Amethyst Dracht

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Amethyst Dracht
Knowledge is only one half.

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Name... Adelia kir Medea
Alias... Amethyst Dracht
Age... Twenty-four
Gender... Female
Race... Hyur
Clan... Highlander (Garlean)
Orientation... Heterosexual
Marital... Taken
Deity... None
Nationality... Garlean
Occupation... Resistance Fighter (IIIrd Legion, Veteran Engineer)
Alignment... True Neutral
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The woman is short for a Highlander but average height for a Garlean. Only a few Purebloods are actually taller than she is. Her third eye is always hidden by magic, really only shown in the company of her lover. Her body is showing newly defined muscles. A life of tinkering changed when she went undercover and began to learn the ways of the Warrior. She can easily heft an axe over her head and use it in combat now. Along with her gunblade.

Scars & Markings: She is covered in various little scars from cuts and burns from her various experiments. Her specialty is Magitek and because of that, her body bares the marks. The biggest scar is on her left side-- left from an experiment gone wrong that nearly killed her.

Voice: ---

Clothing: Most of the time, she is in lighter clothing that shows skin, to give the illusion that she is someone from Eorzea. But more often than not, she is finer clothing. Far more regal and uniform.


  • Tinkering/Building New Things
  • Learning/Researching
  • Music/Dancing


  • Bigots
  • Savages
  • Being Invisible


  • Being forgotten
  • Being sent back to Garlemald
  • Losing her loved ones


  • Favorite Food: ---
  • Favorite Drink: ---
  • Favorite Color: ---

Color Key
In A Relationship: Name is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Name is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Name is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Name considers this person family.
Friend: Name considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Name considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Name has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

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Fear: Name is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Name consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

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Deceased: This character has passed away.
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Friends and Family

[Rafailleur Sangmarche] - The Love of her Life
Someone she met when she was a teenager, going through the last classes of the Academy. She only met him through Crassus. She claimed that he made Magitek sing in a way that no one else can. She was assigned to Eorzea by his father to keep an eye on him. To her, he is everything the Empire should be and he is more Garlean than anyone else she knows. She will do anything and everything to keep him safe.
Crassus rem Sanguis - The Father She Wanted
Befriending him in the Academy and then joining his unit, he quickly became someone she considered a dear friend, as she did not have many of them growing up. She kept in contact with him as she went to Eorzea and watched over his son. She is taking his murder harder than what most can see. He was killed before the events of Stormblood
Belladonna nan Slater - A Good Friend
One of the few people Ame calls a close friend. They have not been able to know each other long but their friendship is budding and something both of them need.
Oriana jen Medea - Little Sister
One of Aedlia's little sisters who has joined the military. A recent graduate of a medical academy, she joined the military and was assigned to the Castrum where her sister was recovering from an attack. They get along well for the most part, learning from each other.


Cassius rem Batiatus - Fuckface
A political rival of Crassus and the man responsible for his death, along with the death of his loyal men. Adelia wants nothing more than to make sure he receives justice. Update: she watched as he was finally killed, by the hand of Aelius.
Zheng goe Diremite - The Leader
Leader of the Fustuarium and current superior of Adelia and Aelius. After being in his legion long enough, she has a respect for him and what he does. She is also incredibly honest with him, treating him as she did Crassus.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "That axe is bigger than she is!"
    "How can someone so pale be from Limsa?"
    "She is a lucky bitch to have that Elezen man on her arm."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "She always seems to be messing with technology. Where is she getting it?"
    "I could swear I've seen a Magitek bit flying around her."
    "She seems sad."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using! [Used only by Garleans.]

    "Her parents don't care if she lives or dies."
    "The higher ups of the government seem to be keeping a close watch on her."
    "Have you noticed she doesn't look much like her father?"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name

Stories are in chronological order.

    "For the Empire."[1]
    Context: - Ame's reason for fighting
    "The Incident."[2]
    Context: A life changing battle for Ame and Raf
    "Two Weeks."[3]
    Context: Ame's recovery

    "To Know Love."[4]
    Context: Ame's thoughts on the subject
    "Saying Goodbye."[5]
    Context: The first step to Ame saying goodbye to the man she considered a father.
    [Link Here Title]
    Context: ---

    [Link Here Title]
    Context: ---
    [Link Here Title]
    Context: ---
    [Link Here Title]
    Context: ---

Songs used set a mood, lyrics may not reflect the views of my character. Please mind your speakers when clicking the links.

    "In Hushed Whispers"[6]
    Artist: Dragon Age: Inquisition OST
    "Alex's Theme"[7]
    Artist: Silent Hill: Homecoming OST
    "Love Exists"[8]
    Artist: Amy Lee

    "Shot in the Dark"[9]
    Artist: Within Temptation
    "Don't Let Go"[10]
    Artist: Delain
    "I Burn in You"[11]
    Artist: Lacuna Coil

    "Good Enough"[12]
    Artist: Evanescence
    Artist: Blue Stahli

Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.
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■ Ame's Tumblr: [14]
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