Elyscia Rose

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 Elyscia Rose
RP Status is retired
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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Elyscia Rose: Eh-LIE-Sea-Ah or E-LIE-shah (the latter depending on how vocally cat-like your Miqo'te is)
Height: 5 fulms 2 ilms
Body: A simple countryside bumpkin with not much impressive about her Elyscia's notable features are her shoulder-length firey-red hair which contrasts her stunning, bright, emerald eyes, filled with an ever-curious, almost wide child-like expression.
Not one to remain static, Elyscia constantly found activities for herself and was a well-active farm-girl; she'd spend most of her days making use of her miqo'te grace and power by climbing-up trees, and poking pugil fish with a stick before running away from them. Elyscia had been malnourished, though not visibly obvious anymore she remains skinny, lithe and petite, looking healthier than she did before as her face is fuller to show her youthful appearance. Typical of Seeker of the Sun skintones she has a rose-tinted complexion, and isn't prone to tanning easily.
Attire: Not much of a fashionista, Elyscia isn't quite a 'comfort-zone' wearer but simply finds what's available and throws them all on together. Her favourite boots are 'foestrikers', and her favourite top is her green tabbard which was the first thing K'laka bought for her.

Character and Outward Appearances and Personality

Voice: Miqo'te genetically speak with a slight hissing/spitting sound, which is present in Elyscia's voice, but barely so as she grew-up in a hyur-community and her voice imitated their ways of speaking, and their accent.

Her accent makes her voice inadvertently whimsical as her country dialect is very tonal. It's hard to pinpoint exactly how she chooses which words to say higher or lower, but the pattern seems to be; low/normal tone, then every third word said in a higher-tone - of course it varies depending on what's being said. Her colourful vocalbulary is full of profanities that would impress a pirate, and though rather tomboyish sounding, her voice is somewhat dulcet. As she has spent most of her time in the city and with a learned man who never swears, she has been less prone to using profanities - until she speaks to her sister.


Quirks: This miqo'te's tail is always wrapped around herself one way or another, never allowing itself to be loose or free - much like a dog with its tail tucked betwixt their legs. There are rare occassions when Elyscia feels safe and happy where she will perhaps forget her tail is within tail-pulling reach of others as she becomes relaxed, but she will remember to keep it close. When around her husband, her tail will normally be seen weaving with his and 'holding tails' curled just by the tufts.


K'laka Tia - The first Seeker male Elyscia came across when she left her home, K'laka helped Elyscia reach understandings of the world she wouldn't be able to dream of. He helped tutor her in many things, such as being able to read and write, refining her natural prowress for archery, and helping her find ground so she could survive in the dog-eat-dog world of not only the lands of Eorzea, but the corrupt city of Ul'dah. Eventually, they fell in-love and though their journey together hasn't exactly been the smoothest, it only helped in making them grow stronger and fall further in-love until the day he asked for her hand in marriage. Now, the happily married couple seek to start their adventuring life together, but first, Conjury awaits the young woman.

A relationship is not without their problems, however, for even though they are in-love, Elyscia can't help but feel he still treats her like a child, or is far too overprotective of the young woman which greatly contrasts how her lonely life used to be; being able to do what she wanted and go as far as she wanted because no one would care. Sometimes Elyscia will feel caged, and is still stubborn to break free which unfortunately brings out her stroppy side.

Lyall - The family dog who was brought into the Rose family by K'laka for Elyscia's nameday, when it was strongly suggested that Elyscia should have a friend to find comfort in, and help her cope with her depression by the Clinician.

D'ali - A growing chocobo with a very child-like mentality who has imprinted himself upon Elyscia, leading him to be very attatched and needy towards her.

Rafale - A towering chocobo who most likely belonged to an elezan; Elyscia's patience earned her trust with this moody chocobo, who is quite like a chocobo-version of K'laka. He awaited his master to come back, but moons later he was still left alone in the stables. The large avian is able to seat both Elyscia and K'laka, but would never let the latter ride him alone unless it's clear Elyscia is in desperate need of help.

Sarah Sparrow - Elyscia's estranged sister who ran away from home when they were only children, only to be reunited with Elyscia many years later .

Zethie Aldis - Initially a love interest, Zethie and Elyscia have remained best friends - even though they rarely see or talk to one another; Zethie normally bringing trouble to himself.

PC Rumors

If your character was asked by a stranger what they think or know of about Elyscia Rose, what would they say?

  • Pyralis Targaryen: The fiesty miqo'te Elyscia? She talks like a pirate and lives in a tree. Thus, I named her the "pirate tree".
  • K'laka Tia: "She is my betrothed. What business is she to you?"
  • Warren Castille: "I know her, yes. Awful shy. She seems more willing to talk to Victory than to me."
  • Sarah Sparrow: "What d'ya want to know about my sister? She's probably off sleepin' with 'er lover, ask 'im instead."