Togy Brandmakt

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 Togy Brandmakt aka Mr Mask
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age ???
Date of Birth 4/23
Martial Status Single
Free Company None Publically
Character Blog
Server Balmung
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Character Basics

Togy Brandmakt, aka Mr Mask, is a crazed man. Not too much is known about him publicly, and he likes to keep it that way. All that is really known is that he is crazy. He has a tendency to be a rather brutal person and will flip like a switch on people, being friendly and cheerful one second, digging his dagger into their eye the next. There are a few that can keep him in check, but outside of that, most tend to stay away from him. He is a powerful powerful mage, for many a reason, though he keeps those secret as well, but is also adept at fighting with his dagger or two, his 200lb long bow, and his mask. He ALWAYS fights with his mask.


Height: 6 fulms and somethin' ilms || Weight: Muscular || Age:??

Noticeable Scars
  • Long gash over his missing left eye
  • Brand of the symbol of Rhalgr on his back. Flaming meteor reaching shoulder to shoulder, from the base of his neck down to lower back.
  • Various others all over. The man doesn't like to get healed.



■ Black Magic
■ Void Magic
■ Silent Assassinations
■ Flashy Assassinations
■ Pissing people off
■ Knife play
■ Running from law enforcement
■ Getting caught by law enforcement
■ Biting
■ Puppeteering
■ Self Injury
■ Pretending to have depth perception


■ Women
■ Insanity
■ Pain
■ Murder
■ Women


■ Law Enforcement
■ People saying murder isn't legal
■ Screamers
■ Getting blood on his red coat
■ Mondays [who likes them?]


■ Insane amounts of aether production
■ High pain tolerance
■ High strength and agility
■ High aetheric control
■ Pure aetheric masks
■ Insane mind [allows for magic to work in unpredictable ways]


■ Lack of depth perception
■ Lack of control
■ Lack of avoidance of self harm
■ Lack of avoidance of any harm
■ Insanity


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Favorite Food: Roasted Dodo
Favorite Sweet: Murder
Favorite Drink: Whisky
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Weather: Rain
Favorite Time: Night time

Medical Conditions

  • Missing left eye
  • Dislikes healers, and healing of any sort. Including stitches and bandages.

Employment History

  • Classified
  • Classified
  • Classified

Gossip and Relations


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Some say he doesn't have a face"
"The man is totally mental! Saw him once eat a baby!"
"He has this.. pale Miqo'te follow him around a lot. Biting him and pulling food from his coat"
"Hear from a whore down the street that he's hung like a stallion. Then again, that tiny little Miqo'te, who wouldn't be right? Got some gil to spare? I need it for... reasons"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I hear he stabbed out his own left eye to put some crazy gem in there for safe keeping!"
"Rumor has it he's got a twin brother, except get this, that one is sane as can be. Respectable and such"
"I saw him riding a Behemoth once! Called the damn thing Droogie!"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Hear he lost his parents to a Behemoth.. why he went crazy"
"Some say you can hire him for.. unpleasant jobs.. wet work, ya know?"
"Saw his face one. Was like looking into the depth of hell I swear! Never again! NO!"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"He pisses me off but I've seen who he is underneath all that ails him. And despite how over the top he goes I can't turn my back on him. He is my friend and that's that but even I let him get into his own bullshit. I know he can handle himself. My only advice, don't take off that damn mask if you want to live." - T'shina Vashka
"Yeah, I know who 'e really is. Stay out of our way when we fight, or get along." - Vahn Kasch
"That guy? Yeah, I had to toss him out of a tavern once, then he tried vomiting on me. And missed. How do you even manage that?" - Gwannes Oskwell
"Made purchase of goods -- But, well. I don't really know who or what this fellow is. Nonetheless, I've been offered help, and will help in return." - Yagaan Malaguld
"Watching him and Warren wrestle was... entertaining, in a way I did not think I would ever feel. How... curious." - Alexaria Whiteraven
"Mr. Mask? All I can say is he helped save my life." - Aoi Obinata
"He keeps calling me Tarzan... I know I may be a bit rough in the grindstone but sheesh... All I know is that he seems to be a kind soul despite his somewhat intense manner." - Tazara Terumi Yuuki
"Ah, the charming Mister Mask... Very kind, but I know there's more to him than he's leading on. Careful when playing with him." - Madam Seraphine


Love/ Mate Sexual Desire Platonic Love
Clansman Friend Neutral Enemy
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◢ Enemies

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