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Madoc remembers living in the Steppes as a small child. He remembers being surrounded by a Xaela tribe, tall mountains, and the sun warming his face.
He remembers fire, and war, and the crackling of branches. Boarding a small vessel and spending far too many weeks at sea. Xaela bodies being sent overboard, dead and rotting with disease. The feel of land beneath his feet, and being traded from one pair of hands to the next. And then, moving and running and surviving.
A young child, alone and lost, he recalls dark nights and cold shoulders. "Demon child," the blurred faces said. He remembers starting to believe them, and the bitterness that burned through his veins in rebellion and spite.
Then, he recalls a face. A thick beard with matching brows and a smile that was gentle but callous, extending a hand that matched. "Sellswords," Madoc recollects him saying, "are simply demons without horns."
Madoc remembers taking the hand, and his training as a mercenary began.


GIVEN NAME. Madoc Parnell
AGE. 34
RACE. Au Ra, Xaela
OCCUPATION. Mercenary & Bartender
RELATIONSHIP STATUS. In love with Arshtat Ejinn
WEAPON OF CHOICE. Two-handed Weapons
BIRTH NAME. Madoc [Surname Unknown]
NAMEDAY. 28th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
TRIBE. Unknown
BIRTHPLACE. Western Steppes
FAMILY. Unknown
ALIGNMENT. Chaotic Neutral


The Dreamer's Reprieve - A small inn where Madoc works part-time as a bartender.
The Rose of Iniquity - ???
The Rothlyt Fangs - The merc group who raised Madoc, on the eastern isle of Mazlaya.
The Rujaz'an - A ruthless group of sellswords from a later (and lower) point in Madoc's life.
Solaris Mercenary Corps. - Co-led with Istellia, a ragtag group of mercs based in Revenant's Toll.
Jackal & Hide - A salvage shop and doer of odd-jobs. Also runs a monthly bar event.
Order of Ouroboros - A group of mostly scholars. Madoc's not officially hired, but likes to mingle.
La Noscea - Madoc's region of choice. He gets most of his work here, and it's where he lives.
The Goblet - He's picked up a job as a part-time barkeeper and bouncer at this location.
Basically Any Tavern - He loves to tavern-hop, testing the local ales and meeting new faces.


by Knislinge/Theronault Olivier
With his myriad scars, muscular stature, and decorated broken horn, Madoc can be a rather imposing-looking xaela. His tall posture is relaxed most times, striding with a confidence as if he owns whatever place he enters. Almost always present is a smug little smirk, and a low, earthy chuckle often rumbles from him. His black eyes are much more observant than he first seems. He appears to be the laid-back sort and one with whom a good drink and story could be shared.
Simple leathers, furs, and cloth make up the majority of Madoc's everyday wear. Sometimes plated boots cover his legs and arms, but otherwise he's a man of simple means. His upper half is rarely covered, exposing his tanned skin and the diverse marks scattered across his well-built form.
Madoc has been chided on more than one occasion to put on a shirt, yet he stubbornly refuses. 'The abs need to breathe', he would claim with a little teasing grin. Lately he's been seen wearing a dark red coat, and this seems to be a compromise of sorts with whoever convinced him to wear it.
Many. Each one has a grand story that goes with it, or so he claims. Whether they are true or not, no one can say for certain, and even Madoc seems coy on the matter.
On his head, two small scars are etched below his left eye, cutting through the scales of his face. There are also a few small scars that jut past his hairline, unseen until it was shaved. His left horn is noticeably broken a good 3-4 ilms in the front and the back.
Various other scars litter his body, from the small ones on his neck and arms, to larger scars that run across his torso and lower back. These are all easy to see, as Madoc makes no attempt to hide them. Instead of shame, he seems quite proud of his collection.
Madocitem1.jpg"Vadriak" : Madoc's primary weapon, a large greataxe wrapped in chains for added weight, power, and intimidation factor. He inherited this monstrous weapon from his leader and father-figure, Wolf.
Madocitem4.jpg"Noboru" : This greatsword displays expert craftsmanship, used when Madoc wishes for a (relatively) smaller blade. Within its interlocking parts are inscribed three symbols in Doman: te ma me.
Madocitem6.jpgCrimson Ring : He's almost never seen without this on his right hand. It seems to be rather important to him, or at least a memento of time past.
Madocitem3.jpgLinkpearls : Madoc has a lot of them, with a few hanging from his horn, yet he always seems to know exactly which one to touch.
Madocitem5.jpgLiquor : One can almost always find a leather-wrapped flask hanging from Madoc's waist. It's his number one way to occupy some empty time and break the ice.


by Masahiko Akiyama/Shadottie
Typically found in taverns or lazying about, it's easy to see Madoc as an easy-going, laid back guy at first. And he is. He loves interesting stories is quite comfortable walking straight up and striking a conversation. The company of women is even moreso welcomed, with his wandering eyes and cocky little smirk.
People intrigue him. He asks pointed questions and tests waters, and it's sort of a game for him to read reactionary tics and responses in order to know a person better. He is more observant than he might seem, storing away information for later.
On the battlefield, Madoc loves the adrenaline of a good fight, often taunting enemies or boosting the morale of others. Even if wounded, he'll seem to be enjoying himself. There's a light-heartedness to him, almost as if he was playing a sport and not murdering people legitimate monsters.
A serious side emerges when it comes to business and loyalty. Despite his questionable trade and self-serving attitude, he is surprisingly true to his word. His loyalty can be bought, for good or ill, and he will remain so until the job is done. Unless, of course, this puts him in a compromising position. He doesn't like being tricked or trapped, and this is the quickest way to kindle his anger.


Boisterous Bruiser | Chivalrous Pervert | Covered With Scars | Exposed To The Elements | Insult Backfire | The Nicknamer | Safe, Sane, and Consensual | Unstoppable Rage | Walking Shirtless Scene



Throughout Madoc's life, he's had to adapt to many situations and has exposed himself to many types of weapons. Though he is at least adequate in most anything he can get his hands on, he's of the mindset 'the larger, the better'. He prefers two-handed weapons, whether it be greataxe, greatsword, or spear, and can swing them with monstrous efficiency.
Perhaps one of the most notable qualities of the Xaela is the lack of body armor. He's quite aware of the risks it poses and fully accepts the consequences, continually shrugging or laughing off any critiques sent his way. This does not make him completely susceptible, however, as he has used his large-bladed weapons as cover, and is adept at parrying incoming strikes.
Beneath his confident and boisterous exterior, Madoc has a violent, raging beast within. Though he relishes in its power, he only succumbs to it in the most dire of circumstances. The ominous glowing of the crimson ring on his finger—and matching eyes—is a warning that things are about to get serious.

Madoc 03.png

“Hah, Madoc! I know the guy, he’s done a few jobs from that adventurin’ board over there. Does a damn good job, no fuss, no questions asked. I wouldn’t doubt his skill with that big axe of his.” - Boisterous Barkeep, Limsa Lominsa
“He doesn’t seem like he’s from the Steppes. I mean—he should have a tribe, right? What kind of tribe is ‘Parnell’? Sounds like a Midlander.” - Confused Chocobo Caretaker, Tailfeather
“Mmhm, Parnell. He likes that table right there, and he’s always got at least one lass with ‘im, drinkin' and laughin'. If not, he goes lookin’ for one. Someday, one of ‘em is going to slap that smug smirk right off his stupid face.” - Definitely-Not-Bitter Barmaid, Coffer & Coffin

“Hm? Madoc? I used to see him all the time around here, usually with a blue-haired elezen woman. They both carried large axes—quite intimidating. I never thought to introduce myself, but I suppose that’s no matter. They say he left without a trace.” - Polite Merchant, Revenant’s Toll
“I don’t know much about ‘im, but I recall seein’ a Xaela mercenary before the big migration. Before the Calamity, even. He had a greataxe like you said, but it weren’t nearly as big as the Roegadyn’s he was travelin’ with. Right scary, the lot of them, but they turned out to be all right. For the most part.” - Experienced Adventurer, Camp Bronze Lake
"I saw him a lot with an elezen woman—no, not that one, another one. She keeps her face veiled. He seemed quite fond of her. I never see her anymore, wonder what happened?” - Local Gossiper, Drowning Wench

“Years ago, I met a Xaela with fire in his eyes. One who showed neither mirth nor mercy. Coin was his language, and the only smile was a hungry sneer that chilled me to my bones. I remember the screams that followed in his wake… Surely this is not the same man..?” - Hesitant Hunter, near Ala Mhigo
“I saw him movin’ into an apartment in the Mist. He was carryin’ a greatsword inside, the blade all wrapped up. …It made me uneasy. Terrified. I don’t really know why. There was just somethin’ about it. But…maybe it was all in my head, since he didn’t seem to care. Even gave me a friendly wave when he passed by.” - Wary Tenant, The Mist
“Aye, I’ve known Madoc for years. Fights like a demon, and enjoys it a little too much, if you ask me. He’s got an edge with that ring, too. Hard to believe he’s been able to keep himself in check for so long…” - Old Company Mate, Vesper Bay

"Madoc? I do not trust him as far as I can throw him. The scars, the attitude, the smirk... However, Arshtat seems to enjoy his company for some reason and he's a trained mercenary. I suppose there is some use to him." - Oyuu Dataq
"Ah yes... it is rare we part now. I love him more than I can express in the common tongue, and even words from home do little justice. He is strong and kind, and he makes me laugh. There is little else I could ask for..." - Arshtat Ejinn
"Rumor here." - Character Name


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Newrelate trusted.png Trusted
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Madoc met Arshtat some time ago in the Goblet, and since then, they have spent quite a bit of time together. Her gentle but kind nature struck him in a way he did not expect, and when she lost her brother, he determined to be there for her as someone to lean on. All the while, he struggled to find name for his feelings, denying that someone as independent as him could be falling for anyone.

However, it took a near-fatal event (for both of them) for him to realize how he truly felt about her. As his mind was muddled with commands from a cursed blade, the thought of her managed to pierce through to him. With the help of the Order of Ouroboros, he was saved, and he wasted no time in telling Arshtat exactly what he felt: he loved her.
Newrelate positive.pngNewrelate trusted.png Istellia Montagne
One of Madoc's confidants, a shrewd and no-nonsense elezen whose love for paperwork never fails to make the xaela's eyes glaze over. They've gone through many successes and failures, and Istellia is one of the few people that Madoc would go to if he was in real trouble.

Though he hasn't heard from the woman in a while, he at least knows that she is well, thanks to her significant other, Temame Kajiya.
Newrelate positive.pngNewrelate trusted.png Temame Kajiya
Having known her for almost as long as Istellia, Madoc thinks rather highly of this raen. She's proven to be a trustworthy ally and friend, and he greatly enjoys getting to know her better. He has noted how she emulates him, and can't help but feel at least a little proud of what she's accomplished.

He recently ran into her at an inn in the Goblet, and the two hit it off again nicely. They've agreed to talk more often, and she has requested his advice on a rather curious matter.
A woman sometimes heard on Madoc's linkpearl, referred to only as "Red". Her relationship with the xaela is unknown, yet judging on how often he can be overheard seeking her advice, she seems to be someone on whom Madoc greatly confides.

Rumors lingered that "Red" had recently been residing in La Noscea, same as Madoc, but the xaela would merely shrug if asked.
Newrelate positive.png Erica 'Milly' Mikhori
Madoc has a long-standing hesitance of this miqo'te, especially since within the first few seconds of their meeting, he discovered that she had used to magics to swap his body with Istellia's. And then took them through a deathtrap where Madoc wound up with a speech impediment, much to the glee to his teammates but ire of the au ra.

Since then, he has noticed her attempts to get at his good graces, and though he is willing to get along with her, it is not without an air of suspicion. Gifting him with a new hunting dagger was a good start though, and it earned herself a few brownie points.
Often seen at Oyuu's side, Tak has a fiery spirit that Madoc admires. However, that same spirit is also a loose cannon, with the miqo'te often offending nearly everyone within reach. Madoc is almost impressed at his consistency.
Met alongside Arshtat, Oyuu's protective nature caught Madoc's attention rather quick. The fellow Xaela does not seem to trust Madoc, especially in the company of Arshtat. ...Madoc can hardly blame him. Still, he finds some amusement in making Oyuu twitch a little.

Like Arshtat, Madoc also believes that Oyuu could use some loosening up. Perhaps a night of drinks are in order!
Newrelate positive.png Phi Atsuho
Madoc met this miqo'te at the Reprieve, and he soon discovered that she had drank one too many. She poked his horns; she fell asleep in his lap—they're basically best friends now.
A midlander hidden beneath a white mask and plated armor, Ruran hired Madoc's services for a rather uncharacteristic request: to keep distant watch over a family. Despite not being his typical line of work, the coin is good, and thus Madoc has kept his word. To Ruran's dismay, Madoc easily figured out the man's identity, but he remains quiet on the matter.
Madoc met eyes and shared little eyebrow raises with Sehn, who visited the Reprieve one night. They seem to share similar interests: a love for physical strength, fighting flaming bears, and zoning out at the mention of paperwork. Madoc approves.
A songstress and storyteller who Madoc has met few times. There is an air of mystery about her that Madoc is eager to learn more about. She mistook him for someone else due to the rare appearance of his coat, and thus lack of abs, so he has sworn off the garment unless absolutely necessary.
Newrelate negative.pngNewrelate enemy.pngNewrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png Hitsurugi
A thorn in Temame's side. Madoc doesn't understand the details of his history with her, and he doesn't care to. Hitsurugi managed to shake Madoc's trust of Temame, which only kindled the xaela's ire all the more. He was not present when Hitsurugi was taken down, but he is pleased to hear it all the same.
Newrelate negative.pngNewrelate enemy.pngNewrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png Stanton
One of the leaders of a rival group of mercenaries. Stanton caused nothing but danger and trouble for Madoc and the Solaris mercs, which led to an undying dislike of the man and a desire to see him defeated. Madoc fulfilled that desire by lopping off the head of the midlander in a final battle and taking his greatsword as a prize.

The greatsword turned out to be a terrible idea. Once Madoc used it to strike someone down, it soulbound him. The lingering spirit of Stanton within the blade had a bit of fun with haunting him, even becoming strong enough to eventually control Madoc's actions. Fortunately, he was saved by the Order of Ouroboros, and the image of Stanton was washed from his mind. He's seen enough of the midlander to last him a lifetime.
Newrelate negative.pngNewrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png The Rujaz'an (Organization)
Madoc will speak very little concerning the Rujaz'an and his time in their ranks. With a sneer, the xaela would say that they have all rightly perished.

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Guillotine - Jon Bellion
(Madoc & Arshtat's theme)



I'm not looking to attach myself to one particular person; I want a wide spectrum of players and personalities! While I consider myself a heavy RPer, work and personal projects (as well as doing PvE dailies) keep me busy sometimes, so if you're looking for an RP partner with whom you can spend most of your time, I'm afraid I'm not for you. I'd still love to meet your character and develop a story, but possessiveness and jealousy are huge aversions for me.
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This character was originally active for RP in 2015, but he has since undergone a few retcons and changes, resulting in a 'reboot' of sorts. If you've met Madoc before, please let me know if you would like to be re-added!
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