N'taeyl Yhash

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This Guy
Name... N'taeyl Yhash
Age... ~25
Gender... Male
Race... Miqo'te Seeker
Orientation... Not Interested
Occupation... None/Mercenary

A typical encounter with this man will likely result in a soured opinion, or an intrigued one if you're into insults. A surly wall flower not adverse to brazen actions if he feels so compelled. Glancing his way will likely tell of an intense gaze observing his surroundings or a distant one in his musings, his mind ever occupied with one thing or another. But really, who is he but another dumb grump in the crowd?

Speaking with certain people may yield a variety of opinions and reputations left behind. He's generally unknown, the two prominent words being a former mercenary and more recently an employee of the Rendezvous tea house. However, his presence has been noticeably lacking at the establishment of late.

Voice: Only grumpy.

Clothing: Tends to wear comfortable and simple things. He is not a man dressed to impress.


■ Former mercenary that mainly worked out of Limsa Lominsa. He's possibly still open to jobs.
■ He once worked at the Eagle and Quill (a book store of all sorts) in the Mists, and was scrutinized for hardly being remotely literary, nor friendly. His participation there was often questioned.
■ He's spent some time in Dravania traveling around, as well as talking with the hunters at Tailfeather. Recently he has left an unsatisfactory reputation and not welcome back.
■ His weapon of choice is a two handed axe with many years of use, with room for improvement.
■ He is learning the ways of the Warrior haphazardly.
Please feel free to add your own player rumors!


◢ Rumors

    Common ■ Being generally unknown, there isn't much floating around about him. But what one does hear will depend on the source. From the Rendezvous primarily will likely be positive, whereas anywhere else will be suspicious and negative.
    Rare ■ Those very well in the know may have heard some whispers about shady dealings, though this is old news these days. Send a /tell to discuss.


◢ Player Character Rumors

    "Mr. N'taeyl? He used to be a bit distant, but he's since opened up a lot more, hasn't he? If you see him, please treat him kindly... Ah? Yes, he's an employee at the Host Club. O-oh, is that, um, a strange thing to say about an employee? Wh... whoops..." -- D'ranmaia Shenn
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