Altansarnai Malaguld

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 Altansarnai Malaguld
'"A life is something to be cherished. But even those that we cherish can be lost at the whim of another."
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Nomadic
Age 30
Nameday 22nd Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon
Occupation Unknown
Free Company Unaffiliated
Orientation Straight.
Server Balmung

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Basic Info


Open spaces
Thunder and lightning
Other Malaguld


People who endanger his tribe and family

Hobbies & Talents

He is very skilled with his primitive-looking axe
He seems to have a way with weaving. Perhaps it's a tribal thing?
He can sing rather well
He appears to have confidence in himself
He often is heard playing an instrument similar to a war drum.


Alignment: Neutral
Favorite Food: Marmot
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Color: Orange


A tall, rather 'handsome' looking Xaela Au Ra. Altansarnai stands at 6 fulms and nine ilms. His eyes are a very light, icy-blue in colour almost grey which are brought out by the dark facial markings he has covering his eyes. These are very good at hiding his emotions. His long, dark purple coloured hair is usually found tied back, out of his eyes for the most part. His head's cranial projections are as black as the night sky, with the tip of each horn brightening up to a near-silver in colour. These are surprisingly well-looked after, though there are a couple of chips here and there, in particular on his right horn. Attached to each horn are tribal ornaments of the Malaguld, it is rare to see him without these. With broad shoulders, it is no surprise that this Auri man is very muscular - it is easy to see where most of the man's swing-strength comes from, but he is far off the strength of Highlander men and Roegadyn. His hands and fingers are adorned with sharpened claw-like nails and again, more tribal ornaments. His torso is sculpted and muscular, much like how a swimmer would be. It is clear that the Auri man is fit and very healthy. Behind him, a large muscular tail follows his movements. It is much thicker and more muscular than the average Auri tail. But his attire is perhaps the strangest thing of all, for any Xaela man to wear. His general appearance is a black and orange bolero, adorned with near-golden thread. This appears to be worn by members of his War Party. It is very uncommon to see him take it off. Of late however, the bolero has become damaged and until such times as it is fixed, Altansarnai is usually found wearing an attire less colourful and more tribal.


A blue and gold tribal headdress
Tribal ornaments are attached to his horns and they cover his hands and fingers.
He wears the white third-eyes of Garleans around his right wrist



He is a very distrustful person to begin with. His actions speak louder than his words. It is not uncommon to find this man as rigid as a board when speaking to people he does not know. Though he is slow to anger, he is even slower to cool off. His behaviour itself could be described as passive aggressive. It is why he is known as 'Akumu' to people he does not trust.

Towards his allies and trusted friends, however they see a different side of him. A loyal friend and an even greater ally, Altansarnai will go to any lengths to aid his allies. Once an oath between the sharing of blood is made, it shan't be broken.


Often uses words of his native tongue in sentences.
He carries an oddly shaped staff with him from time to time. It is best described as creepy.


His combat style is similar to historic viking axemen. He is very aggressive when wielding his axe and tends to swing it in wide arcs, uncaring for his own openings. He swings hard and fast.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I decided ta' see how these Auri fight. The guy swings his axe without a care o' any openings he has. Scary stuff, I reckon on a battlefield." - Ul'dahn gladiator
"There is something odd about him. I thought him to be a berserker with an axe. But there's something much more sinister behind those cold eyes." Flames Private
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Strange bloke, like the rest o' them Auri. He's apparently a member o' a tribe, but he dresses differently. I 'eard he was a war leader." - Ul'dahn trader
"He doesn't seem to be carrying his axe around quite as often. There is something off about him, more so than what I thought originally." Flames private
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I've heard that he collects the third-eyes of Garleans. He really does not like them, does he?" - Garlean deserter
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players - Feel free to make additions)
"A gentleman, far kinder than he might first appear. I see a lot in common, between he and i. Whilst we've barely but met... I... Have a good feeling, regarding him. He is not as close-minded as so many others, which comes as rather a refreshing change. Funny, that... When you find a strange solace somewhere you'd expect to find fear..." Bexy Amalaryssia
"...He scares me a wee bit.. Ah dunno. Most Au Ra dae. He's so bleedin' tall an' he's got real dark eyes. He kept lookin' at me an' asked t'teach me t'hunt but, Ah just did nae feel safe." - Elyscia Rose
[Sighs out dreamily] "Beautiful man.. His chest and muscles like he were carved by the Gods. But I'd stay away from him if I were you.. I cannot stay away because I'm weak. What's a girl to do when she loves dark, dangerous, and mysterrrious men?" - R'shia Raha


Mated/Lovers/Dating    Romantic Interest/Crush/Affectionate     Sexual Desire    Friendly     Neutral     Negative

Xharoa Malaguld - The daughter of his uncle. She was a close ally in Othard, but his thoughts towards his cousin have changed to more of a caring role - despite the fact she may not approve of it. He wants to ensure Xharoa remains safe, through any means possible. He has lost a lot of his tribesmen, but Aidasi and Xharoa are the two he will keep close to his heart no matter what.
Aidasi Malaguld - His sister and perhaps the one true person who properly understands Altansarnai and his way of thinking. His bond with his sister is the strongest of any within his family and he would do anything for her. She is what keeps him going, his light of lights within the sorrow of almost losing his entire family due to Garlean encroachment.
Ganbataar Malaguld (NPC) - Altansarnai's father. He looks up to this man with a tremendous amount of respect. He strives his best to live up to his father's ideals.
Khyros Oroban - In his eyes, Khyros is a pet of Xharoa but begrudgingly he has begun to accept his presence around his sister and cousin. While Altansarnai will not make the attempt to connect with the man just quite yet, he is willing to give him a chance. His recent happenings in Eorzea has changed his view of Hyur men and women.
The Sitting Circle (NPC Organisation) - The group of so-called voidsent hunters that have made their home in Othard. Though their dealings has been few and far between, Altansarnai has a grudging respect for these men and women who risk everything to ensure that the Outsiders do not venture into our world.
Syznsthal Ohcblaet (Deceased) - A close ally of Altansarnai who stayed in Eorzea. Recent events have unfortunately allowed Syznsthal to depart from the waking world. Though his legacy lives on, Altansarnai made a decision that cost the kind-hearted Roegadyn his life, unknown to most of those who know Altansarnai.
- Bexy Amalaryssia - He met this miqo'te in the Brume of Ishgard, before he went to the Forelands to begin hunting. They have spent some time together and because of this Altansarnai has this growing infatuation with the rather attractive miqo'te woman. Though he'd never say it directly to her or another, she is one of the few Seekers that he particularly enjoys speaking and spending time with.

Through recent dealings, Altansarnai has had a growing respect for the woman. Though he knows now to tread carefully around her.

- Elyscia Rose - A curious young Miqo'te woman Altansarnai came across while he wandered through Vylbrand, in particular as he was passing through Limsa Lominsa. Though his original intentions may have been dark to begin with, he has begun to understand that this miqo'te woman is useful and because of that reason alone he wants her help in learning how to care for the chocobo eggs he has found himself owner of as well as the birds after they hatch. After all, there are hardly any horses in Eorzea and having a good knowledge to care for the birds is a good idea, in his head.
- Vasque Desmarais - A woman far wiser beyond her years. Although Altansarnai has had near minimal contact with this woman, he still counts her enough to be a friend of sorts. Though he hasn't spoke with her for some time, he has heard that she has become the leader of the Free Wing Society - the very group he himself was originally meant to take over when Syznsthal passed away. He did not do this however and is delighted to have learned that she has . As bittersweet as it is, he knows she is perhaps the best leader for the Free Wing Society and hopes to speak with her and them soon.


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