Aramis Dumas

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Ishgard.jpg Aramis Silmontaix
The Masked Knight of Ishgard
Aramis Silmontaix, Knight Instructor and Nobleman of House Silmontaix
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Knight Instructor/Lord
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Marital Status Married
Nameday Unknown
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
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"“The knight is a man of blood and iron, a man familiar with the sight of smashed faces and the ragged stumps of lopped-off limbs; he is also a demure, almost a maidenlike, guest in hall, a gentle, modest, unobtrusive man. He is not a compromise or happy mean between ferocity and meekness; he is fierce to the nth and meek to the nth.” - C.S. Lewis


Not much is truly known about Aramis Dumas. For all intents and purposes, he just...appeared one day in the public eye. He is a former Dragoon, dedicated and fierce on the battlefield. However now, he serves as a Knight Retainer and Chief of Security to the Dufresne Bellworks. No one can really claim to know his history, or even what his face looks like under that helmet he perpetually wears. Some claim him to be a duskwight, while others say he is a wildwood. Some are not even sure he's really an elezen, but just a tall Hyur with fake ears. All that anyone can say for certain is, he is not a man who's gaze you want to attract in a negative way. A kind and trustworthy soul to keep as company...but a demon if wronged. Let it be known, to those that would bring chaos or harm to his city...The Masked Knight of Ishgard is always watching and ready to strike.


Given Name: Aramis Dumas
Nicknames and Aliases: The Masked Knight. 'A Man'.


Aramis Dumas has never been seen in public without his coat and helm, so no one really knows what he looks like. Based on his height and his pointed ears, it is relatively well assumed that he is an elezen. However, no one can tell what kind. He wears a black coat, with black armor. While some would assume that he does so to appear ominous or perhaps even brooding...He simply finds it the simplest to do. Metal painted black does not rust so easily, making it easier to maintain. And why spend an abundance of gil on fancy colored clothing if you are going to be risking combat? Although sensibility aside...Aramis has commented once before that he does enjoy the fact his foes can see him coming...a shadow coming to engulf them, visible through a field of white.

Post 3.3 Spoilers:

Aramis's old armor was damaged severely in the battle against Nidhogg's broode, forcing him to look into some new equipment. He was given a set of older armor, reinforced and re-worked to meet the standards of protection that a Knight would need in these uneasy times. The plates were a copper color, much to Aramis's dismay, and the Knight could never find the time to dye them black. He still wears a helm, but has been seen in the city on rare occasion with his face showing. Witnesses describe him as surprisingly handsome for someone who hides his face so often. His hair is a graying black, although most only catch a glimpse of his skin before he vanishes again.


Aramis speaks in a low, almost quiet tone. The metal of his helmet somewhat muffles his voice, giving it an almost hollow ring. He has a deep baritone with or without his helm. He speaks in a refined and educated manner, although his topics are usually less than uplifting. Even when angered, he keeps a relatively cool attitude. And while some may find his attitude sometimes...charming...When he turns his voice to intimidate, using the hollow whisper, it has been known to work wonders.


Aramis is as a Knight should be. He is chivalrous and usually kind to those that have not earned his ire. He is quick to protect others, or chase a lead in a possible case, and will never shirk away from his duties. He is perhaps a touch world weary, often suggesting that he has known nothing but conflict for most of his life. While this is not so uncommon to Ishgardians, Aramis does not act like he was forced into the war like the others. Instead, he acts as if he chose it.

Motivations: Helping those in need. He is a knight first and foremost, putting his own desires aside to protect the ones he cares about. There is one person that makes him want to be selfish, though.
Disposition: Calm, hollow, blunt, and polite.
Outlook: "I will protect whomever I matter the cost to myself."

Positive Personality Traits

Tactical, confident, intelligent, Polite, eloquent, cultured, protective, sympathetic, and usually keeps calm and collected. Willing to die or sustain injury for those he considers worthy of it.

Negative Personality Traits

Stubborn, Skeptical, quick to see the worst in others.


Aramis served as a Dragoon before changing occupations to a Knight Retainer. With his admission to being a Knight for upwards of two decades, it is easy to assume that he has plenty of combat experience. With an opponent he does not think is worth the trouble, he will often use his gauntleted fists, instead of his lance. Very rarely does he go for a kill, employing the shaft of his halberd and the flat of its blade in combat. When is forced to kill, he tries to be as efficient as possible. He aims for quick and painless kills, with either his lance, hands, or a garlean revolver he has in his possession.

Primary Weaponry

  • Ishgardian Halberd: An ordinary weapon, if not a touch heavier than the regular halberds of the banneretts. It appears to be designed for engaging heavily armored opponents including dragons.
  • Garlean Revolver: He never tells how he got the weapon. Perhaps he killed a Garlean in the past and claimed it as a trophy, or perhaps he got it as a gift from an enemy he earned the respect of. Either way, he is adept at using it and rarely misses his target.
  • Stiletto Knives: He has two stiletto knives hidden away in his coat, for if things go too wrong. He is not very adept with the blades in direct combat, but he can throw them with decent accuracy. The blades are usually a last resort.
  • Hand to Hand: His style, much like his revolver, seems almost Garlean in style. However, it is adapted to be used in concert with his lance and in very small amounts.



He enjoys training. A good spar is a good way to get to know someone.
He is always relieved to converse with civilized or cultured company.
Chivalry. If you're polite and a gentleman like him, you're A-OK.


People who are out for their own gain, like bandits.
Liars. Dishonesty is one of his least favorite things.
'Party people'. He doesn't dislike fun, but there is such a thing as too much fun.


Aramis has an odd sense of humor. His attempts at jesting often get him in trouble.
He has a bad habit of getting lost in his own thoughts when bored.
While he IS a good sport, he can become competitive. He always enjoys a good challenge!
Aramis can't shy away from a good mystery.


Combat Training
Playing the Piano


Aramis has no history. At least, no history he will willingly reveal. The only known story of his past, is why he wears his garb. In a battle against Dravanians, he claims to have rescued one of his comrades from the jaws of a dragon. The dragon breathed its fire on Aramis, burning his skin from head to toe. With the battle still raging, the healers could not reach him in a timely manner. By sheer willpower alone he survived, but his scarring was permanent and damaging. He says his skin is too sensitive to the cold winds of Ishgard, so he covers himself in soothing bandages and his armor.

Recent Events

The Ishgardian Revolution Arc

Aramis resurfaced in the public eye some time after Lord Commander Aymeric assumed control of Ishgard. The Knight seems to agree with the Lord Commander, openly supporting him. However, not everyone else shared his views. Aramis tasked himself with finding those that would see civil war against Aymeric, and either convincing them that peace is the best option...or preventing them from causing further chaos by whatever means he can. His hunt led him on a chase after the True Brothers of the Faith and other zealot groups. While he had no luck in rooting out the True Brothers, he did uncover a plot by a pirate named Willian Vayne to cause an uprising by the people. The people in the Brume were being armed and told to take back their freedom. Aramis devoted himself to preventing that uprising, nearly killing William Vayne in the process. With Vayne back in hiding, Aramis turned his attention elsewhere. Ser Martiallais came to him about a woman claiming to be Halone's Justicar. While someone who was devoted to Halone was not a crime...they both believed perhaps she was delusional and dangerous to herself and others. They investigated, to find their beliefs were correct. She murdered a man in front of them, before fleeing the two Knights. With no leads, the two men returned to their tasks.

Some time later, Aramis was shown some fliers placed by unknown zealots across the city. ( ) He had helped cool one revolution, only for another to spring up and take its place. Aramis, Gwenneth Gilrouis, Riven Pendragon, Lady Eliane Dufresne, and Lord Emmanellain Fortemps banded together to try and put an end to this new uprising in a peaceful way. Aramis himself even penned a letter to the people of Ishgard, pleading with them to give peace a chance for their future generations. He does not know if his words were heard. Another unknown, going by the alias 'Fafnir' had begun countering the fliers before Aramis, gaining the Knight's attention and curiosity. Since Lord Emmanellain knew who this Fafnir was, Aramis began working more closely with him. At present, they have not gained any ground...but plans were set in motion. Peace would be seen in Ishgard for once in a thousand years.



Charlotte Avenoist - Aramis met her when she was disguising herself as a merchant named Charlie. Aramis had heard reports of someone matching her description selling arms to the people of the Brume, encouraging them to revolt. The Knight investigated to discover that Charlie was really a Pirate named William Vayne. Aramis and Vayne began a dangerous dance as enemies, both trying to undermine and destroy the other. Eventually, Aramis managed to nearly kill Vayne, but saved his life. He needed information still. While treating his wounds, Aramis discovered that William Vayne was really a woman. Through a series of questions, Aramis got her true name, Charlotte Avenoist, and her history. Aramis pities the woman, even now...but will not hesitate to stop her again.

The Ardently Faithful - Aramis doesn't know who is creating the fliers plastered all over Ishgard, but he knows that they will only sew chaos in their wake. He is investigating whoever these zealots are, and fully intends to stop them.

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Elphanse Silmontaix - Aramis met Elphanse, or Eao as she prefers, under the most odd of circumstances. He was getting some food at the Quicksand, and overheard a conversation about literature. The Knight decided to become involved, as intelligent conversation was hard to come by in the Quicksand, and inadvertently upset a young Miqo'te girl. What happened afterwards was a mess of Eao guilting Aramis into fixing the problem, the current Page of the Knight getting involved, and an awkward dinner between both the Elezen lady and Knight. The two ran into each other a handful of other times, becoming somewhat close rather quickly. It was not long, before they started to feel an attraction. In the end, Elphanse and Aramis decided to try their best at a relationship, despite both of them having recently had rough endings to their prior relationships. After a few moons of dating, and falling more for each other (As well as a handful of more fighting, including some that almost ruined them), they decided to elope. With the dangers Aramis had in his career, they decided they had no time to waste. Now the two are happily married.
Gwenneth Gilrouis - Aramis and Gwenneth were once far closer than they are now. While once, Aramis could be found hovering near the Hyuran girl whenever he could, he has not been seen near her in some time. He no longer mentions her regularly either, although he still speaks with fondness when she is brought up in conversation. The Knight has decided to give the woman space, removing himself so that she could take her own path...whether he was part of it or not. Presently, the Knight has moved on, deciding that Gwenneth despises him and accepting that as fact.
Lyse Crofte - Aramis only encountered the Highlander once in Ishgard, but the two seemed to have a strange curiosity in the other. Both of them seemed to want the same thing for the future, but while Aramis was resigned to his fate as a soldier and a shield, Lyse took on a more positive outlook on things. Perhaps, given time, they could converse more and become friends.
Eliane Dufresne - Aramis serves as one of Lady Dufresne's Knight Retainers, and the Chief of Security for her Bellworks. He confides in the Elezen Noblewoman more than a Knight should in someone higher on the food chain, but he finds her outlook somewhat refreshing. She always seems to be rather confident and upbeat about whatever is happening, and is always eager to help. In a way, she reminds him of Reima...but a touch more scheming.
Riven Pendragon - Aramis has met the Hyuran woman a handful of times, but knows she has a good heart. He helped dedicate some guards to the orphanage she works for, and keeps a close eye on it himself whenever he can. She is an outsider, but expresses her views in earnest to those that will listen without judgement. He believes she will do good in Ishgard...and she makes delicious pastries.
Vahn Pendragon - A fellow Dragoon, Vahn Pendragon has proven to be an interesting specimen. Much like Riven, Aramis has only met him a handful of times but finds his optimism and energy to be a welcome change to the Knights Dragoon. He only hopes the young man can survive.
Emmanellain Fortemps - Aramis did not think he would ever meet one of the Fortemps Lordlings face to face, but the Weaver spins mysterious tapestries. He chanced upon the young Lord in the Forgotten Knight, shortly after discovering the fliers left behind by the Ardently Faithful. Aramis recruited Lord Emmanellain into the cause of preventing all out civil war, and works closely with the young Lord to protect Ishgard. Emmanellain has already taken to teasing Aramis about a variety of things, much to the Knight's chagrin.
Reinhardt Beauregard - Aramis and Reinhardt have an odd relationship. Throughout their time knowing each other, Aramis has been hard on the boy, in an attempt to forge him into the Knight he believes he can be. The elder Knight respects the younger, and is fond of him although he would never admit it to anyone. He hopes that Reinhardt will become a great Knight.


Common Rumors

  • "Ser Dumas is a welcome asset. He would have made a fine Temple Knight, even if his tactics are a touch...unorthodox." - Temple Knight guarding the Pillars
  • "A masked Knight roams around Ishgard, garbed in black. I've seen him roaming around...I can't see his eyes, but I can feel them sometimes." - Ishgardian Citizen in the Foundation
  • "He may look a touch scary, but he's a good man. He's taken to trainin' some of the men in the Brume, and the House he serves is always quick to provide for those in need." - Elderly Brume Dweller

Moderate Rumors

  • "They say the last person that saw his face died...A man with that sort of secret is just...intriguing." - Gossiping Maid
  • "He is a menace and a scourge. I pray that you keep your young away from him, lest they be corrupted by his words and presence!" - Ishgardian Clergyman
  • "He has too many secrets, and no past. If he were not so selfless and dutiful...I would question his loyalties." - Ishgardian Inquisitor
  • "I swear I saw someone dressed JUST like him at the Grindstone once or twice...A friend of mine said he even held his own in the runestone using a sort of Thaumaturgy." - Ul'dahn Gladiator

Rare Rumors

  • "He lifted his visor for some reason, and I caught a glimpse of him. Eyes as green as emeralds! Rather nice, actually." - Sheepish Servant Girl
  • "He just...emanates this odd feeling. Like a certain...ominous chill. As if the man is a shadow taking mortal form..." - Superstitious Astrologian
  • "What lies under that armor is no man...Its a demon. One of Nidhogg's brood ambushed us on patrol, and Ser Dumas appeared from nowhere to fell the beast. He tore the dragon to pieces and left without a word..." - Rattled Dragoon

Player Character Rumors (Add anything you'd like, true or untrue, just keep it IC!)

* Hit me with your best shot!
"He cuts off yer ears to add them to a necklace he keeps under his coat if ye sass 'em!" -Brume Orphan


While there is no direct evidence linking the two together, Aramis Dumas is Draco Nobis in disguise. He created the persona of Aramis to hide from the Zealots that were hunting them, so he could turn the tables. Whether or not he returns to being Draco is up for debate in his mind.