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NAME: Ruran Vas
BIRTHNAME: Locke Rinannis
NICKNAMES: Ghost, Ser Knight, One of Masks, Mister Mask, Alabaster, Spooky
RACE: Hyur, Midlander
AGE: Late 20's
NAMEDAY: 9th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (8 Sept.)
GUARDIAN: Azeyma, the Warden
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good (Lawful Tendency)
BIRTHPLACE: The Black Shroud
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Encamped outside the Temple of Qarn.
OCCUPATION: Artifact Preserver & Voidsent Slayer
ACTIVE AFFILIATIONS: Metaphysick, Thanalan Acquisitions, The Dreamer's Reprieve, The Matron's Reach
by Sarenhale (tumblr: @sarenhale)
➤ FIRST IMPRESSION. Ruran stands around 5’11”, fairly average for a Midlander, though he tends to slouch and dip his head so often, that he may seem a bit smaller than he actually is. He holds himself with weariness, an air of melancholy lingering wherever he goes. Something seems to be holding him back, yet he also has a strong stubbornness that refuses to change his course, and makes him wary of accepting help. This is not without its share of regret and apologies.
The knight is always masked, and his thin figure can be difficult to ascertain when he chooses to be encased in armor or cloak. Pale blond hair hangs past his shoulders, with a bit of blond stubble at his chin. Sharp teal eyes, tired yet alert, peer behind his mask, and the timbre of his voice suggests he is a man who does not smile often.
A white chocobo can sometimes be seen in Ruran’s company. Skittish but protective, Tathas carries the man from one mission to the next, and Ruran has found a sort of peace in caring for the bird.

➤ CLOTHES. Ruran does not often wear colors, instead choosing to stay limited in white, black, and any shade between. A small amber-like stone, etched with the symbol of Azeyma, is wrapped in a leather chord and hangs from his neck.
His silver armor is fitted and light, a personal preference for the knight over heavy and ornate. It has seen its share of use—dents, dirt, and scratches mar the metal plates. But for the most part, Ruran keeps care of it, taking it to local smiths for regular repairs and maintenance.
While he is most often seen in his suit of armor, he does own a few other articles for comfort. Sturdy boots, loose slacks, and a simple tunic is not uncommon during his downtime. Though his face remains hidden, he has recently considered a half-mask for more casual or social situations. The full white mask is never far from his reach.

➤ SCARS. Ruran has gained quite a few, through occupational and aetherial hazards. Due to his discreet nature, most of his skin is often covered, and no major scars can be seen at first glance.

➤ VOICECLAIM. Freddie A'Brassard

Ruransoulstone.png      Ruranfullmask.png      Ruranarmor.png      50px-Ruranlastrites.png      Ruranmap.png      Ruranjournal.png

➤ Soulstone: A stone that hangs from Ruran's neck. Although it usually gives off a dim, steady light, it can also shine quite bright.
➤ White Funeral Mask: A polished, white wooden mask. Even if not wearing it, he keeps it with him at all times.
➤ Suit of Armor: Weathered and worn, reforged and maintained, this armor has seen its share of use, though it still remains strong.
Last Rites: Ruran's reforged blade, lined with glowing runes, which he can imbue aetheric effects upon. It is also used to close voidgates.
➤ Various Maps: Primarily of the Thanalans, but also other regions of Eorzea. They are well-kept, but carry many marks and notes upon them.
➤ Journal: Less a diary, more a traveler’s memoire of sorts. Mementos of his travels are pressed on the pages, accompanied by annotations.

by Hithren (tumblr: @hithren)
➤ MELANCHOLY. Ruran can remember a time when he was truly content. It was far too long ago. Since then, only something akin to good-naturedness has flickered across his eyes, but nearly unseen is a spark of pure joy, let alone a bright grin. He carries an air of somberness and intensity with him. Nevertheless, his seriousness does not mean coldness, and there is a quiet caring in his actions, even if his expression does not show it. Ruran is a broken man, which becomes more evident when reminded of certain things.
➤ STUBBORN. Whatever Ruran considers his path, he pursues it relentlessly, as one who knows nothing else. Any pain of his past is pushed aside by mention of the duty he must fulfill. It seems to be the one thing keeping him going, at the expense of his well-being…and his sanity.
➤ SKEPTICAL. Once altruistic, his ability to trust has been wounded, and Ruran has grown to be not so certain about the world. Hesitance overtakes him more than he would like, and experience has taught him that people are not always as they seem. He still does his best to help others, but he keeps himself closed off as much as he can.
➤ INTROVERTED. Ruran is a thinker, and his thoughts often pull him inward, leaving the man sitting in a crowded tavern or social outing and completely oblivious to his surroundings. Though quiet and sheepish by nature, he has enough social experience and curiosity to know how to handle smalltalk. When left in a situation where conversation is expected, he is capable of fidgeting his way through it.

Very wary of explosives and firearms. Certain trigger words afflict PTSD-like symptoms: flashbacks, paranoia, trembling, etc.
Adjusts his mask if feeling anxious or insecure, a comfort object of sorts.
Terrible sleeper, plagued by night terrors. Tossing and turning in a restless half-sleep is not uncommon.
Knows much about engineering, but refrains from speaking about it and possesses no items that would link him to such a field.
Binge-drinks. Usually in his room, where he can do so without interruption.
Sweet tooth. He can’t resist an offer for candy or a pastry. Perhaps to a fault, as he has made his stomach upset too many times.
Workaholic. Rarely takes time for himself to relax, and often pushes himself to the point of collapsing.


Apologises A Lot
Bad Dreams
Cosmic Plaything
The Drifter

Drowning My Sorrows
The Fettered
Guardian Entity
Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

Hurting Hero
Undying Loyalty
Walking the Earth


➤ SWORDSMAN. Ruran carries a simple, trusty longsword, and has trained in the arts of melee combat. This may sometimes be exchanged for a pair of daggers, but only when called upon for certain situations. He attacks with quick strikes and can afford to be at least a little reckless when encased in metal plates, though he tries not to be hit at all.
➤ THE BLESSING OF AZEYMA. A strange aura empowers Ruran, imbuing him with holy energy and granting him unnatural abilities such as augmented magical attacks and minor short-distance teleportation. However, this power is mostly out of his control in his current state, and it will quickly exhaust him if used too often.
➤ RUNIC SPELLS. Upon taking lessons, Ruran has slowly gained control over the abilities bestowed on him. With his sword as a focus, he can manipulate his aether to write runic circles in the air, much like an Arcanist. These can be used in a variety of ways, whether for defense or offense, but their complexity means they require time to conjure.
➤ VOIDSBANE. Through years of training and research, Ruran has learned ways to combat the Void and its denizens. He is well aware of rituals to dispel Voidgates and send its creatures back to the dark realm, and he will do so without hesitation.

1476044443 ruranfight.png
➤ UNBENDING. Ruran does not go down easily, determined to live until he is physically unable to stand, and sometimes beyond.
➤ BASTION. Clad in armor and a shield emblazoned with the sun, it can be difficult to land a lethal hit on the knight. Also, despite his languid posture, he is quite quick on his feet and able to close the distance with surprising (and perhaps even terrifying) swiftness.
➤ ARI'DORAM. A powerful force protects the knight of Azeyma. The soulstone at his chest often shoves the man past his typical capabilities, and wards against those who would seek to harm his soul or mind.
Note: Highly resistant to most mind-manipulation, such as sleep and charm. He is also immune to void/dark-aspected effects.

➤ AETHERICAL INSTABILITY. While Ruran has the potential for magic, he struggles to control it. Perhaps because his mind is constantly unsettled, or he is simply not strong enough, he cannot depend on the inconsistency of these abilities. On more than one occasion, it has acted without his knowing or not responded when he needed it, causing more harm than good.
➤ RELUCTANCE. Behind every swing of his sword is a man who wishes he had another choice. Guilt and hesitance plague him, and his resolve can be shaken if approached the correct way.
➤ BROKEN MIND. Certain loud noises and the presence of explosions may cause the man to flinch, sometimes even making him seize up...or his mind may retreat into a temporary coma. He avoids these situations whenever possible.
➤ RANGED. Armed with only a blade and some unstable aetheric abilities, Ruran is most helpless when he cannot reach his target. Marksmen and mages, though they may have a difficult time getting through his defenses, are still at an advantage until the knight can move within melee range. Also, though he has knowledge and skill in firearms, he will pointedly avoid sharpshooters and pray others will pursue them.

“Eh, who? ‘Ruin’? … A blonde armored guy in a mask? Name don’t sound familiar, but I did see someone matchin’ that description passin’ by the gate the other day. Don’t know where he was goin’, but ‘e didn’t seem in any hurry.” - Rug Merchant, Scorpion Crossing
“Ruran… He’s staying at the inn over there, right? —Oh, he’s not there? Hm, I wonder where he went…” - Observant Busybody, The Mist
 “Oh, I ran into a man of that description on the street. Quite literally, much to my embarrassment. The mask was unsettling, but he seemed nice enough. He helped me up, then bowed and apologized, even though it was my fault…” - Clumsy Shopper, Sapphire Avenue

“Mm, he came in here asking if there’d been any trouble, and if he could help. I told him there’s always trouble with the beastmen, but he didn’t seem interested in that kind of work. He was polite and professional though. I’ll hire him if something else comes up.” - Innkeeper, Camp Drybone
“Yeah, I know ‘im. Mister Vas came into my shop, wantin’ his armor repaired. Had a big ol’ scratch on the front, like somethin’ clawed ‘im. Didn’t look like no animal I’d ever seen, so I asked ‘bout it. Said it was from a voidsent. Would call ‘im a fool for seekin’ out that kind of trouble, but it got me some coin, so I can’t judge, hahah!” - Blacksmith, Moraby Drydocks
“Hmm? Oh! Er—yes! I remember he came in here a few weeks ago. He wanted information on…Sil’dih? And books on soulstones, and voidsent, and the Twelve, and geography… All kinds of topics! I asked him what he could possibly want all this research for, and he…looked kinda sad. I mean, at least as far as I could tell, with that mask and all.” - Cheerful Librarian, Arrzaneth Ossuary

“Ruran Vas… A mysterious man, a mysterious past, but not so difficult to read. Watch his eyes, for they speak tomes: he is seeking redemption. But I fear he is so dogged in his pursuit of atonement and to protect those he loves, that he…may very well destroy himself in the process.” - Cloaked Woman, Little Ala Mhigo
“I think ‘e’s sick, ‘cuz I saw ‘im run into an alley, ’n he was stumblin’ ‘round like ‘e was ‘bout to fall over. ‘E looked at me, but I’mma good ‘ider. ‘Is eyes were like…like tiny lil' suns!” - Curious Child, The Goblet
“Oh, Ruran, aye! Me ’n ‘im got shite-faced together, but ‘e can’t ‘old ‘is booze too good. ‘Fore I knew it, ‘e was leanin’ on me, sobbin’ buckets ’n tellin’ me ‘ow much ‘e missed ‘is family and wanted to go 'ome. Ramblin’ ‘bout lilies or somethin’, and questionin’ ‘is existence ’n all. Eh—don’t tell ‘im I told you though, sounds like the poor sod’s got ‘nough troubles as it is.” - Boisterous Miner, Vesper Bay

"Stare long enough into his armour, and slowly a rather lovely butt shall appear. Like magic, truly." - Mae Rosenthal
"Ruran Vas... A knight if I ever saw one, dressed all in white with shining sword. But burdened, heavily so. You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his words. There is much I would do to see him smile, just once." - Mae Rosenthal
"The man cares more than he'll ever show. It's just in his nature... it always has been." - Cyrus Chambers
"His face? Aye, I've seen it. S'why he needs to wear the mask, 'cause if ye 'ave the face o' a god, it's necessary in order to walk among us mortals. Under tha' mask tho' is me reason fer singin'. An' he always gives me an ear, even iffin' the singin's mediocre...wish he'd invite me back to his room. " - Sephora Sirenas
"Ghost either goes to a lot of childrens parties or he really doesn't like to share his face, if he has one. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it's the latter. He should probably realize though that no matter what kind or lack of face he has people won't really care, in the end. Yeah, because it's the inside that counts, and it's all nice and mushy, like the rest of us. Hmmm, I guess he might be missing a nose though. I've after all seen the lower parts of his face. A person without a nose would be sort of weird, but not as weird as the mask he carries. No matter! I like the guy, he needs to smile more!" - Xivrez'to Ithaka
"Ruran has been a great help to our organization. He is... quiet, but strong. The mask has raised some eyebrows and suspicion amongst our members, but as long as he is loyal to us, I do not care what he wishes to hide." - Oyuu Dataq
"He's lonely. I know what it's like and plan to help him with his duties. I can only imagine what it is he does which leaves his kind nature so distant from others....." - Kanako Moonweaver
"A mysterious man, that one. I have the uncontrollable urge to fuss over him when we're together, because he simply doesn't take care of himself. I'm sure he dislikes it, but sometimes it helps to know at least one person--- ah, but listen to me prattle on about that sweet thing." - Ellere Valahan
"Ruran is lovely!, well. He has a brilliant mind and a very caring heart. Selfless and honourable. I just...just wish he could see himself, the way I see him." - Rosamund Hale
"Eyes are windows to the soul and his are most melancholy, I find myself praying to the Spinner for her to weave some kindness into his fate each time we part ways." - Vio Terrell
"Rumor here." - Character Name
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Graeme & Nadia Rinannis (Parents)
His loving parents, who are no more. Graeme was a large man and kind-hearted angler; Nadia was a meek and lovely seamstress, though she became small and fragile from a disease early in Ruran's childhood. He thinks of them fondly, and offers nothing but praise and appreciation for them.

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Deceased: They lived to see Ruran become a grown man. He recalls the night of their death with great remorse.
Newrelate positive.png Romimo Romi (Godmother)
Newrelate trusted.png
Ruran has known Romi all of his life; she was always part of his family, to do what his crippled mother could not. She is a wise and caring lalafell, who taught Ruran most of what he knows, and spurred a curiosity and wonder in him that drove him to become the kind man he is at his core.

Although advised against it, Ruran approached Romi in Tailfeather, revealing himself to be alive. It's been one of the brighter times in his new life, being able to see someone he loves and take heart in them. She has, of course, sworn secrecy, but her life is so isolated with the Vath in Dravania that it is not a difficult task.

Recently, she has been seen more often around him, much to his approval (but also apprehension). After learning that his work had been damaged in a fire, she has lent him much of her books and tools for research. The help is greatly appreciated, and his progress has been effectively boosted.
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Auric Rinannis (Brother)

Though born and having grown up under the same roof, Ruran and Auric could not have been more different. Hotheaded, cynical, and restless, Auric butted heads with Ruran more times than he can count. After an unfortunate change, Auric seems to be embracing his new, violent life without remorse.

Ruran now shows nothing but contempt for this 'man', if he can still call himself that. After several attacks and threats, he has no tolerance for Auric, refusing to call him his brother, and festering a rare, deep-seeded loathing within the knight, with a vengeance that could border on obsession if he ever catches wind of him.

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Enemy: If push came to shove, Ruran would not hesitate to take Auric down. He holds little forgiveness for his brother-turned-voidsent.

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Emma Rinannis (Daughter)
Ruran loves his daughter more than he can express. One of his greatest regrets is that he cannot be a part of her life and watch her grow. He hopes she will remember at least a single memory of him, however, she was so young that he does not expect her to even remember his face...
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Olli & Bubby (Honorary)
Olli: A chipper mammet-hearted magitek bit and long-time companion of Ruran, Olli has been through many trials alongside the knight. Ruran knows Olli would return to him...but the masked man has chosen to leave the bit behind, for his family's sake.

Bubby: A stoic little mammet given to Ruran as a Starlight gift. Its name was chosen by Emma, who could only babble at the time. Due to being roughhoused and snuggled by the little girl, Bubby now has few dents, but still takes its job very seriously.

Olli and Bubby are the Rinannis family's tiny protectors. Loyal and curious, they help however they can, including being playmates or caring for the garden.
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 ??? Rinannis (Ex-Wife)
"My light, my only," he once called her, but no longer speaks her name. She was everything to him, saved him in more ways than one, and was one of the reasons Ruran fought as hard as he did.

However, news has since spread to Ruran that shortly after his presumed death, his beloved was quick to run into the arms of a new lover. Whatever fragile hope he clung to, had been ripped from him. He did not expect his wife to move on so eagerly, and thus was sown the seed of confusion for the feelings she once expressed, and with it, came doubt and resentment...

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Uncertain: Though he is heartbroken and intends to stay away, an undeniable longing remains, given how deeply he once loved her.

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The Broken Horn
When Ruran needs respite after a hard day, he knows he can turn to a tavern called the Broken Horn for warm food and a hard drink. The place is small and quiet enough that he doesn't feel overwhelmed, and knowing it is run by good hands such as Arshtat and Madoc helps to ease his nerves as well.
An accounting firm and home to a few of Ruran's acquaintances such as Phi, Keldorin, and Sehn. From a man falling from the sky and into their yard, to a festive All Saint's Wake party, each visit has never failed to pique his interest. He has been treated with politeness and hospitality each time, and he looks forward to seeing more of the firm and its residents.

Ruran approached Keldorin and Phi concerning the strange feelings surrounding the estate. They divulged him of its secrets, and though their explanation makes sense, it still leaves him a bit wary... However, he is choosing to trust that they know what they are doing, and he has chosen to remain their friend and ally.
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House Rosenthal
Having visited Mae's large family in Ishgard, Ruran has piqued the curiosity of the Rosenthals. He feels overwhelmed by both their prestige and endless questions, but he respects them immensely.
Before Ruran took the role of the man with the mask and was forced to leave his friends and family, he was closely tied with this group of salvagers. It has broken his heart to run into them time and again, having to dismiss any accusations from curious and particularly observant members, but he has learned to steel himself in their presence.

Even so, it does strike him as curious that they have taken up the role of hunting voidsent and closing portals—a connection to the knight's interest that he wishes he could delve into more, with them as allies.

While Ruran was visiting, he was present for the official disbanding of the Jackals by his leaders. Its members were allowed to stay as residents, though the house itself would be given toward a new purpose...
Run by Maril Hawker, the Matron's Reach is a network of healers, alchemists, suppliers, and clients, focused on the healing of those in need. Ruran accepted Maril's offer for a pearl, agreeing to search for alchemical reagents to assist their cause...and knowing that he'll likely need to be patched up sometime in the future.

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Business: Hired to supply reagents from dangerous creatures, and assist in physical aspects such as escorting, manual labor, or general protection.
In the house previously belonging to the Jackals, a new proprietor declared that it now belonged to an organization called Metaphysick. There is much Ruran does not know about the new company, though their goals seem to align for now: Metaphysick studies ways to deal with voidsent and banish them. He intends to help the company in any way he can, if only to make sure that the new benefactor—the mysterious figure known only as 'M'—does not have ill intentions in the long term.

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Business: Metaphysick deals entirely with researching the Void and finding ways to fight its power and denizens. This relates closely with Ruran's goals, so he devotes a much effort as he can into their work.
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The Order of Ouroboros
An independent group of mages, scholars, and explorers who have made it their cause to seek out knowledge, study and fight the Void, seek artifacts, and put down any threats. Ruran had offered his blade to this group, though recent events made him doubt if he had the stomach for their ends-justify-the-means philosophy and sometimes cruel behavior.

After a hurtful meeting at the Order in which Ruran's loyalty and identity was questioned for gratuitous reasons (and accompanied by physical violence), the knight found himself less inclined to assist them. He knew better than to judge the group as a whole based on the actions of a few individuals, but this event had still resulted in reluctance.

Eventually, he felt more comfortable being around the Order, and was able to assist them as he wished to do. However, time had a habit of getting in the way of things, and Ruran found himself distant from the Order. Then, one day, he heard over the pearl that the group had been officially disbanded.

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Business: The interests of the Order and Ruran aligned in most regards, from battling the Void to gathering relics, and so an alliance was made.
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Saint Arquette’s Sanitarium
A place for safety and recovery of those who have been tainted by the Void or are otherwise aetherically unstable. Ruran has delivered a cultist or two to this location, and he has seen good results come from it. The place is professional and focuses on care, much to the knight's approval.
A museum and dungeon-diving company that specializes in acquiring dangerous relics and ensuring that they do not fall into the wrong hands. Ruran has employed them to accompany him in the Temple of Qarn, and he is quite close with its founder, Rha. Ruran helps when he can, and he offers relics to the museum when he finds them on occasion.



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Aedwen Morning
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A name selectively uttered on Ruran's lips, though it always seems to be in reference to the glowing light at his chest.
Ruran does not know this Xaela woman well, but he and others of the Order of Ouroboros are working to find her lost brother. Though the future seems grim, he has offered condolences and encouragement when he can, though his melancholy demeanor holds back his ability to offer any bright optimism. Still, he hopes the best in finding her brother, and he will do all he can to make sure he is found and returned safely.

Ruran has since learned that she was forced to strike down her brother, wholly taken by a voidsent possessor. Part of him blames himself, as he was unable to be there when called upon due to his condition.

Arshtat bumped into him again, and the two were able to discuss more at length. It seems she has befallen a new trial that wishes to take another loved one from her, and Ruran is determined to not let it happen this time.
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Atlas Leigh
Newrelate positive.png
Constance Lavelle
Ruran finds this new recruit of Metaphysick to be quite mysterious. While he's uncertain of her intentions, his curiosity regarding her strange staff in piqued. They hope to have tea sometime to exchange questions regarding one another.
Ruran met this woman at a gala in the Shroud (and later learned that they worked or the same company). Neither seemed interested in mingling with the crowd, so they found a nice quiet corner to chat...though it didn't last long, with familiar faces recognizing the masked man. Still, their meeting was pleasant, and he walked both Ellere and her friend back to the Thanalans.

Ellere has assisted him since then, mending wounds, defending him, and taking care of him through visits, gifts, and food. He deeply appreciates her, but he was quick to warn her that he makes a terrible friend. Still, his trust for her had blossomed, and though it filled him with guilt, he enjoyed her company and even sought it out.

However, as Ruran continued his path, things became heated between them. He proceeded with awkwardness and distance, though after hearing of Ellere’s capture, he did not hesitate to put everything he had into her safe return.

At first intimidated by her stature and aura of authority, Ruran was quick to comply with any of her questions or concerns. Together they worked to close a rumored portal to the Void. As conversations transpired, he became more comfortable, though no less relaxed, being the man he is.

Every now and then, their paths cross, though it is rarely intentional. After an odd near-misunderstanding at an abandoned house in Coerthas, Ruran learned of Emerald's troubles, and he offered to help. The plans made with Hesher and D'arca to help her ultimately weren't through the best means (tricking her), which caused some backlash from Emerald, resulting in the knight becoming more sheepish in her presence.

Emerald later saw Ruran at one of his lowest points, curled up and grieving in the ruins of Qarn, smelling of alcohol. He will not soon forget how she listened to him, took him somewhere safe, and made certain he was all right before sending him on his way.
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Fiona Delaine
A young mage who seems to know more about voidsent and aether than most others. Her desire to help others rivals Ruran’s own altruism—perhaps even surpassing it. However, he has noticed that his awkward demeanor makes her second-guess herself. He is grateful for her enthusiasm, even if he is terrible at showing it.
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G’rha Nunh
A fellow Temple of Qarn enthusiast, G’rha met Ruran through a mutual friend R’khena after finding a strange golem in the ruins. G’rha’s questions were met with vague responses from Ruran, though that did not deter any goodwill the two had toward each other. Though they barely know one another, Ruran finds a strange friendship in the man already, perhaps due to their respect for Qarn and being likeminded in many ways.

Over time, Ruran has learned more about the man. A similar sorrow of loss is shared between them, and though it has put their friendship on shaky ground, Ruran does what he can to comfort and help Rha through this difficult time.

Rha turned to Ruran for help regarding a vase which contained a high-tier voidsent. Its influence had begun to possess the miqo’te over time, and although he tried his best, Ruran wasn’t able to keep Rha contained. He broke free, taking the vase with him. The knight is doing all his power to see Rha safely returned, though he is burdened by guilt for allowing it to get this far.
Ruran ran into this Keeper and his fairy friend (Kit) at the Silver Bazaar. The two exchanged pleasantries and made known each other's soulstones, and there is a curious aether about John that he can't quite place. Ruran has since helped John with several voidsent excursions, including the rescue of his sister. He respects the man and his fairy, thinking they're both quite friendly and helpful, and he wishes all the best of them.
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Kanto Jahari
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Ruran stumbled across Maril after suffering from a near-fatal poison attack from of a Hammer Beak. He called to her for assistance in finding a root, and the healer happened to have some in her satchel. He was forced to rest, and she sat with him. The two began to talk about many things, and she eventually gave him a linkpearl to a network of healers. Also a sandwich. And some jokes.

Seeing each other off and on, through tea, work, and his mission, Ruran has grown to trust Maril. After being encouraged to write a letter concerning his past and current conditions, she is one of the few to know the most about Ruran. She has accepted him for who he is, and his cause. The sense of honesty is freeing, though he worries if he said too much, and what it might mean for the future.

He put her in danger at Qarn during one of his excursions into he ruins. Though it turned out fine thanks to the help of Matron’s Reach, Ruran feels responsible, and he treads lightly into the future.
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Business: An alchemist and healer, Ruran has found an equal trade in providing reagents in exchange for healing.
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Renaud Dailemont
Upon first impression at Charlemend & Lumont, Ruran deemed Renaud as a practical (albeit stoic) gentleman of Ishgard. But it didn't take long for the masked knight to learn that there was much more to this man. A small detail slipped, and Ruran was sworn to secrecy, meeting a gaze that was quite serious of its severity for a loose tongue.

After seeing Renaud in battle, bathed in red light and a raging fire in his eye, the two spoke about the source of the elezen's power, and the darkness within Renaud. The conversation was enlightening, a new outlook given to the knight bound to the deity of light.

After calling for a medic as the near-fallen knight stumbled into the accounting firm, Renaud caught sight of Ruran's unsettling scars. Time passed, and Ruran had begun to think that the Ishgardian had forgotten. He was wrong. Though by the time he asked, the two knights had been through several ordeals together, and Ruran trusted him enough to talk about it.

Having seen Renaud slipping into bad health and irritability, Ruran worries over the Ishgardian. Fate causes them to meet now and then, though the two maintain a mutual personal distance for now.
Once a fellow engineer and one of Locke’s airship apprentices, Rosa had been quite good friends with the now-masked knight. He had sought to stay away from her and the Jackals, but to his surprise, they pursued the same strange anomaly as he, at the Burning Wall. Despite him playing it safe and maintaining his composure while hidden among his old friends, a vision from an ahriman made Ruran's true voice speak without his intention, and Rosa was quick to suspect his true identity.

When later confronted if he was Locke, he was forced to lie and deny, which disheartened both him and the voidsent huntress, who believed him.

However, J’inarah later expressed that Rosa’s enthusiasm concerning airships had dwindled and suggested that he tell the truth about his identity. He did, and now he works beside her in the newly formed company of Metaphysick, even if it's not with the same level of familiarity as before. He has helped her with her devices from afar, and she has expressed concern for him time again. Ruran may have stepped too far, telling her to not care about him, but he has convinced himself it's for the best.
These two skirted around one another before Ruran donned his mask, so he never quite got to know the fellow knight. However, recent coincidences have led them to cross paths more times than either seem comfortable with. Rufus has made his suspicions and reluctance to trust the masked man quite clear, and Ruran cannot blame him, for he only seems to meet the other when trouble is brewing.

They have run into each other time and again, always accompanied by trouble of course, and Ruran has noted the way Rufus has returned to his dark arts. Wary, but not mistrusting, the masked man is curious what Rufus will do—or become—with the power he has chosen to use.
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Svana Heart
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Tara Leigh
A red mage from Sharlayan who works for Metaphysick, Ruran is curious about Tara but keeps his distance. She is friendly and outgoing, and also a skilled mage. Yet, Ruran being who he is, has been unable to initiate much conversation with her outside of work.
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Ruran saved this chocobo from its previous abusive owners. Dirty and wounded, Tathas is being tended by Ruran, who has found new friendship with the timid bird.
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Torhe Raanu
A long-time acquaintance of Ruran since even before his mask, Torhe has been seeing him around due to a few run-ins with the Jackals. The knight has always admired her pensive observance and eye for strategy. When she saw his identity, she gave him a solid slap that Ruran will not soon forget.

Torhe has made it apparent that she still does not trust Ruran, believing him to be a voidsent of some kind. And if not a voidsent, then something else nefarious. This disheartens and confuses Ruran, but he continues to do his best despite it.
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Vahl'sae Bajihri
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Vieaux Valintaire
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Zaoka Aloka
A down-to-earth lalafell who specializes in healing, Ruran has only met Zaoka on one or two occasions. The knight quite likes Zaoka's amiable personality, and he is quite the healer. Driven by his curiosity, he hopes to get to know the lalafell better in time.

After being called to his office, Zaoka informed Ruran that he should take a mandatory medical leave. At first, Ruran refused, but then it was offered in a different way: celebrate a festival with Ellere. When that didn't work out, Ruran returned to Zaoka and told him he would take the original leave as instructed. Ruran knows this is for his own good, and he trusts Zaoka's judgment. The lalafell also seems in good spirits regardless of Ruran's state, which is refreshing for the knight.
A fellow mask-wearer who Ruran met in Vesper Bay, while looking for someone to hire for his ventures into the Thanalan ruins. Sun'ra agreed, and the two successfully retrieved what Ruran needed from a tunnel near the temple of Qarn. Afterward, linkpearls were exchanged, and the knight agreed to let him know if he needed assistance again.

Overall, Ruran was quite relieved to not have to go alone, and Sun'ra proved to be observant, clever, and a capable fighter. The miqo'te's coeurl, however, puts both him and his chocobo at unease, but the beast seems to be well-trained, at least.

Since then, the two have met time again, whether by happenstance or working together on jobs. Sun'ra gave Ruran quite a fright by breaking into his apartment, though he was quick to forgive. He also learned that Sun'ra can make a decent meal out of just about anything.

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Business: One of Ruran's companions when it comes to dungeon diving and voidsent eradicating.
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Talamh Ovagne
A mysterious woman; a name rarely heard, and seen even less.
Ruran came across Ume in the Shroud. Though she shared sweet smiles and spoke kindly, a strange presence left him on edge. After seeing more of her power, he isn't sure what to make of her. For now, he intends to watch her closely and prepare himself for the worst.

After a misunderstanding regarding a trial, in which she summoned voidsent and fought Metaphysick, Ruran wasn't sure what to think of her. He sympathized with her plight, and he feared he had made a new enemy by not defending her when Metaphysick turned her offer away. Worried for her wellbeing, he sought her out, and the two spoke more of their pasts. They were able to come to a truce, to Ruran's relief, and he now wishes to help her through whatever difficulties she faces. There is still lingering hesitance, as she is so closely connected to the Void, but he does his best to push past it.

After learning that Ume decided to hold Ellere hostage and kill her if Rha was not rescued by the voidsent who possessed him, Ruran's hesitance was proven to have bearing. Hurt and confused, Ruran cannot help but feel betrayed by the woman he had decided to give a chance.

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Once known long ago, though the two lead very different lives now. Ruran remembers Aeron, and the way the man used to be. While he prays that his identity will not be discovered, he is quietly curious about the merchant-turned-mercenary. Pearls were exchanged after their first meeting, and since then, the two have met now and again. They work well together, though nothing personal has been shed to light on one or the other.
A surgeon of Ishgard, Afoix first met Ruran while the knight was having a mental breakdown (much to his embarrassment and shame). Still, the doctor was supportive and even offered his assistance. Although Afoix is curt and sometimes relentless in his pointed questions, Ruran respects him and his work.

He has confronted Ruran alone, asking him a peculiar request and revealing some mysterious new facets of the good doctor. Ruran has agreed, albeit hesitantly, and quietly wonders what will come of it.

In lieu of Afoix's request, Ruran invited the doctor to join him in investigating a haunted town. Over all, the masked knight...almost enjoyed himself. Afoix proved to be competent and practical, with no unnecessary bloodshed or moral dilemmas. A positive experience, all things considered.

There is doubt, however, with the added perspective of the way in which Afoix offered to help Ruran with his aether issues. Details left untold to the knight until it was too late, that he would be carving into Ruran's back with a blade. The pain Ruran feels on his skin is not one he will forget anytime soon.
Newrelate positive.png Ali Gani
An energetic lalafell who Ruran has seen now and then at various events, first meeting him at a restaurant in the Goblet. He seems well enough, and judging by his moves at a gala, is also quite a dancer!
Newrelate positive.png Arabel Khaine
Met in the rainforests of La Noscea, this smiling woman strikes Ruran as strange, somehow. Both her knowledge of Garlean technology and her past makes him wary, yet with the sincerity and warmth of her words, he cannot help but give her the benefit of the doubt.
An officer in the Order of Ouroboros, Arthurioux is a well-mannered elezen with a kind demeanor, who seems to be willing to give Ruran the benefit of the doubt despite his mask. He also seems to be a skilled mage, which easily impresses Ruran.
Newrelate positive.png A'sedai Tyatu
Ruran first met A'sedai by rescuing her off the back of a Garlean-piloted Magitek Armor with others from Charlemend & Lumont. When all was safe, he carried her to the infirmary for healing, and did not see her for quite some time, though he knew she was in safe hands.

They met again at the accounting firm, where they could properly introduce themselves and get to know one another better. He learned about her interest in hunting game, and has offered to teach Ruran how to such. She has also expressed concern over his health, being the healer she is, and wishes for him to speak more of his condition at her office sometime.
With a wit that tests the limits of Ruran's gullability, Caithe remains much a mystery to the knight. Born of the mountains, guardian of the swamp, faithful Ala Mhigan, these are the things that Ruran knows, yet there seems much more to her than meets the eye. Their conversations have been short but deep, and though their outlook on life might differ, Ruran respects her opinions and uses them to question and strengthen his own.
Newrelate positive.png Clover Fields
This masked woman first appeared to Ruran and the others of Metaphysick in their time of need, when faced against an infestation of imps. Her clever quips and enthusiasm for heroic acts sparks a quiet sort of awe in Ruran, though they haven’t spoken much to each other outside of jobs for the company.
Ruran met this shy but kind raen in the company of Masahiko Akiyama. Her wide-eyed wonder is endearing, and she bravely caught and delivered his rogue linkpearl as it bounced down a busy street in Ul'dah. He feels indebted to both raen and wishes them the best of travels.

He came across both Chizuri and Masahiko again, near a house in the Shroud that lay haunted. Chizuri remained in control of her fears and quietly assisted those who entered the building, and Ruran was impressed by the meek braveness that she displayed.

The two met (or did they?) again a few moons later. Though the woman held the same features, voice, and mannerisms as the woman he met at Ul'dah and the haunted place in the Shroud, she had no recollection of him or those events. Too polite to pry, Ruran assumed that they were simply two different people...with the exact same name, occupation, and appearance.

Newrelate uncertain.png
Uncertain: Ruran's certain he's met her before, yet she doesn't remember him at all. Maybe there are two Chizuris..! He's confused.
Newrelate positive.png Chrysanthemum 'Chrys' Lionwright
Ruran met this woman at Scorpion Crossing, his curiosity piqued as she questioned guards and merchants around the camp for information regarding the murder of her father. After some brief conversation and discussing possible leads, he offered to help however he could. She gave him her linkpearl in case he found anything new.

Ruran contacted her a few weeks later, stating that he may have discovered a clue. The evidence has led to a group of hired killers, and Ruran and Chrys—as well as a few of her allies—are figuring out the safest way to proceed, while still getting the answers Chrys needs.
Newrelate positive.png Chuluun Sagahl
The two only met in passing at Charlemend & Lumont's infirmary to care for a few wounded, but they met once again in more peaceful circumstances soon enough.

Chuluun was eager to learn more of Ruran's aetheric troubles, and though Ruran was hesitant to say much, he offered to explain more later. The knight hopes that he might be able to help the Xaela with his aetheric research, even escorting the man through Amdapor (with mixed results).

Having seen Ruran's scars after the knight stumbled into the infirmary, Chuluun had questions and concerns, and the two spoke more privately. Though Ruran could provide only surface answers, he hopes he may be able to assist Chuluun in the future...and perhaps find an alternative to his scars one day.
One of Ruran’s oldest and most trusted friends. The mage is enigmatic and distant most of the time, but Ruran would never question his loyalty. The two have had some rocky footing lately, with Cyrus’s aloofness not meshing well with Ruran’s grief, but they are making strides to work through it.

He has not seen the man for quite some time, but this is not unusual for Cyrus. Ruran hopes that he is well, but part of him thinks it's for the best that the two are apart for now.
This midlander has quite the silver tongue, Ruran learned while shopping for supplies at the Silver Bazaar. Her wit is sharp, though unfortunately her sass is wasted on the stoic knight. He also discovered that she is an acquaintance of Afoix Kirent. Her personality and lifestyle are so different from the doctor, that Ruran quietly wonders how the two could possibly get along.

Ruran met her again at an inn, where they shared pleasant conversation, and she even managed to encourage him by acceptance. It is rare that someone does not try to 'fix' him, and the masked man greatly appreciated it.
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Newrelate positive.png D'arca Ovraen
Ruran met this miqo’te in the company of Emerald Sunrise. His wit and charm did not go unnoticed, even if the knight failed to keep up with his humor. An unexpected summoning in the Thanalans has heightened concern and suspicion toward D’arca, but he feels as though the mage knows what he is doing, even if his motivations might seem askew…

Ruran answered the call when D'arca needed help to save Emerald. He learned a bit more about the man and his abilities, and also built a sense of trust. He finds him easy to get along with, and undoubtedly thinks he has a brilliant mind.
Newrelate business.png
Business: D’arca hired Ruran as a guard on a ship bound for Hingashi. Due to its highly aetheric cargo, voidsent activity was a possibility, and thus the voidhunter’s skills ensured its safety across the sea.
Ruran happened across this miqo'te on a particularly hot Thanalan day, both of them taking comfort in the shade. (And also Dodo, a feisty little dodo whose free spirit inspires the knight, in a sense.) Smalltalk began between Ruran and D'lyhhia, until he noted the book in her hands. A scrapbook. A hobby. This piqued his interest, and she offered to teach him how to make his own. He gratefully agreed, and the two now meet to discuss their new pages and press their plants and other mementos.
Newrelate positive.png Elde Larille
Ruran knows little about this Duskwight, save for her compassion and empathy during a mission on Charlemend & Lumont, and that she seems very close to Phi Atsuho. The presence of the two together leaves him a bit intimidated, and a little sad for reasons unknown to him. Still, Elde strikes him as someone who wishes to protect others, same as he, and so he will do his best to assist her whenever possible.
Within the first few minutes of meeting Emreg, Ruran witnessed him kill a man. The rest of their time did not go much better, mistaking a group of rebels for cultists, getting disarmed and caught in fire traps, and being reprimanded by the rebellion commander for their foolhardy actions.

Despite this, the situation was resolved, and Emreg and Ruran were able to find common ground and exchange linkpearls, when all was said and done. Ruran finds Emreg's energy and independence refreshing, though the man's grey moral compass somewhat unnerves him.
Newrelate positive.png Esmeria Volari
A midlander who works at Summerford Farms. She took care of Ruran while he was injured, and he feels indebted to her. He owes the young woman a bottle of wine and a proper visit. After delivering a bottle of wine, he later sat down with her and caught up with their recent events. He learned that she intends to submit an application to the Arcanist guild soon, and that she has a great love for archaeology and history. Her interest in Sil'dih has piqued Ruran's admiration, and he wonders how he might be able to help her with her studies.
Ruran met young seer in Vesper Bay along with D’arca, where the xaela’s plight to go to the Steppes had been made known. Though he doesn’t know much about the xaela, Ruran never needs to worry little about conversation with her, who has shown she’s more than willing to drive a discussion without much input on his behalf. This comes as a relief to the masked man, who is completely content to listen and nod as required.
Newrelate positive.png Grehdaeg Doendragasyn
A rough Roegadyn who intimidates Ruran to no end, Grehdaeg is not someone who he wishes to cross. After demanding that Ruran fix his floor due to a rogue voidsent crashing through the basement, he then also insisted on reparing Ruran's dented armor. The knight was hesitant, but he felt in no position to argue, dropping off his armor for the Sea Wolf to fix. The result was the most perfect, fitted armor Ruran had ever set his eyes on..and was gifted with a threat from Daeg that should something ever happen to his floor again, Ruran would pay the price.
Newrelate positive.png Ha'diteya Devmani
In his first attempt to brave a restaurant since starting to wear his mask, Ruran met this miqo'te when she joined him at his table. She proved to be quite fascinating, having come from Thavnair and aspiring to be an alchemist. Their meeting was short but nice, but as with most strangers, Ruran did not expect to see her again.

He was proven wrong, as he saw Ha'diteya again at a gala in the Shroud. She invited him to dance, but the masked knight was far too sheepish and flustered to accept. Embarrassed, she departed from him, and Ruran can't help but feel bad about it. He intends to apologize if they ever meet again.
Haila happened across Ruran on the side of the road. Facedown. Dusty. Unmoving. After rolling him over and causing him to stir, he was able to drink from his canteen, sit up, and talk with her. To his delight, she gave him sweetrolls, and he vowed to visit her merchant's stall in Ul'dah when given the chance.
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Hesher Graves
A friend of D'arca and Emerald, Hesher expressed an interest in Ruran's mask. He seemed fine with the vague answer that Ruran gave, and stated that it didn't matter as long as he was useful (which is all Ruran wishes to be). Although they don't know each other very well at all, Ruran thinks highly of Hesher, and he cannot deny that the man is a powerful summoner.
Ruran first met this miqo'te outside Haukke Manor, both having the same purpose: to eradicate the voidsent within. Once successful, they went their separate ways, but saw each other soon enough at a conference Metaphysick hosted. Afterwards, he learned a bit more about her past, and she offered to repair and upgrade his sword. Although she has since joined Metaphysick, circumstances keep preventing him from speaking with her, but he wishes to take her up on that offer soon.
Ruran bumped into this miqo'te just before she began to be heckled by a group of drunks. Though he had said he would protect her until she got where she needed to be, she swiftly proved that she was quite capable of taking care of herself.

Later, he was pleased to see that she had taken up his offer to stay at the inn at the Goblet for a time. The two talked over a meal (or at least half of one), each questioning the other over why they do what they do. Her life is by choice, his life is by circumstance; the contrast was not lost on Ruran.

She seems kind and sensible, and her level-headedness brings some measure of calmness to the knight. Being a soldier by trade for many years, she understood his struggle when she discovered that he suffers from severe trauma, and she was quick to bring him back from an episode, all the while respecting his mask and privacy.
Newrelate positive.png Jho Garanjy
A miqo'te healer who Ruran met in the Goblet. She is polite and understanding, even if taken aback by Ruran's mask. He witnessed her spring into action when a stranger appeared at the gates, bloody and wounded, and she was able to quickly patch him up enough to take him inside and mend him further. Their meeting did not last long, but he was impressed by her decisiveness and skill.
One half of the Jackals' leadership, Inarah had become a very good friend to Ruran before he donned his mask. Bold and protective (and a fierce baker of sweets), she gained his trust through time and troubles, and a recalls a warm sense of feeling loved, as one would by being with family.

Since becoming Ruran, he tried to remain undiscovered for as long as he could. But circumstances soon turned against him, and after his identity became compromised, she and Kilid met Ruran in secret. He regrets not telling them sooner, but knows that his mission will be made more difficult than ever.
The other half of the Jackals' leadership, Kilid is someone to whom Ruran respects greatly. He recalls many fond memories, including his first attempt at major mischief-making by being an accomplice in firing off the Jackal's cannon at the ocean...and then quickly removing all evidence before Inarah found out.

However, after spending moons under the guise of Ruran, he and Inarah discovered his idenity. Ruran can't help but feel that he has let Kilid down, but he sees little other choice in the way he must live. He hopes that perhaps, in time, the miqo'te will forgive him.
Ruran met Kanako in the depths of the Burning Wall. Though their meeting started out tense, they quickly learned that they have an uncanny amount in common. Having sensed corruption within her, he warned her of the dangers of allowing and using such a power, but he did not judge or pressure her to change. The two left on good terms, with the hopes that they could work together in the future.

They met again in Coerthas, a more comfortable meeting than the first, reaffirming their wish to work together and learning a bit more about themselves. Ruran has agreed to contact Kanako via pearl, whether it be for smalltalk or to relay details of a mission, and the two talk now and then. He is currently assisting her in a tense matter, and he cannot help but worry for her safety.

Newrelate business.png
Business: One of Ruran's companions when it comes to dungeon diving and voidsent eradicating.
Newrelate positive.png Keldorin Lumont
Ruran first met the proprietor of the Charlemend & Lumont estate during an All Saints Wake party. He was impressed by the elezen's ability to lead a crowd and maintain a festive atmosphere, pulling off a silly costume while still maintaining his dignity. There are secrets concerning the man that trouble Ruran, but he is working to think beyond the box and offer trust.

Through offers of help and favors, Ruran and Keldorin have found some sort of footing in trusting one another. Unbeknownst to the knight, Ruran has begun to look up to him as an authority figure of sorts, and he hopes to maintain, if not improve, their relationship in time..
A series of unfortunate circumstances pitted Ruran against this Keeper that he once called friend. Unable to explain himself and unable to fight his former comrade, and now thought to be a cultist, Ruran is on the run from Kheja'a. If he could just show his face, things would be much easier...

Ruran and Kheja'a met again, and though the masked knight still remained cryptic concerning himself and his purpose, the two were at least able to determine that they were on the same side. Ruran is divided on his feelings toward Kheja'a. He wishes to tell him the truth, yet his paranoia and worry oft get the best of him.
Ruran met this kind-hearted raen at the Order of Ouroboros, going on a couple missions to the ruins around the Thanalans for some purpose or another. Her gentle spirit is appreciated by the knight, as well as her skills in healing.
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Kylian ‘Kuyoh’ Noudenet
A strange little miqo’te cartographer whose chipper personality is something that Ruran appreciates. She claims that she owes him for helping her, but the knight is simply grateful for her safety, and that she was willing to help cart his unconscious body to safety.

The two have exchanged quiet conversations and difficult questions on more than one occasion, and Ruran has been seen in the company of the Keeper, as a guard of sorts, while she travels to various locations to complete her maps. Both seem to carry troubled pasts, but both have expressed a willingness to share their stories in time.

Newrelate business.png
Business: Kuyoh is a mapmaker from whom Ruran buys maps for his research. He also escorts her while she travels to new locations.
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Newrelate uncertain.pngNewrelate business.png
Lauriel Speravi
Ruran knows little about Lauriel, except that she is from Gridania, is a healer, and holds herself well. Despite an abrasive first meeting due to the tension of a murder investigation (which resulted in Ruran lying unconscious in the snows of Coerthas), the knight found his way to Lauriel's office with a request for assistance.

Though she had every right to decline, she agreed to help him with his condition through weekly therapy and cognitive exercises. He has begun learning techniques and is gaining an understanding of himself. Though a recognition of his many problems has been a bit disheartening, he knows it's a step toward overcoming them. They covered everything from his heartache, to his mission, to his childhood, to the hate he harbors for his brother, and pursued the next step in his treatment: confronting the source of his PTSD.

However, a revelation about the woman startled Ruran into ceasing treatment and backing away, though she has assured him that she is making steps to rebuild his trust.

Newrelate uncertain.png
Uncertain: Having learned things about her that has him on edge, he has begun backing away. New hurdles certainly await.

Newrelate business.png
Business: Ruran's therapist (sessions on hiatus), who he met on a weekly basis to improve his slew of mental issues.
Pursuing the same void-related threat, Ruran met Leanne just as she was completing the task against a vicious voidsent. He was quick to join the fray, and together they defeated the monstrosity. The two then went to the local pub to rest and drink, and talk more with each other. They met again at Buscarron's by coincidence not too long after, both of them drinking for their own troubles, and giving each other encouragement and advise.

Ruran found a fast ally in Leanne. She was willing to share advice and philosophy over thoughts that churn in Ruran's mind, and gave him new perspectives to mull over. These thoughts will guide him toward decisions he knows he'll eventually have to make.
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Newrelate trusted.png
L'stea Tia
Ruran met L'stea in Qarn, where the two went on a short trip into the temple to retrieve some clay. After spending some time talking, the two quickly found a kinship. Now and then, Stea would send him food and ceramic gifts; Ruran can't help but feel that Stea feels some sort of responsibility for his wellbeing.

The miqo'te calls him "Ghost," which Ruran doesn't seem to mind at all, and when the knight heard that Stea was on the run, he offered safety in the sunken tunnels of Qarn, as well as his own rune-warded and multi-locked apartment in the Goblet.
Ruran had only managed to run into this xaela a couple times before donning his mask, but he knew enough about the mercenary to know that he could be trusted to follow through with a job. Madoc has been hired by Ruran to keep an eye on his family, and to let him know if any danger is present.

Upon their first meeting after being hired, Madoc stated that he knew exactly who Ruran was. It wasn't difficult for him to guess, having more pieces of the puzzle than most. But Madoc assured him that he has no intention of letting his identity slip, and so Ruran can do nothing but trust in the xaela.

Madoc delivered the news concerning Ruran's ex-wife and offered a shoulder for him, which the knight appreciated. Despite his grief, Ruran agreed that the xaela should still watch his family, though he wished to hear only of life-threatening dangers from now on.

Newrelate business.png
Business: Hired to watch over his distant family and alert him of any troubles they may face.
A healer from Ishgard who Ruran met while traveling. Her gentleness, mirth, and clear concern for others puts him at ease. She even unintentionally managed to get the briefest of chuckles out of him, to the surprise of them both. Over time, Ruran struggled with muddling through his feelings concerning the bright woman, and not without much confusion, hesitation, and guilt.

The different aspects and locations of their work (one in Ishgard, one in the Thanalans) has resulted in much time apart these days, and thus has prevented anything further from coming to fruition, and he now considers her to be a good friend.

There does seem to be something off about her—some secret that she has promised to divulge but hesitates to do so, that makes him concerned. Yet Ruran continues to trust her, even despite the inkling that not all is as he is led to believe. Especially considering the fresh scars on his back, given by her and Afoix...
Newrelate positive.png
Masahiko Akiyama
A smirking raen in the company of Chizuri Inoue. He seems the good-natured but teasing sort, and ultimately the two shared a mutual friendliness and politeness, even if mercifully forced on the au ra's side, the grin ever-inching on his mouth.

Ruran met Masahiko and Chizuri again, in the Shroud. Together, they ventured into trouble, where Ruran was able to see a different side of the raen... The side that was terrified of haunted houses. Ruran didn't judge him, however, understanding full well how terrifying spirits can be.
While following a lead on a job, Ruran spotted Nailah along the road. She convinced him that barging in on cultists alone was a terrible idea, and the two instead chose to talk and get to know each other. Ruran left their meeting intrigued, and he intends to get in touch with her again soon.

They exchanged letters for a short while, and Ruran was able to thank the woman for her advice by giving her several bright royal blue feathers, which she used as fletching for her best arrows.

Correspondence with Nailah ended abruptly, and Ruran had not heard from her in quite some time. He was surprised to cross paths with her once more, wearing a mask not unlike his own, and having taken up a new life with a wish for no previous attachments to her old one. He understands her situation better than most, and he respects her choice. Perhaps they will meet again, one day.
Newrelate positive.png Nenia Reihnolh
Nenia met Ruran during a rather troubling time for him. The masked man lay face down in the Thanalan shrubs, unable to move due to his aether wreaking havoc within him. Her training was a godsend, as she was able to quell his inner turmoil and get him back on his feet. He discovered a few similarities in just their first meeting: born in the Black Shroud, selfless hospitality, and a deep loneliness that both deny. Their interaction was filled which much politeness, fussing, and stammering from both sides, and he parted ways being grateful to have met her.

He met her again, with similar fussing and kindness exchanged, though Ruran felt guilty for twice being a situation where he needed help. Even so, their meeting was serendipitous, and he remains ever grateful for her charity.

The two have met since, and have begun exchanging letters on occasion, much to his approval!
A kind elezen woman who Ruran met at Charlemend & Lumont. He knows little about her, having only met her for a brief time in the lounge, but she appears to be a proficient mage and a new mother.
One of the leaders of the Order of Ouroboros. He seems quite level-headed and well-spoken, having offered Ruran the opportunity to join the Order. Ruran appreciates this, and he will do his best to be useful. He seems to value diplomacy over violence, which Ruran finds to be of great relief.

Ruran feels deeply sorry for the trouble his mask inadvertently caused the Order. He cannot help but feel responsible for the recent rocky status of Oyuu and J'takra's relationship, as Oyuu still seeks to maintain Ruran as an ally, but also worries for his safety. Ruran believes Oyuu to be a capable leader with good intentions, and he trusts that the Xaela knows what to do in order to keep those in the Order safe.

Newrelate business.png
Business: Leader of a secret sect of mages who recruited Ruran for his knowledge of the ruins and for assistance in protecting the group.
Met by mere happenstance, Renelle was calm and kind in teaching Ruran how to play a singing bowl. In just a short time, she showed him the importance of peace...and just how much tension he had been carrying lately.

He met her again in a tavern, where he learned that her shop—The Crystal Griffin—had opened up in Ishgard. After finding out more about her wares, Ruran hopes to order and receive some healing poultices from the woman next time he's in the snowy city-state. She's also saving him a singing bowl.
Newrelate positive.png R'khena Xhati
Ruran and R’khena happened upon one another at the ruins of Qarn. Though their meeting was short, the miqo’te’s unabashed curiosity pulled her into Ruran’s most recent dilemma concerning and underground group of cultists he was trying to track. They made an agreement that should information be found, she would leave him notes in a safe spot in the ruins. Later, they exchanged linkpearls for quicker communication, and he has seen her now and then, usually with introduction to one acquaintance or another. He admires her energy and wit, as well as her independence, and he appreciates the lightheartedness she brings to a conversation.
Newrelate positive.png Ryder Bailey
Mounted on a mighty chocobo named Bella, Ryder rushes into action with gun in hand, much to the quiet admiration of Ruran. The two seem to get along (mask-apprehension aside) adequately, but Bella...not so much. She has snipped at Ruran while he attempted to help Ryder, forcing him to maintain a careful distance around the fellow midlander, so long as the chocobo is near.
A friend of Phi and Saha'sae, Sehn came to the assistance of Phi to help Ruran in the Shroud. She seems skeptical of him due to his mask and aversion to the main streets of Ul'dah, but she was also kind and polite to him when he needed help but couldn't give answers. She remained helpful and was also comforting to Phi, when he visited the Accounting firm at a later time. She reminds him of his old friends in the Jackals, confident but down-to-earth.

Ruran met her again at al All Saints Wake party, where she performed a stunning and energetic dance routine, and then was part of his team in a group game. He was then introduced to her young daughter... Though it warmed his heart, he soon found reason to leave, else his sorrow return.

After working together in Amdapor, the two took a moment to talk. The topic of 'hobbies' and what Ruran does in his 'free time' was reluctant territory, the overworked knight fidgeting throughout the duration. Sehn's love of mechanics did not go unnoticed, however, and he regrets having to turn down her offer to assist in her projects. He will just quietly pine at her blueprints from afar, despite his efforts to not do so.

She surprised him with a gift: a strange device of Goblin-make, adorned with lights and buttons, that serves as a logic puzzle. Quietly delighted at a safe way to tinker, he often uses it to get his mind off things or to dim spikes in his trauma. Her gift was appreciated more than he could ever be able to express.
A mischievous bard who unabashedly flirts with the sheepish knight every chance she gets. But behind her teasings, he has found someone in whom he can confide; each has shared one another’s greatest secret and sworn to keep them. She often plays at the inn he frequents, which he greatly enjoys.

She has expressed a desire to interview him, to record his life and deeds through story and song. Ruran has agreed to this, so long as his identity in the stories remains anonymous.

After hearing about Ruran's loss, she encouraged him to not give up. She also refused to let him mope, spurring him to move forward into the next stage of his mission, and offering to help in whatever way she can.

She chastized him later for going off on his own, which put him at unnecessary risk. He saw just how hurt she was by his own recklessness, and with many apologies, he vowed to never do such again...
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate uncertain.pngNewrelate trusted.png
Seya 'Phi' Braisaux
Met at the bottom of Witchdrop, of all places. Ruran and this strange masked miqo'te followed the caverns and worked together to close a voidgate deep within. Though Phi leaves him with more questions than answers, he finds her company enjoyable. He has a few suspicious about her, all of which he keeps to himself.

The two have begun discussing more about their personal matters. They do not see eye to eye on Ruran's situation, but he has agreed to help with Phi's own. There is more he wishes to discuss in the future, especially the many curiosities surrounding her existence. He holds a respect for Phi and wishes to see her happy, also he is quite a fan of her dapper snow bean, Benjy.

Though they mainly go their own ways, each meeting has proven that Ruran can trust Phi. He has seen her be sensitive to his comfort time and again, and respectful to both him and Ari'doram. He greatly appreciates these actions and will not be quick to forget them. She has also stood up to defend Ruran and is continually encouraging, proving to be not only a trusted ally, but a close friend as well.

To both his and Ari'doram's surprise, Ruran admitted to feeling an attachment: simply that he would 'miss' her. This both confuses him and...fills him with dread.

Newrelate uncertain.png
Uncertain: Ruran has admitted things he was not prepared to say, and does not quite know how to proceed with them either.
A meek, stuttering miqo'te who has been seen around the Order of Ouroboros. He seems to have a pure heart and willingness to do good things, having volunteered to join Ruran in an expedition to Qarn. During that time, he proved himself to be both competent and able to take care of himself, much to Ruran's relief.
A chirurgeon whom Ruran met at the Order of Ouroboros. After she assisted in providing first-aid kits for one of their expeditions, the idea arose in Ruran's mind to ask about sleeping aides. Though he was hesitant to ask, he eventually did, and she has since been providing him with powder to be mixed with his tea every night.

Through a mutual contact with Renaud, the two have met on occasion to check on their Ishgardian friend. Being more fiery than he is, Ruran is more than willing to allow Sonelle the opportunity to keep Renaud on the even path, while he stands by as moral support.
Newrelate positive.png Tanya Waterstrike
John's sister, and presumed deceased, Tanya was found by Ruran in the Thanalans moments before a ritual was completed with her as the sacrifice. However, she fought against the power that sought to overtake her, and Ruran is currently assisting John and their father, Thomas, in taking care of the woman and ensuring that she does not give in to the corruption harbored within her.
Newrelate positive.png Temame Kajiya
Though at first wary in the raen's presence, Ruran has grown used to being in the company of Temame. She is kind and hopeful, and thankfully not quite observant enough to recognize him through his mask.
Bumping into this Keeper was unexpected, in the middle of the forests of La Noscea with a rift to the Void opening above them. The two worked together to slay the abomination that exited the rift. Ruran feels the presence of the Void within her, and he can't help but wonder for her safety.

The Void connected them once again, with Ruran following a rumor to a cave, where Thya was found meditating. A mage approached, summoning a minotaur out of panic before fleeing. The two worked together once more, defeaing the voidsent and stumbling to her adopted mother's house for treatment.

Ruran's initial suspicions were confirmed when a small settlement in La Noscea had reported attacks by a possible voidsent.

New revelations has the knight feeling cautious and desperate, and he sought out Thya in the hope that he may be able to assist. She agreed, and Ruran worked as quickly as he could to find ways to purge the voidsent from her. All was nearly lost as the clocked ticked down, but Ruran, Ellere, and those at Charlemend & Lumont were able to cleanse the Keeper through the use of an ancient knife. It was a crude, but successful, method.

In the aftermath, Ruran took care of her when he could, ensuring that she ate, and that the proper people were contacted to pick her up.
Newrelate positive.png Tokuko Matsumoto
Met at the stone of the Wanderer, Tokuko spent some time in conversation with Ruran...without her sharing a single word. Ruran, led by curiosity and politeness, spoke of his duty and expressed curiosity in her own motives, which were communicated silently on her behalf. Regardless of the words not shared, he found her quite interesting, and she gifted him with a small stone that would let him know if she was nearby.

Time and again, their paths have collided. Each time, Ruran learned a little more, though he can't say he knows much at all. She's a curious individual, but a kind one all the same.
Newrelate positive.png Tulona Grynedornnwyn
Ruran has seen this roegadyn off and on around Charlemend & Lumont, though he never quite got to know her until they worked together in a escort through Amdapor. His respect for her is high; he finds with woman to be kind but pragmatic, and level-headed sort that the knight can appreciate, especially in uncertain circumstances.
Ruran met this raen at a gala in the Shroud, and she was quick to point out his mask. Feeling a little ashamed in the matter and quick to apologize, Ume dismissed the entire thing and continued on her way, looking for a 'partner'. Her interest in Ruran seems rather low, which is...quite a relief to the knight. He walked both her and Ellere back to the Thanalans when the gala was over, leaving on better terms than when they first met.

Later, Ume found him bleeding on the side of the road and as quick to take both him and Tathas to safety, even going so far as to stitch up his wound and care for him until he was well enough to leave. Ruran feels deeply indebted and is doing all he can to repay her.
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate business.png
Vera Tala
A leatherworker by trade, Vera gave a much-needed upgrade to the underarmor of Ruran's plate. Throughout this endeavor, Ruran learned much about her, concerning her large ears and tragic past. She is perceptive—perhaps far too perceptive for the sheepish knight, though it's for his own good that she has noticed things about him that he tries to hide.

She found him later and took him hunting, teaching him more about the local wildlife and how to respect nature. He respects her greatly, and he hopes that she remains safe, wherever she goes.
Ruran met Wyra in the company of R'khena at Qarn, where she expressed an interest in his work. The masked knight shared what information he could but Ruran is not sure if Wyra trusts him. Still, he remains respectful of the miqo'te, and he wishes to help where he can.
Ruran has known this miqo’te for quite a while, though Xiv didn’t know it at first. He has since revealed himself to the Keeper but pleaded for his secrecy to be maintained. Xiv has promised to keep it, but not without warning that the truth always finds a way to be revealed. He has also agreed to keep a discreet eye on Ruran's family.
A pleasant Doman woman who has bumped into Ruran a time or two. She seems interested in his work, and he is slowly learning more about her, though he quietly hopes she does not do the same.
Newrelate positive.png Zelenha Kiel
Thya's adoptive mother, Zelenha has come in into contact with Ruran on several occasions. Most times it is with Thya after some manner of trouble, but each time has been pleasant. Ruran finds her to be level-headed and responsible, and wishes he could hold himself with as much authority as she.
Newrelate neutral.png Cecily Jisi
A whirlwind of a lalafell who swept up Ruran in a series of strange and wild circumstances, including an impromptu trip to the Void. The knight is still not quite sure if what happened was real, or if it was just a very convincing dream.
Having only met this Highlander once a long time ago, and having shared a table recently, Ruran can't say much concerning Gunnar. He seems passionate about fighting Garlemald, and Ruran can appreciate that type of fire.
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate business.pngNewrelate uncertain.png
Harley Tacitus
Ruran met Harley in Limsa, while he was looking for someone to repair his armor. He asked her for help, and she agreed to do so. Several suns later, Ruran met her again to pick up the plated suit, and the two got to know each other a little better. He learned that she seeks thrill and adventure, with an interest in voidsent (if just for the challenge), and Ruran agreed to take her on a future endeavor against the Void.

Meeting her again some time later at Wineport, the two drank together and exchanged tales. However, it took a turn for the worse when her mood began to sink. She pointed the barrel of her gun on him, to the alert and dismay of the staff, and then pointed it at herself. She threatened to kill him next time he thought his life was rough. Ruran, stunned and terrified, fled.
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate business.png
Narcisseoix Valliere
A recent business partner, Ruran has agreed to give artifacts found in his travels to this elezen, in exchange that they do not fall into the wrong hands. What comes of it, and whether Ruran can truly trust the man, remains to be seen.
Chrys's friend and boss, Nicholas first met Ruran in Ul'dah. Unfortunately, he happened to meet the knight in rather shady circumstances, so the two got off on the wrong foot. Although Ruran is not quite sure what to make of the man yet, he believes that Nicholas has honorable intentions and wishes for the safety of his members.
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate uncertain.png
O'danyhe 'Odie' Petihd
Being hired to break into Ruran's apartment with the intent of planting explosives to assassinate him...wasn't an ideal reason to meet Odie. Yet there she was. She was quick to take it back, once she realized her plan had been foiled. They then somehow agreed to share a drink sometime.

Ruran is confused. And needs new locks.
Newrelate neutral.png Sahael Nevara
A miqo'te who holds leadership in the Order of Ouroboros. Ruran questions what Sahael would endeavor to do with things concerning the Void, but otherwise the two have gotten along rather well. He hopes to talk with him again soon.
Newrelate neutral.png Saha'sae Camda
Of the same family as Phi, Ruran first met this Keeper in the Shroud. Fortunately, he and his companions were kind enough to deliver the weakened knight back to the Goblet on the back of Saha'sae's chocobo. Ruran is wary of him, being a stranger (even if a good samaritan), but his association with Phi helps to relieve his worries.
Newrelate neutral.png Xanadu Noire
In a brief meeting of might and some (probably illegal) magic, Ruran met Xanadu by working together to fight off an ahriman. However, once the voidsent was dispelled, the Auri woman was quick to leave Ruran to his own devices. He barely managed to catch her name before she went her own way, but the knight is grateful for her help and safety all the same.
Ruran first met this raen dressed in white on the outskirts of an abandoned and haunted abode. He seems to be acquaintances with Masahiko and Chizuri. Yorumei speaks graceful, cryptic words, and he is followed by strange winds that carry curious whispers. Merely conjury? Or something more?
Suspicious and mistrusting of Ruran's mask and motives, Tak's meetings with the knight have had a rocky start. The miqo'te seems to have decided to tolerate him, and Ruran hopes to prove that he is worthy of his trust. ...As long as the mask isn't shot off his face.

A line was crossed, as Tak tried to forcibly rip the mask from Ruran's face during a company meeting. Not deterred by the disapproval, Tak chased him out of the Order's estate, tackled him in the yard, and continued to try to pry the mask off him until he was pulled away.

The Seeker's mistrust of Ruran was made more clear than ever a few weeks later, and it is a feeling that is now mutual, especially once watching Tak pull a gun to Phi's face with the intent to kill, after she confronted and kicked Tak.

After being called to the Order to sit and received a (forced) apology from Tak, Ruran is still at unease but hesitantly hoping that no further conflict will be instigated. Still, he intends to keep his distance from the fiery miqo'te, for both their sakes.

Newrelate uncertain.png
Uncertain: Ruran does not understand what he did to deserve such ire, and he feels quite helpless in the matter as a whole.
Remember when the darkness wasn't all you had to see?
Remember when a part of you still hoped for what could be?
Well, I've got this suit of armor and a sword I need to swing...
Wolfborn - BrunuhVille
(An instrumental that captures both somberness and determination.)
Quiet Lies - Matthew Mayfield
Lights blurred with time,
And that gray became a light.
You see nothing clearly,
So head strong deny the feeling.
Quiet lies
Whisper, whisper all the time...
Silhouette - Owl City
(Thank you for finding this, Hithren!)
I'm tired of waking up in tears,
'Cause I can't put to bed these phobias and fears.
I'm new to this grief I can't explain,
But I'm no stranger to the heartache and the pain.
The fire I began is burning me alive,
But I know better than to leave and let it die.
I'm a silhouette asking every now and then,
"Is it over yet? Will I ever feel again?"
I'm a silhouette chasing rainbows on my own,
But the more I try to move on, the more I feel alone,
So I watch the summer stars to lead me home...
King - Lauren Aquilina
(Thank you for finding this, Phi!)
(Just all of it, really. Every lyric is a direct hit to all his troubles.)
Heroes - Zayde Wølf
(A more determined theme, ready to face his foes.)
I can hear the lost crying.
I can hear the truth hiding.
The shadows are calling us out.
I see the fear rising.
Yeah, but my hope is burning.
The shadows are calling us out.
We are heroes,
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light.
We are heroes,
Heroes in the darkest times,
But we'll rise above.
We are heroes.
Hurts Like Hell - Fleurie
(In regards to his wife and daughter, who are now out of his grasp.)
How can I say this without breaking..?
How can I say this without taking over?
How can I put it down into words,
When it's almost too much for my soul alone?
I loved, and I loved, and I lost you.
I loved, and I loved, and I lost you.
I loved, and I loved, and I lost you,
And it hurts like hell.
Yeah, it hurts like hell...
Good Left Undone - Caitlin Plunkett (Cover)
(Concerning his wife. Thank you for finding this, Mae!)
In fields where nothing grew but weeds,
I found a flower at my feet,
Bending there in my direction,
I wrapped a hand around its stem,
I pulled until the roots gave in,
Finding there what I'd been missing,
And I know...
So I tell myself, I tell myself it's wrong.
There's a point we pass from which we can't return.
I felt the cold rain of the coming storm.
All because of you,
I haven't slept in so long.
When I do, I dream of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down.
I'll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out...
Inside my hands, these petals browned,
Dried up, fallen to the ground,
But it was already too late now.
I pushed my fingers through the earth,
Returned this flower to the dirt
So it could live. I walked away now.
Won't Be Mine - Matchbox Twenty
(Finding out his beloved moved on, and realizing she was gone forever.)
Take your straight line for a curve,
Make it stretch, the same old line.
Try to find if it was worth what you spent,
Why you're guilty for the way
You're feeling now.
It's almost like being free,
And I know soon you will be
Over the lies, you'll be strong,
You'll be rich in love and you will carry on,
But no—oh, no
No, you won't be mine...
Mother, I'm Here - Darren Korb (Composer)
(Hardship fills Ruran's past. At the end of his life, he hopes he'll be greeted by those he loves.)
Eyes open wide,
Feel your heart and it's glowing.
I'm welcome home, sweet home.
I take your hand,
Now you'll never be lonely,
not when I'm home, sweet home.
I see your star,
You left it burning for me.
Mother, I'm here...
Gold - Echoes
(Thank you for finding this, Hutarin!)
Nobody knows who I am.
I've got intentions of gold,
With my plans.
Nobody knows who I am.
I've got intentions of gold,
With my plans.
I've realized nothing I do feels right.
Lost in my head and out of sight.
Dreaming of the day when I leave,
And what the world has left for me.
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