Arietta Frostwalker

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 Arietta Vorakh, the Frostwalker
Harrowing Scion of Ice and Shadow
Northern Mercenary
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela (Born Vorakh ╫ ex-Dotharl)
Citizenship Wanderer
Nameday 18th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Body Shape Mesomorphic Hourglass
Height/Weight 4 fulm 11 ilm / 115 ponz
Server Balmung
Directory Page Hydaelyn Roleplayers

First Impressions

A noble Au Ra determined to defy the disorganized savagery of her clan and forge a new Xaela stereotype: efficiently, beautifully deadly.

Current Condition

This is a physically fit sylph whose slender curves are battle-hardened with a lithe, healthy appearance. No injuries are presently evident.



Composed and collected - formal.

Beneficial Traits: Honorable; Elegant; Intellectual
Neutral Traits: Aloof; Unworldly
Detrimental Traits: Vengeful; Prideful


( Please note, these should be considered general personality features, and may at times only be evident in moderation! )

  • Smiling Wouldn't Kill You - (Stoic)
It can be difficult to draw this Xaela out of her finely-crafted shell. In general demeanor, she is reticent and martially reserved; silent observation serves as her norm. As conversation is inevitable (and necessary) she favors listening to speaking, and has a tendency to question others liberally to satisfy her curiosities without answering in too much detail when prompted for her own information.

  • Antipathy to Rambunctious Behavior - (Fun Police)
Frolicking is a childish waste of energy and time one could have otherwise devoted to freerunning or kata. If you've that much energy, you clearly haven't run through enough of your combat drills today.
  • All By Myself - (Separation Anxiety)
Growing up surrounded by others in a larger Xaela tribe has led to a minor personality defect in the form of a general fear of being alone for long periods of time. She is prone to cabin fever and prefers to roam, but every few weeks finds her settling in an area for a while to socialize and stave off that hollow feeling of loneliness. Obviously this is not a trait she would easily admit to having.



Strong Points

  • Speed Demon - (Agility)
Small of stature and fleet-footed, this Au Ra has focused predominantly on feats of agility. She is exceptionally fast both in thought and motion, and takes sinister pleasure in dismantling otherwise perfect defenses with acute precision, preying on overlooked weaknesses.
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night - (Stealth)
Ari is well-educated in the art of stealth, employing this advantage for infiltration, ambush, and to avoid unnecessary combat entirely. She can move over a variety of terrain silently (including through water) rendering her auditorily invisible in most conditions.
  • Bend Like the Willow - (Flexibility)
The remarkable flexibility of this Au Ra greatly exceeds that of the norm. The ability to perform alarming contortions seemingly impossible for a solid body compliments her speed, enhancing her ability to dodge physical attacks and, in many cases, making her counter-strikes tricky to see coming.

Weak Points

  • The Stoppable Force - (vs. Brute Strength)
Relying on momentum and finesse to damage her opponents, being overpowered is definitely something she must be mindful of on the battlefield.
  • Keep Your Enemies Closer - (vs. Ranged)
A nightmarish adversary up close, it is more difficult for Ari to quickly dispatch opponents who keep their distance. Conversely, it is not challenging for her to close the distance, so her ranged opposition is encouraged to keep moving!
  • Cheetah-itis - (vs. Fatigue)
While well-capable of holding out over longer periods of sustained combat, those situations requiring frequent executions of complex skill combinations will tire the Xaela more quickly.


  • You're as Cold as Ice - (Blizzard Magic)
An innate connection with Blizzard magic allows this Au Ra access to its use. There are no verbal mnemonics, foci, or staves required to channel this unique gift, though it is considerably less potent than that of seasoned Thaumaturge spells.
  • One Wasn't Enough - (Arsenal)
This woman has made certain of her ability to defend herself in any situation, trained in the use of a myriad of weapons including poisons and throwing knives. Her primary tools for direct confrontation are the dual daggers sheathed at her hips.


Born to a now-dissolved tribe and taken at a young age during a raid, this Xaela was raised among the Dotharl. (It comes as little surprise that she holds no particular allegiance to this tribe, nor does she consider herself to be "one of them".) She was re-branded with a socially outlandish forename in protest of her presence by the family forced to adopt her, but nevertheless, they taught her the intricacies of fearless battle and bloodshed. Over the years, their effort was rewarded as Ari blossomed into a weapon, a tool of the tribe honed to an ice-hearted edge.
Upon her flight from home and tribe, she adopted the moniker "Frostwalker" in place of her Dotharl surname to avoid any predetermined biases concerning her origins. The Au Ra has since elected to reinstate her birth name, though retains her alias out of sentiment.
The first outside mention of this eerie creature was made in Gridania less than four months prior to the Second Astral Moon of this past cycle. Allusions to her have been increasingly more frequent in the dark underbelly of society, among the superstitious or fearful especially.


Whispers on the edges of society speak of a new shadow dancing through the night with blades that cut white-hot and eyes colder than winter itself. Those who have been in direct contact with her describe her as succinct; discreet. Useful for.. solving problems. The rumors of her exact appearance vary, but agreed upon by all are the piercing, ice blue color of her eyes - they seem to be her most poignant feature. Mouths shape her name in many places, yet not a murmur on the winds or beyond speaks of failure or defeat.
Avarice is not her motivation, though she does enjoy a few luxurious things that do not come cheap. The Xaela seeks coin for higher-quality materials in both armor and weaponry which can greatly augment an assassin's arsenal for the better. Still, her driving force above all else is experience gained toward perfecting the Art of the Kill.

Securing Her Services

Looking for someone to intimidate and/or threaten an individual who has done you wrong? Someone for covert personal defense? An outright assassin? For the right price, your gil could earn the means to your ends. In-game mail, whispers, and e-mail are all excellent ways to contact me for hiring this deadly lady!
[email protected] ╫ Arietta Frostwalker (Balmung)

Current Events

  • N/a

Vorakh Religion and Magic

Blood for the Blood God - (Tribal Beliefs)
Ari follows the religion of her parent tribe. Their patron was a yet-unnamed deity in the form of a mighty Dragon, culturally represented by a symbol resembling a sharp Dragon’s eye. Widely regarded as male, he exemplified honor, regal elegance, and wisdom. He was considered the patron deity of Lifeblood.
Every member of the tribe, upon completion of their rite of passage into adulthood after their twelfth summer, can cast a glamour at will which transforms their appearance into that of a Dragon.
The Vorakh revered more intelligent Dragons as elder life-guides and direct descendants of their patron deity. Despite this reverence, or perhaps because of it, the tribe was particularly adamant about the culling of malign scalekin. As a whole, they resented those of Ishgardian heritage, believing them to “have deception in their blood.” It is believed this is owed to tales passed down through the generations that painted Ishgard in a negative light.
Oh Yeah, That's Normal - (Occult Practices)
Their rituals were oriented around the powers of essence and energy, and fresh blood was involved in every aspect of their tribal magic. From the commonplace (the consumption of the blood of a fresh kill), to events of far greater meaning (close family paying respects by drinking from the recently-deceased), the Vorakh were adamant in the assimilation of those energies into the self.
Several objects found meaning in the practices of this tribe, including: pieces of fallen foes (usually teeth); shed Dragon scales and less commonly, horns; and paste colored to represent each aspect of the elements, which was used on the bodies of those with active roles in the rituals (whether performer or receiver). Raw precious gems and especially crystals were favored tools used in performing feats of magic and healing, though the former were mostly reserved to adorn the staves of the medicine men and women among them, as they were believed to hold superior power.

RP Connections

You might know Ari (or at least know of her) if...
  • Xaela were born into the Dotharl tribe.
...your tribe was attacked or absorbed by the Dotharl.
  • Others've seen her on your travels through Northern Eorzea.'ve been in a caravan she either traveled with or played bodyguard to.'ve paid attention to Northern tavern banter.'ve personally hired her as an assassin, as a personal bodyguard, or to obtain information.



◢ Common Rumors
"In a word? Haunting. When she looks at you with those piercing eyes, it's like she looks through you, like.. she knows something you don't. I hope she isn't intent on staying long." - Wary Innkeep
"Oh, the lady with the funny horns! She saved me from those bullies - stayed with me the rest of the day to make sure they left me alone, and even let me tug on her tail! She was really nice. Mama and papa didn't let her stay and play with me when she walked me back home, and I don't know why.." - Bright-Eyed Child
"She'll get the job done. Barely saw hide or hair of her in the three days it took her to find and kill that bastard who took my wife. Haven't seen her since, either.. It's like she shows up only when she's needed. Strange." - Regular Tavern Patron
"Word has it she doesn't touch kids. Only time I ever saw her smile was when she was playing a game of match-cards with one. Yes - playing. That heart of hers may be cold as steel, but she has a soft spot for youngsters." - Wandering Traveler
◢ PC Rumors
( Feel free to add your own here! )


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing
Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Randis Rembrandt - A lively young Hyur who seems quite focused on being helpful to one and all. Ari believes her way of thinking to be naive and overly optimistic, but nevertheless, her positive conversations are amusing to the older woman.
Temurgal Malaguld - Far too well-spoken for the warrior he is. Ari made the acquaintance of this Xaela traveling with a caravan in Central Thanalan. She regards him as an intellectual kindred spirit.
Kaiten Tobukizu - A remarkably well-mannered Raen who carries himself with all the sure dignity of a nobleman; this is something Ari finds out of the ordinary, but not unwelcome. After all, he is the first pale-scaled Au Ra she's managed to have a decent conversation with.

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