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The Griffin of Banepool, Tempered by Peace

He so badly wanted to be a knight. I remember this boy well. When he looked at me his eyes filled with wonder as though I were a hero. Was he happy, I wonder? He died while pursuing his dream but...I think it was my dream that killed him.


Vital Information

FULL NAME... Allont Lavaille de Laupeois

NICKNAMES... The Griffin of Banepool, Amoraskr's Bane, Al

RACE & CLAN... Elezen, Wildwood

GENDER... Male ♂

AGE... 34

NAMEDAY... 2nd Sun, 1st Umbral Moon



Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Ishgardian

CITIZENSHIP... Republic of Ishgard

FAMILY... See relationships tab for details.

RESIDENCE... Ishgard

OCCUPATION... Knight-Dragoon Instructor, Dragonsong Veteran

PATRON DEITY... Halone, the Fury

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Neutral.

General Information
Allont de Laupeois is a Wildwood Elezen hailing from Ishgard. He spent most of his early years fighting for the Holy See during the Dragonsong War, where he gained a fierce reputation for himself as a ruthless killer, often going above and beyond expectations. During this time, he was credited with claiming the head of Amoraskr, an infamous named Dragon responsible for the destruction of many expeditions. Whatever rumours still remain from those times claim that Allont and his team were honed to an elite level, using suicidal tactics that would lead them to claim two more named kills, but these are not logged in the records of the Holy See. Known to be bloodthirsty to the point of sheer stupidity, he was looked down upon by most of his peers for being too stupid in combat, despite being a whirlwind of terror in the firmament and a bloodthirsty maniac at the end of a spear. This gained him a notorious reptuation both for being a liability as well as a maniac. Despite the reputation, the kill records were impressive enough to grant him a squad. Headed by Allont, this squad soon became synonymous with the same suicidal tactics used by him and was known for its above average mortality rate. Although the squad went on to gain the same notorious reputation, by the end of the war its elite members had gained the nickname "The Bloody Six" partially due to their small size and high mortality rate, but also due to their high kill rate. After sustaining near fatal injuries on what should have been a routine operation, Allont was pulled from combat and evaluated as being a danger to his own soldiers. Despite this, the Holy See was not willing to get rid of him. And so, Allont was retired to the rear to help train the future generations of Dragoons. His methods were considered both harsh and ineffective, but with time his techniques began to mellow out. He was considered a highly unpopular figure amongst his peers and to those who served alongside him during the war. Since then he has served faithfully under the new Republic of Ishgard. He now has years of training under his belt and is qualified to instruct new members in the ways of the Knights-Dragoon. However, he now mostly handles scouting missions or surveying work for the Order, like many veterans of the war.
Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.
Sea Green Auburn Light Lithe Noble
Phlegmatic, amiable. Right-handed One major facial scar. Multiple points of scar tissue upon body. None Casual
Hair & Eyes
With a crown of auburn locks that fall down to shoulder length, Allont has kept a slightly long, yet tidy hairstyle since the war ended. In previous times, his hair would often grow out during expeditions. Peacetime has granted many comforts that were once denied. In this case, Allont is able to choose his own hairstyles, and now has the time to enjoy taking care of himself. His locks might one day carry the slight smell of sweet green gardenia, and on another they might smell of delicate lilacs. Allont has often been caught on missions poking around for new scents to mix into salves and bottles. Although nowadays he takes good care of himself, it is not a leisure he has always been able to afford.
Physique & Markings
Allont is on the somewhat tall side, much to his chagrin. Yet despite his branching height, he maintains a lithe figure not unlike a dancer. His legs carry toned muscles that are highly developed compared to other areas of his body. Whether this is due to his past or simply genetic makeup, he often covers them up often as a habit. His core strength and arms are nothing to brag about, but are kept taut by the regular exercise he calls surveying and gardening. He relies on his dexterity to guide his way around whatever fight might find him, instead of brute strength. In the past, he was renowned for keeping a near-Olympian figure as befitted his position. Since then, he has come a long way in maintaining a healthy and realistic body.
Hygiene & Attire
Traditional Elezen style is not lost on Allont, and since becoming an instructor he has had a myriad of opportunities to exercise his right to choose. Long boots and cut jackets are a casual for him, but he is more often seen in a dirty brown apron and waders due to his hobbies. Add a pair of thick gardeners gloves, and the man could easily be mistaken for an unassuming Gridanian gardener, despite being in Coerthas. When abroad, the illusion is often dispelled by his thick Ishgardian accent, and often his silver jewellery. He often has a long Ishgardian lance perched against a nearby fence, or on the back of his Chocobo, Audacieux. Cleanliness is paramount for both him and his companion, and streams and ponds are not off limits. A deep knowledge of wild plants allows him to forage for clean ingredients for his potions and health salves. Some wild poisons, too.
Psychological Profile
For someone who has spent a lifetime embroiled in war, Allont is surprisingly down to earth. His simple nature is ruled by one single rule that he holds paramount. Liberty for all, and individuality to spice up the rest. Despite being indoctrinated by the Holy See at an early age, he has come a long way since those times and does not hold the opinions of the previous generation. As long as he isn't being threatened, or the life of someone else isn't being threatened, he seems to keep to himself. His phlegmatic character means that he is often quiet and unassuming, but is open to talking when curious enough. He rarely corrects the mistakes of others when off-duty, but often is filled with the desire to help out with problems. During the Dragonsong War, his cold and calculating personality was a defining feature of his personality, and a major cause for concern from those around him. Those who served with him often refuse to talk about him, and any questions about their time during the war are often met with snorts of derision. His philosophies have changed greatly since those times, as well as his outlook on life. In most things he is the polar opposite of what he once was. Whether this is an attempt to separate himself from the past or simply a natural change, who knows?
Allont is characterised mostly by his noble lilt, which betrays his pedigree and origins. He rarely rises to anger. Often characterised by his roller coaster-like intonation, every word can sound like a question or an explanation, and every sentence is a confusing ride of rises and falls. His Ishgardian accent is so thick it would be impossible for him to pretend to be anything else. Despite this, his lexicon is quite grounded and easy to understand, much like his unassuming lifestyle.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
● Sunny Days
● Chocobos
● Quiet Gardens
● Walking
● Flowers, vegetables, cuisine
● Parties
● Meats (allergic to most)
● Cawl Cennin
● War (particularly the Dragonsong War)
● Brashness
● The Holy See
The Past
● Dragoon training, skilled with a lance.
● Gardening

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Strength, Dexterity, Speed
Above Average: Charisma
Average: Intelligence, Defence, Endurance
Low: Willpower, Wisdom, Aether
Aetheric Abilities
High: None.
Above Average: None.
Average: Aetheric Knowledge
Poor: Magic Defence
Weapon Training
Mastery: Lances, Polearms
Expert: Hand-to-hand
Average: Guns
Novice: One-handed swords
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Dragoon Abilities, Acrobatics (Firmament)
Above Average: Riding/Flying, Familiarity with Ishgardian Tech
Average: Tactics
Low: Control of Emotions, Rational Thought
Non-Combat Abilities
Knowledge of Shroud Poisons Although he has only recently had time to seriously focus on his botany, Allont has been an avid reader of books on the subject for over a decade, and thus has a comprehensive knowledge of plants, particularly in the Black Shroud. Over the last few years, experience has only compounded his reading into comprehensive understanding of different wild plants and their usage. Although his knowledge does not extend to other regions, he could at least be considered an expert in his particular field.
Intolerance to Meat Technically an inability, Allont learnt that he was allergic to chicken when serving in the field during the Dragonsong War. A particularly interesting encounter with a pot of Cawl Cennin convinced him to seek different ways of eating. Through trial and error, Allont has learnt what he can and can't eat. Despite having a limited palette, he has built up a good knowledge of natural vegetable dishes.
Combat Abilities
Veteran Dragoon Abilities Despite lacking co-ordination in other avenues of controlling Aether, Allont learnt during his training period to control air aether. The war provided many opportunities to heighten his control of the winds, and soon he became a master of taking to the firmament, using it as an extension of the land. A veteran of the Dragonsong War, he and his squad spent a decade developing techniques whilst fighting at Banepool, most of them counterintuitive to teamwork. With slow-falling grace and blinding speed in equal measures, it is easy to compare the moves to a deadly dance. Allont considers his mastery of the dive something of a art, but is loathe to ever return to combat given its effects on him.
Without Murderous Intent Although he has left the days of frontline fighting far behind him, Allont still keeps vigilant watch over the fiery spirit within him that again and again guided his hands to murder. Although that dark fire has long ago been quenched, he fears all it would take is the right spark to kindle the flames once more. Such a fire would rage with murderous intent, driving Allont back into his dark past. Whilst he lives in constant fear of returning to those times, he understands that as long as he lives a reserved lifestyle, and holds no personal attachments, he will retain the peace he so cherishes. Years of practicing this zen-like fighting style have allowed him to keep his emotions in check, and as such he is quite immune to jeers and jabs in combat.
OOC Note
I prefer freeform fighting for the most part, mostly because I haven't seen a particular dice rolling system out there for FFXIV that fairly incorporates the strengths and weaknesses of the characters fighting. That being said, I am open to using dice rolls given that free emotes are susceptible to being skewed. I think fights should be the final straw for the most part, and to be honest I don't at all enjoy doing them. Nevertheless, please let me know if you are approaching me with the intention to roleplay combat. I like to keep it fair and impartial for both sides!

Disclaimer: I am fully aware there are a lot of powerful abilities that come with dragoons that might seem silly to claim with any fairness in roleplay, especially so with Allont as I have tried to build a powerful, notorious legend around him. Granted, I have attempted to keep it solidly within the lore (we all know the Azure Dragoon is Ishgard's greatest warrior, or so the SE lore team has told us) but at times the writing may come across as self serving, or as bragging. To those concerned about the power of the character, or what you might see as lack of depth: I do not intend to use this character to powergame. I believe the backstory to be a very interesting part of the character, which some might be able to use for RP. After all, we're all here to make stories together, and I have no intention of showing off and being the biggest boy in the sandbox, so to speak. With just a cursory glance a lot of the backstory a lot within might seem like an excuse to play some sort of power fantasy, but I would urge you to look past what you see as I firmly believe I can roleplay Allont as a multifaceted character who is more than just his past history or how powerful he might have been in combat once. I don't intend to play him to one up people, nor do I intend to parade him around in an intrusive way. If you don't agree with anything I've written, please feel free to let me know. I am always open for self-improvement, even more so on the part of a character that I consider to have an apologetically strong background. Thank you for your understanding. Also yeah I guess he's got a lot of wangst and edginess. I suppose it comes with the character concept. A lot of the stuff I write for Allont makes me cringe a little, but again it's about pushing the boat out from what I usually do!
Sixth Astral Era
Born as an only child to the dwindling minor House de Laupeios, Allont was often pushed by his parents, a doting mother and a comparatively distant father to excel at his studies. By the time his tutors were finished with his schooling, he was well-read enough to realise the weight of responsibilities and expectations weighed upon him. Like the other children of the Pillars, it didn’t take long for him to rebel against the harsh expectations of Ishgardian society. More often than not, he would escape his studies. An open window, a tied curtain and he’d be found hours later gawking at the Temple Knights and the other soldiers on their exercises. Awestruck by their physical prowess, he kept those memories close to his heart over the next few years. He knew he wanted to be like them someday. Masculine and brave, most of them were idols to look up to. Little did he know how circumstances would later force his hand... FULL BACKSTORY CONTINUED HERE

Seventh Umbral Era
Allont would later come to be known as a savage fighter, and was involved in a particular incident near Falcon’s Nest when on exercise. Getting into a fight with another recruit, the causes of which were never totally clear, the young boy ended up permanently scarring his opponent after biting his ear clean off. These behaviours were discouraged by and large, but his immediate instructors saw these methods of fighting as necessary for the next generation to learn. He was never disciplined for the actions, and the incident was covered up in a shower of esprit de corps. For Allont, however, it was merely the first in a string of incidents. His ferocity soon became a point of warped pride for him, and spurred on by his superiors he was slowly moulded and socialised into a sharp instrument. His pride slowly turned to cocky arrogance, which turned into bullying the less competent members of the garrison. At this time, Allont began to focus more on his training, and the winter flowers grew heavier into the cracks of the family mausoleum... FULL BACKSTORY CONTINUED HERE

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
RP will shape this section! FULL BACKSTORY CONTINUED HERE

Relationship Status Legend

Former Acquaintances
Auvreaux Leaupuvin, () (NPC) - Second of the Six, Former Squadmate.
Character's Thoughts: "My harshest critic. I suppose he hates me still, after all these years. I don't blame him for it. The war made us do some dirty work, and he was there for most of it."
Auvreaux Leaupuvin was the first member to join the Bloody Six, and as such was instrumental in its early formation. He was personally responsible for recruiting most of the squad. He felt a great bond with most of them. Although he initially found Allont's personal combat skills to be awe inspiring, as the war continued he slowly began to understand the flaws and shortfalls of the man, especially in his complete lack of responsibility for those under him. He eventually became distrustful and even insubordinate later in the war. Ultimately his concerns about Allont were proven to be true. Whilst Allont was leading many men to their deaths in suicidal battles against harsh odds, Auvreaux was petitioning the Holy See for aid. Sadly, the war needed as many eager soldiers as possible and so nothing was done. At that point, the damage had already been done. His skill in the air was never on the level of the other members of the squad but he was considered a keystone of the squad due to his supportive, father-like nature. After the war, despite the negative reputation that followed him due to his membership in the infamous squad, he managed to secure himself a place in the new Ishgardian House of Lords where he currently serves faithfully.
Etienne D'Anjou, () (NPC) - Third of the Six, Former Squadmate.
Character's Thoughts: "A good man. Too good for the war, maybe. Although he never made it home, he made the final sacrifice undaunted. It's a shame how the history books will record him."
Etienne D'Anjou was a Knight-Dragoon who fought during the twilight years of the Dragonsong War. He distinguished himself in combat and was transferred under Allont, where he began his elite career in earnest under the Bloody Six. A valiant soldier on and off the field, his courage and willingness to save others provided a moral anchor for the squad throughout the war. Ultimately, however, his valour cost him his life. On patrol in the Highlands, he was responsible for saving an overextended squad of Temple Knights along with Auvreaux Leaupuvin, his squadmate. Although Auvreaux escaped, Etienne fought to the last, ensuring that no enemies could follow them back across the pass. His body was later recovered by the very same patrol and returned to Ishgard, where he was buried with full honours. However, as an infamous and dreaded member of the Six, many soldiers look back upon him in a negative light. To this day, Auvreaux blames Allont's careless orders for what happened. Rumours say that he left a family behind, something that troubles Allont greatly.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Isn't he that one what goes round fixin' gardens an' that? Quiet geezer if there ever was one. Funny accent, too! Smells like a Gridanian t' me." — Lominsan Taverngoer.
"House de Laupeois? Who were they again? I think their last scion is knocking around in the local garrison somewhere. Come to think of it, I've not seen them at the Church since the end of the war. How peculiar." — Minor Ishgardian Noble.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Allont? Familiar name, tha'. He that deranged one what killed all them dragons? I 'eard they fucked 'im off on accounts of bein' loopy." — Brume Lookout.
"He should be in jail, that one. Ended up killing that one dragon. Big one, he was. They said he lured it out by sacrificing the wounded soldiers. All of them, burnt to a crisp. It's true, ask anyone!" — Gossiping Noble.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Well there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Not that I wanted to. That berserk fucker almost got me killed trying to cover him in the air. If you ask me, he should have never been made a Dragoon. Too unstable." — Former Dragoon.
"Allont? Sure, he comes by in the off-seasons. Every year. Hydrangea, every time. Never tells me why, but I reckon he's got a lot to think about..." — Gridanian Flower Seller.
"...that name carries a lot of bad memories. The things a man can drive you to do... the war wasn't kind on any of us, but it affected him in a different way. I've never seen a man so consumed by bloodlust before. We watched over him from afar and well, we tried to stop him... anyway, it's a miracle we left that squad alive. The four of us, at least." — Auvreaux Leaupuvin, the 2nd Squadmember.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Coerthas and Ishgard: When not on survey missions, Allont can always be found at his home in Ishgard.
The Black Shroud: Often found in various settlements. He avoids dangerous areas.
La Noscea: Often can be found at the markets, and sometimes in the tavern.
Thanalan: Rarely does Allont visit Thanalan, if ever. There is little of interest to him there beyond trade, or if he is sent there.
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
Botanist's Guild of Gridania: Semi-active member.
The Temple Knights of Ishgard: Ordained as a Temple Knight. Recieved spurs over a decade ago.
The Order of the Knights Dragoon: Veteran of the Dragonsong War, current Instructor.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that Allont might have on him at any given time. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png tbd

Cloth Coinpurse: A light bag made of natural fibers worn on the belt. Usually filled with a few hundred gil, but varies depending on the area.
Brown Gardening Gloves: Thick and durable enough to withstand the natural defences of most aggressive plant species, Allont uses these more than anything else on his person. They've been sown together more times than he can count, and are often smudged or powdered with muds and dirts. They're tightly shoved down his side, inbetween his belt and his shirt most of the time.
Tinctures and Salves: Small tins and bottles can be heard clinking around in his pack when he walks. These are his homemade remedies and medicines fashioned from plants of the deserts and forests. They're mildly effective at aiding cuts, bruises and stings. Some of them smell pleasant, but the more pungent ones are stored extra tight.
Coil of Rope: Every good adventurer needs a good few yalms of rope. This coil hangs from Allont's belt near the back, and allows him to climb rocks to find new specimens, or to bring branches down to him. On occasion he uselessly attempts to wrangle Audacieux through dangerous areas when the stubborn chocobo refuses to watch where he's stepping.
RP Limits
I have a very open mind when it comes to most roleplay, and I try not to be in the business of telling people no (perhaps to my detriment!). Nevertheless, there are some things I think should be asked about first. As a general guide, if something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot.
Feel free to roleplay any dark or light themes in RP, including serious or mature subjects, or just plain old fun situations! All types of RP are okay, and I encourage you to walk-up RP, or ask me for RP, or whatever makes you feel more comfortable. If you want to arrange something beforehand, just send me a /t and we'll work something out. I accept character injuries, temporary incapacitations, friends and enemies, romantic or sexual tension, coarse language and the lot. If you're unsure, just ask me. I won't be offended.
Please don't attack my character with the intent to cause permanent character death or spontaneous major injuries that are completely outside of any established long-term plot. Please ask me if you want to arrange something along these lines, and we'll work something out. At all times, I strive for a realistic, living and breathing experience, but I won't ever roleplay anything my RP partner is uncomfortable with. Please afford me the same courtesy!
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. Allont has a good reason to get to know just about anybody.
■ Allont can usually be found just about anywhere that has a garden or two, but won't show up in those unnanounced. He often takes up any opportunity to further his hobby, which can sometimes border on the obsessive. If there's an unruly homestead that needs fixing, or if someone is just looking for a quiet partner to gather with, Allont is more than happy to help.
■ Distinctive, muddy boot prints often mark his path. Allont tries not to leave a mess but sometimes it can't be helped. Most of the time, following these prints will lead you right to him!
■ His Ishgardian accent is extremely thick, due to Ishgard having only opened its gates to outsiders very recently. His accent is often easy to pick out from a crowd of natives, often to his detriment. Although he doesn't understand every language spoken across Eorzea, he has had good exposure to the more common ones.
■ Those who participated in the Dragonsong War or those who are well-read might know about his notorious history. It isn't something he has taken steps to hide, and he uses his real name anywhere he goes. Most of the true information about his activities during the war is hidden behind a web of rumours, ranging from the completely true to the absurd.
■ Allont is still an active member of Ishgard's military force. Wherever it goes, he follows.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
I don't expect anyone to read the huge chunky document of backstory I have in the history tab. Despite that, I have no issues with other people linking their own stories to my own and vibing off them. If you have any concerns about Allont or how I roleplay him, please put your faith in me! He is an experiment in new character building for me, and I really pushed the boat out for him as I usually play a different style of character. I guess for anyone wary of the character, I would ask if you could at least read the disclaimer I have put in the history tab, as I know the views of most people on powerful characters. For everyone else, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read up on Allont. I'm not a new roleplayer by any means and have been in the hobby for a long time, like most people on here. Many of the thematic cues in his backstory are similar to Himura the Battousai from Rurouni Kenshin, but not in a way that copies the source material.
Character Lore Adherence
I have taken every opportunity to keep Allont within the lore that SE has so generously provided. Nevertheless, I am still unclear on many things as FFXIV is one of my few delves into Final Fantasy. I love Ishgard, and don't expect to have made any mistakes with regards to those bits of lore, but if I've gone amiss anywhere, please do let me know either by messaging me on the forums (Jacquefisch) or by sending me a /t ingame. I will list below if there are any changes that have been made due to lore shifting.
■ No changes.
Character Concept
Concept: Allont is a character of mine that is really different to what I usually play. I wanted to use him as a way of roleplaying a powerful character with a notorious past without any of the power leaking into roleplay in an intrusive manner. The bloodthirsty and frenzied character that he is in his backstory is deliberately juxtaposed to what I roleplay in the game. I was very inspired by the ideas of atonement. This almost 'war criminal' past that he had is something that I hope people can weave their own stories into, and I think it would be very interesting to engage with those themes with other people.
Claims: Voice: JJ Feild.
Ingame Classes: Dragoon / Botanist
Server: Omega (EU)
Timezone: United Kingdom, GMT Standard / UTC -/+
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ Loads of them throughout the character profile, but I really don't want to mess with this section right now given the sheer amount of code that's about. I only link to sites with verified security, though. Don't worry! :)
Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. There are so many tropes that I could go on for days! Below you can find some of the tropes that might fit Allont.

Allont during the Dragonsong War

Pay Evil Unto Evil: Indoctrination at an early age by a father who was involved heavily with the Holy See sowed the seeds for Allont's bloodlust. Seeing the destruction caused by the Dravanians, they became the faceless enemy, and Allont became capable of great deeds of evil, legitimised by war. After breaking any morals he might have had, he develops into...
Ax-Crazy: ...something of a villainous character. Drunk on his own success, and bitter that he would never come close to being as strong as the Azure Dragoon, something in Allont's war-fatigued mind changed, and he began to turn darker. (Or angstier. Or just kinda edgy, depending on how you look at it.) Allont began to enjoy the killing part of war, believing in his own notoriety. Seeing the war as a lost cause, and seeing the Dravanians as the ultimate threat, he and his squad became capable of terrible acts that went above and beyond what was asked.
Dueling Scar: Near the end of the war, Allont suffered multiple wounds to the body, but also a distinctive facial scar which he still bears to this day, after his face was torn open from the cheek by an Aevis. Given its notable location, he is unable to hide it, and it reminds him of darker times.
Heel Realization: After causing the death of multiple soldiers and needlessly suffering fatal wounds due to his frenzied fighting style, Allont realised that somewhere along the way he had fell into a dark place. As he recovered, he resolved to become a different person, by leaving the war behind.

In Recent Times

Dark and Troubled Past: Self explanatory. Played on the nose.
The Atoner: Since the darker times of the war, he has spent a lot of his life attempting to come to terms with his actions during the Dragonsong War. In many ways he is much more serene, his simple and unassuming manner a way of disassociating himself with the evils of the past. Even his hobbies are mostly peaceful.


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