Arblis Ellhis

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Arblis Ellhis
Infinitely Curious Explorer
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 25ish??
Height 5'0"
Titles (Self Given) Trouble-Hunter / Grand Investigator / Dreadlord of Attentive Listening / Solver of Fish-Crime / Seeker of the Unknown / Glorious Traveler / Cute / Finder of the Past / Spotter of Sadness / Sage of the Broken Hearts / Otherworldly Diplomat / Master of Letters
Server Balmung

Arblis is a high-energy high-enthusiasm Seeker who explores the world to meet people and right wrongs. And she hasn't run out of either yet! She is utterly enchanted by the unknown and the forbidden, and few things can stop her from hunting the truth that lies behind every inch of the world. Even if she can't find it, it's simple enough to invent something plausible!


Nothing unusually noteworthy. Neither of us want me to sit through writing a description, right? Right.


Arblis is constantly in motion, climbing the scenery, poking at things she shouldn't, bobbing her head, tapping her feet, swishing her tail and more. The only thing that seems to cut down on this pointless activity is thought; thinking hard and thinking deeply tend to suppress her perpetual movement. The very idea of staying completely still just seems alien to her.

This jittery Miqo'te is also highly observant, often to the detriment of her own focus. Even a deep discussion on the fate of the world or an exploration of feelings and psychology can be suddenly interrupted by a singing coblyn or a passerby with an unusual outfit, much to the annoyance and/or relief of the original subject of Arblis' attention. She tries to keep on-topic though, she really does!

CONNECTIONS // Or: How Your Character Might Know Arblis

  • Arblis has traveled far across Eorzea and makes a point of stopping to talk and share with other explorers she bumps into in the middle of nowhere.
  • Anyone with a private library may have once been begged and pleaded for a look. Just a quick one! Only to read a couple books! Come ooooon, please?
  • Whichever Culinarian thought to preserve cubed fruit in crystalline sugar and sell it in Ul'dah is likely very familiar with her.
  • The Amateur Synthesis Faire awarded Arblis an honorable mention or two. How prestigious!
  • S-tribe Seekers from the general Eastern Thanalan area might have been vaguely familiar with Arblis before the Calamity. Even if not, she will often find a reason to insult them quite quickly.
  • Echo-bearers might get some insight on her. (What I'm saying is Echo stories are available on request, I got lots of em, and I'm happy to share!)

RUMORS // Or: Baseless Lies, I Swear

Player Rumors
  • "The trick to getting Arblis to sit still? It took a lot of work to figure that out myself, besides, I don't really think it's my place to share that with you." Piers Hayward
  • "’ll either love her or hate her...and m’not gonna say anything else." N'taeyl Yhash
Common Rumors
  • "First time I saw her climb straight up a building, I thought she was a burglar. Still do." -Grumbling Bar Patron
  • "I think I heard her apologize to the door after slamming it open..." -Nosy Librarian
Uncommon Rumors
  • "Somethin' wrong with that girl. She always runs toward trouble instead of away from it." -Kind-Hearted Guard
  • "I'm not sure if she's terrible at keeping secrets or just makes everything up." -Beleaguered Scholar
  • "She'll come in and make the toughest brute in the room mad at her. Done it enough that I think it's on purpose." -Barkeep
Rare Rumors
  • "The three-day Nunh managed to sire a cub? Now THAT is funny." -Zu Tribe Seeker
  • "Arrogant brat." -Veteran Huntress

FIGHTING STYLE // Or: This Is Oddly Specific For A Section Heading

Though she'd like to consider herself a blademaster, the term 'blade experimenter' better suits Arblis. While her creative use of positioning and shifting stances often keep her a few confusing steps ahead of her opponents, a true blademaster has little trouble discerning the weaknesses and openings in each move she makes.

What weapon Arblis brings to a fight is based on what she thinks will best suit her foe, her mission, or how she's feeling that day. Daggers, zweihanders, longswords and shields all feature in her arsenal, but her preferred styles stay the same no matter which blade she carries. Every scrap of patience missing from the rest of her personality makes itself known in combat; she prefers to observe, goad, parry and otherwise frustrate her opponent before making the biggest opportunity to strike that she can.

  • Defensive fighter
  • Highly accurate
  • Agile and flexible

  • Momentum-focused
  • Reads emotion
  • Pries open weaknesses

  • Unrefined style
  • Mediocre strength
  • Low aether use

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