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Artoria Aldsan works as an adventurer and mercenary by trade, largely taking jobs in and around Mor Dhona, particularly when they involved squashing what remains of the local Garlean presence. A skilled swordswoman, she can often be seen at the forefront of battle.

Artoria Aldsan


CURRENT ALIAS... Artoria Aldsan

CLAN... None

NAMEDAY... 25th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon.

GENDER... Female

AGE... Early Twenties




ETHNICITY... Mixed Heritage



OCCUPATION... Mercenary


HEIGHT... 5 fulms 0 ilms

WEIGHT... 92 ponz

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Artoria Aldsan works as an adventurer and mercenary by trade, largely taking jobs in and around Mor Dhona, particularly when they involved squashing the local Garlean presence. A skilled swordswoman, she can often be seen at the forefront of battle.

Artoria grew up within the Garlean Empire and is not a native to Eorzea. Characters who are involved with the Garlean military may recognize her from her past involvement.

Recently, she has married Renaea Algiernis, a noble of Ishgard whose family primarily serves the Fortemps. However, Renaea has been away from the city for some time, and so Artoria's ties to the city are thin.

She currently works as a free agent, taking leves here and there as an adventurer.

General Appearance

Artoria looks to be a woman in her 20's. She can typically be seen wearing armor, though she may wear lighter cottons and leathers if she is simply out and about a city. She seldom travels without a side arm. When she is expecting a battle, she prefers medium or heavy armor and either a two-handed or hand-and-a-half style of sword.

She is of slight frame, but lean muscles show evidence of training. Her pale locks and golden eyes often makes her easily recognizable to those given her description. The woman does not seem to possess anything of notable wealth, apart from the quality of her armor and weapons, which she is careful to keep in good condition. But despite her usual humble disposition, Artoria's carriage seems to indicate that she's had a well-born, or at least, a military focused upbringing.

Though she rarely is dressed light enough to allow it to be seen, her body is far more heavily scaled than the typical Au Ra's. Particularly along her arms and legs, she seems to be almost more scales than skin, her fingers and toes ending in claws. In addition, black veins run just under her skin, most visible across her chest where they center upon her heart.

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Artoria is mostly quiet. She often holds her tongue on matters she considers not important. She used to come quickly to the defense of the weak, an instinct that she still has a hard time suppressing despite her best efforts. She dislikes bullies and will not hesitate to stand up to them, even when she is sorely outmatched or outnumbered. She is not quick to anger, but also is not quick to laugh or smile. Artoria can best be described as stoic, seeming almost machine-like at at times.

Artoria does not speak of herself too often, and while she does not often lie, she will often try to redirect the conversation or otherwise avoid the question if asked about her past. She also does not make small talk well; she is seen as quite serious by most, and some might even accuse her of lacking any sense of humor whatsoever. She has been making the attempt more often of late, but its success is another matter. She has a tendency towards naivety, and while she is not stupid, she will often take someone at their word.

Artoria is quick to learn, but seems convinced that her only talents lie on the field of battle. Despite her competence with the sword, she is still very green when it comes to the general knowledge of the Eorzea overall, and much of what she knows of Eorzea was learned in the last few years.

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When given a choice, Artoria would choose a sword above all else. She began her training with most martial weapons early in her childhood, and while she is skilled with other weapons as well, the sword has ever remained her preference. In a fight, she often falls into a defensive stance at the beginning, always preferring to protect others before going on the offensive. Despite this, she often becomes strangely cold and mechanical in battle, not hesitating to cut down weaker foes. However, it seems if she turns aggressive, she can go somewhat wild, almost like a sort of berserker state.

Artoria has received some training in magic as well, but despite having a large pool of personal aether to draw upon, she seems to lack both the inclination and the talent to take full advantage of it. Instead, she largely uses her aether to reinforce her swordsmanship. She not only throws out raw bursts of aether to act as both shield and attack, but also uses it to reinforce her own body, making herself faster and stronger.

Artoria remains extremely mobile on the battlefield. Despite her tendency towards heavy armor and defense, she is exceptionally acrobatic, able to leap from enemy to enemy in a manner similar to that of Ishgard's dragoons.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.

"Oh that girl? A quiet sort, but I can't deny she's good with the sword. She seems to work alone most of the time though." - An Adventurer at Revenant's Toll

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.

"Artoria Aldsan? She got married here not too long ago, to a Renaea Algiernis. You wouldn't expect an Ishgardian to fall in love with an Au Ra, but I suppose things are changing these days, or maybe that's just how strong their bond is." - An Attendant at the Sanctum of the Twelve

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.

"That monster is still alive? Take my advice and stay far away." - A Deserter of the VII Legion

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

"Mmm.. she has a monster inside her, yes. But, don't we all? It's just a question of getting our monsters to play nice together~" - Anstarra Silverain

◢ More Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

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Romantic Interest  Platonic Love  Positive  Neutral  Negative  Deceased  ? Uncertain 

Artoria Renaea Rounded.png
A'lera Treon "A fine blacksmith and a good friend."
A'lera works as a manager at the Siren's Song, as well as a blacksmith, running a company that caters itself towards adventurers. She was responsible for Renaea's current equipment-- a lightning aspected sword, and was the one to invite Artoria to work at the Rose.
Anstarra Silverain "She lives free and wild. I envy her in some respects, even as I refuse to condone her."
Artoria and Anstarra have had their differences, largely as a result of events surrounding Artoria's wife. Artoria saw Anstarra as refusing to take responsibility for her actions, an attitude that was anathema to how rigidly Artoria forced herself to behave. They have since made up, though Artoria still doesn't completely approve of Anstarra's world view.
Cendreie Belle'mer "WIP"
Lycheria Itazura "She learns quickly, though I worry it might not be fast enough at some points."
Artoria met Lycheria when the two were both working for House Cahernaut. Though Artoria helped teach Lycheria about swordsmanship, Lycheria's lack of aether and her idealism were both worrying points for the long-term.
Nexxa Tristelle "A beautiful woman, and a good friend."
Artoria had the chance to get acquainted with Nexxa both through Renaea and A'lera. Having the chance to see Nexxa and A'lera be bonded, Artoria has nothing but the best of wishes for her two friends.
Orrin Halgren "A good man, if somewhat stiff."
Artoria first met Orrin when investigating the elemental Djiin. Though they came to blows on this occasion, as Artoria came to Djiin's defense, they later reconciled when Orrin took an attack directed at Artoria's friend, A'lera.
Renaea Algiernis "My light in the darkness. I wonder what may have become of me had I not met her when I did."
A girl who ran away from her noble family in Ishgard, Renaea was beset by bandits when Artoria came to her aid. Since then, the two have had a passionate romance-- though not without its troubles as the two became separated for months at a time. Recently they have reunited and wed one another.
Skara'lin Tairakh "WIP."
Tora Kha "WIP"
V'aleera Lhuil "A fanatic who's quick to judgement and quick to draw blade."
Artoria and V'aleera's first meeting was unfortunate in many ways. They worked jointly on a leve that saw them journey to the nearby tribe of the Vanu Vanu. V'aleera's scorn was clear, frequently referring to the Vanu Vanu as savages and denigrating their culture even as the bird-men worked to greet the group. They met the elemental Djiin, who had possessed the body a scion of House Dzemael-- and V'aleera made it clear that the scion's life was unimportant to her, she would happily kill the boy to end the elemental as well. This ended in Artoria and V'aleera coming to blows as Artoria protected the elemental.
X'ogun Ares "I will crush him and his tribe, and see them all burn until naught but ash remains."
X'ogun is one of the leaders of the Falling Stars Tribe. In expanding their power, he lured Artoria as well as several others into a trap, where he then used an Allagan device to implant a remote method of control into their minds.



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