Althena Locke

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Althena Silverstar
"If we don't do something to make things better, what means that anyone else will?"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 20
Date of Birth The 14th of the Second Umbral
Family Cyril Locke (Father), Meryl Locke (Mother, deceased)
Free Company Black Sun Trading Company
Main Class Conjurer (White Mage)
Server Gilgamesh
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Althena Locke {pronounced All-theen-ah Lah-k} is a commoner within Ul'dah who's family has done well for themselves. The daughter of Cyril Locke, a man who works with all metals, she lives what is a comfortable life in Ul'dah. The woman is known to be both skilled with the sword and her magics as a Conjurer, preferring to heal rather than harm. Prone to traveling great lengths for business she can be found almost anywhere within Eorzea but is rarely seen out of the company of any within the Free Company she associates herself with.

Physical Appearance

Height: Five fulms and four ilms || Weight: Average || Age: Twenty Years

Hair Color: Red with Black Lowlights || Eye Color: Electric Blue || Skin Tone: Tanned

Everything starts with a first impression. A first glance is simple, a pretty young Midlander with a bright smile on her face. But there is more to that upon a closer look. First to look at is her back. A strange thing to take notice of but if you look at her closely this is one of the things that could quite possibly make one realize what she is like. Her back remains straight in most situations. Rarely is she slouched or showing anything less but a proper, straight back. Shoulders are pulled back to further accentuate such and this is simple as to why she holds herself in such a proud stature. Not only is she proud of who she is but this is implemented in her training and as well as looked favorably on by her father. The girl shows natural curves of an average woman with a petite neck moving to well rounded breasts. Her chest and ribs tapering down to a proper sized mid section and then into wide hips. These hips moving on to curve into her long legs that end in petite, dancer's feet. Muscle adorns her form from her exercise and constant activity, leading to her having some toning. When she walks there is a gentle grace to the way she does so, as if she is born to be a dancer rather than anything else in the world. Looking to her hands one can find she has long fingers, the skin soft with slight callouses from the hard work she puts herself through but nothing harrowing to mar the delicacy of her hands. The young woman is below the average height standing at xx fulms and xx ilms and overall weighing in at xxx ponz.

Her flesh is that of a tanned coloration from living in the harsh deserts of Ul'dah and constantly being outside of her home. There are occasions when a sunburn will touch her skin but this isn't often as she has learned how to make sure she doesn't get one after growing up in the Lalafellen city-state. Her face is oval if shape and the features of her face is quite proportional. Her lips are full and can be seen pursed together when she is in thought. Her teeth straight and white, well taken care of and can be seen biting her lower lip in a nervous habit when she is unsure. Her nose small and slightly upturned at the tip, wrinkling when she finds something in distaste or is annoyed. These are little ticks that can be seen on the woman. Her eyes are round and nearly almond in shape, expressive in every detail. It is hard to mask her own emotions as she is fairly expressive. Irises are a bright, electric blue, startling in contrast to the tan of her skin and the dark red of her hair. The long strands of her hair come to just below her shoulder blades when let down. The color a dark red with what seems to be black lowlights but it is simply a darker red. However, she is prone to putting her hair up, mostly with braids and a ponytail to keep it up, however her bangs will settle in front of her face from time to time and she can be found blowing them up when they are in the way.


A heart of gold. That is the first thing one will learn about Althena. The young woman has learned from a young age that you help others where you can but don't be afraid to take care of yourself first. This was the first rule instilled on her when she was a child. Always ready to offer a sweet and kind smile to a stranger, there is nothing but kindness in the girl's heart. However, she is not naive. She grew up in Ul'dah where things are known to be ruthless and cut throat. She has seen the darkness of the world up close and personal in her life but that doesn't stop her from having hope that there is good in all of those around her. She has been known to give food to the hungry and spare a gil where she can, even if it isn't much. It is why she is a healer rather than a fighter.

It is well known she has a wanderer's feet and often will disappear without a second thought. Though for most of her life she has been tethered to one place or another. With new found freedom she has been exploring the world more and more and falling in love with her country even more so. But to her, nothing does compare to the barren desert of Ul'dah and the hidden beauty that it has. There is one thing she has fallen in love with though. She is prone to gardening since she had taken a trip to Gridania in her youth. Very fond of growing things and watching them flourish. It is what she enjoys as a past time.

To learn more about her I implore that you meet her in character.

Hobbies and Professions

If there are things that the woman is proud of, it is what she is capable of. Things she has developed over the years of her life and still is working hard to perfect.

Business Woman

It is to be known that the young woman is to take up her father's business and what her father does is simple among many things. Althena is learning how to network the people around her and make connections throughout Eorzea but for more than just keeping Free Companies informed of one another. She has been known to establish trades, set up transportation, as well as make sure that others have lodging in local inns or with local Free Companies of most areas. This also allows her to keep tabs on the people around her as well as figure out where her father's product is at any given time. What this product is will not be disclosed and she will not mention it if ever. This is the most serious aspect of her life and she takes her work very seriously. She is very happy to be known as the middle man in most transactions as it makes her feel useful. So as of now she is working on establishing herself in the world of business.


Magic is something that comes naturally to her. The flow of aether as normal to her as breathing is. The art of Conjuring is something that she picked up when she spent time in Gridania in her youth. A decision made out of necessity and want to help others. Though she easily embraces all of the aspects of being a Conjurer. Often she can be found meditating when she is able to make sure she communes with the elements. She has never turned a single person away when they have needed help and she more than likely won't ever.


The mathematics and sciences that go with alchemy is something that caught her attention early in her life. The ability to create potions that could mend wounds and stop ailments. This was her first step into becoming a healer that she has never let go of because of the precision and thought it takes. In her youth it was meant to be a way to try and figure out how to bring back the dead, but that is not possible. However, now that she has come to terms with her mother's death she uses her gateway into alchemy for many other reasons. She finds that making potions and the like for others is soothing and she is often trying to see if she can find a good pigment color in her dyes! All of it is an experimentation to her that continues on through her ever running mind.


Now this, is simply a hobby of hers. One that she does to try and relieve the stresses of the day and that is to go into her garden and tend to it. The ability to spring life from nothing is something that continues to amaze her and she works hard to try and grow things that shouldn't grow in the deserts of Ul'dah. This is hard work and the only success she seems to have had is the oak tree in her front yard and a few flowers in some flower boxes.

Family and Friends

Relationships and people are very important to the woman. The girl is social and hates to be without others about her and has thus made many connections in her years. Some more special than others.


  • Cyril Locke - { Father; alive } The man is the pinnacle of her life. Everything she has done is often for him. Daddy's little girl she listens to her father's every word and believes that he can do no wrong. However, he does watch over her closely and is very protective of his daughter. Often she hears from him how she should settle down soon, that he's not getting any younger.
  • Meryl Locke - { Mother; deceased } She can't remember her face. This is the one and only thing that bothers her most about the woman. She remembers that she was kind and accepting of so many.
  • Aedeena - { Cousin; alive } The two girls grew up together.


  • Jijiko Ririko - { Best Friend; alive } The young Lalafel has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. The young man with his adorable attitude has often caused the red head to squeal in delight and give him hugs. Sometimes she can be found giving him piggy back rides just because she is able to do so. However, she treats him no different otherwise. To her he is the closest thing she has to a big brother, despite his small stature.
  • Matthias Silverstar - { Fiance; alive } The leader of Black Sun Trading Company, he is one of her first associates outside of what was normal for her. She sees him as an academic ally and will often seek him out for advice when she is having problems with something she doesn't understand. With a little convincing, she finally took to his asking of dinner and from there they struck a deal and well, they started dating then. After patience of dealing with him burying himself in his work. They have finally said I love you to one another and he proposed. Asking her father for her hand and all. They are to be married.
  • Ryuchi - { Friend; alive } The friend of Matthias, thus they became friends or she would like to believe. He continues to be a mystery to her and she often can be found prying to try and pull him out of his shell.
  • Roald Stonewall - { Friend; alive } Fond of the gentle giant, she has found her common ground with him in something unlikely by his intimidating stature and appearance. Plants. They have spent time talking of the different things as well as aiding each other when they are able.
  • Togy Brandmakt - { Friend; alive } Confusing to her. She tries her best to understand him and often pesters him when he's in a bad mood. Still someone she tries to understand. Often she can be found scolding him because of his temper and his inability to hold back his magic and lashing out at others.
  • Fae Redwing - { Friend; alive } Fae is a person that when they are in the presence of one another silence can say so much more. There is an obvious respect for the woman even when her own temper flares.
  • Rhenae Nymnii - { Friend; alive } The girl is treated much like a pet due to her feral personality. Often it is Althena that chases after the narcoleptic feline when she deems something a "tasty". Often Althena can be found grooming the young girl and helping take care of her.
  • Selaine - { Friend; alive } A person she has met in Limsa Lominsa during one of her vacations. Though off to a rough start they became friends quite quickly.
  • Eugene Fitzherbert - { Co-Worker/ Friend; alive } A strange and excitable individual. He has caught Althena's interest and she jokingly calls him her pet. But she knows he has great potential. She's oddly comfortable with him.
  • Mouse Wytchwood - { Friend; alive } She doesn't know much about this girl other than she doesn't know much about the world and customs. So, Althena likes to help out with what questions she can. Mouse is also a student of Matthias so she often helps look out for her.
  • A'mana Shani - { Co-Worker; alive } Often Althena doesn't agree with much of what A'mana says or the way she sees things but she does know that the Lalafel woman is talented with magic. She isn't sure what it is that she aims for but she is keeping an eye out.
  • Tabbie Levinas - { Apprentice/ Friend; alive } Tabbie came to the Company on accident and was given a better deal there than where she was before. It was soon discovered her natural ability to use magic and Althena has taken the girl under her wing in White Magic while making sure that Matthias can teach her in Arcanima and A'mana will work with her in Black Magic. Althena cannot help but feel a little protective over the girl.


Free Companies

  • Black Sun Trading Company - { In this Free Company } This is the company that she joined and had helped found but in a lesser role than perceived. It was her father and his funding that helped the start of this company and so she finds that she is fond of those in the company. This is the main affiliation she holds other than her own. Black Sun Trading is a trading company. They provide services and other such things in order to make a profit.


  • Black Sun Trading - { IC } A linkshell for those in the company or affiliated with the company. This is an In Character link pearl.
  • OOC Coalition - { OOC } OOC linkshell for those in the RPC on Gilgamesh.

Other Information


  • Anything Cute
  • Blue
  • Chocobos
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Dancing
  • Singing


  • Selfish People
  • People Who Subject Themselves to Punishment on Purpose
  • Arguing
  • Snakes


  • Dancer
  • Alchemist
  • Botany
  • Conjuring
  • Swordsmanship
  • Decent Singing Voice


  • Flexible
  • Dancing
  • Agility
  • Empathy


  • Empathy
  • Fear
  • Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

  • Old Injury to Lungs Results in Short Breath
  • [1] Heart Condition
  • She has to wear glasses or contacts to see properly. Certain things in mid ranged vision tend to be difficult for her to discern otherwise.

Personal Items

  • Dragon Necklace - { Gift from Mother } This necklace is made of silver and is a dragon curled into a circle as a pendant. This is on her person at all times.
  • Coral Flower - { Gift from Selaine } A white coral carved into the shape of a flower.
  • Ebony Quill - { Gift from Matthias } A black self loaded quill with gold inlays.
  • Engagement Ring - { <i<Gift from Matthias ) A diamond cut sapphire with silver leaf decorations. The band is silver with leaf and vine inlays.


Early Childhood

When the girl is born, it is a blessing to the Locke family but a boon of things to come. She would be the only child, rendering her mother infertile after. Thus the child became favored and was risen with love and adoration by her parents, the product of their love. Though, the child was not alone as her parents had partially adopted Jijiko before she was born and thus, she had her own big brother and sister. Her cousin was born when she was young and thus could not remember a time without her either. She was three when she first encountered the dangers of what her father had done. Many have been known to be after the product that her father produced but only in limitation. Thus, they have tried to get the secrets from him in many different ways. She was asleep in her bed when the group of men had sneaked into her home. Their movement easily woke the light sleeper Cyril. The intruders were dealt with quickly and Althena has no recollection of this event but knows of it happening. She started school when she was six and proved that she easily got along with people of all ages and toted her cousin along with her everywhere as a child.

Loss of a Mother

The event that would change her life completely would be when she was ten. She was walking through the city, looking for Jijiko. The older girl having eluded her and she wanted for her and the rest of their friends to go down to the river to cool off on such a hot day. Cyril often didn't worry when she was out on her own because she was often surrounded by others. But it didn't matter that day. She was with Aedeena and they were ambushed around a corner. A sack was put over Althena and Aedeena was threatened, told to go run to Cyril and tell him that they had his daughter and his wife. The frightened girl didn't go to her father first but her own. Her father and Althena's Uncle going straight to Cyril. His sister was in danger after all now. Althena was taken out of Ul'dah and where she was hidden. Crying and asking for her parents, they ignored her until Meryl walked in of her own accord. They had given her simple motivation. They had her daughter so she better come quietly or she gets hurt. Of course Meryl complied. They had believed that Meryl had the information they wanted and the interrogation began, Althena helplessly watching as her mother was beaten, tortured and more. By the time that Meryl had be exhausted and inches near death they turned to Althena. With a dagger to her, threatening her. The child knew nothing but she was willing to say anything to try and save her mother. It was at that time that Cyril arrived with a small group of adventurers that he had recruited from the Quicksand. Meryl had finally slipped away at this point and being startled the one who held the knife to Althena slipped and it drove to nick the girl's left lung. The man was quickly dispelled and the Conjurer that had been recruited was quick to heal Althena properly. However, there was no hope left for her mother.
Cyril would not be the same afterwards, becoming more quiet and reserved and his protective nature grew. Althena took a month to recover from her injuries and the shock of losing her mother but after that, for six months she never left her father's side due to his orders. She was not to go anywhere without him. She was never to be left out of his sight. This grew hard on the child as she had trouble with school and not being able to see her friends unless they came to visit her at home. Her Uncle was the one who earned her at least some freedom and she would be let out of her father's sight as long as an adult was present and if it was an adult her father trusted. For two years she focused on working on Alchemy, believing that she could find a serum that could make everything better but this quickly dissolved into her wanting to help others. Her first step to wanting to be a healer.

Living in Gridania

Cyril would send Althena to live in Gridania for a few years while he took care of some business at the age of twelve. The Duskwight that she stayed with was a kind, older Elezen who gave her the freedom she so desired. In time, the girl learned to love the forests and took up many hobbies in her time there. Often she could be found working with those outside of the city-state to help nurture the forests or working with the Botanists within the city-state. The Elezen was always keeping an eye on her however to keep his promise to her father. She would join the Conjurer's guild while she was there and took the two years that she was in Gridania to learn all that she needed to learn about being a Conjurer. She would become quite proficient in the art and lived a happy life there in Gridania, often exchanging letters with her father to make sure he was doing well. She worried for him while she was gone.

Return to Ul'dah

Althena would return home to Ul'dah when she was fourteen, now known as a full fledged Conjurer. Her persistence in learning the art granting her use of it in her youth. When she returned she found that Ul'dah seemed a little quieter and her father more relaxed with her going out and about. She would believe this because of his trust in her new found abilities. Reuniting with her friends it was as if nothing changed as she kept her usual happy outlook in life but there was something more. She knew that something was different but never could place her finger on it. That year of her life would have been quiet for herself but the Garlean threat was out there and fights with the primals was raging. Her remaining blissfully unaware of the trials and tribulations that others were going through and her father working day and night to make the armor and weapons that were ordered from his shop. This would be after he had taken her big brother Jijiko into his apprenticeship and he was able to help him in production.

The Calamity

At fifteen is when the battle of Carteneu happened. She was at home of course and the soldiers returned beaten down and unsure of what had happened. The adventurers that had once lined the streets were gone and she was unsure why. She was unable to remember their faces, all of them a haze to her. During this time she had offered her healing talents to aid others and often worked to help those who returned from war. Her father also seems to get out and about more within the community and Althena often accompanies him. She works on her skills in battle and her Alchemy more to be helpful. She slowly starts being prepped for taking over the family business.

Taking Over the Business

When she was eighteen she was told what her father's greatest secret was. What had made him so easily targeted in the past. This of course surprised the girl but she understood it completely. Her father gave her the task of choosing who next got one of his "gifts" and they would travel to Limsa Lominsa. This would be her first time going to the island but she took it quite seriously the task that had been given to her. It would be two people that caught her attention while she was there. An outgoing man of intelligent background and a quiet reserved man who looked to be more of a soldier. Two that you could see were very close by how they acted around each other but completely opposite. Her father took note of the attention she paid to them and it would be them who received the gift that Cyril had. The boys working for the man ever since.

Moving to Limsa Lominsa

The girl often traveled to find new things and new locations. Finally, she would take a small vacation in Limsa Lominsa to see those of Black Sun Trading and to see how things were faring in Matthias Silverstar's search. She would spend time with the group and find how comfortable she was among them. Eventually, learning of a care she had for Matthias, one she knew she had but was always afraid to act on. The two ended up dating soon after she officially joined the Company as Matthias's personal assistant and she was practically running the Company while he tried to catch up on his research. Though, she ended up being a distraction. Eventually the two got even closer and she did move in with him (if only because she didn't want to stay in an Inn room and couldn't afford it!) and until she could get her own place but that all changed as the days and weeks turned into months. Exchanges of I love yous and a proposal later she is newly engaged to him.

All the while she takes several trips to Gridania for a day or so at a time to work on becoming an even better White Mage. She has gained the title of the White but she has yet to gain her robes and she still is trying!


Living in Limsa Lominsa. Running a Company. A wedding to plan. Friends to see married. And a title to gain! All while working on the research of aether!

--Althena (talk) 14:20, 23 August 2013 (CDT)