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Sun'li Yhunja
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Hey! Call me Sun. If you need a hand, I have two.



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Suhn-lee Yooh-na

NICKNAMES... Sun; Li (family only)

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

GENDER... Male

AGE... 22

NAMEDAY... 6th Sun, 6th Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Demi-bisexual/romantic


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Gridanian, the Twelveswood

CITIZENSHIP... Gridanian

FAMILY... Third son, sixth eldest of eleven siblings

RESIDENCE... Officially has an estate in the Lavender Beds, but is rarely at home

OCCUPATION... Traveling Conjurer & Apothecary, also does odd jobs

PATRON DEITY... Azeyma, The Warden & Menphina, The Lover

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 3 ilms. 118 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good

General Information
Energetic Sun'li possesses an incredibly strong sense of responsibility, both for his family and for those around him. Try as he might, he can't turn a blind eye to those it is within his power to aid. However, he has an unfortunate tendency to leap before he looks - often leading to him having to fight his way out of many a sticky situation.

Despite his trusting nature, those who seek a gullible and defenseless victim will find themselves wanting. He is not as gentle as he looks. Those that bite his hand after having extended it in succor will find themselves quickly nursing a busted nose from his staff.

Alright there? Keep your chin up; things'll work out.
Rose-gold Rose-taupe, pale blond stripe Pale, easily sunburnt Slim but toned, built for speed Smooth and suited to comforting. Easy on the ears when he's speaking at a normal volume (but he's definitely not above shouting and cursing. Prolifically.)
Cheerful & confident Left None that are outright conspicuous. Miqo'te markings on his upper cheek; two large wing tattoos on his shoulder blades spanning his upper back and triceps. Favors practicality over fashion. Comfortable and durable jackets, long pants, sturdy boots & leather gloves in dark colors (usually red).
Hair & Eyes
The blond streak is natural and runs in the family. His eyes are bright, alert, and very expressive - truly the windows to his soul.
Physique & Appearance
Though he's slender at first glance, his musculature is lean and toned. Having had acrobatics training in his childhood from one of his sisters, he is flexible and light on his feet. He has long lashes, delicate features, and can objectively be considered pretty or boyishly cute.
Observed passively from afar, his small build and trusting nature makes him seem like he would make a target easily taken advantage of... right up until he opens his mouth. His straightforward way of speaking appears at odds with his soft looks, though he doesn't seem to notice the discrepancy.
Hygiene & Attire
Sun keeps an active lifestyle, constantly traveling from one place to another. He doesn't often find himself lacking funds, but is also good at surviving off the land and has no qualms with washing where he can - whether it be an inn or a stream. He favors comfortable and sturdy clothing in dark colors, usually red.
Psychological Profile
Naturally extroverted, Sun is easy to laugh with and kind to the point of naivety. He is an idealist at heart who likes to look for the best in people - even the self-proclaimed 'broken' ones. Despite having been burned multiple times by his tendency to always give the benefit of the doubt, he retains an optimistic outlook on life. He is always ready with a smile and a corny joke, but will recognize when the situation calls for sobriety.
However, he's not all honeyed words. In fact, he's terrible at them. If the situation calls for it, he can be very blunt, spearing into the heart of a problem with unrepentant ruthlessness.
On a similar vein, he's not very good at reading the 'mood'... most of the more subtle overtures, romantic or otherwise, will fly right over his head. The respect he has for women is often taken to such an extreme that he's hesitant to put even a friendly hand on their shoulder without permission. He has no such qualms with men and often is very physical with affection, but even the most common romantic gestures would be taken as an expression of friendship.
His voice is probably a touch deeper than what people expect from his boyishly delicate looks. He has a smooth voice when speaking normally, but when agitated, his voice tends to sharpen around consonants and deepen further, nearing a growl. He can sing well, but only does so on request.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
He has a very strong moral compass and is often quite loud about it. Though he is a bit too trusting, he is far from defenseless. Despite favoring amicable resolutions, he won't shy away from confrontation and is quite stubborn when it comes to his ideals.
His staff definitely gets equal use as a focus for healing and as a blunt force instrument. Needless to say, he won't throw the first punch, but he will finish the fight.
■ Finds it hard to sleep without hugging something solid or crushed under some heavy weight - his younger siblings used to dogpile (catpile?) him while they slept, and he got used to it. Similarly finds ambient noise to be soothing and can’t rest peacefully if it’s dead silent.
■ Can’t sit still unless he’s really tired. Always tapping his feet, drumming his fingers, etc.
■ Respects women to the point of intimidated obeisance, especially if they’re older than him.
■ Thick skinned and rarely bruises - but (ironically) sunburns easily.
■ Prone to ear pulling if annoyed or agitated (his own and others', depending on if they're within reach).
■ Very tactile and affectionate with friends. The closer you are to him, the less he will respect your personal space.
● Platonic skinship
● Taking care of others
● Dad jokes
● Friendly competition
● Staring death in its face & yelling "NOT TODAY"
● Wasting food
● Being in debt
● Feeling useless
● Deadlines
● Conjury
● Herbalism
● Alchemy
● Survival skills
● Odd jobs

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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Basic Statistics
Despite what his gentle looks and lithe build may initially suggest, Sun is quite strong and fully capable of handing out a thorough beating.
Aetheric Abilities
He's a skilled conjurer who studied closely under the guidance of Brother E-Sumi-Yan and the strict hand of his mother.
Weapon Training
Unconventionally, he often uses his staff as a blunt force instrument - a habit yet again picked up from his heavy-handed mother.
Combat Relevant Skills
Bereft of his staff, he is average at hand-to-hand combat. However, he's fast and hard to catch.
Non-Combat Abilities
ACROBAT: He's very slippery and resourceful of his surroundings. Fast and flexible due to acrobatics training from his sister in his childhood, he keeps his skills polished and his body in top performance.
Combat Abilities
CURE: Basic cure spell. Easy for him as breathing.
STONE: Earth-aspected offensive spell. He doesn't often use this unless he's at range, but even then he'd rather just pick up a rock and throw it.
AERO: Wind-aspected offensive spell. Also doesn't often use this unless he's at range.
STAFF WHACK: A nice, traditional beatdown with Sun's trusty staff. The ouch factor depends on whether he has one or two hands to grip. Better hope it's one...
OOC Note
Though Sun is skilled at fighting, he is by no means invincible or over-powered! In fact, someone could easily goad him into a disadvantage by preying on his emotions and protective nature. When fighting alone, he is particularly bad against silver-tongued opponents and has a hard time keeping his cool.
Also, as limber as he is, there is no denying he is realistically quite short and light, so he would be sorely pressed in a show of pure muscle.

As the sixth eldest of eleven siblings, Sun'li is the middle child of an enormous, eclectic family. His mother and father ran the family business as a guard and escort service for merchants passing through the Twelveswood to places like Mor Dhona and occasionally, Coerthas. It was a business they would eventually hand down to their eldest daughter, Sunha, who currently runs it.

With Sunha bearing the main weight of the family legacy, it left Sunyi and Sunyu, Sun'li's twin older sisters, to care for their younger siblings. At the time, the twins were in training to join a prestigious Ul'dahn entertainment troupe - which left them precious little time for their own practice, let alone for babysitting. To save themselves extra effort, they came up with the brilliant idea of combining both.

Thus Sun'li and their younger sisters accompanied them to training: Yu taught Sun'li the acrobatics that would serve him well through his later years, and Yi taught him fundamental breath control useful not only for singing, but also for endurance and meditation.

As unconventional as it was, Sun'li found both skills to be good supplements to conjury - an art his mother had introduced to him at a young age, being a talented conjurer herself. Deepening his practice through the years under his mother's watch and Brother E-Sumi-Yan's guidance, he eventually became skilled enough to tutor aspiring conjurers at Stillglade Fane atop his newfound responsibilities at home. Now that the twins had left the nest and his older brothers had no one to curtail their slacking, it was up to Sun'li to care for his younger sisters.

And care for them he did. Maybe a little too much... because the moment he stopped smothering them and left for a short trip to Limsa Lominsa on Brother E-Sumi-Yan's request, his younger sister Sunhi insisted he had been kidnapped and stowed away on an airship bound for Limsa to "rescue" him. Naturally, this sent him on a wild goose chase to find her...

But with Sun'li being the way he was, he couldn't say no to anyone needing help. While on the search for his sister, he found himself accepting requests from the odd folk, running around all over Eorzea doing what favors he could.

Sixth Astral Era
Sun'li had a loving (if chaotic) childhood that shaped him into the cheerful and optimistic man he is today. As the sixth child in his family, his mother already had experience nipping bad habits in the bud and, along with his older sisters, raised him with both care and discipline.

Seventh Umbral Era
Though under atypical circumstances, Sun'li has also left home like his elder siblings to seek his own calling. With open eyes and a curious spirit, he has come to discover how incredibly vast and colorful the world is past his home in the Twelveswood.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
Sun'li has since established contact with Sunhi and, reassured that she is in fact alive and kicking, forges onto new pastures with both relief and his family's blessing. Currently, he travels around collecting rare materials for apothecaries, doing the occasional odd job, and of course, extending a helpful hand to those who might need it.

Relationship Status Legend

Sunha Yhunja: Eldest sister who runs the family business. No-nonsense and a ruthless businesswoman.
"Ha is... well, let's just say you wouldn't want to get on her bad side. I love her to death, but she's seriously scary."
Sun'a Yhunja: Eldest son who keeps the family business ledgers. Constantly lethargic and sleeps all day and night.
"Sometimes I wonder how 'Ah sleeps so damn much. We've had him checked out by healers from all over, not just us... man, is he really okay like this?"
Sunyi Yhunja: Songstress and aetherial manipulator for an Ul'dahn entertainment troupe. Quiet and serious, a woman of few words.
"She doesn't say much, but Yi is the most gentle person I know - yes, even counting Brother E-Sumi-Yan. -laughs- She taught me a lot growing up; I'm in her debt."
Sunyu Yhunja: Acrobat and dancer for an Ul'dahn entertainment troupe. A sharp-tongued, relentless perfectionist.
"Gods, Yu is nearly as scary as Ha... but if you manage to meet her standards, it's the best feeling in the world. I owe a lot to her too."
Sun'to Yhunja: Second son and older brother, a self-proclaimed poet in constant search of love. Flighty and lazy.
"Honestly, what in Menphina's name is 'To doing? Where even is he? ...Th- Did you just say Thavnair? How on Hydaelyn - you know what, never mind. I don't want to know."
Sunhi Yhunja: Younger sister closest to his age that is scatterbrained, hyperactive, and always getting into trouble.
"Twelve above, if anyone's going to worry me into an early grave, it's her. I'll pray to every single deity in existence if it meant her luck never ran out."
Sunsa Yhunja: Younger sister studying archery. A crybaby trying to find courage.
"Sa has a good heart. She's strong and she'll get there, I know it. Of my sisters, I probably write her and Ne the most often."
Sunne Yhunja: Adopted sister of unknown age, likely younger. A shy Raen who moonlights as an amateur romance novelist.
"Ne is great, but sometimes I really don't know what's going on in that mind of hers. I send souvenirs on my travels, and sometimes she requests very specific books. Which is fine, but when I ask for them at the shop, the bookkeep will look at me strangely. What in Azeyma's name is that sister of mine reading...?"
Sunan Yhunja: Younger sister studying conjury. Stubborn and hot-headed with a big mouth.
"Er... I really hope An is treating Brother E-Sumi-Yan well. Calm as he is, even his patience couldn't possibly be infinite..."
Sunai Yhunja: Youngest sister still being homeschooled. A bright child brimming with curiosity.
"Who's been taking care of Ai's education since I've been gone? ...Ha? Seriously? Well... tell her to take it easy, okay? "
S'ven Tia: Butts heads with him often. Somehow, S'ven alway knows exactly what to say to rub Sun the wrong way. And yet, they keep running into each other.
"That guy! You know those people who do things just to deliberately piss you off? He. Is. One. Of. Them!"
Y'shenn Tia: An excitable Seeker who helped him out in a pinch. With his energy and puppy-like enthusiasm, Y'shenn reminds him of his younger siblings.
"You know how sometimes you meet someone by chance and think, 'Wow, what a cool guy'? Well, that's definitely Y'shenn for you. I swear his muscles have muscles, but for how weirdly strong he is, he's not intimidating at all. -laughs-"
Former Acquaintances
Haname Yumishi: It's been a while, but the girl he tutored while she was studying Conjury was constantly smiling, even if she did have a tendency to fall asleep in class.
"Haname? Yeah, of course I remember! Sweet girl. She was friends with Hi, if I recall. Put together, they were kind of... troublemakers. -laughs- Hope she's doing well."

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Aye, that pink-lookin' one? I saw 'im. Came in, asked ol' Baderon some questions, 'n left righ' quick. Didn't even stay for a drink. Poor sod, I'd hate to be that busy. Well, more for us."
Drunk Patron, the Drowning Wench
"Did you see that crazy Miqo'te at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange? He looked halfway to heatstroke and refused to take off his jacket. You'd think he was dressed for a trip to Ishgard! His funeral, I suppose..."
Curious Passerby, Ul'dah
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Word is that there's a cat who can get his hands on rare goods. Travels alone, sounds like a nice guy to do business with. Wanna see if we can catch him on the road?"
Suspicious Hyur, Aleport
"Every moon without fail, there's a man who comes into my shop. He beelines straight for the number puzzles, and then makes his way to the romance and folk tales section. He stands in front of that shelf muttering to himself for a while with a long list in hand..."
Kugane Bookkeep
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Oh, Sun? Yes, of course I know him. It's hard to get the right ingredients to stock our medicine at times, out of the way as we are, but he makes the trip out here when he can to ask after what we need. A kind boy, that one."
Family Apothecary, Yanxia
"That insolent one! When I enlightened him of our superiority as children of the Sun, he laughed in my face. Laughed! Mark me, I'll have his head the next we cross paths."
Incensed Oronir, the Azim Steppe
PC Rumors

To be added!

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

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Location & Probability
Everywhere is equally likely, whether in the field or in a City-state. He doesn't stay in one place very long, so it can be hard to get in touch unless you make plans with him in advance. (I'm perfectly willing to take advantage of lucky encounters though!)
City-State & Region: Gridania, the Twelveswood
Organization: Conjurer's Guild
Organization: The New Dawn Sanctuary
IC Inventory
The following items are things that he carries on his person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching him closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc).

Main Command 2 Icon.png

Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil.
Hawkbill Knife: A small talon blade affixed to Sun's upper right thigh.
Assorted Potions: Travel-sized vials of restoratives and remedies. For emergencies only and rarely used for himself.
Dried Fruit and Rations: Simple foods to keep on the go.
Leather Journal: A sturdy, grass-stained tome that contains field notes and personal reminders. He also presses herbs and flowers between its pages.
Sewing Kit: A small, portable sewing kit with spools of three colors: black, brown, and white.
Tied Satchets: Their contents usually change depending on where he is and whether or not he is on a job. They usually contain uncommon and exotic herbs.
Linkpearl: For communication with his family and friends, though he often breaks his on accident.
RP Info
Sun's main server is Mateus, but I also have an alt on Balmung! I have a strong preference for paragraph and plot-based RPs with some direction. If you don't have any in mind, I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas with you - just ask! I prefer Discord or Gdocs RP, as my working hours are unpredictable and those methods provide a measure of flexibility. If I'm not preoccupied in game, walk-up RP is also welcome! You can also reach me at Sun's tumblr!
I will play most forms of RP, from serious, darker themes (violence, conflict/crime, swearing, murder, etc.) to lighthearted fluff and humor. Relationship development (whether romantic or platonic) is welcome and encouraged, but MUST make sense and develop organically. Please keep in mind that he is very oblivious when it comes to romantic or sexual suggestions, unless it has been pretty much slapped point blank in his face.
Ask about long-term or permanent injury, scarring, long-term captivity or imprisonment, significant mental tampering, or anything that might dramatically change his character or render him unplayable for a long period of time.
I won't play permanent character death, permanent crippling, that would leave him unable to function independently, random ERP, rape and sexual forms of torture.
RP Hooks
Below is just a list of things Sun has been involved in! Feel free to use them as a springboard for RP ideas. For deeper plots and relationship development, I'd gladly brainstorm with you. I'm always happy to meet new RP friends!
■ Though he hasn't been home in a while, he's affiliated with the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania and returns to do favors for Brother E-Sumi-Yan when time allows.
■ On a similar vein, he's easily recognizable as a conjurer due to the two-handed staff strapped to his back. Need healing? He's your guy!
■ A huge fan of number puzzles from Kugane. Loves the spirited atmosphere of the Kogane Dori Markets, so he always spends some time there if he's in Othard. However, he speaks very broken Hingan and will resort to flailing hand gestures if there is a language barrier.
■ Scales cliffsides in search of rare plants (usually in the Azim Steppe). Probably induces secondhand anxiety in those who haven't seen him do it before...
■ When asleep in the field, he often hugs very large rocks on top of him. It probably looks like he's being crushed.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
Hi there! First off, thanks so much for visiting Sun's page. I'm new to making character wikis so this was a fun project to work on!

Secondly, I would like to make clear that although Sun is a warm-hearted and generally kind character, he can be very blunt and stubborn at times. I firmly draw the line between IC and OOC, and would like to ask that you extend the same courtesy during interactions. If Sun has any conflict with your character or vice versa, please do not take it personally.

As mentioned before, I have a strong preference for paragraph and plot-based RPs with some direction. If you don't have any in mind, I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas with you! I prefer Discord or Gdocs RP, as my working hours are unpredictable and those methods provide a measure of flexibility.
Character Lore Adherence
I tried to keep his character as lore-abiding as possible, though I am happy to RP with lore-bending characters. Lore-breaking character interactions, on the other hand, will need to be discussed.
■ He is not a Warrior of Light, nor does he possess the Echo.
■ Though he doesn't have the Echo, his aetherial sensitivity is more developed than the average person, and further deepened through years of practice in the Twelveswood.
■ Concerning languages, he mainly speaks the Common Eorzean tongue. A little bit of Hingan, complete with a thick accent and excessive charades.
Contact & Info
Tumblr Message
■ NA player (UTC -8)
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ Tumblr: Sun'li's Daybook
Sun'li Tropes


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