Armantiel Xavielan

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Armantiel Xavielan
The Thaumaturge

All cycles end.


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION: Are-Mahn-T-el Za-V-el-an


RACE & CLAN: Elezen | Wildwood


AGE: Between 20-30

NAMEDAY: 32nd Sun, 6th Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual


Other Statistics



FAMILY: Inès (Mother)|Alphonse (Father)

RESIDENCE: The Goblet, Plot 41, 6th Ward

OCCUPATION: Thaumaturge, Bookminder


HEIGHT: 6 fulms, 10.2 ilms.

ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

General Information
Born in Gridania, Armantiel moved to Ul'dah in his youth to further his magical ability through the Thaumaturge's guild. Since his joining the guild, he has opted to call Ul'dah his new home as he wholly gave himself to the art of death. The Elezen has since abandoned his heritage of the Black Shroud, dedicating himself to his Guild and Nald'Thal. Years later he is now employed at the Shrouded Coffer as an aetherical consultant and bookminder, as well as a Thaumaturge teacher for several aspiring students.
Forward, ever forward
Red(left)|White(right) Silvery white Pale|Fair Slightly built Slow, proper. Sometimes monotoned.
Rigid|Confident Ambidexterous Long scar from inner eye to base of jaw. Small horizontal scar above heart. None N/A
Hair & Eyes
The Elezen has long, silvery white hair that is swept back and knotted/braided to significantly reduce its length and keep it neat and proper. His hair is maintained properly for someone who so values appearances, free of any debris and dirt, allowing the colors to shine unabated. Armantiel has heterochromia, his left eye red, and his right eye white. His eyes are sharp and focused, peering through, as much as at, what he is looking at.
Physique & Markings
The Thaumaturge is typical for that of his race and sedentary profession, the only thing hinting at any sort of physical strength is the faint outline of muscle. Armantiel is free from markings, save the few scars over his being, otherwise having clean skin and a fair complexion.
Hygiene & Attire
Armantiel's appearance is well maintained, free form any grime or dirt that would otherwise mar it. Likewise, his clothing is neat and well maintained. His wardrobe ranges from cloaks and robes to layered coats and otherwise simple clothing. In town or out in the field, he may be seen in an armored, or thickly clothed robe, adorned with vials and similar trinkets. Very often he is seen with an ebony staff, holding a smooth crystal crescent moon and gilded star, glowing with bridled power.
Psychological Profile
Armantiel generally holds a cold and withdrawn demeanor, sometimes allowing himself a moment of humanity and warmth. He's highly intelligent, breeding alien thoughts, seeking what he thinks is correct, but only coming off much more distant and alien. Beneath it all is fear that he is much too far gone from the rest, something more akin to a monster than a man. Futility in fighting with his own errant thoughts and self views have accumulated in a quasi-nihilistic outlook.
The words come slowly and softly, every word enunciated carefully and with purpose. Authority, deserved, or undeserved, lingers within his tone. His speech comes across monotone, offering itself to small nuances. Fire and passion becomes him when he is casting spells, the rigid pauses between his words breaking up as the words of power fall from his lips.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Serving Nald'Thal as he does, death has become a big part of his philosophy. Fate gives two courses, life or death, Nald and Thal. Either one will continue on as they always had, or they won't. The duality has become a core part of Armantiel's being. However, in the end, everything must suffer Thal's caress. Wood decays, oceans rot, stones break and men fade from time and memory. Only death is eternal and all break under its gaze, none may escape it forever. All cycles end, eventually. Who better to know this than an agent of destruction? Armantiel is very accepting of the view points of others, to not would be hypocritical. His own thoughts and desires would seem impractical or immoral to some, but normal to others of similar minds. A realization of this leads Armantiel to believe people do what they think is correct in the moment, however it might be. There's no right or wrong, good or evil, just choices to be made. Everything is subjective in this matter.
● Magic
● Tomes|Books
● Different Points of View
● Willful Ignorance
● Destruction of Knowledge
● Narrow-minded Individuals
● Thaumaturgy | Black Magic
● Aethersight
● Astrologian Magic
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Intelligence
Above Average: Constitution
Average: Strength, Dexterity
Low: N/A
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Thaumaturgy|Black Magic
Expert: N/A
Average: Astrologian Magic
Novice: N/A
Weapon Training
Mastery: N/A
Average: Greatswords
Novice: Daggers
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Magic-Use (Thaumaturgy)|Aethersight|Aethersense
Above Average: Strategy
Average: N/A
Low: Physical Combat
Non-Combat Abilities
Aethersight|Aethersense: The ability to see the ebb and flow of aether through the world, feeling it as it flows past and through him. Aether is the thread that makes up the world with each thing haves its own unique properties; the discordant colors, the movements, and aura.
Combat Abilities
Bleeding: Will die fast when stabbed with pointy object (WIP).
OOC Note
No preference for combat RP, will take part in all.

Disclaimer: Going to be very short blurbs, nothing too spoiliery. .
Sixth Astral Era
Armantiel was born and raised for a short period of his life in Gridania. There came a time where he felt he needed to leave to grow into his own person and left for Ul'dah, there he studied with the Thaumaturgy guild for years.

Seventh Umbral Era
Armantiel stayed with the Thaumaturgy guild for a long time, studying among them and practicing his art. There came a time where he found he could learn very little more from the guild and began to venture out in the world seeking a new purpose for himself and his magic.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
Having roamed the land Armantiel eventually came upon a Free Company that would be conducive to his interests through a friend, this Company was Maelstrom Explorer Operations. Here he stayed until the Company formed into the Black Arrow Operations. Black Arrow meet an untimely demise with the destruction of their home by a Garlean rogue. After this, for a short time, Armantiel was homeless and purposeless, banding together with what few friends survived the destruction. Eventually the remains of the Black Arrow Operations were rebuilt and those who had remained eventually came together again, establishing the Shrouded coffer, where Armantiel now acts as a book keeper, and Aetherical consultant while conducting his own research.

Relationship Status Legend


Inès Xavielan(�): Armantiel's Mother. In his youth they were close, but those years are long-since gone and contact hasn't been kept.

Alphonse Xavielan(�): Armantiel's Father. A hard but proud man, especially when it came to Armantiel. Armantiel has not kept in contact.


Iduna Cartwright () A sound friend whom Armantiel has come to trust completely.

Z'harus Tia () A recent friend, has caused Armantiel a lot of grief in his life. Despite this Armantiel is willing to suffer him and hope he will redeem himself.

Mirielle Durand () Another recent friend, who's proved themselves reliable, if a bit loud at times. Secrets are not very rarely kept.

Uiske Dreamsong () Loud, quiet, annoying, stoic, Uiske is a sporadic individual. She's given Arman headache and made him proud simultaneously.

Immota Stone () Armantiel's longest friend, they've been friends since he was young. Bound by blood, brothers to the end.

Amarante Huimaboux () An old friend, now gone from Eorzea. They spoke often towards the end, her words calmed Armantiel. Eventually she grew ill and left Eorzea for a cure. Armantiel still waits for her return.

Fiona Cooper () A recent friend, Armantiel met her while attending a cabaret performance he was invited to by his student, Kasumi. He predicted she would win the raffle, to which she did end up winning. Maybe he saw something in her fate, or perhaps he was stupidly lucky. He's deeply intrigued by her. She's tried to help Armantiel relax and quiet his mind to some degree of success.


Suna Rokuyari () First of Armantiel's apprentices. Skittish and naive, though they have a huge potential. Armantiel fully believes she will be stronger than he could ever hope to be, should she focus and continue on her path.

Arin Tayuun () A similar soul to Armantiel, they seem to have more or less the same past and similar abilities to see aether. She's a bit reserved in the ways of the Black, but he will try his best to unlock her potential.

Chouwa Morrison () A sorry case of inability. They've a desire to learn, to help, to heal, but their aether is constricted and unable to change easily, allowing for pathetic utilization of their abilities. Still, they've a great power in them that just needs to be unlocked.

Kasumi Gakunin () The most recent of Armantiel's apprentices, a dancer for Keeper's Kiss. They show good promise and a great desire to learn. Time will reveal what lays in store for her.

Momoko Miyoko () A prospective student Armantiel is trying to lead down the path of the Black. She shows good knowledge of the path, as well as a strong personality. She might be a little loud with her use of the word "Black Mage," however.


Fox Arkwright (): Someone whom Armantiel used to work for. A hard ass and a Dark Knight. The latter interesting Armantiel to seek lessons, only to be toyed with and ultimately frustrated. He met his ultimate fate after Armantiel had warned him to not seek danger alone, and that's exactly what he did.

Aubry Xavielan (�): Armantiel's wife. The two have had their warm moments and bouts of shouting. Business and clashing personalities have began to push these two apart, compounded by Armantiel's withering mind and Aubry's recent developments. There may be hope for them yet, but only time will tell.

NPC Rumors

There is some amount of truth in everything.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.
"Skilled, but a rather boring individual." — Thaumaturge.
"Sits all to himself, reading from that old tome of his." — Bismarck Waitress.
"High Member of the Thaumaturge's guild of Nald'Thal." — Immortal Flame.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.
"Gridania used to be his home once, so much promise." — Woodwailer.
"He peers into those flames the same way he peers at people." — Colleague.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.
"Beware, that dagger-ear walks the Black path." — Ul'dahn Guttersnipe.
"Death clings to him like a cloak." — Hyur Marauder.
"His parents were great conjurers, did good for many people. Shame he turned his back on them." — Elezen Conjurer.
"Something's wrong with his eye. It wasn't always red, it stares through all." — Gridanian Denizen.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

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