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Latest Activities (RP Hooks): Working at the Captain's Cabin and the New Dawn sanctuary.

Birth Name:Ahzra’li Lhomi



Gender: Male

Race & Clan: Miqo’te | Keeper of the Moon

Nameday: 19th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon.

Height 5 fulms, 7 ilms.

Weight: 125 ponze


Birthplace: The Twelveswood

Residence: La Noscea, Mists

Patron Deity: Menphina

Relationship Status: Married

Occupation: Business owner, hunter, wanderer

Disposition: Chaotic Good. | INFP.


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ahzra'li is a relatively tall Miqo'te, standing at least a few ilms taller than many of his kin. His facial features border on being soft with the exception of his eyes, which remain sharp and keen. He, like many Miqo'te, bears distinct heterochromia, one eye being a pale gold and the other a pale silver. Raven black hair falls to his collar bone, though sometimes he prefers to tie it back to be out of his way. He has exceptionally long fangs, even for a Keeper. His build is akin to an acrobat, being made of lithe muscle and little else. Lithe though he may be, he does not lack in power, and can pull the string of a longbow with habitual ease. His skin is clear, having no visible scars whatsoever - A curious thing for a seasoned hunter.

SCARS & MARKINGS: A clan marking at his forehead, and nothing else. His skin is curiously smooth and unmarred in any way. His left ear, however, lacks the mobility and flexibility of his right, suggesting there was some injury to it at some point.

VOICE: Deep, rumbling, as if speaking in a perpetual purr. Despite the sensuality in a voice like his, the effect is almost always lost due to his habit of speaking in a strict monotone.

ATTIRE: He prefers lightweight clothing that is easy to move around in. Traditional armor makes far too much noise for his liking. He is not nude as often these days, but he still prefers it when given the opportunity.

"Little by little, one travels far."

[ Watching ] [ Silent ] [ Contemplative ] [ Careful ] [ Idealistic ] [ Compassionate ] [ Wistful ]

A young, stoic Keeper of the Moon of nebulous origins, Ahzra’li claims himself little more than a roaming hunter. His love of the outdoors and getting lost within the wilderness in the darkest of nights is a secret to no one, as is the Keeper’s skill with a bow. His quiet, brooding nature is not uncommon for his kin, though every so often there is a glimpse of something more: His posture, his speech, the sharpness of his eyes… They all subtly suggest there is more to Ahzra’li than he says.


  • Solitude
  • Dragons
  • Sweets
  • Hunting
  • Music & Poetry


  • Crowds.
  • Coffee
  • Spending too long indoors
  • Impetuousness
  • Feeling lost


  • Typically carries at least one form of sweets on him at all times, usually candy or cookies.
  • Straight faced, rarely showing any form of emotion than what is absolutely necessary. However…
  • Personality can appear to change at the drop of a hat. When entertaining customers at his bar, he can move from stoic to warm and gregarious in a blink. Certain people can melt his stoicism away, showing the softer, caring side beneath.


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Sexual Interest
Business Associate
Out of Contact


Ahzra’Ii does not warm up to people easily. He prefers to watch and analyze someone from afar before making the decision to engage them. He is distrusting by nature, and though he wishes to see the good in everyone, he will assume the worst first. Because of this, he rarely starts off on good terms with anyone. Once someone does get on his good side, however, they discover a soft, unerringly loyal side to him that only a seldom few see.

Marcus Feral (
) - The Captain
A savvy businessman and ship captain, Ahzra’li met Marcus when seeking less than legal employment at a small black market establishment. Their relationship was hardly ideal at first, Ahzra’li believing Marcus to be arrogant and self-serving, but the Keeper decided to accept a quiet side project from Marcus in exchange for Marcus teaching him to read and write. Eventually, layers began to fall away between the two of them, and occasional intimacy soon turned to affection, then love. Through the past two years, the two have been through hell and back, weathering several terrible experiences, but doing so together. In recent months, they’ve bonded to one another, and though their current circumstances leave them with many questions, Ahzra’li has never questioned his feelings for Marcus, nor about remaining at his side.
Vado Mercier ( ) - The Engineer
An engineer, and the only person Ahzra’li trusts with his life beyond Marcus. Ahzra’li met Vado when the Seeker was assigned to work beneath him at a less than honorable organization. Their relationship began as professional, but the more they worked together, they slowly became confidants for one another, and formed a bond like no other. They’ve butt heads at times, both having their stubborn streaks, yet they both understand the importance of having one another in their lives. There are certain things Ahzra’li believes he can only confide in Vado about, and he strives to be the Seeker’s safe haven, as Vado is to him.
Sephirah Eruafnor ( ) - The Mage Hunter
A former contact of Marcus’s and Dovienya’s, Ahzra’li met Sephirah out in the field. Though he never knew the man very well, he admired Sephirah’s dedication and fearlessness, even faced with prospects others would find terrifying. He followed Sephirah’s progress from afar, doing what he could to aid him in his time of need. Now that Sephirah is recovered, Ahzra’li has plans to approach the man, not only to finally get to know him, but to pursue a possible path forward for him.
Oksana Bayaqud ( ) - The Scout
During his brief stint as a spymaster for Dovienya’s court, Ahzra’li had many people out of sight who reported to him. While few he ever got to know personally, one that he did was a young Xaela who goes by Oksana. Warm-hearted, if a little naïve, Ahzra’li originally believed her to be too gentle or too forgiving for some of the jobs he assigned her to, but was proven wrong on several occasions. Since separating from Dovienya, Oksana was one of the few who broke off with him. Though Ahzra’li has since cut ties with most of his spies, he and Oksana still manage to get word to one another here and there.
Sebra’li Jinfeh ( ) - Bar Host
When Ahzra’li was planning to open his first business, a small bar for gentlemen, Sebra’li was among the first that came to him expressing his interest in the job. He hired the fellow Keeper under the guise of his business name Ander, and their relationship has remained mostly professional throughout their few months of work together. Sebra’li strikes Ahzra’li as guided by his emotions, which is something Ahzra’li tends to be wary of. Nevertheless, Sebra’li has proven to be dedicated and well-liked by customers, which Ahzra’li is grateful for.
Jakkh’a Mhaura ( ) - Bouncy Bar Host
An enthusiastic young Keeper whom can’t seem to keep still for a moment. Ahzra’li hired Jakkh’a as a bar host for the Captain’s Cabin, and while he hadn’t had any experience as such, he has proved to be a fast learner and a true charmer of customers. There seems to be no one who is not fond of Jakkh’a, and Ahzra’li is no exception to the rule, even if it’s only shown in leaving a few snacks for the Keeper to devour after his shifts.
Marius nan Ferrum () - The Visionary
Victor Argyris () - The Protoge
Marius’s protégé, and a man who sparks far too much fear and confusion in Ahzra’li than he is willing to admit. The only thing Ahzra’li tells people of Victor is to kill him on sight. For all the troubles Victor has given him and those close to him, when Ahzra’li had the opportunity to kill him himself, he found himself unable to do it, instead sparing the man’s life in an attempt to inspire compassion in him. Only time will tell if the Keeper will regret his decision.
Zero quo Nasidius () - The Tempered
The head of security at the 42nd Imperial Research Facility, and one of the senior staff beneath Marius. Zero and Ahzra’li originally had a pact to work together, both for their own reasons. Though Zero has given him little reason not to trust him, Ahzra’li harbors an admittedly unjustified grudge against him for circumstances Zero truly had no control over. It has been some time since Ahzra’li has heard from Zero, and the Keeper suspects their agreement may have been discovered.
Dovienya Cuenn ( ) - The Rose
The Rose of the Obsidian Court, Marcus’s former wife, and Ahzra’li’s former lover. His relationship with Dovienya was one of growth, and he still credits Dovienya for helping him break through the bonds of fear to become a stronger person. She taught him of the arts, how to fit in with high society, and how to thrive as a spymaster, while he in turn offered her a raw, honest love that she did not see from Marcus. Dovienya’s interests turned towards others after a few brief months, however, sparking Ahzra’li’s jealousy, and the two gradually drifted apart. It wasn’t until Dovienya turned against Marcus that Ahzra’li realized that his loyalty to her was lost, and though the situation was eventually amended, the Keeper was unable to forgive her for what transpired, and left her circle for good.
Y’ashe Bajhiri ( ) - The Raven
Ahzra’li’s former employer, and the first true friend he ever had. Fractured and uncertain, Y’ashe showed Ahzra’li the patience and gentleness he needed to let his walls down, and he in turn did much the same for her. The two bonded through pain and trial after trial, and there were few who were as important as Y’ashe was to Ahzra’li. The unkindled romance between them remained that way as Ahzra’li became involved with Marcus, and he made the choice to leave Y’ashe’s employ to support Dovienya’s and Marcus’s pursuits. Though he lost contact with Y’ashe, he occasionally looked for word of her with his own spies. Finding no rumors of her, he knows she is still doing what she did best.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category! Any PC rumours marked red are considered rare, and will need permission from the gossiper or player before usage.
COMMON RUMORS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "For someone who’s never run a business before, he’s doing well for himself. Must have some help on the side. Having a bar full of half naked men will bring the gil in, too." – Ul’dahni Accountant
    "I remember that cat... He used to bring in some beautiful pelts for me to sell. I wonder what happened to him. I haven’t seen him in months. " –Trader at Bentbranch Meadows
    "He only ever orders cakes and cookies. It’s a wonder he’s not as round as the moon…" –Bakery clerk, Mists

UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Master Ander? Well, I thought he was Lady Cuenn’s fling, but it seems it was just a coverup for her husband’s affair. Do you know Captain Feral’s named him his company’s heir? At least he’s handsome enough, for a miqo’te." –Ishgardian gossip mongering noblewoman
    "Something about the way he looks, it just doesn’t seem natural. Sure, he’s good looking enough, but there’s something about his face… It looks like someone sculpted him out of clay. Heard they do procedures like that out in the East, maybe that’s it." –Regular at the Captain’s Cabin
    "I’ve seen him a few times here, yes. His injuries are always… severe and specific when he comes. He has enemies, that much is obvious. Enemies I don’t want to be involved with. He has an aether condition, as well. We always need to take it slow and careful when he needs healing." –Senior Conjurer, Gridania

RARE RUMORS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "Don’t you DARE bring that name up to me! I don’t know him, now stop asking!" Hikri “Fraefolg” Lhomi, Storm Junior Officer
    “Master Ander seems to have some dark fetishes. The things he orders from me could make you blush. Behind closed doors, the man enjoys some pain, and a lot of it.” –Ishgardian “adult novelty” shopkeep.
    "If you see a miqo’te of his likeness, please report it to the nearest Imperial authority. He is required for questioning regarding a missing Imperial citizen. Thank you for your cooperation." –Imperial Consulate Guard, Kugane

PLAYER CHARACTER RUMORS - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

Balmung Player, EST Timezone. Always looking for new RP contacts and fun storylines. Prefer dark/mature themes – Bring on all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Violence is a-ok (so long as there’s no harming of animals), so just send me a tell as a headsup.
Personal RP Limitations
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✓ Long-term Roleplay

✓ Combat Roleplay – Prefer freeform over rolls, so long as all players play responsibly.

✓Violent themes

✓ Sexual themes

✓ Fluffy themes

✓ Discord Roleplay.


● Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. I’m usually okay with about anything, but give me some fair warning.

● Lore-bending. If you can sell it, I’m usually okay with it. Just as long as it’s not too farfetched, we’re good.


× Pretty much everything is fine, barring inexplicable random character death. If it’s teetering on something extreme, just give me warning advance to discuss it.

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■ Current Hooks ■

Bar Owner, Ul’dah |Ahzra’li runs a bar (under the name of Ander) by the name of The Captain’s Cabin out of the Goblet. The bar caters to male clients, its hosts and bartenders all being half-dressed, handsome miqo’te males. He often makes time for clients or potential new employees.

Wanted by the Empire | Extenuating circumstances has placed Ahzra’li as a person of interest by several Imperial groups, though the reason for such is usually vague or classified. Marius nan Ferrum, a man of great power and influence in Garlemald, has offered a generous reward for the miqo’te’s capture – More than enough to entice Imperial bounty hunters. Other Imperials may know more of the situation… (Send tell in game for more info if interested)

Ishgardian Public Eye | Under the guise of Master Ander, Ahzra’li has found himself occasionally playing the part of socialite in Ishgard. He is usually at the side of Marcus Feral during business dealings, but at times attends meetings or events on S&S’s behalf. Nobles or other businessmen who operate within Ishgard may be familiar with him.

Neighbor in the Mist | Ahzra’li is poised to move into a newly built home on the shores of a Mist neighborhood with Marcus Feral. Though not one to bring cookies to his neighbors, the Keeper will surely be spending a great deal of time in the gardens or out on the beach in the evenings.

Keepers are Keepers | Never one to escape the draw of his heritage, Ahzra’li can occasionally be found stalking through the Twelveswood on dark evenings, bow in hand. His love of hunting by moonlight is eclipsed by very little else. Other Keeper hunters may stray by his path on occasion.

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Stoic Woobie
Human Weapon
Jerkass Facade

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