Kaiten Tobukizu

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 Kaiten Tobukizu
Kaiten Portrait.png
Wannabe crime boss. Magitek and Aether Nerd.
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Nebulous
Age 22ish
Deity Oschon the Wanderer
Namesday 17th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Alignment ????

♦ In-Game Brief

The unfortunate reality of the world is that few are able to see the end of their own days with brightness in their gaze and warmth in their hearts. While the circumstances surrounding Kaiten's death are mysterious at best--it's best to not ask after the man's demise lest you truly wish to learn a bit too much. Suffice to say, Kaiten left behind a wife that seems listless and demonstrably different than she was when he was alive; And a brother-in-law that seems equally changed in different measures. Let it never be said that a man can go quietly into the night--for we always leave behind traces of ourselves in ways that are typically unexpected.

--This character is deceased--

Coming from a upper-class merchant family that plummeted into nigh-extinction when the Doman rebellion fell to Garlean might, Kaiten is a man of expensive taste and (seemingly) impressive means of fulfilling those tastes. The hows and whys of these means being available to him are details that are kept close to his chest.

Versed in alchemy and proficient in several martial arts, Kaiten is the poster boy for an educated, upper-class gentleman that never had many expectations placed onto him. He's lucky that the woman he was engaged to at a young age came from a strict family that insisted he be given responsibility and taught both restraint and useful skills, lest he wallow in the self-aggrandizing cycle of rich playboys with too much time and money on their hands.

  • In general, please send a tell first. I'm almost always down to RP if asked!
  • Click the RP Hooks tab above for a few ideas if you want to play with Kaiten! Or send a me a message. I'm nice. Promise.

♦ General

Kaiten is a stranger in a strange world with little more than a (now empty) coinpurse, his wife, and her brother to remind him of home. Having come across the ocean during the Doman exodus--but only coming ashore in recent moons--he's managed to adapt fairly well to both Eorzean customs and the myriad of people that inhabit the very nearly feral continent now called home. Thankfully, he's also brought his ambition with him. Kaiten always was a dreamer, a cunning individual that yearned for a bout of greatness. Leaving his homeland behind has finally given him a chance to push at the boundaries of a once-regimented life. That which was forbidden from him back home has little in the way of limits in Eorzea.

Old habits die hard, they say. Some old habits have found their way to the bottom of a well where refuse and detritus has been piled high and stacked heavy to ensure that certain habits never return. Kaiten is no conqueror, no. He simply knows what he wishes to have and understands that flexibility is the key to getting certain things done.

♦ Appearance

There are two things that immediately stand out upon seeing Kaiten. First, he's tall. Very tall. Lanky, too. He's the bearing of someone that's never really going to be overly muscular--though that doesn't stop him from maintaining an athletic, slender physique. Second of all, his skin is a (supposedly unsettling) shade of red. Perhaps lending credence to the thought that Au Ra are descendants of some kind of demon, Kaiten's overall countenance is best described as devilish. Dark red skin is matched with jet black hair both lustrous and flowing, often let free and well-kept along the crests of his horns. Of course, he's known to change it up from time to time. To say he's not vain would be to lie.

Kaiten's been called pretty. Kaiten's been called handsome. He's been called many of these things by many people for the majority of his life. Thankfully his ego hasn't risen to ridiculous proportions because of it. Right?

♦ Demeanor

Capricious, intelligent, charming, bumbling, aloof. The truth of it is, Kaiten's a person. He's rarely defined by acting any one specific way other than trying to seem like he knows exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it at all times. Generally an affable sort--or at the very least he can seem like it--the man can come off as the type of person that you'd enjoy having on your side of a conflict. It's hard to say that someone that fled a country that burned and immediately made a home for he and his own isn't resourceful to a frightening degree.


Kaiten's incredibly interested in magitek and it's workings. Not necessarily engineering in the traditional sense, but Allagan and Garlean magitek is sure to capture his interest quickly.
Having been denied exploration in the aetherical arts growing up, Kaiten is utterly fascinated by Eorzean aetherical workings. As such, he's super interested in all forms of magery--though conjury doesn't sit super well with him. Borrowing power? What? So if your character is a mage, he'd love to talk to them. Perhaps even a tutor or three.
Need something alchemically processed? Kaiten's relatively well-versed in most forms of alchemy. He can brew a potion, elixir or supplement to bring vigor and excitement to your love li--okay, he probably won't do that. Still--he's an alchemist by trade.
Consider yourself an expert in the Void? You might notice something off about Kaiten. PM me for details, if you'd like to work this one out!
Are you small? Do you hate really tall people? I've got a tall fella for you to take out that tiny person rage on!
Criminal? Anything other than an assassin or information broker? He probably wants to talk to you.


Are you, too, from the Old Country? Kaiten's family was relatively affluent in the village that he hails from. The Tobukizu's were well-known merchants in their little valley and the surrounding mountain region. Maybe your family traded with theirs! You might've worked for them--or had been a rival family. Of course, very little of his history truly matters in Eorzea. It might be good to remind him of that from time to time.
Did you hail from the village Kaiten called home? You might've heard rumors that the poor child was cursed and the family considered it a blessing when he was drafted into the Garlean military. How much truth is there to the curse? Well, it's certainly a rumor that's been following him for quite some time. Not to mention there'd been talk of him growing slightly unstable and talkingto things that weren't there towards the end of the village's existence.
You served with Kaiten in the regiment he'd been drafted into after Doma was conquered by the Garleans. PM me for details on this one as well, but it could be a fun one!

Currently Looking For

Customers! Need some totally legal magical artifacts? Maybe some compounds? Potions? Kaiten can sell you all sorts of goodies.
Minions. Okay, maybe not minions per-se. Kaiten is well aware that there are some people that possess skills he certainly doesn't have. He'd be more than happy to hire certain individuals for--well--tasks.
Acquaintances. Friends is such a heavy word. It weighs on one's shoulders and simply isn't flexible enough for this particular Au Ra. So let's call each other acquaintances, yes? That's much simpler. Allows for a greater breadth of things, he'd say.
Everything and Anything. I like to RP. What sort of relationship that springs up around Kaiten and anyone's individual character is well--IC is IC. I'm not going to put a hard stop to any potential hooks at this moment. Bring it on!


Trying new food
Learning magic
Watching gladiator fights
Did I mention money?
Alright, this is a long list. He likes a lot of stuff.


Rancid odors
Incredibly loud things
Information brokers
Xaela (The savages!!! I'm kidding. Mostly)
Boring food
Boring nouns
Terrible literature


Often found tinkering with something
Enjoys practicing with bladed and hand-to-hand combat
Is desperate to learn more about aether manipulation
Skilled at adopting mannerisms and habits in rapid fashion


Not massively worldly, leading to naivete
Not incredible empathetic
A little too goal-oriented, leaving him feeling listless and potentially depressed without something to strive for

♦ Outwardly

He's incredibly enthusiastic about aether and magitek. Kaiten is often found juggling small orbs of fire and electricity across his knuckles and fingers, though he doesn't display any outward signs of in-depth knowledge of either magic or magitek. Granted, that just means he's not typically wearing voluminous robes or playing with a Garlean rifle in a public setting.

However. If one were to be more... sensitive to aether, so to speak, Kaiten would seem to be a veritable black hole for the stuff. Meaning, he seems quite able to absorb a seemingly endless supply of aether from a concentrated sources without showing any real signs of immediate aether poisoning. It's not something he seems knowledgeable of, though, nor does he seem to be performing the deed in any sort of dangerous fashion. The simple fact is that any aether he absorbs all but vanishes in an instant. The stranger part is that he doesn't seem to have any trouble casting spells.

♦ Established Practices

These are precious few as of now, seeing as how many of his spells are the results of reading from musty old tomes or sheer experimentation on his behalf. On his own, Kaiten has gotten a handle on very basic castings such as fire, blizzard and thunder. If you asked him about it, he's likely to ramble on about the theoretical spells he has in mind, or even some of the ones he's attempted recently.

He's not created any magitek wonders of note, though he does seem comfortable handling your standard rank-and-file Garlean equipment. Rifles, medicus tools and stimulants fall under the sort of thing he has little problem handling with confidence.

♦ For Associated People

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♦ For Anyone Else

♦ The Shroud

Having appeared rather suddenly with a sackful of gil, Kaiten swiftly purchased a plot of land in the Lavender Beds district. Rather than simply calling it home, he and Chise quickly turned it into a totally legitimate storefront that specializes in the acquisition of magical artifacts and curios as well as alchemical potions and compounds. Despite being refugees, their store has seemingly done relatively well by them. Totally legitimate business.

♦ Ul'dah

Kaiten is occasionally found in the Ul'dahn marketplaces. What he purchases while there tends towards the eclectic side--be it outrageous clothing or alchemical components to keep around the shop. He's not yet indulged in many of the cities finer attractions, though that's likely to change very soon.

♦ More Recently

He purchased a chocobo from Bentbranch Meadows much to Chise's chagrin. Naming it Jagaimo, he's waffling between taking the bird to the Gold Saucer to race or to keep it as a sturdy steed for times of need. It's very exciting, I assure you.

Crush Platonic Love Romantic Love In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
¿We Just Don't Know

Who We Keep Close

Chise TobukizuThe Wife. Betrothed at a young age, these two have seen each other grow--quite literally-over the 15--odd years they've known each other. Though on occasion they act more the sibling than lover, it's due wholly to the familiarity that grows with adolescence and micromanaged relationships. The actual-factual's of their marriage have only been confirmed in recent years, and a separation caused by Kaiten's military stint means that they're still a little shaky on the whole married bit. Regardless Kaiten is devoted to Chise and a life without her by his side is a life that he's terrified to imagine. Not to say they don't have their difficulties. Give'em time.
¿ Yorumei UranakeiBrother in Law. Kaiten is forever unsure what he thinks of his older brother in law. Once a bully, then a friend, and back to being a bully again--the two have something of a rivalry between them. It's friendly. At least, Kaiten will swear it is. The fact of the matter is that overcoming Yorumei in their lessons (both martial and more studious) was one of the first goals that truly motivated Kaiten.

Who We Keep Not So Close

Arietta Frostwalker - Well, they shared a decent conversation. While she seemed ice-rimmed and cool in her disposition, Kaiten would happily talk to the woman again. It helps that she, too, finds most Eorzeans weirdly thirsty.

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He and his wife run a shop down in Lavender Beds. For refugees, they quite good at being unobtrusive and seemed more than happy to oblige any request an actual Gridanian citizen may have of them. -An upperclass Gridanian citizen.
"Kaiten? Well, he's one of my prolific customers. He simply... showed up on my doorstep one day. After a bit of banter, I began to size him for a new jacket. He was even willing to pay extra for the additional cloth due to how tall and, shall we say...slender he was. Resizing Roegadyn garments for him is always a treat. Charming fellow, truly." -An Ul'dahn weaver.
"Master Tobukizu? Well... Y'didn't hear it from me, but I saw him strike someone on the boat over. Couldn't get a grasp of what they did, but mayhap he's not as giving and kind as he'd like people t'think." -A Doman refugee.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Th'big fuckin' red fella? He came 'round a few sun ago. Was a little too smart-mouthed 'n educated soundin' t'be 'angin' out wi'folks like us, yeh? Couldn' quite figgir out what it t'was he wanted from us." -A particularly rough-looking Pearl Lane inhabitant. Rumored to be a thief, but nobody has any proof. Savvy?
"Seems this particular refugee is putting his feelers out for... well, something big. Or so he'd have you believe. Trying to worm his coin into the pockets of petty thieves, thugs and anyone that has a not-so-legitimate past. This being Ul'dah... Mm. Oddly enough, he seemed put-out when I offered my services to him." -Yet another mouthy 'information broker' in the Quicksand.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Ah, Kaiten. I've heard things swirling around about him. Seems he's attracted the eye of a few of the superiors in the Thaumaturge's guild. Though I can't honestly say why--the man's aether capacities seem dreadfully low to be a fellow practitioner."-A Thaumaturgical student.
"I heard he's one o'them Garleans. Served in their military 'n all, yeah? Or at least, he seems t'know his way 'round all that magitek and he's got all the terminology worked out all proper-like. Mayhap he's a deserter?" -Limsan-based Adventurer
"I've heard tell that he's cursed. Possessed, even. His family made a pact with something from the Void before he was born to ensure his mother would survive the birthing process. Could be that they didn't quite know what they were doing."-A Raen that claims to be from Kaiten's village.

Player Character Rumors

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