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Anaguma Kenesa
The Renegade
"I just look after me kith an' kin, understand? Had enough a' riskin' me naked arse every sennight fer' another gaggle a' flashy gudgeons runnin' some dumpy bowse racket."
core profile

PRONOUNCIATION: [ɑ:nɑ:gʊmɑ:] [kenesɑ:]

IMPERIAL NAME: Aetius Ferrum [eɪti:ʌs] [ferʌm]

RACE/CLAN: Mongrel (Hybrid of Far Eastern Hyur/Garlean)

AGE: Mid-twenties

HEIGHT: Five fulm and seven ilm

BUILD: Athletic

NAMEDATE: 15th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon, 1553 (Mar 15)

PATRON DEITY: Llymlaen Icon.png Llymlaen, the Navigator


EPITHET: Anaguma the Renegade

TITLES: Master Ferrum, aan, Lord of the Kenesa Clan

BIRTHPLACE: Aboard a vessel on the Rhotano Sea

NATIONALITY: Limsa Lominsa


MARITAL STATUS: Theresa Kenesa, née Kells (Estranged)

OCCUPATION:  Fisherman/Contractor/Shinobi

ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

A former vagabond raising a family, all the while making peace with his past and heritage.
appearance at a glance
Face & Voice Claim
Face created via

Despite Final Fantasy XIV's rather limited customisation options, Anaguma does not have a real world face claim, instead it is as currently displayed on this page. Voice-wise, his is the same as Ardbert's, however Anaguma's dialect is much less formal and incorporates a fair amount of slang and Thieves' Cant. 5.0 SPOILER : Anaguma speaks.

Red Colts Tattoo

The dark red tattoo on Anaguma's right cheekbone is shaped like an ornate dagger. It was once the emblem of the Red Colts, a small gang of young cutthroats that could be found in Limsa Lominsa's Lower Decks in the last years of the Sixth Astral Era. Being one of its few remaining members, most having perished in the Seventh Umbral Calamity, the mark is coincidentally similar in design to his Red Mercies. There may be a deeper meaning to the nomenclature...

Ferrum Family Genes

Those with direct relations to the Ferrum family have primarily two traits; Their eyes are like the frozen landscape of Garlemald itself, and their hair a shade of pale blonde. Receiving a glare from Anaguma can be understandably intimidating, a chill of ice that somehow masks a hidden fire beneath it. He has mostly outgrown his blonde hair due to his mother's genes, but one does not have to look hard to find what remains.

Kenesa Clan Half-Plate
Shinobi gear. A combination of leather and plate, adorned with Far Eastern textiles.
Fisherman Attire
A three piece outfit of shirt, jacket, and scarf. Everyday wear for everyday life.

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  • Gil and anything valuable.
  • Ocean fishing.
  • Peace and quiet.
  • Lominsan Red (rum).


  • Marmots.
  • Complaining, lectures, uninformed opinions.
  • Free companies.
  • Those thieving Qiqirn.


  • Very independent in most situations.
  • Fight or flight, he does both well.
  • Highly unorthodox sometimes, but quite clever.


  • Generally dismissive of unfamiliar people.
  • Often too proud to accept help, ninjas work alone.
  • Generally unwilling to try new things, a creature of habit.


  • Losing his family and his home.
  • A Garlean resurgence into Eorzea.
  • Fatally underestimating an opponent.


  • Anaguma is fluent in Thieves' Cant and incorporates it into his regular speech, though it varies depending on who he is speaking to.
  • When heavily intoxicated and Tempest Fey is present, Anaguma will put "the moves" on her as if they've never met before.
  • His personality changes when a red glow is in his eyes, believed to be his soul crystal affecting his disposition.

Combat, skills, & abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

As per the implied "hide in plain sight" message of his clan tenets, Anaguma will not defer to the shinobi arts in combat unless pushed. He instead approaches opponents with the more "rough and tumble" disposition commonly found in Limsa Lominsa's scoundrels.

And unlike those scoundrels with their more conventional stabbers, Anaguma's idea of stabbers are his Red Mercies, a special commission of Naldiq & Vymelli's Misericordes (the Ishgardian word meaning "mercy"), in which he has aptly named.

Each misericorde consists of a pair of tempered blades attached to a polished grip, thick enough to parry larger arms yet thin enough to strike through the gaps between armour plates. Via a complex system of gears, the blades can be folded back for storage or concealment. These gears, however, must be oiled regularly lest they jam upon the blades' release.

Anaguma is a Jōnin (lit. High Ninja) and is capable of three-mudra ninjutsu much like Yugiri Mistwalker, Karasu Redbeak, and Oboro Moonrise. "Ninjas work alone" is a phrase that is perpetuated deep within the magical arithmetic of ninjutsu itself. As such, Anaguma prefers to work exclusively with mundane characters if forced into a group. His own ninjutsu contains a unique characteristic, the immediate area permeating a strong smell of ozone.

High steel kris.png
Red Mercies
A special set of red Misericordes commissioned at Naldiq & Vymelli's in Limsa Lominsa.
Death Blossom.png
Throwing Knives
Sheathed in the forearms of his gauntlets are several throwing knives.
Soul of the ninja.png
Otonabe's Soul
A mysterious heirloom passed down throughout eras. Said to have first originated from Shinobi-no-Sato during the time of Sasuke.
Smoke Screen.png
Smoke & Flash Bombs
A shinobi's escape tools. As Anaguma has crafted his with local Limsan ingredients, they may spontaneously combust.
Rogue Icon 3.png
Thieves Tools
Contains a few files, lockpicks, a small mirror, a pair of narrow-bladed scissors, a pair of pliers, and some screwdrivers.
The Kenesa Clan
Mblank banner.png

The sigil of the Kenesa clan, the Ke character of the Doman alphabet.

The Kenesa Clan's history is entirely encompassed within the days before the events of The Battle of Ghimlyt Dark. Anaguma, wounded from an encounter in Ala Mhigo, took shelter within the now ruined Specula Imperatoris to lick his wounds, hidden from the Eorzean Alliance as their supply lines mobilised towards Ghimlyt. Come nightfall and with only a small campfire as company, Anaguma properly acknowledged that his actions had finally reflected his ancestry. The Kenesa Clan began that very night for him and his family, a Ke character scratched onto the metal wall of facility.

The Kenesa Clan is very atypical from what is expected of a standard shinobi clan, namely the absence of a traditional regime. Its motivations lie in acknowledging how other clans operate, but only applying their methods in a complementary manner. The result is an informal clan that, by instinct, only seeks to serves its own interests.

Clan Uniform

Unlike those more notable groups such as the Fuma, Iga, or Nagae clans, the Kenesa Clan does not adopt an official uniform for itself. Instead the clan embraces its grassroots origins by making do with one's current possessions and sense of self. So whether it be cloth, leather, or plated armour, a member of the clan simply adorns their current wear with a red tapestry of Far Eastern textiles.

Clan Sigil

The Kenesa Clan adopts the Ke character of the Doman alphabet. It's often interpreted that the character symbolises a master and student, or given the clan's nature as family orientated, a parent and child. The four red markings flickering around the border represent the clan's four tenets, their use of red adornments, and their four signature ninjutsu.

Clan Tenets
  • Hide in plain sight. "Dancin' the ol' Shadow Jig's best done without an audience, 'cos the stabbers'll come out after the clappin' stops."
  • Conceal your intentions. "Unless the other coves are honest gentlemen, either shut yer' trap or start talkin' gibberish."
  • Trust your instincts. "All that sick sloshin' around yer' gut's actually a blessin' in disguise. That or ye ate somethin' queer."
  • Strike the shepherd. "Havin' a nice chat with a racket's top dog usually makes 'is gulls scatter...err, emphasis on usually."
Clan Members
  • Anaguma Kenesa, First Lord
  • Tempest Fey
  • Genevieve Kenesa

Kenesa Clan Ninjutsu

Note: In addition to the core NIN job skills, Anaguma has developed his own ninjutsu over the years with the assistance of his soul crystal.

Signature Techniques
Jonetsudan (lit. Ardour Bullet)
A red sphere of unaspected aether, similar in form and function to both a Rasengan and Spirit Ball.
Second Wind red.png
Otonabe Kihakusen (lit. Ancestor's Spirit Flash)
A risky fusion of the Huton and Second Wind techniques, to reinvigorate oneself and enhance their reflexes.
Kage Sanmiittaiken (lit. Shadow Trinity Fist)
An iteration of a Bunshin technique. The user summons (generally two) shadow clones to aid them.
Mizu Gumo Dōsa (lit. Water Spider Behaviour)
An escape tool, Anaguma can quickly stride across bodies of water as if they were solid ground, like a water spider.
Limit Break
Otonabe Kihakusen
Kage Sanmiitaiken
Last Rebellion
An all-or-nothing triple manoeuvre of ninjutsu coming together in a single, overwhelming attack.

Note: Anaguma's life is a smaller, unintrusive story that takes place within, and references the larger events of the Final Fantasy XIV canon.

yanxia: prologue
1552, 4th Umbral Moon: Doma's Last Stand
Built into natural rock with openings fashioned in the shape of a full moon, this series of colossal portals regulate traffic upon the One River.

Since 1528 of the Sixth Astral Era the Garlean warmachine had swept across the eastern continent of Hydaelyn, twenty-four years of subjugation to most, and utter obliteration to defiant. It was now that the Empire stood at the crux of total conquest of Othard, and their final target now lay before them across the One River; Doma itself.

Invading from Doma's west, the Empire swiftly called upon the might of their aerial division to cross threshold of the Dairyu Moon Gates. Dozens of magitek juggernauts approached the city-state from on high, ready to land hundreds of ground forces behind enemy lines. But one after the other all craft that approached plummeted from the sky and into the Glittering Basin, now littered with the corpses of soldiers and smoldering wreckage. Imperial command scrambled upon witnessing their devastating losses, but none could properly determine the causality with little more than the final panicked communications of the doomed craft.

Unbeknownst to their foe was a collaborative effort of Doma’s geomancers and shinobi, having supplanted themselves along the length of the Moon Gates. Their consecutive application of ninjutsu and geomancy disrupted the local aether currents, immediately ceasing the sustained flight of all approaching craft. With the airborne invasion deemed an embarrassment, imperial forces were quick to commission a new forward base in Yanxia; Castrum Fluminis, the Empire's new spearhead into the city-state. All celebration within Doma quickly fell silent, as their sentries spotted the concerted construction works across the One River. It was but a matter of time before they found themselves at the mercy of Garlemald, and they had not the manpower for open conflict. It had now become a war of attrition.

Garlemald, anticipating an opportunistic retaliation from their foe, despatched several manipuli to the surrounding settlements around the Fluminis site. Some malms to the west the riverside hamlet of Ashi would awake to an imperial force one-hundred men strong, and under the command of Atticus quo Ferrum.

A young centurio at the time, Atticus was the firstborn of four children to Magnus fae Ferrum, a Garlean praefectus whose estate saw exponential growth upon his discovery of underground ceruleum aquifers. Magnus successfully privatised the resource and his family saw a grant of noble status, which Atticus promptly seized in order to marry Aeliana Soranus, and bore him a daughter named Aurelia two years prior.

Ruthless and efficient, Atticus was the model officer in the eyes of his superiors, however the young man's decorum deviated when their gaze was averted. Prone to complacent behaviour once comfortable with his station, his breaches of military conduct could vary from mild transgressions to matters far more serious. Soldiers whispered of him abducting the local women to his quarters and in Ashi was this no different, Atticus had taken a liking a fisherwoman named Homura Kenesa...

Learning of the hostage situations in Yanxia, it was clear their foe was playing on their honour and goading them into action, and meanwhile the construction of Castrum Fluminis could be seen progressing exceedingly quickly. It was known to be a matter of time Doma be forced to surrender, and the shinobi clans would attempt to evacuate those still held in Yanxia to more peaceful lands. Any seaworthy vessels were quietly moored at the One River delta, provisioned and ready for evacuation.

The last ditch effort for Doma’s people had truly begun, and Garlemald knew they would be coming.

1552, 6th Umbral Moon: The Battle of Ashi
Established twenty-five years ago as an advance post for the invasion of Doma, the castrum served for a time afterwards as an administrative center for the Imperial occupation. As repairs on Doma Castle progressed, its occupants relocated to the city, abandoning it to nature.


1553, 1st - 2nd Astral Moon: The Journey West


la noscea: early life







Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
Former lover
Positive standing
Neutral standing
Negative standing
? Uncertain

family & relatives
Theresa Kenesa, The White Witch (Estranged).
Theresa "Tessa" Marie Kells is quite literally an otherworldly woman and an unlikely spouse for Anaguma. Like most of their free company at the time, he had despised her but now finds her absence difficult to accept. The nature of their personalities spiral their relationship out of control at times, but they persevered. Leaving their daughter Genevieve with her father, she has left the warm waters of Limsa Lominsa for Ishgard's frozen towers. He has not heard from his wife, but seems to catch glimpses of her around Limsa Lominsa's Aetheryte plaza...
Aurelia quo Ferrum, Half Sister.
The only legitimate child of Atticus and the commanding officer of her family's private "military". Having only met her younger brother once, she feels incredibly slighted that her father favours a scornful, illegitimate bastard child like Anaguma rather than his own daughter.
NPC: Genevieve Ephiny Kenesa, Little Starling.
"Eva" is the daughter of Anaguma and Theresa, inheriting her father's crystal blue eyes, and her mother's vibrant blonde hair. The nature of her birth hints she may be gifted, though Anaguma's priority is to raise her as a normal child. She is too young to understand, but her father does everything he can to ensure she never feels neglected, as he once was.
NPC: Atticus sas Ferrum, Father.
The head of House Ferrum in Garlemald and Anaguma's biological father, his attempts to build rapport with his illegitimate son have been rarely successful. Past rumours in Garlemald's political scene whisper of several other illegitimate children during the Invasion of Doma, however this is hastily dismissed as slander and no such records exist.

friends & adversaries
Dovienya Cuenn, Rose. ?
text text text . . .
Marcus Feral, Captain. ?
text text text . . .
Ahzra'li Lhomi, Lhomi. ?
text text text . . .
NPC: Sylbswerd Lydirgybal, Lummox.
text text text . . .
NPC: L'amiha Khaxi, Cutpurrse.
text text text . . .
Rumours & The Echo
Common Rumours & Quotes

  • "He has the most adorable little girl, she's always smiling!" - A fruit vendor.
  • "If yer in the market fer a haul a' blue octopus, young 'Naguma's yer man. Lad's good at catchin' 'em, and palms 'em off cheaper than other lackwits." - A fishmonger.
  • "I 'member 'im and 'is lot, a gaggle a' Eastern folk all hauled up on boat wunce upon a time. 'Aven't seen the rest of 'em, 'cept 'him...I wunder where they's buggered off to?" - A commoner.
  • "Sir, I understand your concern but we assure you there is nothing to fear from our longshoreman, I imagine his tattoo just hard to remove. If you deem my response as unsatisfactory, please direct your complaint to the front desk." - R'baharra, Mealvaan's Gate.

Rare Rumours & Quotes

  • "Y'know how them types hailin' the Far East all 'ave dark 'air an' dark eyes? Not this one, ain't like the rest. One look from 'im makes me uneasy, reckon 'tis those eyes a' his..." - A purveyor of bowse.
  • "Most amazin' thing I ever seen, well other than what the sky rainin' hellfire some five summers back...Anyroad, was mindin' me business at 'ol taphouse one fine evenin' when out the corner o' me good eye I see a lad start a scrap with a group o' sailors. All o' 'em ended up kissin' the 'ardwood floor, lad cleaned 'em up right good." - Another purveyor of bowse.

Players Rumours & Quotes

the echo

Note: The Echo is a rare ability that special individuals possess, some can resonate with the souls of other people and experience their past. Gifted characters in Anaguma's presence may experience one of these memories, but the circumstances remain strictly at my discretion.

Flashback #1

You find yourself in a small, dark room. You feel pressed against what feels to be rolls of fabric? No, not exactly a room, a linen closet maybe?

You're not alone, either. It's hard to see, but there is someone with you. Crystal blue irises stand out in the darkness, and what seems like a bright head of hair. Anaguma, it has to be, but...smaller and blonder than before? Younger.

Muffled voices can be heard from the outside. Young Anaguma seems to have an ear against to what must be the door, eavesdropping. You attempt to position yourself comfortably in the crowded space and listen in as well. Two men are arguing.

"...can't be serious, Soujirou."

"'Tis my decision to make. I am its guardian."

"His guardian. But we, myself included, are his servants. I will support whatever your decision may be, but they will not."

"Then what would you have me do, Tanzan? No matter the outcome, I would invite dishonour upon myself."

You hear an audible sigh. "Kazuma..."

" a very studious boy, yes." The man named Soujirou finishing Tanzan's sentence. "He would grow to be the embodiment of a shinobi's ideals should he continue on his path. But Otonabe does not call to Kazuma, Tanzan. It--he calls to Anaguma. To bestow Otonabe to Kazuma dishonours him and the memory of my clan and master. Should he go to Anaguma...'tis an insult to you, Kazuma, Nodoka, Hiro, Matsuba--everyone."

Deafening silence everywhere. Anaguma fidgets uncomfortably beside you. The room seems to sway gently, and you hear the sound of wood creaking. Could you be on a boat?

"We both love Anaguma like he were our own but...why does ancestor Otonabe call to a Garlean boy?"

"...I know not why."

"Hm. I am no onmyoji but there are stories of bonds between men and kami, surely you've heard them. Perhaps having him remain in Kazuma's presence may create such a bond? You would dishonour no one should your ancestor simply change his mind."

"Perhaps. I will meditate on the matter..." You hear a chair creak along the floorboards "...but we will speak of this another time, the boys have their next lesson shortly."

You hear Soujirou's footsteps grow quieter and quieter. The darkness begins to distort as you withdraw from the memory and return to the present day.

Flashback #2 - TBC


Flashback #3 - TBC


Artwork, screenshots, & music

other media


What Makes a Good Man?
Artist: The Heavy
Context: Character theme

Out of Character Information
plot hooks
Anaguma can only be encountered in specific areas of Vylbrand with his usual hotspots being Limsa Lominsa, Aleport, The Moraby Drydocks, and the La Noscean regions between them. Potential gateways for an RP scenario include but are not limited to:
Common Plot Hooks
Mealvaan's Gate Anaguma is often hired by the Arcanists Guild to act as a labourer to load/unload the ships that go to and from the city-state. Your character could be a sailor, a fellow employee, an arcanist, or simply a bystander.
The Lower Decks The dagger tattoo on Anaguma's cheek represents the mark of the Red Colts, a pre-Calamity Lower Decks gang consisting of roughly a dozen teenagers, their claim to fame being loitering and petty theft. Anaguma often haunts Fisherman's Bottom, or is among the crowds of Hawker's Alley.
Uncommon Plot Hooks
The Far East With his ice blue eyes and brown-blonde hair, Anaguma's name is the only thing that insinuates he has Far Eastern ancestry. However certain characters may recognise the subtle tells that may give away his identity as shinobi.
Rare Plot Hooks
Garlemald A communication from Garlemald has been broadcast to all imperial forces currently stationed in Aldenard and Vylbrand, from a Tribunis Angusticlavius Atticus sas Ferrum. Anaguma Kenesa; mid-twenties, five and seven tall, blue eyes, brown-blonde hair, dagger to be apprehended and submitted to the closest Castrum in proximity to his whereabouts for immediate extradition to the Capital.

important notes for prospective partners
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My characters can fight and do so expertly in their respective disciplines. When faced with another combat-capable opponent, I will follow the honour system of dice rolls. If faced against a novice, I reserve my right to dictate the outcome of the encounter. I expect a measure of common sense during fights, so any "special moves" or limit break abilities are at a GM's discretion, used sparingly to avoid depreciation, and only if they fit the situation. In terms of power they are scaled to be believable e.g. Anaguma's signature Jonetsudan will not blow through a blast door made of cermet, try as he might.

Creative Standards
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