Piers Hayward

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Gridania-transparent.png Piers Hayward
Battle Piers.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Weight 181lbs
Occupation Shield for Hire, Rendezvous Host
Server Balmung

Appearance & Personality

With a strong back and broad shoulders, it's no surprise that Piers grew up on farming. The lean muscle packed onto his gymnastic frame makes it readily apparent that Piers' build is just as much the product of his own determinations as his labor intensive upbringing.
Often being described as a "floof", Piers' dark blond hair perpetually looks like he intends to get it cut the next day (though he never does). Mossy green eyes and a warm smile can be easily found whenever his hair hasn't fallen across his face.
While Piers carries himself confidently, the near constant look of curiosity and wonder betrays the fact that many experiences outside of the Twelveswood are still new to him. Easygoing and compassionate, he's always quick to share a warm smile with friends and strangers alike. Some people have unfortunately come to misunderstand Piers' positive outlook and emotional honesty as simple-mindedness.

  Color Key
In A Relationship: Piers is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Piers is romantically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Piers considers this person family.
Friend: Piers considers this person his friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Piers considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Piers has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Piers has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Piers has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: Piers doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Piers consider this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Piers is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Piers consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Piers.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Piers isn't fully aware of it yet.


  The Sledge ( ) - The 'Mhigan Mongoose
Piers had an unfortunate encounter with this physically imposing Highlander during his first visit to Ul'dah. One thing leading to another, Piers found himself backed against a cliff by an Amalj'aa. Nearly a year later, The Sledge seems to have plans to turn Piers into a Coliseum contender.


  Cailleagh Hayward ( )
Piers' younger sister. In the years leading up to the loss of their home she worked alongside her brother, looking after livestock and helping with the harvest. After moving their family into the city proper, she began working at a nearby tavern to help pay living expenses. Cailleagh has only recently begun speaking to her brother again.
  J'lyneth Khal ( )
Being both Piers' best friend and the other half of what's arguably the worst adventuring duo that Eorzea's ever seen, J'lyneth Khal holds more of Piers' trust and affection than anyone else in the world. A mixture of time and current events has cooled the romantic facet of their relationship, but Piers has a million other ways to love her besides.
  Isuke Ejinn ( )
Just barely reaching Piers' chest in height, Isuke is an Auri woman who Piers used to harbor romantic feelings for. Still as good of a friend to him as ever, Piers will never stop appreciating Isuke's quiet sincerity.
  D'ranmaia Shenn ( )
Piers has a great respect for D'ranmaia as the proprietress of the Rendezvous Host Club. While it's taken a while for Piers to get to know her, it became quickly apparent that the two are kindred spirits. If you ever find yourself caught up in one of their conversations, it'd be best to brace yourself for a whirlwind of colloquial rambling.
  Batu Qalli ( )
The woman behind the Rendezvous Idol Project; Batu is a grouchy Xaela who (luckily) has a soft spot for Piers. Impressed by his natural dancing ability, Batu has appointed herself as Piers' vocal coach with the hopes of turning him into one of the key players in her side project. Despite her crotchety nature Piers still counts Batu among his friends - as evidenced by his willingness to aid her in personal matters far beyond the doors of Rendezvous.
  Nihka Mioni ( )
  Klynestyn Ketteram ( )
  Clalaris Sil Laris ( )
  Zanzan Yanzan ( )
  Flora Valerian ( )
  Xehn'a Hmyr ( )
  Arblis Ellhis ( )
  N'taeyl Yhash ( )
  Akhutai Sagahl ( )
  Nananomi Nomi ( )
  Nonope Nope ( )
  Khira Lhizahla ( )
  R'shesha Otharn ( )
  Rosaire Ledigne ( )

Common Rumors

  • "I'm pretty sure that's his sister working over at the Carline Canopy." - Vendor in Gridania
  • "His poor mother. Shame on him for running off like that." - Gossiping woman in Gridania

Moderate Rumors

  • "He's got a strong arm, that's for sure. What he lacks in technique he makes up for in vigorous youth; he should try himself in the Colisuem." - Fight Promoter, Steps of Thal, Ul'Dah
  • "The Hayward boy? Sold me their last chocobo, couldn't pay what he was hoping to get for 'em though." - Neighboring Farmer

Rare Rumors

  • "Did you hear about the Haywards? Better them than us." - Conversation between stablehands, Central Shroud
  • "You'd never believe it, but that boy is a born dancer." - Gridanian Festival-Goer

PC Rumors

((If your character has something to say about Piers, don't be shy!))

  • "Surprisingly tolerable when he isn't being infuriating. He's honest. He is what he says he is and he'll do what he's said he'll do. That's not nothing. Why? What did he tell you?" -J'lyneth Khal
  • "Mr. Piers is a very strong person, isn't he...? He once took me on a tour of Ishgard, and he didn't seem tired even once! He's been very helpful to me. I mean, ah, isn't he a helpful person?" -D'ranmaia Shenn
  • "Kinda feels like talking to myself sometimes? In a good way. Except he seems to get it, and smiles better, or something…" -N'taeyl Yhash
  • "Despite his friendly looks and penchant for caring and understanding, he is a devious and brutal foe- evidenced by our thousand-year struggle for supremacy." -Arblis Ellhis

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