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• NAME: Arshtat Ejinn
• AGE: 25
• NAMEDAY: 2nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 9/2
• RACE: Au Ra, Xaela
• BUILD: 4 fulms, 6 ilms, 85 ponz
• OCCUPATION: Mercenary

• BIRTHPLACE: Azim Steppe, Othard
• CURRENT RESIDENCE: Mist, Limsa Lominsa
• SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
• MARITAL STATUS: In a Relationship
• GUARDIAN: Nhaama, the Dusk Mother
• ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good


ARSHTAT EJINN is a young Xaela huntress and daughter of a Khan from a small branch of the Ejinn tribe. She originally found her way to Eorzea in search of a brother corrupted by a mysterious amulet. Despite knowing the choice would sever all ties from her tribe and make her an exile from her kin, Arshtat felt it was the only choice she could have taken. Now, after her brother's death, she has found peace and is content to live in away from the Steppe.

Arshtat is extremely small, even by female Au Ra comparisons and it is one of the first things people meeting her tend to focus on. She is built small and petite but with well-defined curves. Despite life living near water and in the sun of Othard, Arshtat's skin has maintained a creamy and pale complexion that is prized in her tribe as a sign of her bloodline. Her face is delicately heart-shaped with oval eyes, usually framed with a rust-colored powder used for decoration. Her eyes are slightly down-turned and she usually wears a serene expression. Arshtat's hair is long, nearly to the bottom of her hips. It is usually tied back in a long braid. It is naturally a pale grey-purple.


Arshtat tends to be a quiet, calm individual that is content to watch rather than take part. Living in the tribe her whole life, where much of her decisions were decided for her by her father, she has a habit of submissively following others and rarely speaking up for herself. Those who knew her in the tribe, would often describe her as a gentle soul, with a passion for those she loved. Her quiet nature often also betrays her skill with a bow, and the hunt. She is fiercely loyal, and will do nearly anything necessary to see those she loves happy and healthy.

She fidgets almost constantly. Arshtat worries, almost excessively, about nearly everything, though she has been getting better. When she has had a bit too much to drink, Arshtat can get a little moody, though it is more comical than anything.


• TRIBAL XAELA: While Arshtat seems rather content in Eorzea now, she once was a proud member of a small tribe of Ejinn led by her father. She speaks fairly fluent common tongue, but is always happy to return to her roots or meet other Xaela no matter the kinship.

• MERCENARY: While she’s rather new at doing things for gil, her and Madoc Parnell are in the process of saving money in hopes of purchasing a tavern. Because of this, Arshtat is looking for work and is open to ties with other sellswords as well.

• LIMSAN RESIDENT: Currently living in Madoc’s apartment in the Mist, Arshtat is frequently found swimming in the sea there or purchasing food and other such things from the city. It would not be uncommon to meet with her in the city proper, the Mist where she lives, or the surrounding areas.

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Newrelate positive.png Bahkt Ejinn
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Arshtat's father is a well-respected and elevated man of status within the tribe, equal to Khan. He made many of the decisions, including when to stop and when the tribe should move on. When his only son turned on the tribe unexpectedly, he was shamed, but held firm. He wished his son dead, and has disowned Arshtat for trying to find him once more. Arshtat has many regrets tied to her family, but she keeps her father in her heart.
Newrelate positive.png Enkhtuya Ejinn
Newrelate npc.png
Arshtat and her mother were quite close. The woman was of a small group of Haragin that her tribe took in. It was her mother who taught her nearly everything she knows, from hunting, to cooking, to tending crops, to weaving and sewing. Her mother was sure to groom her to be a good wife someday, and to make her father proud. She forbade Arshtat from following after her brother, and so she knows she now has her mother's ire, but the woman will always have her love.
Newrelate positive.png Vaathabat Ejinn
Newrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png
Arshtat was extremely close to her brother. She remembers him as a gentle soul with a spark that would make her smile even on the darkest of days. He was extremely protective of her. Being that magic was so mistrusted in her tribe, Vaathabat was forced to keep his powers a secret, but would delight Arshtat with them when asked. Near his 28th summer, he found a mysterious amulet at the bottom of the river which seemingly drove him mad and he left the tribe.
>br> After finding him once again in Eorzea, Arshtat was forced to end her brother's life to set him free from the hold of a Voidsent and give him peace.
Newrelate neutral.png Tuvaak Ejinn
Newrelate npc.png
Tuvaak was the young Xaela Arshtat was promised to as a wife by her father. While she did not dislike the man, she knew little about him other than he was one of the more skilled fighters his age within the tribe. She is unsure if he ever had feelings for her, but she regrets not being able to fulfill what she was promised to.
Arshtat met Madoc on chance meeting in the market and he offered her an invitation to a tavern he works at. Being the first Xaela she had met that seemed more at home in Eorzea than in the Steppe, she found him rather fascinating. A sun spent together in Limsa left her both drawn to him and more comfortable around him than before.

After the death of her brother, Madoc became a pillar of support. And after a long struggle and Madoc's mind nearly being lost to a cursed sword, Arshtat and the company of mages that had taken her in saved him from the same fate. She has admitted her feelings of love to him, and he has returned them. She no longer fears not having a purpose and is content to remain at his side for whatever comes next. The two have plans to purchase a tavern, one of Madoc's dreams, and are currently working as mercenaries for coin to do so.
A kind and quiet knight who she has worked side-by-side with in her former company for some time, Ruran is someone Arshtat looks to with respect. She admires his strength and willingness to protect people. And she is ever-grateful for his hand in the search for her brother, and the aid he has provided in finding a solution to free Madoc of his curse. She wishes she could speak with him more; he seems so troubled and lonely.

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