with her brain, inserted a parasite that controlled her, and gave her a serum that boosted her strength a thousand fold. She was forced to fight her friends when the came for Val and was nearly killed in the process.

Recovery wasn't easy. She damaged her knee almost beyond repair but as always, Mimi came to her rescue. The parasite was removed and her knee mended with metal and aether. She relearned how to walk and she relearned how to fight, having to adapt to her handicap. Her mental recovery has been less productive. She has severe trust issues and though she serves the company, she tries to keep them at an arms distance.

Family and Relationships

Friends               Family               Romantic Love               Neutral              × Rival

Jay's real family and any blood relatives remain elusive, but she's a firm believer that you don't have to be related by blood to be considered 'family'.


Zwynhelb and Brynbilda: A Roegadyn couple that cared for Jay after Zwynhelb brought her home after his time in the Maelstrom. The two loved and raised her as if she was their own child. Jay is grateful to them and respects them more than anyone else.

Hollswys and Rhetswys: Jay's younger twin sisters. At the age of ten, both have already proven to be troublemakers and heartbreakers. Hollswys is said to have two suitors and Rhetswys three. Despite their antics, Jay is overprotective and loves them both.

Zantulm: A new baby brother. She holds much affection for him and loves to play with him and spoil him, much to her mother's dismay.


Karaan Nolan: Jay has, for lack of a better word, a crush on the Chronicler. She finds him very good looking and very intelligent. Both qualities she admires in the opposite sex. They are currently dating, which she is very pleased about. To her knowledge, not many others in the company are aware as they try to keep things professional in the public eye.

Yune Tabrisviel: Jay hasn't seen Yune since her departure from the company. She hopes to meet her again and reconnect as she viewed her as her sister once upon a time.

Lan Darklyn: Circumstance led Jay to attend a soiree with Lan and the two became fast friends thereafter. She views him as her drinking buddy, but she also has a great deal of respect for him as a superior. He is perhaps her best friend and one of her only confidants.

Verad Bellveil: Verad was an elezen once affliated with the Harbingers. He was a constant source of entertainment for her and she thinks of him as an honest businessman.

Sceva Valiir: Jay and Sceva are old friends from the past. They've had a lot of adventures together and encounter each other quite often in their travels through coincidence. Jay knows she can rely on the Roe to get her out of a tight spot.

C'hannon Lowell: As with many of her friends, Jay knows little about the past of C'hannon and is content to simply be there for him as a friend. She believes he's a great cook and finds the animals that often follow him home amusing. She knows that she can count on him if she's in a tight spot. She worries over his recent afflictions and tries to be as attentive as she can.

Mimiru Miru: Jay respects Mimiru as both her physician and her friend. Because of more recent events, she has come to lean on Mimiru for support and owes the young woman a life debt. There has been many complicated feelings between the two. Mimiru confessed her love for Jay and for a time the two were together, but Jay ended the relationship, unsure of the faith she had placed in many of her companymates.

Barios Cuarn: Jay's therapist and roommate. She views him as a good person with a kind heart and does what she can to assist him. She also feels as if she owes him because of his continued patience when dealing with her mental issues.

Gwannes Oskwell: The Second Martial Lieutenant and another good friend of Jay's. She trusts his judgement and they work well together when it comes to the running of the Martial Branch. There's an unspoken mutual respect between the two. Jay's cat, Lump, is madly in love with Oskwell's cat, Bulwark.

Flameson Hammersmith: A thorn in Jay's side at most times, but also a reliable character in others. He smokes too much for her liking and has a fondness of fire and explosives bordering on obsessive which can sometimes be a cause of concern for her. [If I've forgotten folks or you want to be added, lemme know!]


Val Nunh:Jay respects Val and his loyalty to Lady Faye and the company. She knows that if she has any concerns that he will lend an ear. She has grown wary of him owing to recent events and, while she doesn't avoid him, she doesn't go out of her way to interact with him either.

Ziuz'a Nelhah: An ex she hasn't seen in a long while. She hopes the best for him, despite their split.

x R'Whaji Nunh: Her past lover, Jay loathes him. He's a cheater and a liar and she feels foolish for ever even loving the man. If she were to meet him again, she can say with certainty that she'll kill him or at the very least cause him extreme bodily harm. As the saying goes, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Davoren Shayde: She met this man in the time following her split with R'Whaji. She was unnecessarily rude to him and the two fought with it ending in a draw. She tried to apologize for her behavior when she met him again, but he was as rude as before and she hopes to challenge him to another fight to prove she's better.


The Harbingers of Dawn: Jay has become affiliated with the Harbingers of Dawn, a company that serves the people. She views the members as her family and is content to be a part of their ranks. In time, she would like to be viewed as a valued member.

Current Status: Martial Lieutenant under Saint Lan Darklyn.


Common Rumors               Uncommon Rumors               Rare Rumors

PC Rumors

Please feel free to add something here if your character(s) know Jay personally or if you know of her.

"She keeps Zuiz'a on a short leash"- Zart'ir Arashi

"J'maaira is a wonderful person to have as my second in command and she is a very good friend of mine. I know that I can trust Jay with any task I set to her. She has been with me through thick and thin, and she's seen her share of troubles. I'd do anything for her, including kill someone that messes with her. I could dispose of men that injure her heart if she asked." -Lan Darklyn

"Oh man, she's awesome. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised she's not the matriarch of her own clan, especially considering that she can keep Ziuz'a in line like that." - C'hannon Lowell

"Fuse is burnin." - Flameson Hammersmith

"Strong and proud woman. Competent leader, and, if what I've heard is correct, a damned good fighter as well. Just the kind of person suited to higher management." - Gwannes Oskwell

"She is the sort of leader that can move her troops with only a look. The branch members seem to respect her, and so far I share their view." - Vallerin Hortimont

"Lieutenant Tuhl is a calm and intelligent woman, who inspired her men and women from her actions or words. Her determination is her strongest strength and once her amber eyes stumble on what she wants, move aside she will do anything to acquire it, I speak from experience." - Karaan Nolan

NPC Rumors

"Jay? Ain't she Zwyn's kid? I remember the day he brought that scrawny thing back. Weren't long 'fore she started terrorizing us at the docks."-Irritable Dockworker

"Eh? What about her? Bitch trashed my bar with some Roe woman."-Disgruntled Tavern Owner from Wineport

"That lady is nice! She brought me a moogle toy once!" - Ala Mhigan Refugee Child

"Her and that other seeker, R'Wami was it? Their relationship was quite scandalous." - Gossip with too much time on her hands

"Terrible shame about the girl's parents. They were good people." - Ala Mhigan Refugee

Other Notes

Music Themes

Jay's Theme - A Peaceful Place - The Track Team | The Legend of Korra OST

- Without You - Lee Michelle

- Shiki no Uta - MINMI | Samurai Champloo OST

Jay's Voice - Kimbra

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

Jay is a very versatile character and she would fit in nearly any plot, given the chance. If you wish to RP with her and you don't fit any of the below categories, just contact me. I'm happy to work anything out.

Those who seek previous ties may include the following:

Ala Mhigan refugees and fellow war orphans. One might have seen her on her periodic visits to Little Ala Mhigo or have remembered her from her early childhood if they also lived on the streets.

People who lived in or around Moraby or Limsa. She grew up in Moraby and later made her home in Limsa for a couple of years. Again one might remember her from her later childhood, or may have seen her acting as a bodyguard for the wealthy in Limsa Lominsa.

Anyone who has a fondness for travel. It's certainly possible that they could have met briefly in their travels.