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Ishgard.jpg Orrin Halgren
Orrin by Zanzan.png
Banneret Tactician of the Temple Knights (The Mutt of Ishgard)
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Place of Birth Unknown, presumed Ishgard
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Nameday 26th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (Age: 34)
Occupation Dragoon
House Crest The Wolf
Family Charloix Halgren, Father

Reillette Halgren, Mother

Rodiath Halgren, Brother


"Mayhaps it would benefit Ser Orrin to remain in armor when attending these events, You'd almost forget that he was a Hyur."

— Ser Sombrequain Hanrieaux, at the Ishgardian Summit and Banquet


Orrin possesses the physique typical of that of a Dragoon, lithe, muscular and athletic. his eyes are a steely ice-blue-grey that tend to be intimidating and intense. He has no scars, visible or otherwise on pale skin that closely resembles the now sun-bereft Coerthan highlands.

His facial features possess a degree of Elezen-like elegance betrayed only by a particularly strong Hyuran chin and nose. He grows his hair long, letting it drape over his face as if to hide it. However it is properly maintained and seemingly incapable of getting mussed up even when crammed into his helmet with the excess tied into a tight ponytail in the back. Some of the more gossip-prone ladies of the Ishgardian court say he grows it long to hide his ears out of shame.

Orrin used to stride into combat with his Drachen Mail and Dragoon Lance that represent his office as Dragoon. Though after his armor and weapon were all but destroyed in the battle against Vishap, he was given a slightly modified replacement set, the armor was bluish rather than the traditional purple and the helm possessed a runic glow akin to the statues that warded the Steps of Faith. It commemorated his participation and survival in that fight.

After revelations about Ishgard's true past, Orrin abandoned the dragoon's signature armor for something new, something representative of what he hoped was Ishgard's change for the better. Pouring over old tomes he read tales of Ursulie the Meek and her works. A rather candid account reported that it was superior to the drachen mail in all forms and was only held back by Ishgardian Orthodoxy. Though the woman took her works with her they were thankfully not lost to time. Dealings with Rowena gave Orrin access to his own personally fitted dragonlancer gear, the perfect representation of the new republic in his mind.

Basic Info
Height: (5'9")
Weight: Muscular (190 lbs.)
Complexion: pale pinkish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Ice Blue-Grey
Particular Traits: Intimidating thousand-malm-stare with tired cold eyes that betray his true age.
Voice: not of particular note, masculine, refined highborn Ishgardian accent, clear and unambiguous
Clothing Style:Tailored, well fitted clothing or full Dragoon armor bearing his house crest
Laterality: Right Handed

History and Backstory

"House Halgren is an Elezen House, yes." — Ser Orrin Halgren, for the nth time

((Minor disclaimer, in light of recent events in the Heavensward expansion, the nickname given to Orrin was formulated before the expansion, before any mention of "the Mongrel" even existing))

House Halgren is a minor house within Ishgardian nobility, the name's etymology supposedly tying back to other old Elezen names akin to the likes of Haldrath and Thordan, founding fathers of Ishgard. Existing from the beginning, the house enjoyed a strong, secure place within the walls of the city, playing a bigger role in politics than in the war. However, during a particularly vicious period of extended Dravanian assualts, House Halgren suffered greatly, leaving a singular successor to the name: Charloix Halgren, an Inquisitor. After the dust had settled, Charloix quickly took a wife, Reillette, a cannoneer he had fallen in love with during a siege by the Dravanian Horde. Some believed that Charloix consorting with a commoner spelled the demise of the House.

It seemed to be true, for after years of trying, they had failed to produce an heir. Talks of the end of one of the first houses of Ishgard began to circulate, whispers of succession and the like abounded. However one day, Charloix was charged with investigating the burnt down remains of a fallen settlement, to verify whether it was a dragon attack or the work of heretics. He heard a cry and within the wreckage of one house was a Hyuran baby swaddled and seemingly untouched. The settlement was so truly destroyed that book-keeping for the lost was nigh impossible and the child was left without name or relatives. Uncharacteristically for an Inquisitor, and perhaps spying an opportunity, he took pity for the child and made him as his own, dubbing him Orrin. He and Reillette raised the child happily, rearing him to be successor to the Halgren House, he was taught court etiquette and was formerly schooled from a young age. Orrin found little love elsewhere; teased by the other children while almost entirely ignored by the more fundamental members of the high courts of Ishgard. He became known as "The Mutt" due to his coat of arms and the rumors that he was possibly the illegitimate child between Charloix and one of the Hyruan house servants. In truth, it was more complimentary than other tales of him being a Dravanian in glamor. Orrin swore to prove them wrong by being a worthy successor to the Halgren name.

However, on the tail-end of his 8th summer, his mother became pregnant and it would not be until his "brother" was born that Orrin realized what it would mean. His parents were of course ecstatic when their healthy Elezen boy was born. Though his parents still loved him, they became more distant as they redoubled their efforts to raise Rodiath as their "real" successor. He came to the revelation that he would no longer bear the burden of carrying on the family name, and so sought ways to not only regain favor with his parents but also acceptance within Ishgard. It would also be that year that Nidhogg returned to raze Coerthas. Naturally Charloix was called to perform his duty of weeding out heretics and dissenters spawned by the dragon's terrible influence. This left Reillette to care for Orrin who had come down with a fever that seemed almost induced by the great dragon's appearance. It was then in one fever dream that he saw a vision, a woman's voice that promised him greatness and to be savior of Ishgard should he choose it. He awoke and he set his eyes upon becoming a dragoon, recognized by the Holy See; no, he would become Azure Dragoon. After Ser Alberic turned away Nidhogg and the dust settled, Orrin approached his father who had returned from his duties and fielded his request. Charloix encouraged Orrin to aspire for such heights, even spurring him on by the tales of Alberic having injured himself in the most recent fight; Ishgard would need a strong successor.

Orrin poured himself heart and soul into the arts, finding mentors within House Fortemps. His training brought him outside of the walls of the Holy City and it was there he found the Ishgard he wished to protect and serve. He quickly took to the lance as if fueled by the Fury herself, rising through the ranks quickly until he finally saw frontline combat against the horde. His unit was tasked to Aevis and Dragonflys but a full-size dragon broke past the lines and bore down upon him and his group. His squad commander was promptly immolated and the others were quickly routed. He put his first dragon to the spear in that fight, lopping off a talon before his weapon was shattered to splinters. It was then he took the severed talon in hand and gouged the fearsome beast through the eye to kill it. He survived that day and definitely thought the parallels of his kill to that of the legendary Haldrath was a sign of his fate to be the Azure Dragoon. Unfortunately, it would not come to pass for Ser Alberic had already taken in Estinien as his pupil years back and trained him personally. The title of Azure Dragoon belonged to the Elezen long before Orrin even had an inkling to be a Dragoon. Admittedly crushed, still he continued his training, becoming deadly competent, earning begrudging respect from the other highborne. it was only with Lord Fortemps repeated petitioning that Orrin was eventually recognized as a Dragoon of the Holy See; his own armor crafted and weapon forged for him and given station at Dragonhead.

He grew up handsomely as well. That, combined with the esteemed station as dragoon, he saw the hearts of some of the ladies from other houses thaw. However, they would never openly admit it. Regardless, it gave him the courage to approach the girl who was kindest to him as a child: Lady Millette Chirardien, an Elezen who returned the feeling. Orrin would not, for the sake of her honor, allow their relationship to become public. Further still, Orrin would come to witness Millette seduced by the bewitching words of the Dravanian Horde and see her align with the heretics. How her death came to pass was unknown to the public, but Orrin personally sought her out and ended her life.

The Calamity soon struck afterwards and when Coerthas was plunged into its seemingly eternal winter Orrin tossed himself at the horde as if to re-summon Nidhogg to battle by sheer body-count alone. His anger tempered only upon hearing of the supposed summoning of Shiva in primal form. But when Ishgard cowered impotently, unable to protect itself, sending outsiders and sellswords to do the job of its own men, Orrin's anger flared once more. What had happened to the country of valor and power he once knew? House Fortemps had always been accepting of outsiders and yet now it seemed they depended on them, cripplingly so. Ishgard hobbled where it once strode so proudly. What could the outsiders possess that so far outstripped the blood and strength of its own men? Was his own title as dragoon a concession for the lack of more capable and fitting men and women of old? Orrin would get leave by House Fortemps to explore the world outside of the highlands, leaving behind his own armor as he did so, believing it wrongly given. He would find the strength, the true and proper strength worthy of the Ishgard he believed in.


"It's a nightmare to serve Ser Orrin, he doesn't impose at all and expects me to hold conversation, can he not just order me around?" — House Fortemps servant

Good food.
Learning of the world outside Ishgard.
Combat, though he would not admit it.

Those who shirk their duty, especially fellow Ishgardians
Dragons, even though he wishes for Aymeric's peace to succeed
Those who speak ill of Ishgard.
Those that discount him on account of being Ishgardian.
His nickname "Mutt"
Non Ishgardians carrying a Dragoon lance or armor without good reason

Food: Karakul Stew.
Drink: Ishgardian Brandy
Colours: Blue
Place: Costa del Sol.
Festival: Starlight Celebration.
Alignment: Neutral Good to Lawful Good
Vices: Drinking, Women, Miqo'te especially
Religion: Ishgardian Orthadox Church of Halone, the Fury.
Goal: To usher Ishgard forth into a new age of reformation and peace with its Dravanian enemies.


"Remember when the ice was solely in our drinks?"

— Ser Orrin Halgren, on the 5th day of sleeping in a snow bank being beset by dragons at Snowcloak

Orrin Halgren overlooking the last rites of his comrades after battle.
Obsessive, will find a goal and chase it tirelessly.
Overly polite or indirect as a result of being raised for court etiquette.
Emotionally detached, relationships are usually shallow if not business related.
Only knowing some things from books as opposed to experience.
Failure in duties to Ishgard.
Fear that Ishgard is beyond redemption and by extension, himself.
Being bewitched by the Dravanian Horde or consumed by the dragon's blood in his Drachen Mail
Being tempered.
Prodigious strength, stamina, and agility. Skill in combat with the lance and when unarmed
Intelligence from being an educated noble
Dragon killer
Charmer/Silver tongued

Formally educated to be a Lord, has considerable knowledge of the history of Ishgard, its politics and its relations to its neighbors. He also has taken interest in the cultures of other places and knows cursory information about non-Ishgardian Hyurs and Elezen as well as knowing some info about the other races.
Capable of reading and understanding most texts written in common tongue, only arcane or highly specialized texts elude his immediate understanding. Oddly proficient in understanding Dravanian
Overly friendly and open minded for an Ishgardian, though quick to turn on a dime the moment business is being dicussed.

Abilities and Skills

"Look upon the armor with its spikes and blades and horns and know it is meant for killing dragons. One day you shall die by either fire, fang or claw. By fire, you shall quench it with dragon's blood, by fang you will make their mouths bleed, by claw, you will leave it limping. The dragon will not take a single step without remembering that it had to cripple itself to kill you. Wear the armor proudly, Dragoon."

— Dzaemel Dragoon Forellant Teringuerre

Fate-14 character sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fO7jxe-M_v9DER8rEbNgj8rDfpoeQGllr6oOaPiIvaU/edit

Dragoon appropriate agility/mobility
Physical Strength
Physical Stamina
Fast Learner
Quick Thinker
Lancer's Arms
Dragoon armor's many spikes and blades
Only mastery over the aether required to pull off Dragoon feats.
Epithets and Rewards
Silver Scale Medal (Awarded by Kale Aideron in the campaign to retake Ala Mhigo bravery and leadership)
"of the Stout Banner" (Awarded by Kale Aideron in the campaign to retake Ala Mhigo)

Why You Would Approach Orrin

section on ideas for walk up RP beyond just trying to hit on him at Quicksands. Should walk up/tell if:

Of Ishgardian nobility and as such would know Orrin or heard of him

Fought alongside Orrin against the Horde

Heretic or Ishgardian fugitive

Fellow Dragoon

House Fortemps member


House Fortemps

House Halgren

Republic of Ishgard (Formerly the Holy See of Ishgard)

Common Knowledge

Note: This section is of information that can be used to influence RP before actually approaching and who would know such information and it won't be considered metagaming or godmodding

Ishgardian Nobility/Inquisitor could know:
Know of House Halgren and that it is Elezen
Know of Orrin as adopted son of Charloix and of Orrin's brother, Rodiath.
His "nickname": mutt
Know of Orrin's station at Fortemps
Know of Orrin's supposed skill as a dragoon
Recognize him by sight.
Orrin fought at the Steps of Faith
Orrin fought at the Final battle of the Dragonsong War
Ishgardian Citizen/Soldier could know
Know of House Halgren and that it is Elezen.
Know of Orrin as an adopted outsider.
His "nickname": mutt
Know of Orrin's station at House Fortemps.
Witnessed or fought along side Orrin in battle.
Recognize him by name via reputation as adopted outsider or skilled dragoon or Both
Recognized by sight if fought alongside him
Orrin fought at the Steps of Faith
Orrin fought at the Final battle of the Dragonsong War
Knowledgeable of Ishgardian Politics could know:
Know of House Halgren, may not know it is Elezen
His "nickname": mutt of Ishgard
Know of an adopted outsider and feasible upheaval
Depending on the above, recognition by name

Anyone else could know:
Possibly know of House Halgren, Orrin will be impressed
Furthermore, know it is Elezen
Orrin fought at the Steps of Faith/saw a Dragoon with the crest of a wolf fight at Steps of Faith


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

NPC Rumors

"I don't know what truth is worse, that he is not even flesh and blood of House Halgren or possibly the mutt-child of his father and a servant, leave it to a lowborn like Reillette to look the other way" — Ishgardian house servant

"Have you ever seen a man actually use the spikes and blades on their armor? Woe be any Dravanian that takes away his spear, it will not be as clean a death." — Ishgardian Soldier

"We met at night, had lept up to my chambers...it was passionate and yet distant, he was gone by morning. At least he was civil about not telling a soul." — Ishgardian Lady

"That man is the sole reason we are out of Ishgardian brandy, were it not for the coin he brings he'd be dragged out by the brass blades on my orders I swear it!" — Momodi

"He means well but there is a darkness that won't be sated by dragon's blood, hopefully letting him see the world will bring him back with perspective" — Haucherfaunt

"That mutt is making a mockery of what it means to be Highborne" — Ishgardian Noble

"The mutt better not die to dragons, I'll throw myself off Witchdrop if we have to give him a proper grave." — Ishgardian Templar Knight

"Him? I'd never! To lay with him would be to lay with a dragon!" —Ishgardian Lady caught staring

"He thinks he can hide his Hyuran ears under that hair? Deceitful to the last, dragon." — Templar Knight

"He..he laughs, --he even smiles-- too much for an Ishgardian, its unnerving." — Gridanian at the Carline Canopy

"Millette was always kind to him and she was a heretic. Coincidence? I think not!" — Jailed heretic at Whitebrim

Player generated rumors

"The first time we met I thought he would drive me through with that lance of his. Now it seems he wants to drive me through with a different one." - Evangeline Primrose

"A seemingly well-intended man, albeit incorrigibly lecherous and dogmatically bound to duty." - Ameline Valtin

"I found him to be rather polite for a foreigner. He certainly bore my political posturing with the grace of one practiced in such things." - Ser Crofte

"The eyes he makes at women are troublesome, but there's fewer I'd rather have on my side in more than one respect. A smart fighter and better speaker than I could ever hope to be." - Jana Ridah

"A thoughtful man within a crowd of zealots. Be said whatever it has to be about his womanizing attitude, the courage he shows in thinking instead of simply acting is as inspiring as the sun rising from beyond the northern peaks." - Leanne Delphium

"Ah, the Halgren lad? Aye, we've met. Amusin' circumstances, really, what with me bein' asked t'investigate him on behalf of some lass. Only crossed paths t'once; he's completely shameless! But, he's got a sense of humor I can appreciate. " - Odette Saoirse, several moons ago.

"Woefully uninformed." - Tengri Geneq

"He's a fool, a hot blooded one at that too. A hot blooded hot fool. But I suppose he's also quite the convicted man and has the best intentions. He's still a fool though." -Ninette Oirellain

"Ser Halgren? He's a good heart in him, truly. Tis a pity this blasted city made him doubt that for even a moment." - Therese Orycia

"We are acquainted, aye, an' I dun regret it fer a second, truth be told." - nods Odette Saoirse, offering only a small smile in return.

"I did not like him at first. He gives lectures too easily. He was a typical Ishgardian, or so I thought. But the typical Ishgardian is given strength only by zeal, the typical Ishgardian does not fight to save the Twelveswood, and the typical Ishgardian would not have gained my respect... Kiht Jakkya Nay, I am not sleeping with him! Why would you ask that?"

"Angry Orrin, he is always angry! He frowns a lot. It's fun." - X'cinna Ares

"Mmm, yes, I know Orrin.. quite well, I like to think. I've seen him strong and weak, certain and troubled.. cold, and very, very warm. Absolutely, he's a flirt, and a lover of women.. but not the sort to lie, and tell you that he loves you, and wants only you. No, with Orrin, the only lies are the ones you might tell yourself, if you feel the need to 'justify' taking a man you just met to your bed." - Anstarra Silverain

Name Etymology

"It matters not what they say for now you come of good stock, wear your name with pride and honor and you shall always be my son."

— Lord Charloix Halgren

Halgren: "Hal" from Halone and Haldrath, "gren" from green for the green lands of Coerthas

Orrin: [ 2 syll. or-rin, orr-in ] The baby boy name Orrin is pronounced AORRihN †. Orrin has its origins in the Celtic and Old Greek languages, and it is used largely in Irish and English. From Old Greek roots, its meaning is 'man of the mountains'


Note: This section is dedicated to major life events and accomplishments that have been made over the course of RP with other people. AKA, stuff Orrin has done with other role players, playing parts big and small. This gives an idea of the sort of RP Orrin tends to get into in Eorzea.

Helped take down a heretic cell that made its base of operations in Ul'dah.
Commanded a party of adventurers during the battle of the Steps of Faith, was near fatally wounded in Vishap's death throes.
Was part of the Ishgardian Dragoon scouting party that went to the Churning Mists.
Aided in expeditions to the Great Gubal Library and the Fractal Continuum
Made a raid into the Sylphlands to retrieve an ancient Black Shroud Relic, narrowly surviving the wrath of Ramuh
Helped in preventing the resurrection of a self-proclaimed "Void Prince" in the Twelveswood
Led forty-six Ishgardian soldiers along with eight other allies/friends in a battle against a primal version of Ratatoskr, revived by the fervor of cultists and a rogue Inquisitor. thirty-two men survived along with the allies/friends.
Fought in the final battle at the end of the Dragonsong War before being forcefully retired to an officer position.
Active participation in the Ala Mhigan Campaign, responsible for commanding Adventurer platoons along with Ishgardian forces. Earned the Epithet "Of the Stout Banner" for his steadfastness and calm in command during combat.

Ongoing Story

"By the end, Ishgard will care not for what you have said, but for the number of dragons you have slain." — anonymous

This is for ongoing established canon, things that are within Orrin's past and have been achieved. This is book-keeping for myself primarily but also a good tool if you want to use it as a way to establish rapport such as "So you are the one who did so and so"


Orrin left Camp Dragonhead under leave of House Fortemps, he had left behind his Dragoon armor and weapon, feeling that it was wrongfully given to him. He set out to relearn and re-earn the ways of the Dragoon while seeking out the adventurer or whatever matched the drawings on one particular scroll from the Observatorium. The scroll spoke of places in Eorzea, rich in Aether, so closely tied to the other world that it was possible to speak to the twelve directly. Surely, if he could find a place, present himself as a disciple of Halone, The Fury would grant him audience and aid him. His first stop was Gridania, under the guise of an adventurer he trained under Ywain with the Wood Wailers at the Lancer's guild, seeking what nuances they brought to the art that Ishgard lacked. They trained quite similarly, value on keeping one's head in the most insurmountable of odds, a steely resolve even when out maneuvered and outmatched, unflappable to any threat. These were things Orrin already knew but to relearn them in a place without the constant threat of Dragons only confirmed to him that, at least as a soldier of the lance, Orrin was correct in his teachings and discipline. While in training he heard tales of a place that worshiped The Twelve, an ancient place called the Sanctum in the East Shroud. He headed there and on the way met Avaline Starsong, a Miqo'te, together they reached the sanctum and found that yes, the marking seemed to match, though the last symbol to confirm as much hid behind large sealed doors. He would part ways with Avaline there, though he found no sign of the Adventurer who stole the title of Azure Dragoon he had found a lead.

-Of Sealed Doors and Fates-

In Gridania, he could find little info about the Sanctum aside from how old and mysterious it was. He decided it'd be best to go to Ul'Dah, He had heard that rumors about all over seem to find the most traction there. He made way to the Quicksands and began to camp one of the many tables all the while keeping ears out for anything of his interest as he poured over the tomes he had brought with him. He'd meet a number of people, all contributing additional leads for what he sought, be it the adventurer or a way to open the doors. A person of particular note caught his eyes, an Ayleth Cowell who looked to him as if barely old enough to be out on her own. She'd disappear a few days. He would then find that the woman had been kidnapped by Amal'jaa and brought to the bowl of embers along with a small contingent of Brass Blades....Miraculously she returned unscathed and Orrin took considerable interest in this development, for if a woman could survive being tempered maybe there would be a way to immunize the soldiers of Ishgard against the twisting, bewitching words of Dragons.

He searched for wards at first, ways to aetherically interfere with Primals and then hoped to extend that to dragons. He came across Jolynn Zeles who posessed a book about warding off voidsent, though not necessarily Primals, mayhaps there would be similar applications. It would result in little but would bring him across the continent, from the Burning Wall to the corrupted lighthouse of Pharos Sirius. It would be on return from Pharos that he would make a stop in Eastern La Noscea on word of ancient temples reclaimed by the jungle hiding markings similar to the one on his scroll. It was there he was beset upon by a Dragon. He killed it and made it away with his life, though none closer to his goals. However, he saw it as a sign, Halone had sent a dragon to him to test his resolve and by killing it he deemed himself worthy once more to wear his armor. Of course that would mean returning to Coerthas.

He returned with little complication, reclaiming his Gae Bolg and Drachen Mail, it seemed the situation had only worsened for the city state and as such felt compelled to linger, He retook his station in Coerthas and served for several moons, slaying the horde with new found conviction and fervor. It would be there that he would meet an Adventurer, one who claimed to had also survived an encounter with a primal, attributing it to something called the echo. Though he knew little, what symptoms he exhibited did match that of Ayleth's, with a word to describe her immunity, he found greater ease in researching the subject.

-A door closes, another opens-

Much to his disappointment however, the Echo did not appear to be something that could be reproduced however, he was not entirely disheartened, there was still the adventurer out there, also, there was still the door that required to be open. He had set out back into Eorzea, with his weapon and armor in hand. Ready to move as an agent of Halone

-Obscure Geometry-

Orrin had come across talks in the Quicksands of a palace that had resurfaced from the Calamity draining the waters of Bronze Lake. An entire temple built by the people of Nym, dedicated to Oschon the Wanderer. A place of such extensive worship by such an advanced culture, Orrin reasoned, would be built on an aetherial fount of some sort. To confirm, he contracted the goldsmiths guild for an Aetherial detector, as that was being built he went to Limsa Lominsa, perusing the expansive library of the Arcanist guild for anything he could get about Nym and the works of channeling Aether through geometries. It was through these studies he noted similarities between the runes in the tomes of Arcanists to summon forth their avatars and that of the temple's layout. Were he correct, the temple was a giant rune, built with aether conducting materials meant to guide the wealth of aether into the center of the palace. Such power would, in theory, make a layman such as Orrin be capable of communing with the other plane. Though the architectural blueprints he had were from the time of Nym's heyday and the palace had been submerged for many cycles, the only way to see if his conclusions held any truth would be to work his way into the Palace center himself.

Returning to Ul'dah, he took the detector with him and made his way back to Vylbrand, to Bronze Lake. There it was, the looming palace right in the middle. With some ample gil he convinced the ferryman to take him to it. He pushed into the ruins and soon found himself overwhelmed, forced to retreat, he would need help. Enlisting the aid of adventurers, a history obsessive arcanist, a marauder and an archer he ventured back into the palace, taking aetherial readings along the way. Though the ruins were in ill repair, he found that his hypothesis to be true, aether congregated in increasing intensities the further in they ventured. Upon reaching the center he knelt in prayer. The room lit up with sparks and aetherial condensation before suddenly, Orrin was struck down and the lights died around them.

Catatonic to the outside world, he saw visions of ancient Nym, watched the horrific transformation of its citizenry to Tonberries and was given 3 haunting words: "Hear, Feel, Think". Orrin would soon be jostled out of the vision before he could glean any more by the arcanist's physicking. Drained, haunted by his visions they cut their way out of the palace.

He summarily paid the adventurers, the marauder, perhaps too mercenary for her own good, departed with nary a care for what had transpired, same with the archer. The arcanist lingered and prodded with questions, Orrin spoke of the visions and the words but the arcanist knew not of their meaning. They split ways and Orrin returned to Ul'dah.

-Echoes in the Cathedral-

Upon his return he heard the town was alight with news that the Sanctum of The Twelve had finally been restored for the sake of Eternal Bonding ceremonies. Though not his intended method, he now finally found means of ingress to the ancient cathedral. Much to his chagrin though, despite the markings matching the observatorium scroll to its finest detail, the "restoration" utterly ruined the aetherial conductivity of the building. The sanctum was a nexus for the Gods no more. He decided to rest in the Carline Canopy before departing back to Ul'dah, there, upon nearing a woman he fell unconscious and saw the battle of Cartenau, the selfsame woman fighting there, her name, her past all crystallized in an instant. When he came to he was sitting on one of the stools, facing the woman. He called to her by name and profession and it elicited her to reveal to him that he posessed the echo, a conclusion he had not thought of for those who he met before with it only spoke of their resistance to tempering. He needed more confirmation. Barring fighting a primal one to one, the woman spoke of the ability to purify corrupted crystals was common for those with the echo. He thanked the woman and was off to find such crystals.

He raided Natalan under guise of plain armor and weapon to not alert the Ixali of his Ishgardian origin, cutting past the guards to the aetheryte. He retrieved his quarry and sequestered himself in his private chambers in Dragonhead. He indeed had the gift. The realization floored him and he began to wonder if what he had was the real reason he was so capable those years past, that his own strength paled in comparison to the gift. Was his steadfast devotion stemming from the echo? Was he incorruptible, even to Dravanian influence? Did it make his feelings all the more correct and not just the fearful feeling in the back of his head that he was on the path to heresy?

It was not only till he heard tales and rumors that Lady Iceheart too held the echo that he concluded that though one could have the gift, one was not incorruptible entirely. He at least preferred that to the possibility that Dravania was in the right. Galvanized once more he set out for more answers.

-Scales in the Sand: A Heretic's Sense of Honor-

Orrin returned south, to Ul'dah, the bustling city being boon to him and his search for answers. Though he was circumspect about his status and station, nothing could hide how he spoke and that Highborn accent eventually betrayed him to one Evangeline Primrose, revolutionary, malcontent, branded heretic and strikingly beautiful. Clearly someone who had fled before Ishgard's judgement came to pass, outside the walls of the Holy See she was just like any other in Ul'dah, and so Orrin was unable to lift a finger against her so long as she was civil, a fact that she knew well for like a moth to a flame, the Elezen heretic was drawn to him. Evangeline, safeguarded behind the laws of Ul'dah would openly goad Orrin into arguments, using him as a figurehead against all grievances could be aired. Orrin feared even exchanging pleasantries with the woman could indict him upon return to Ishgard so he did as much as he could to avoid conversation with her but in the end they would become embroiled in debates.

Somehow, through all this, Evangeline saw Orrin as honor-bound as opposed to fanatical zealot, and eventually came to see him as friend, even though Orrin would never even address her by her first name. However, Evangeline did manage to snare him when she pleaded to be taught what it meant to be a knight, to have said honor for she had plans to become Sultansworn. And so began the unorthodox relation between Orrin and Evangeline, they would meet and train and through combat and meditation, trading of barbs both metaphorical and literal they started to grow close. In Evangeline, Orrin saw someone who was not lost, merely led astray, death for the blasphemer, was it truly the way?

-Scales in the Sand: Dubious goods-

Weeks had passed and though Orrin tried his best, Evangeline was petulant, impatient, fiery. She was skilled but to Orrin she lacked the discipline he saw fitting to be a knight and he feared that she was a lost cause. However Evangeline purchased his trust quite nicely when she came to him about the existence of a particularly draconic artifact she knew to be in possession of one Verad Belveil who was looking for confirmation. Orrin, duty-bound, went with Evangeline to the Dubious Distributions Estate and from there discovered that Verad Belveil was in fact in possession of something called a Wyrm Tear. A magicked artifact that shared in properties of both dragon's eyes and materia, it was the crystallized essence of a felled greater wyrm, dragons filled with such rancor and hatred that their very being would linger in the form of a Wyrm Tear.

Dismayed, Orrin asked how Verad had come into holding such a powerful and terrible object and found out nothing except that there were similar artifacts now flooding the market. Knowledgeable of the supposed corrupting nature of such heretic trinkets Orrin had to put his own personal search to a pause and set out clear Ul'dah of the possible deadly poison that had somehow managed to find its way to the jewel of the sands.

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- Battle at the Big Bridge-

His time in Ul'dah was interrupted by the sudden reawakening by Nidhogg. Begrudgingly, he returns to Coerthas, greeted by bloodshed of his kinsman and dragons alike. When Vishap descended upon the Steps Of Faith, Orrin was there among the myriad of men and women who answered Ishgard's call to aid. He led a contingent of his own, consisting of those like Kale Aideron and Jana Ridah of the Immortal Flames. Though his platoon suffered no casualties he was grievously wounded in Vishap's final death throes. His armor was destroyed, effectively crushed and he was bedridden for weeks. Despite all this he was lucid enough to find his every moment in the infirmary in Whitebrim to be utterly insufferable. He would find time and means to help with plotting military movements and retaliations even if he himself could not be there to carry it out. In the meanwhile a set of Drachen mail was commissioned for him, it abandoned the traditional dark purple and the now possessed the same runic glow upon the helm similar to that of the Steps of Faith. As soon as Orrin could stand and fight once more he waited for the first moment there was a lull in the assaults so he could return back to Ul'dah to finish what he had started. He knew full well that returning to Ishgard afterwards would mean taking on for the first time the terror that few ever lived to witness twice in their lives

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