Amelia Rosamond

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Amelia Theunis Rosamond
Heart of Ice



CURRENT ALIAS... Amelia Rosamond


RACE & CLAN... Hyur, Midlander

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 26, 22nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon




NATIONALITY... Ishgardian


OCCUPATION... Freelancer, adventurer, hunter

PATRON DEITIES... Oschon the Wanderer

HEIGHT... 5'2" / 158.6 cm

WEIGHT... 99.87lb / 45.3 kg

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good

SERVER... Omega (EU)


Born into and raised in a family of nobles, Amelia attained a great sense of duty from childhood, and an even greater sense of pride. Along with her twin sister, her studies and serious approach to her duties aided her in growing into an accomplished young woman. It was in her teen years her personality took several rather drastic turns: a close friend leaving Ishgard left her with feelings of solitude; a brief romance bloomed when she met a foreigner who sparked her love for stories and traveling; and she eventually accepted her seemingly unavoidable fate as nobility, effectively locked up within the walls of the cold city.

The rather recent revelations regarding Ishgard’s history has left feelings of betrayal and disappointment festering within her, but she has no clue who to even blame for it. Without the war demanding her enlistment in the ranks of the knights of Ishgard, Amelia decided to attempt finding her inspiration and urge to travel once more, and has only returned to her home for shorter periods of time since.

First impressions would have Amelia come off as cold, uncaring, and possible even rude; she seems to make a point of keeping people at a distance, and only rarely does she open up to others. She is a woman who seemingly has her emotions in check - who makes every decision based on logic rather than gut feeling. Truthfully, though, it is a mix of the two. She strives to let logic decide for her, but when her heart fails to be fully in it, she is likely to opt for other options.

Those fortunate (or stubborn) enough to get past the icy exterior might find a loyal ally who cares far more than she lets on… most of the time. Amelia is a troubled woman with difficulties truly expressing herself - the fear of judgement for her every action she came to expect from fellow nobles sticks with her even after leaving Ishgard, and she struggles to rid herself of that expectation.

Travelling/sightseeing -- Due to years spent more or less holed up in Ishgard and its surrounding areas, Amelia ended up with a desire to see more of the world. If a place has history, it is more than likely she will consider paying it a visit to learn about it. One of the places she most enjoys to visit is the ruins of Nym, and she seems to know the story of their downfall by heart.
Falconry -- Amelia was taught the art of falconry in her youth by her father, and rather enjoyed hunting with birds. After many years of being too busy to own one, she was gifted a hawk for her 24th nameday, and with her newfound freedom, often ventures out to hunt with it.
Singing and songwriting -- A hobby that sometimes causes her great frustration. Her voice is by no means atrocious, but she struggles to convey emotion through the songs she sings - a problem she did not have before parting ways with her mentor. She travels in part to rediscover that area of singing and storytelling.
Cheesy romance novels -- Though she probably would not outright admit it, Amelia does have a fondness for romance novels. A bit of a romantic at heart, she finds the stories rather enjoyable, even if they happen to be full of cheesy writing. Strangely enough, they never seem to be stored on her bookshelves - it is possible she keeps them away from prying eyes, for whatever reason.

Nobility -- It did not take much for Amelia to develop distrust towards other nobles in Ishgard. The attitude of many when it came to the common folk never sat too well with her, and coming from a family that only recently attained the status of nobility, she was never raised to consider herself a step above the common people. She tries to blend in, however, if only to fulfill her own goals.
Death -- With the bloody battles throughout Ishgard’s history, it might not be a surprise that Amelia finds it to be an incredibly unpleasant thought. Her distaste for it has caused her to outright refuse to kill any person, whether they be criminals or not, and vividly remembers every instance where she got blood on her own hands.
Entitlement -- With some of her closest friends being commoners, it was fairly easy for her to understand the plight of the less fortunate people, and in turn attain a dislike for those who feel privileged and entitled. Those flaunting their status and those who feel more important than others are not likely to make a good first impression to her.
Q U I R K S & V I C E S
Great actress -- Intrigue forced Amelia to learn how to adopt a mask of resolve, as well as how to best get her way around fellow nobility. Though it is a practice she seeks to somewhat abandon, she is well capable of acting as someone else - and rarely does the mask slip once it is on.
Unapproachable -- Perhaps not entirely intentional, Amelia’s initial attitude towards strangers can be quite off-putting. Though it seems to be a subconscious thing, she can get quite snappy when people try to prod into her personal life a little too much when they barely know her.
Indirectly caring -- More of a bad habit than anything, maybe, Amelia often seems to help people in ways that are not entirely obvious. Most times, her given reasoning might seem elusive or rude, though there tends to be an underlying worry that influences her actions.
Aquaphobic -- An unfortunate event involving a river during her childhood left Amelia with a lingering discomfort, and at times fear, when it comes to water. She can handle shallow water, but anything above her waist may cause incredible discomfort, or even panic.

Archery -- A family tradition. Amelia did intend to become a knight, but she picked up a bow long before she held her first sword, and with careful instruction from father and brother both, has become quite adequate at hitting targets - whether moving or not.
Soul of the Bard -- Amelia received her crystal from her mentor, a man who had a major impact on her life. She has always struggled with unlocking the memories within, but it continues to be a work in progress.
Falconry/Birdkeeping -- With falconry having been a long-standing family tradition, it was easy enough for Amelia to also take a liking to larger birds - chocobo. Her family managed to find a hatchling from a quality breeder that was deemed too weak to be used by a proper knight, and they invested in it to train it for hunting, instead. Valiance, named by Amelia’s sister, is now Amelia’s most trusted traveling and hunting companion.
Hunting and trapping -- Amelia had a good start with hunting, but her skill level spiked when a man from the Western Highlands was employed by her family. He taught her a great many things, from trapping animals to luring them out, and it remains something of a hobby for her. She knows a great deal about wildlife in several areas of Eorzea.

STR: 11
DEX: 14
CON: 11
INT: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 12
AWA: 11
SAN: 11
Proficiency: Journeyman
Traits: Vigilant/Deception
Abilities: Tracking, Manipulation

Using the Storytelling/Spearhead System by Storyteller.

Body: Somewhat short for a Hyur, even a Midlander. Her muscles are toned enough to make it clear she leads an active life, and she appears to have plenty of strength in her arms.
Skin: Slightly tanned from years of spending plenty of time outdoors. Nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.
Hair: Black and short. At times it looks unkempt, and at others, she seems to have put some form of effort into making it look tidy. Fortunately, it is cut short enough for the difference to be so small, one might not even notice when she does not bother to make it look neat.
Eyes: Deep blue, identical to her father and brother.
Scars: One diagonal scar can be found above her left eye, just by her brow. Her story regarding it is one she never seems to explain in full, but only ever mentions it was one she received around the time of the Calamity. Another notable scar is at her back, between her spine and shoulder blade -- it looks to have been from a stab of some kind.

Clothes: Amelia normally sticks to practical clothing when out in the field, but can often be seen in fancier clothing when she sticks to the city. Rarely does she wear a skirt, however -- pretty dresses and the likes seem reserved for more important occasions. Her more casual clothing includes tunics and tops that bring out her more feminine features, but she just as often wears loose-fitting clothing with the main purpose of just being comfortable. She seems to be quite a fan of boots.
Jewellery: The only jewelry of note Amelia tends to wear are a pair of silver earrings she received as a gift, and a choker with a green crystal in it -- her Soul of the Bard. Whatever other pieces she wears seems entirely based on her choice of clothing.
Weaponry: Amelia has been the proud owner of a rather high quality bow for some years. Named Moonsong in part for the blue metal reinforcing the wooden form, the bow has served her well ever since she was given it. In addition to that, she owns an unnamed longsword, a parrying dagger, and a few other daggers used mainly for hunting.


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Romantic Interest
Neutral relation
💘 Crush
Negative relation
Platonic Love
Hostile relation
Positive relation
Lost/Minimal contact
Highly respected

💘 Valdai Hotgo | Former mentor, and one of her most beloved friends.
Ateane | An Elezen/Hyur halfbreed Amelia met in the Brume. They stay in contact, and have formed a close bond.
Leneric Greystone | Childhood friend. Had a childhood crush on him, but it never went past that. A bit of a messy relationship currently, but she still considers him a dear friend.
Theocin Ashgarde | A young man Amelia served with in the Whorlbane Wayfarers. Finding him to be a bit naive, she can get a little protective at times.
Larxas Dotharl | Another friend she made within the Wayfarers. She'd trust him to watch her back.
Tovja Melaz | Didn't quite get off to a good start, but Amelia has since come to respect Tov's skillset and expertise, and considers her something of a peer or rival.

Whorlbane Wayfarers | A Maelstrom unit based in Mist. Amelia served within the unit for a time, before she resigned from the military.
Hunter's Howl | Centurio Hunters that Amelia has recently become involved with -- a job between her travels.

Mother: Lucy Rosamond | A kind mother Amelia respects.
Father: Nathan Rosamond | The side of the family Amelia takes after the most.
Twin sister: Alexandra Rosamond | Amelia’s current closest confidante. The two have shared many secrets between each other since childhood.
Older brother: Liam Rosamond | While Amelia might claim to find him annoying, he remains someone she trusts greatly.
Brother-in-law: Reynold Ashwood | A trusted friend and recent addition to the family. Helped her improve her falconry.
Aunt: Claire Loris | A relative that Amelia finds to be less than pleasant company.
Cousin: Lysandra Loris | Child of Claire. Amelia has no outstanding issues with her, but they have little contact with each other.



Main themes
Katy Perry - Unconditionally
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Keiichi Okabe - Song of the Ancients / Fate
Vindsvept - The Siren’s Cadence
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Voice claim: Avril Lavigne

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