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Suijin no Haruka
Of Ranshi’s Blood



CURRENT ALIAS... Haruka Suijin (春花; spring flower | 水刃; water blade)

OTHER ALIASES... Suijin no Misuzu (海鈴; ocean bell), Whelp of Seiken

RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Raen

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 22, 29th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

ORIENTATION... Pansexual





OCCUPATION... Freelancer, adventurer, herbalist

PATRON DEITIES... Hometown Kami

HEIGHT... 5'1" / 154.9 cm

WEIGHT... 95.6lb / 43.4 kg

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good

SERVER... Omega (EU)


Born into a family of warriors, Haruka grew up with a clear set of traditions and expectations made of her. With her older sibling relinquishing their right as their mother’s heir, the title fell to Haruka, and she thus attained an immense sense of duty and need to live up to the standards her sibling set. Eventually, she came to accept that she may never reach the same level of skill, and thus put effort into improving in other areas; with a love for knowledge and stories of the world abroad, she, together with her liege, made an effort to learn all they could of the world outside of Hingashi’s borders. The more Haruka learned of other regions, the more her distaste for her own country’s aversion to foreigners grew - she eventually left to travel with her liege, and has, since then, made no plans to return to Hingashi for more than family visits.

Despite her gradual disregard for her homeland’s traditions, there are, on occasion, still clear signs of them showing in her behaviour. She remains a proud warrior, oftentimes subconsciously considering herself a step above the common folk - though when she catches herself in it, a vague sense of guilt surfaces. Likewise, she takes the title of ‘Keeper of the Peace’ very seriously - as a samurai, she carries a great sense of justice, and will valiantly defend those she cares for, often without regard for her own safety or life. On the other hand, if asked, she is not one to hide her dislike for certain Hingan norms, and she does make an effort to adapt to a more Eorzean way of life.

Away from the field, in more peaceful surroundings, her more caring side becomes far more evident. She prefers giving over taking, and finds great pleasure in being there for others when they need her - whether it is simply to listen, or to help them with their activities. Safe surroundings also give way for a somewhat more playful side. It is not uncommon for her to mess around with people in friendly ways if she is comfortable in their company.

Overall, she cherishes the friends she makes, finding them an incredible support while she makes a new life for herself in Eorzea.

Travelling -- Haruka has a love for the outdoors, and seeing new places (or simply visiting old ones) has always been a source of joy to her. With her desire to see more of the world and learn of other cultures, travelling has been a key part of her life for years.
Flower arrangement -- A skill that was taught to her by her mother during childhood, Haruka grew to appreciate the beauty and symbolism of flowers. Small decorations and vases with flowers on display can often be found in her home - most chosen with their respective symbolism in mind.
Herbalism -- With a liege that got her started with the specifics of medicine, Haruka took to natural remedies in an effort to learn more about the medical arts. She always stocks herbs at home for various needs, and venturing outside in search of fresh herbs is one of her favourite pastimes.
Archery -- Though by no means a professional, Haruka grew up with archery as part of her training, and maintains it to this day. She does not go hunting often, but rather finds practicing a nice reminder of home.

Injustice -- Although she would not directly cross the law, corruption and injustice always leaves a bad taste in Haruka’s mouth. If she has the option to do something about it, she most likely will.
Prejudice -- Having been told stories of ‘barbarians’ across the ocean, Haruka herself grew up with lingering suspicions and prejudice towards people of other countries. Realizing the misguidance of such claims, however, has made her a firm believer in not judging people by their appearances or mere rumours.
The Elementals -- Though she found them similar to the kami of her homeland at first, she soon came to regard them as different entities entirely, instead comparing them to the government of Hingashi. Finding the very idea of turning away people in need abhorrent, she has formed a rather negative view on these beings - believing they fear change to the point they simply deny it in any shape or form.
Q U I R K S & V I C E S
Twisting the Truth -- Haruka does not believe in lying. However, that does not mean she will not avoid telling the truth. In most cases, should she have something to hide, she will simply word her sentences in ways that do not deny the truth, but do not exactly reveal it, either. Should she have no way out, however, she will outright admit she is not at liberty to tell the truth.
Kami Worship -- Haruka puts great faith in the kami her hometown worships, and has an altar in her home dedicated to it. Despite being so far from home, she still believes the deity watches over her, and maintains her worship of it to bring her prosperity and good luck.
Affectionate -- Haruka has come to regard physical touch as a way to display affection - whether platonic or romantic - and trust. If she is comfortable around someone, she is not too shy to initiate a hug, or simply hold their hand.
Feigned Ignorance -- Having held the belief that innocence makes her appear more endearing, Haruka has often feigned ignorance on certain topics - in particular, innuendos. She has recently started abandoning this habit, though she may still do it simply to toy with someone - and in the case of friends, rarely, if ever, means anything mean by it.
Katana -- Haruka began training in the arts of the samurai during her childhood, learning the techniques of her mother’s family. Though she still has quite a ways to go to be considered a swordswoman of meaningful skill, she is well on her way to continuing her family’s legacy.
Soul of the Samurai -- While her mother had no soul crystal to pass down, Haruka recently came into the possession of the crystal that belonged to her father - granted to her by her sibling. She aims to one day have a crystal of her own made, to pass on the techniques of her mother and father combined, but for now, is content with learning what secrets her current crystal has to offer.
Herbalism/Medicine -- See ‘Herbalism’ under Likes.
Weaving -- Through practice and years of learning, Haruka has attained a passable skill at weaving clothing. Though she is not proficient enough for extravagant dresses, she is capable of sewing comfortable clothing - in many cases, she adds small touches to clothing she has already bought, as well.
Swift Learner -- Haruka was blessed with a bright mind - she quickly absorbs new knowledge and information, and is adequate at remembering it afterwards. As a result, she knows plenty about a variety of things - though when it comes to putting it into practice, such as with combat techniques, things do not always work out as well.

STR: 10
DEX: 13
CON: 11
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 9
AWA: 10
SAN: 8
Proficiency: Journeyman
Traits: Resilient/Quick
Abilities: Endure, Quick Thinking

Using the Storytelling/Spearhead System by Storyteller.

Beneath the Mask
Starting a New Life
Cuddle Bug
Cuteness Equals Forgiveness
Desperately Craves Affection
Guilt Complex
Hates Being Alone
Did Not Die That Way

Body: Above average height for Auri women. Surprisingly not overly muscular for someone of her profession, though she does have some strength in her arms from years of practicing archery. The lack of apparent strength can likely be contributed to her year of inactivity when it came to fighting, and she has likewise recently put more focus on less dangerous pursuits.
Skin: Faint tan, but otherwise somewhat fair of colour. It tends to be smooth and well cared for, just like her scales.
Hair: Normally brown, long, and naturally curly. She tends to dye it with purple or red highlights, and on special occasions, is often seen having straightened it. When practical attire is more convenient, she usually ties it into a ponytail. Recently, she has dyed it black, and often sticks to the ponytail.
Eyes: One of her more striking features. Bright turquoise, with even bright limbal rings to match. At times, she seems self-conscious when people stare at them for too long.
Scars: Smaller scars around her body, but none from significant wounds. For a warrior, this might mean she has not seen much combat compared to others of the same profession.

Clothes: Haruka enjoys fashion immensely. While no stranger to practical clothing, she will always favour more fashionable and stylish attire when possible, and takes great pride in assembling an outfit for any occasion. Her wardrobe seems to have a large variety of clothing, though there are certain casual sets she seems particularly fond of; a blue and grey tunic with a grey hat to match, paired with pants and leather boots; a teal top paired with leggings and sandals; and a purple poncho she often wears along with boots made in traditional Auri fashion.
Jewellery: While Haruka has never paid much attention to jewelry, she has in more recent times come to wear a certain few pieces. Around her neck there is usually a cherry blossom choker - a gift from her significant other - that she has started to pair with a corsage in her hair. Around her wrist she tends to wear a bracelet made of gold and red threads, with a silver plaque on it. She also has a ring on her left ring finger.
Weaponry: Haruka has had a few different weapons of note since coming to Eorzea; the katana she inherited from her mother, Chiyoshio, was reforged into a pair of wakizashi named Kakoumaru, though she is rarely seen carrying them. When she does carry a weapon with her, it is often the katana she received most recently - an unnamed Antei sword passed down from her father, which she ended up naming Kyuusai Antei. She also owns a bow with no notable history, nor name.


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Romantic Interest
Neutral relation
💘 Crush
Negative relation
Platonic Love
Hostile relation
Positive relation
Lost/Minimal contact
Highly respected

💘 Suzui Mitsuhara (鈴姫; bell princess | 三原; three fields) | Haruka’s former liege. Rekindled her love for life, and gave her the desire to see the world. While Haruka held romantic feelings for her, she did not realize it until years after her death - where she also discovered the woman held feelings for Haruka, in return. Suzui was a dear friend more than she was a master, and Haruka looks back on their time together fondly.
N’xai Ardaea | Moth’s former significant other and one of the first people Haruka befriended upon reaching Eorzea. She treasures him dearly.
Theocin Ashgarde | A young man Haruka met shortly after moving to Mist. He has since become something of a brother figure for her.
Larxas Dotharl | A Xaela of the “Whorlbane Wayfarers.” She had few expectations of him at first, and even found him quite crude - but as she came to know him more, she eventually found a friend in him.

Whorlbane Wayfarers | A Maelstrom unit based in Mist. Haruka has befriended many of the soldiers, and trusts the team greatly.
Hunter's Howl | A team of Hunters Haruka was introduced to through Cedrick Slovahl. Does not interact much with them, but is friends with several of the members.

Mother: Suijin no Ayaka (恵花; blessed flower)| Passed away due to consumption. Role model for Haruka.
Father: Seiken no Yasei (夜声; voice of night | 聖剣; sacred sword)| Also known as Ryouken no Yasei. Haruka initially resented him, but the details surrounding his death were later revealed to her, leaving her with complicated feelings on the matter.
Sibling: Seiken no Yazan (夜惨; harsh night)| Formerly Suijin no Sayuka (幸結花; flower of a happy union). A figure Haruka looks up to greatly - there is no one she would rather praise.



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