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"I know what I’m capable of; I am a soldier now, a warrior. I am someone to fear, not hunt." ― Pittacus Lore




    サ NICKNAMES: Art, or 'Tani.
    サ RACE & CLAN: Xaela Au Ra.
    サ GENDER: Female.
    サ AGE: Mid twenties.
    サ NAMEDAY: Nameday here.
    サ ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.
    サ MARITAL STATUS: Single.


    サ NATIONALITY: Dazkar clan. She won't accept anything else.
    サ CITIZENSHIP: The Steppes, or Othard.
    サ FAMILY: Mother, father, older brother, twin sister.
    サ RESIDENCE: Lavender Beds
    サ OCCUPATION: Intelligence
    サ PATRON DEITY: None yet
    サ HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Five foot six, around 120lbs.
    サ ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good Freedom Is Goodness.

General Information
Blurb here
What is Artani?


Left eye is pale white, right eye is yellow/amber. Dark red, with lighter red highlights. Alabaster, covered with black scales. Lanky. Deep and accented.
Tense. Ambidexterous. Various ones, on both legs and torso. No tattoos. Rugged - leather or cloth, usually formfitting.

Hair & Eyes
Artani's hair is a deep, dark red, with light natural highlights of a slightly brighter red. She isn't too particular when it comes to style, and in fact has never really bothered to cut it, and it this point, it's just above the back of her knees. If anything, Artani would prefer not having to do so - if it's getting in the way, she simply ties it up in a ponytail or braids it up on top of her head. Long bangs frame unusually piercing eyes - one a ghostly white, the other a deep reptilian amber. Neither are rimmed by limbal rings, but the natural sharp, angled shape of her eyes tends to enhance the colors just enough to come off as intimidating. It's not rare for her to quell arguments simply by looking sternly at someone.
Physique & Markings
The woman stands just slightly taller than most females of her race, with the characteristic dark bluish-black scales covering her legs, arms and neck. In a way that would appear sickly to most, the dark scales stand out against alabaster skin, peppered with the lightest of freckles from the sunlight. Her lips are small, almost grey in color to contrast with her skin, resting under a haughtynose that curves slightly upwards. She often appears to be all legs and arms attached to a skinny, almost androgynous torso. Her high-cheekboned face is surrounded by a collection of scales as well, extending about halfway down her nose and across her forehead. Her horns curve gently inwards, often decorated with a colored ribbon, or perhaps a series of bands and tiny bangles.  
Hygiene & Attire
Artani keeps herself as clean as she can in her profession. While she is by no means a neat freak, she's careful to keep her clothing and body as clean as possible since she's been in Eorzea. A light layer of dirt is something she's used to, having lived in the Steppes, but she's always been in relatively good control of her physical appearance. She swallows Eorzean sweets like there's no tomorrow, but spends every other day training to keep herself in shape. Eorzea, in her opinion, can be too soft.
As for clothing, she follows a single principle - if it gets in the way, she doesn't want it. That said, Artani can be found wearing all manner of armor, usually anything that allows for ease of movement as well as style. She is capable of fighting in just about any kind of attire, but tends to go for plainer, more form-fitting outfits without too much dangling or hanging off to catch an arrow or knife, or weighing her down. She doesn't like anything too flashy or ostentatious, unless she specifically needs it to blend in.



"Quote” ― SOme Dude.

Psychological Profile
If first impressions are to be believed, Artani is easily seen as a stoic, cold woman with an almost militaristic air about her.
It is not in her nature to show fear or worry - this was how she and others of her tribe grew up, taught to use an excess of emotion to one's benefit rather than recklessly unleashing it. Her personality is as honed to precision as her body, built for success, with little room for failure. She does not tolerate weakness in any form, but instead of dismissing it, she tries to improve it where she can. Accepting weakness, or refusing to strive for strength, confuses and concerns her. Inconsistency, codependency, and backing down from a problem are almost foreign concepts to her. Perhaps her mother trained her children a bit too hard on this front, but for Artani, the lessons were everything. They kept her grounded when her tribe fell to the iron men, and they keep her grounded even to this day. Her wits are sharp, and she is unafraid of pointing out flaws in plans or people that she sees could be improved upon in some way. She will take what she believes to be the most logical, pragmatic step to resolving a situation.
That said, the Xaela is not devoid of compassion as some might believe. She does not like to see the strong prey upon the weak - attacking that which cannot protect itself is abominable, in her eyes. She has no patience for tyrants or weak leaders, and part of her reasons for becoming a spy assassin involve deposing those leaders and tyrants. Still, Artani is no strategist - she simply identifies her targets, gathers necessary information, and sets in motion the short string of events that lead to their downfall, or their death. In the vast majority of cases, Artani holds no remorse or regret for those who've fallen to her arrows or blades, as in her eyes, they deserved judgement. And if they deserve judgement, Artani is only too happy to oblige. She believes wanton killing causes too much chaos in the long run, but works off of the idea that the removal of a carefully chosen person here and there can have greater effects.
Perhaps one of Artani's main faults is her almost maddening inability to allow others to take some of the burden. When pressed, she will grudgingly accept help, but otherwise, she holds tightly to her problems like a vise. She's spent far longer than anyone should attempting to shut herself off from her own emotions that it's difficult for her to express her own - or to let others help her with her own inner demons. It's part of the reason why she tends to balk at social interaction, because it becomes painfully clear that she's built herself up for battle. Weakness cannot be tolerated, even in her.
Despite her bloodthirsty streak, Artani is fairly pleasant to be around, if gruff and not at all concerned with manners most of the time. Having been in Eorzea for just about a year, she is still a bit of a fish out of water and tends to flub social niceties, but is quick to apologize if she realizes she has unjustly offended someone. Among those she counts as friends and comrades, she can be somewhat boisterous and teasing, as she was with the other women in her tribe. She is honest to an almost jarring extent, and values honor and responsibility. If she has very obviously offended someone (on a personal level, not just by being frank) or broken a rule, promise, or bond, she is quick to express genuine remorse and apologize. She is loyal to her clan, her friends, and her beliefs - threaten those, and you have a very dangerous enemy.
Voice shit goes here.
⋫ Most animals
⋫ When plans come together.
⋫ Hunts, no matter who it is she's set to find or spy on.
⋫ Children, though she'll rarely admit it.
⋫ A good fight.
⋫ Most Eorzean sweets and pastries.
⋫ Bacon.
⋫ Pragmatism.
⋫ Intelligence and level-headedness.
⋫ Combat.
⋫ Books.
⋫ Large fluffy bathrobes.
⋫ Being percieved as weak/weakness in general
⋫ Having to be the center of attention.
⋫ Being touched.
⋫ Having to talk too much in one sitting.
⋫ The idea of taking the time to judge someone rather than just cutting them down.
⋫ Bananas.
⋫ Most people (supposedly).
⋫ Dishonesty.
⋫ Garleans.
⋫ Things being out of order.
⋫ Hunting
⋫ Archery
⋫ Perception
⋫ Knifeplay
⋫ Hand to hand combat
⋫ Strategy

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry


    サ High: Dexterity, Strength, Speed
    サ Above Average: Willpower, Intelligence, Constitution
    サ Average: Wisdom
    サ Low: Charisma
    サ Mastery: N/A
    サ Expert: Diseases, slow-burn spells.
    サ Average: Barriers and healing
    サ Nonexistent: Astromancy, summoning
    サ Expert: Swords, knives, archery, poisons.
    サ Average: Hand-to-hand, magic
    サ Novice: Staves
    サ Nonexistent: Lances, Axes, Guns, Astrometers.
    サ High: Aim, Survival, Tracking, Close Combat, Ranged Combat.
    サ Above Average: Strategy, Control, Acrobatics, Stealth.
    サ Average: Strategy, Restraint.
    サ Low: Sticking to directive.

Non-Combat Abilities
Animal taming: Caring for the tribe's animals was usually left to the men, but Artani took it upon herself to help whenever she could. She was perfectly happy being the one to track down a lost sheep or settle down a spooked horse or chocobo, and was eventually allowed to help train the new mounts as they came into the tribe. Despite the cold front she puts up around most people, she visibly softens around animals, and takes it upon herself to work with them whether they are meant to be a pet or an asset to the group. You'll usually find something being nursed back to health in her room.

Sewing: While Dazkar women are not usually encouraged to take on more menial tasks, Artani found the art of sewing to be somewhat useful when her father wasn't around to mend her clothing after roughhousing with her siblings. As she grew older, she took it more seriously, finding it somewhat comforting. Lately, she's been able to adapt the skill to stitching wounds rather than clothing, and has proven to be fairly efficient at it.

Mapwork/Strategizing: Let me be the first to say that Artani is by no means a master strategist with years of experience commanding troops. She's good at mentally picking up the lay of the land and sketching out a rough map of it, but she isn't an explorer and prefer to use her skill for planning an attack or deciding the best place to spy. Her room is usually filled with discarded sketches and crumpled remains of inaccurate designs. If you have an idea of how the playing field is going to work, it's much easier to plan where to strike. She prefers to be the one on the field striking rather than the one who draws the plans, but if she's got to plan something alone, she'll do her best.

Combat Abilities

Archery: The bow is the first weapon any Dazkar female child is handed once they come of age. Trained by her mother and many of the other tribe's huntresses, Artani quickly came to recognize the weapon as something that is as much as part of her as her own limbs. Her shots very rarely miss their mark, and she's skilled at shooting on horseback as well as on the ground. It is her favorite method of dispatching an enemy, and her highest skill.

Daggers: Blades are Artani's secondary mastery, as they prove useful in more close-combat situations where a bow might not be viable. Despite it being her secondary weapon of choice, she is no less deadly. Her reflexes are quick, reminiscent of a dancer rather than a blademaster. She prefers a fighting style that involves a significant amount of dodging and ducking, but makes sure to take a piece from the enemy with every dodged swing.

Summoner: While not in any way a master, Artani dabbled in the magic of diseases and poisons for awhile in her efforts to make herself more knowledgeable following the Garlean attack on her tribe. She finds magic to be somewhat slow for her tastes, but she does enjoy the feeling of infecting an enemy with aetheric disease from afar. A soldier, wounded by some other means, could have that wound fester and spread infection. Infection can spread. And infected, sick troops make poor footmen.



The Steppes
⋫ Birth/home life. Relationships with family. The Garlean raid.

⋫ Training. Leaving the Steppes to become a spy/assassin. Eventually heading to Eorzea to continue her work.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
⋫ Things to come.

Animal Companions
Kuro, the Grumpy Chocobo
⋫ Few things gave Artani more comfort than an animal's presence. A young chocobo, not old enough yet to be ridden, had been a trading gift; the man raising him had found him far too ill-tempered and stubborn to be of any use to him. Although young, Artani took over the care of the animal, working with his wild personality instead of attempting to break him. She named him Kuro, and he became her constant companion - and the only person he'd ever allow to sit upon his back.

⋫ Once he'd reached adulthood, Kuro stood out among the rest of the mounts - a large, blood-red bird with black-tipped feathers and a bit of an aggressive nature. He never hesitated to join his mistress on hunting trips, and was even present for horse and chocobo training when necessary. He often attempts to show dominance among other birds, and will steal food if left unattended, but he is, undoubtedly, Artani's, and will for the most part listen to her commands.

Seki, the Abandoned Hawk
⋫ If there is one thing Artani won't tolerate, it's animal abuse in any form.

⋫ She doesn't care much for Ul'Dah, it being practically infested with shady dealers, slavers, and corruption, but it was simple compassion that drove her to purchase a manourished, mistreated hawk in a too-small cage from a merchant who hadn't deserved the coin she'd handed over. Nursing the bird back to health had been a harrowing endeavor, but the hawk was back in good health faster than she'd expected. She named the bird Seki, and set up a stand for her in her apartment. Seki is almost constantly by her side, though Artani is reluctant to use the bird for her intended purpose due to her previous mistreatment.

  Color Key
In A Relationship: Artani is romantically invested with this character.
Romantic Attraction: This person is usually in the back of Artani's mind at all times.
Sexual Attraction Artani feels some thirst for this character, but nothing more.

Platonic Love/Family: Artani deeply respects this person or is extremely close to them.
Friend: Artani considers this person a close friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Artani considers this person an ally or someone that can be counted on.

Good Standing: Artani is largely indifferent, but has met this person and found them to be okay.
Neutral: Artani is mostly indifferent to this person./sub>
Bad Standing: Artani is still a bit indifferent to this person, but was left with a bad impression.

Dislike: Artani will not go out of her way to be in contact with this person.
Hate: Artani considers this person someone to avoid and/or keep an eye on. Conflict may happen.
Fear: Artani fears this person and will keep tabs on them, but will also avoid them as much as possible.
Rivalry: Artani considers this person a rival and may not be able to resist competing with them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Artani
$ Business: This character is a business partner, an informant, or associate of Artani./sub>
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Unknown: The relationship between Artani and this person is, for now, unknown.
Despite living with a debilitating leg injury from her younger days, Bora was the strongest figure in Art's life. Whether it was childbirth, a twisted leg, or three willful children, Bora never let anything slow her down for a moment. It was from her that the girls learned their abilities, and their sense of survival. Artani looked up to the woman, and in her youth, did everything she could to be like her even if Bora herself would agree that Artani pushed herself too hard at times. She was one of many cut down by iron men during the raid, though she died with a sword in her hands, lodged firmly in the body of her killer. Artani could have asked for no better death.
Nergui was the calm in the storm. The mediator. The blanket, when the nights were cold, the fresh scent of rain on a dark day clouded with blood and rage. He was no warrior, but they looked forward to his hot meals and stories after a hard day hunting and training. Despite tribal prejudices, he allowed his daughters to learn some of his less combat-oriented skills. Nergui was the quiet counter to Bora's belligerent, stubborn nature; she was always moving, and he kept her grounded. He fell to Garlean foot soldiers attempting to protect the horses.
Twin Sister
Chanai was much like their mother, determined and never willing to stop moving. She and Artani took to the bow like fish to water, finding a silent kinship and spiritual connection in hunting together. Missing as well, but left her bow behind before disappearing.
Elder brother
Artani's gruff, resolute older brother served as the family armorer, moving on to become the village armorer after his skills improved. Despite his preference for solitude, he cared for his sisters even as they grew old enough to hold a bow. Artani's first pair of gauntlets came from him, as a young child. After the attack on the village, he went missing, but Artani believes him to be alive.

They met some time before Artani's first attempt at waitressing, sharing a friendly chat with the other newer members to the Veil. The man has proven to be a true friend to Artani in more ways than one. Despite her difficulty in showing it, she will be forever grateful to the man for getting closer to finding her siblings than her or anyone else. This, along with a ruthlessness and pragmatic attitude that Art finds somewhat mirrors her own, caused Artani to develop a deep respect for the man.
Bound by the whims of their elder Gods, Artani had no reason to believe the small tribe could produce anything threatening. Yet, a small slight on Artani's part nearly got her a knife in the ribs, cultivating interest and respect for the girl who had renounced her tribe. Over time, vitriol became friendship - a friendship laden with plenty of Eorzean sweets, as Missy was particularly adept at baking. Since her disappearance from the Veil, Artani feels some small stab of regret that her own personal reservations prevented her from saying goodbye to the girl.






Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
“Haven't met many o' them Au Ra in my life, but she's typical of 'em. Walks around lookin' like she'll slit yer throat fer lookin' at 'er funny.” — Trinkets merchant, Ul'dah.

Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Need to bother someone high up? Art's the woman for the job. Better come to her with a good case, though - she won't do it without a reason." — Mercenary, Kugane.

Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!'m Lazy, Gridania.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"She doesn't need daggers, her eyes pierce through you just fine. And she likes to stare." — Zair'is Wilzuun.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info


Places she'll be or won't be.
Thanalan: Kugane
Pretty familiar with the underground network in both the Far East and Eorzea.
The Steppes: Where she grew up.

IC Inventory
Stuff Artani has on her.

Artinvdaggers.png Artinvpaper.png Artinvbow.png Artinvpoison.png Artinvcoin.png Artinvshiv.png

Daggers: A pair of black, curved daggers, taken from the body of one of the men who attacked her tribe. Likely not his own, as the design is not Garlean in the slightest. She considers them prizes, and they are usually on her person 24/7.
Small pieces of parchment: For when a message needs to be sent. Coupled with a few small pieces of charcoal for writing.
Venom: The bow was a gift to her from her mother Bora, who was skilled in hunting as well as woodworking. The feathers of a Yol have been tied to one end of it.
Poisons: She keeps several vials hidden on her of various types for just about any situation. This includes poisons that can be spread in a small sheath to poison weapons by dipping them in.
Coinpurse: Artani prefers to let weapons show rather than coin, so her coin purse is often hidden in clothing.
Various small knives: Artani never goes anywhere without a blade or two (possibly three) hidden somewhere.

I will play mature content and themes. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Fake/temporary character "deaths." Anything likely to deal permanent and severe psychological trauma to my character. Pre-established relationships. Long term relationships/FWB.
I won't play perma character death, ERP, anything involving sexual relations with kids, animals, or minors, or weird torture porn.
IDEA BOX. Interactions with Artani aren't limited to what you see here - these are just potential lead-ins for roleplay if you're having trouble thinking of ways our characters might interact. ^^
⋫ Xaela | Steppes - Lots of potential for RP here. Art grew up Dazkar and knows the Steppes better than the back of her hand. Clan conflict, friendships, allies, maybe those who knew her family - the list goes on!
⋫ Intelligence networks - If your character's part of the underground, there's a pretty decent chance they've spoken with or at least heard of Artani. She's spent the past several years as an independent spy/assassin/mercenary who targets corrupt governments or establishments, though her main focus has always been the Garleans. She's poked her nose into a lot of things, but it's only as of the past year or so that she's really been utilizing Eorzea in that regard.

OOC Notes


Player Note
Hi, I'm Drej! I like Au Ra, moderate to short walks on the beach, and Starbucks.

Pretty much all you need to know about me in general is that I'm 25, I'm on Balmung, and I'm pretty much open to any kind of plot. I go more into this on the RP info page, but seriously, throw ideas at me, poke holes in my ideas, whatever. I like having open dialogues with people and I invite you to speak your mind! Artani's story is something I haven't really done before, and I'd like to do it as much justice as possible to make sure nothing conflicts - lore wise or otherwise. She's a woman who carries a heavy amount of anger, guilt, and grief due to the attack on her tribe, and she's spent most of her life building up what she can to eventually enact revenge and possibly find her siblings. She isn't the most open book in the world, but she's earnest about her job and is determined not to let this happen to anyone else if she can help it. She intentionally shoulders this massive burden, thinking it's what makes her stronger.

So, come at me with plot devices. :D Come at me hard. She's a bit strange to RP with given her distrust of most people, but don't let that deter you!

Character Lore Adherence
⋫ Magic
⋫ Dazkar shit

Character Concept
⋫ a thing. And that thing is coming soon.
⋫ Voiced by [linkhere someone].
Classes: NIN, BRD, SMN.
Servers: Balmung
Timezone: EST

Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
⋫ [ FFXIV Tumblr] [Possibly coming]

A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.



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