Ambaghai Iriq

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Ambaghai Iriq

Name... Ambaghai Iriq
Alias... Ambaghai, Amba. He hates 'Amba' but seems to have given up on getting people to not call him that.
Age... 27
Gender... Male
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... Doesn't seem to show much interest in anyone, truth be told. But in the rare cases that he does: Men.
Marital... Single
Deity... Nhaama
Nationality... Xaela, Iriq tribe. Azim Steppe, Othard
Occupation... If only he knew
Alignment... Neutral

A relatively tall Au Ra, he is somewhat slender but still obviously still in good shape, sporting a toned, wiry physique. His dark blue hair fades to black at the end - most likely dyed, although he doesn't seem the type to care about such things. Most often it is held in braids, and on the few instances when it is not hair that would otherwise be straight instead falls in slight waves. His eyes are grey, edged by black limbal rings. He often wears a passive expression which - unfortunately (fortunately) - may come across as hostile to others. As would be expected of Xaela, his horns, scales and tail are black.

Voice: Low and just a little bit gruff, he almost always speaks quietly, and on the few occasions when he raises his voice above it's usual volume it is not difficult to tell that he is unaccustomed to doing so.

Clothing: He has a preference for medium to dark clothing in neutral tones and avoids bright or vibrant colours when he can. He usually likes semi-intricate coats or vests, long enough to fall to his knees, which are often adorned with a small amount of embroidery along their edges. Otherwise, his clothes are quiet plain. Often he'll wear clothes with short sleeves, or no sleeves. When he does wear long sleeves, he will typically wear a sleeveless jacket over top. He typically wears his pants tucked into simple leather boots. Most of the time he can be seen with leather wrappings on his arms, which are not quite long enough to reach his elbows. He wears quite a few rings, although they seem to be the same ones day to day. An observer might conclude that they are likely valuable. Most are likely made of silver, but one or two appear to be gold. None of them are completely plain. Some have coloured stones set within them, but many are bands, covered in intricate patterns. While it is difficult to see, someone with a sharp eye might notice a piece of cord around his neck, indicating a necklace worn under his shirt.

Ambaghai is quiet and withdrawn, generally avoiding conversation with people he’s unfamiliar with. When he does speak to others, he’s usually short-spoken, getting straight to the point, and avoiding any nuance. Generally he is polite, but occasionally his lack of understanding of social conventions may make him come across as hostile, angry, or annoyed. Although he is not an open person, he is loyal, and doesn’t make a habit of letting petty squabbles get in the way of his ability to work with people. He is impulsively honest, and a terrible liar. Although he is good at keeping his expression neutral, any lies will quickly reveal themselves in his body language, or a change in his pattern of speech.

While he doesn’t tend to let many people get close to him, those that are around him often enough might notice small, quiet acts of kindness that indicate he might not be quite as cold and detached as first impressions might have one believe. These small acts may include feeding stray animals, change handed to beggars, or a hot drink left on a table, obviously meant for the person who discovered it, although Ambaghai is nowhere in sight.

Those who Ambaghai feels comfortable around, and decides to let into his life a little more than most might get to see a hesitant smile, often touched with a hint of sadness, typically gone within a few seconds. They might also begin to see hints of dry humor, typically found in lines worded in such a way that the joke could almost be missed.

He does smile and laugh, although this is usually only in the presence of his brother, and even then, he is unlikely to do so if there are others around.

Finally, Ambaghai is proud, and a little bit stubborn. While he will often help others without their needing to ask him, he will generally avoid asking anyone for help, and might even go so far as to actively pretend that he does not need it. Should help be offered to him, however, he is typically capable of accepting.


  • 'Observing'. He is typically content sitting on the side lines of crowded places, often in his own thoughts. If asked what he is doing he will answer 'observing', although this is rarely the case.
  • Sweets. Mostly pastries and fruit. He tends to try to hide his sweet tooth, often attempting to partake of sweets subtly. He has been known to do odd things such as eating sugar cubes whole, while leaving his coffee black.
  • Drawing. Something his mother taught him. He finds it meditative, and in some cases therapeutic. Most of his drawings are of the same few Xaela, or of scenery of the Steppe, as well as some of the places he has traveled since leaving home.


  • Drunks. They're loud, obnoxious, and occasionally throw up on you. Or dare other men to spank you.
  • Pride.
  • Particularly, the type of pride that makes people think they're above others. Or the type of pride that makes one believe it's their right to rule another's life.
  • Idiots. How can people be so dense?


  • Being alone. Tying into this, his greatest fear is losing his brother.
  • Making mistakes. He wants to be reliable, needs to do things right.
  • Failure. See above.


  • Favorite Food: Apricots.
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee. Black.
  • Favorite Color: Purple.

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Khaishan Iriq ( ) ( ALT ) - Brother
If you believe that you have to share blood to be family, then you are an idiot. (He loves this dork)
Nigen Iriq ( ) ( NPC ) - Mother
Protective, and a little bit scary. Ambaghai has nothing but good opinions of his mother.
Dayir Iriq ( ) ( NPC ) - Husband (Deceased)
He doesn't talk about Dayir often. It is a difficult subject.
Sechen Iriq ( ) ( ALT ) - Sister (in-law)
Dayir's younger sister. Ambaghai thinks of her more as a little cousin.


Ayla Thatcher ( )-Former Coworker
Used to work together until the company went under. He thinks well enough of her. (That's a lot, coming from Amba).
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Text, text, text, text.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Wouldn't bother talking to that one. You'd be lucky to get more than grunt out of him."
    ---A restaurant server in the Goblet

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Guy doesn't talk much, but he knows what he's doing. Can't say I'd want to be on the receiving end of one of those spells."
    ---A mercenary in the Coffer and Coffin

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "His brother seems worried about him, poor kid. Of the two, the quiet one's more put together. Usually. But I've seen him on a bad day. I can see why his brother worries."
    ---A middle aged landlady in the Goblet


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "I'm sorry about all the coat rack jokes! ...Kind of. He does seem like he'd be a good coat rack, but I don't think he'd let me try it out."
    ---Ayla Thatcher

    Beauty is not flawless skin and captivating eyes; hair that shines in the sunlight, the firelight, or under the stars. It is not a perfect smile to hide the lies, or the smoothest voice used in guile. The surface is not a reflection of the soul. Beauty was a secret smile given only to a few - a low laugh and a lilting voice that spoke in simple truths. It was the words "you'll be okay" spoken by a gentle soul in the moments before it slipped away. Words that must be true, because lies cannot be beautiful.
    --- A short drabble written for the prompt "beautiful"

Personal RP Limits

RP Preference:
■ I'm okay with most types of RP. Slice-of-life is fine as filler, but I have a preference for RP that has a plot, the formation of relationships, or character development. That is to say, slife-of-life is okay but I wouldn't be looking to it as making up the bulk of my RP.
■ While not necessary by any means, I would love to see some RP that helps move toward some of the goals I have for Amba when it comes to character development. Where he currently stands, I want his story to follow the path of someone learning not to be defined by their pain. On a similar strain, his current identity is heavily embedded in his relationships with others, and I believe healthy development for him would be in his learning to define himself as an individual, rather than how he is relevant to others.

Re: Combat/Injuries, etc.:
■ While Amba isn't a combat-focused character, he is more than capable of combat and I am not against combat RP. It should be noted that I don't have a lot of experience with combat in RP, and need a bit of time to learn. I would not enjoy combat that is obviously weighted to heavily for or against me (unless it is for logical and justifiable reasons). However, I also think it is important to take note of character strengths and weaknesses, and prefer realism when it comes to combat (ie, someone who has never so much as thrown a punch will not be as strong as a trained combatant).
■ I am willing to accept minor/non-permanent injuries to my character, but any long-term or permanent injuries should be talked about beforehand. The same goes for things such as kidnapping or imprisonment - especially if these are long-term and might effect roleplay outside of the plot being worked on.
■ Please see the disclaimer for notes on Amba's combat style.

Re: Romance:
■ While I'm not opposed to romantic plots or relationships, anyone who is looking for that specifically should look elsewhere, as that isn't my point of interest with Amba, and generally unlikely ICly. Outside of being both demisexual and demiromantic, Ambaghai remains very attached to his deceased husband, and this isn't likely to change anytime soon. While it's not outside the realm of possibility, for a character to have a relationship with him would require a good deal of patience, as well as respect for Amba's boundaries and feelings.
■ Separation of IC and OOC is always important, but this is doubly true in a possible character romance, and I will only pursue this kind of relationship with an individual I trust not to mix up those feelings, and know fairly well.
■ Lastly, in the case that a romantic relationship does develop, note that I do not ERP, and no matter of OOC trust is going to make an exception. If there are any sexual elements to the relationship, such scene will only be implied, and occur off-screen. 

Re: IC Frequency:
■ Most of the time, if I do not have an RP tag up, or am not at an RP venue, I am not IC. While I am okay with walk-ups in IC locations (for example, RP events), outside of those I will likely be doing something else, and may not be prepared to RP. If you're interested in RPing with me, feel free to send me a whisper, but do not expect me to be ready to RP on the spot.
Re: Magic:
■ Note that while Amba is capable of hand-to-hand combat, most of his combat capabilities lie in magic. Currently there are no classes/jobs within the game that reflect his magic use, largely due to the fact that I felt it unlikely that Xaela would use/develop magic in the same way as in Eorzea, and see it as likely that magic use would vary even between tribes. It should be noted that I do my best to keep his abilities from being overpowered or unrealistic. I decided to go this route for the sake of my own personal immersion, and try to keep it within a lore-friendly range.
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