Arzilia Rausten

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Ishgard.jpg Arzilia Rausten
Arzilia in Gridania.png
Sweeping Blonde Gale, Dancing Lightning
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 24
Namesday 7th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Height 5 fulm 6.4 ilm or 1.7m
Occupation Mercenary, Explorer
Orientation Homosexual
Relationship Status Single

Arzilia Rausten
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Wandering Dragoon


General (WIP thanks to the recent Dragoon lore change

Arzilia is an explorer that came from the northern lands of Ishgard in order to improve herself. She is a former dragoon that served in the Convictory. Arzilia wanders from city-state to city-state taking contracts as a mercenary, kills horrible beasts and helps the people in need. A bright woman, friendly to all, almost seeming too carefree.

Sweeping Blonde Gale: A moniker circulated among the taverns and inns of Eorzea. Many patrons and passersby have seen her run in and run out of the establishments as if she were a small gust that came in through the window. They agreed that when she works she rarely stops for idle chat and soon her various travels have spread the moniker across the city-states.
Wandering Dragoon: The weapon most commonly seen on her is a sharp spear that gives away her expertise in combat. Merchants travel almost as regularly as she does and not few of them have admitted being helped in many occasions by her timely arrival on the roads.
Dancing Lightning: Also called Dancing Dragoon, Dancing Knight or just the Dancing Blonde among her comrades and by ishgardians. As she trained militarily Arzilia proved quick of feet and her arms handled the lance deftly. Besides using her weapon to parry and block attacks some have said that her rapid movements around her target seems like a dance.
Arzi: A short nickname only her friends say to refer to her. She feels somewhat uncomfortable when people not that close to her call her that way.
Arzilia currently stays most nights on the road along with her chocobo, Maximilian, and at inns whenever she is in a settlement or major city.


Height 5 Fulm, 7 Ilm
Weight 135 ponzs
Build Slim, busty, toned
Skin Tone Fair
Notable Features: Her blonde hair has red highlights
Scars A long curved one on left oblique and a long straight cut on right thigh are the largest.

Numerous other scars are scattered through her body thanks to her near fatal defeat.

Head / Facial Features
Hair Blonde
Eyes Bright blue
Notable Features: Red highlights on hair
Scars None


Charismatic and sassy. Arzilia, whenever you can catch her, shows to be very easy to deal with and very open to conversation. She enjoys making witty comments and often flirts. Also likes having a drinking buddy to talk with whenever she stops for a rest, and has an uncanny ability to dodge personal questions, but opens up once you do too or she deems it necessary. Her demeanor and speech may let on she's smarter than she looks and has had more than a few interactions with nobility. If you leave a good impression, Arzilia will certainly watch over you.

Abilities and Skills


Since she was a girl Arzilia had desired nothing but becoming a proud Knight Dragoon of Ishgard. The spear is her characteristic weapon and handles it with deadly efficiency. The people that have seen her fight know she can soar through the air as the legends tell and pierce through her enemies with her lance. She also proves expert in hand to hand combat and the sword, being able to wield other weapons too but to a lesser extent.


Spear: No person can hope to become a Dragoon without mastering this weapon. Arzilia trained rigorously in the now frozen lands of Ishgard as a knight and adopted an aggressive style of fighting, using the long weapon in long, fluid series of attacks.
Fists: Due to her appearance, Arzilia often had trouble in proving her resilience, expertise and intimidating. She proved others her worth with results and fought with many a man and woman that dared underestimate her with her bare hands to make the point that she needed no weapon to defend herself either.
Sword: The ways of the sword and shield only came to Arzilia later on after moving south into Eorzea. In a prolonged stay in the Jewel of the Desert, Ul'dah, Arzilia learned to wield the sword with the Gladiators and thought of it an inspiring weapon. Due to her resolve, Arzilia enjoyed also using a style that focused on protecting rather than killing up front. Her style with the sword, however, is visibly adapted from her skill with the spear, moving her body fluidly between movements and striking quickly and with precision.


Healing: During her travels in Gridania, the Wandering Dragoon learned of her potential in magic and focused on using it at first for the aid of others and herself. Injuries and death were inevitable and she also knew well of the dangers of her occupation and mission. Though far from being an expert healing mage, Arzilia knows enough to keep herself and allies alive if she acts fast enough.



Cold, snow, rain.
Alcohol. Like any other warrior, she knows a good drink at the right time can heal a weary soul.
Finding good people and befriending them.
Reading and taking care of her weapons and armor.
Riding chocobos.
Dancing and playing games.


Heat to some extent.
Betrayal and evil intentions.
Pessimistic people. She often tries to cheer them.
Loud, angry noises such as roars and screaming. Trained to respond aggressively as a Dragoon.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Enjoys sweet and salty snacks. May not let the mug go.
Favorite Food: Stuffed Artichoke
Favorite Drink: Mulled tea, Frozen Spirits and Triple Cream Coffee.
Favorite Color: Blue and silver.



Alexander Rausten (Father)
Ania Rausten (Mother)
Aaron (Older brother, currently Knight of Ishgard)
Matthew (Older brother)
Sara (Younger sister)
Alexander (Younger brother)


Simeon Sibaruse (Comrades in the Dragoon Order) (Elezen, Wildwood)
Simeon was Arzilia's senior by 6 years in the same company. With the dragoons in the company being close comrades, they knew each other well. Simeon teased her often, and continues to do so. After her disappearance and presumed death, they met again a year later in Gridania's Lancer Guild. Like with the rest of her company, Arzilia cares much for Simeon and was overjoyed to see him well again. She would fight beside him and defend him whenever necessary.
Suen Shyu (Friends) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
The salvaging, tinkering Miqo'te met with Arzilia while traveling through Gridania. A short time later the two went on a salvage run across Mor Dhona where Arzilia flirted with her, but as the hour grew late, she cut the moment short, leaving the Miqo'te confused. To this day, Arzilia still keeps the magitek core Suen gave her on their first salvage run.
Ehfi Rhinsu (Friends) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Ehfi is a young conjurer that travels through Eorzea aiding the people in need wherever she goes. Her and Arzilia met while traveling with a caravan as protection. The two quickly got along well. She has a tendency to throw people off balance with her kindness and rejection of getting paid for her services.
Kaya Chalahko (Friends) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Partners in their Free Company, Arzilia had been wanting to get to know the silver-haired paladin better for some time. Her own work and recent return to Ishgard made it impossible until they returned from a leve which turned out like nothing they expected. As the two rested from the mission, both women shared stories of their scars for a long time. Needless to say, she's more than eager to know her better, still.


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Common Rumors (use freely!)

"Oh you mean the Blonde Gale? Aye, she's a good lass, that one. She takes her time in coming back but when she does she stays a while helping others." - A waitress in the Drowning Wench.
"Th' Dragoon Lady once saved me life, you know? I ne'er saw 'er comin'. Them bandits ambushed me caravan and them eyes 'ere filled with blood! Out'o nowhere she falls from the sky like a lightning! Nay, an angel! Aye, an angel she was. Some of them bandits will ne'er pick a weapon again in them lives." - Traveling merchant in the Quicksand.
"You know, once she finds time to rest here she usually is the heart of the party with her dancing and drinking. She deserves the rest and fun, her heart is made of gold." - A patron in Carline Canopy.

Moderate Rumors (use sparingly or ask me first!)

"She looks the part but I don't really trust her. That girl is all laughs and joy but there's blood on her hands." - An elezen merchant in Gridania.
"... woman, once. Some years ago she descended from Coerthas, limping and her eyes filled with sadness and hat-... she looked desperate. Broken woman." - Overheard from a guard in Fallgourd Float.
"Lookin' for the Blonde Gale? Sorry, mate, but haven't seen'er for a while. That one rides with the wind like the dragoon she is." - Overheard in the Adventurer's Guild in Gridania.

Rare Rumors (please ask before using!)

"Yeah, the Dancing Dragoon, right? Middle child of the House Rausten. Was a proud knight here, but the war took her. At least that's we know." - An Ishgardian inhabitant.
"You know what's funny? No one in her family has hair as blonde as hers." - Ishgardian veteran in Coerthas

PC Rumors (feel free to add your own!)'



House Rausten
The Hyur side of her family married into nobility a few generations past with a minor elezen house. Ever since many sons tried to do noble deeds as Knights and daughters usually married with sons of other noble houses.


Squire of the Knight Dragoon Order of the Holy See
Arzilia joined the Order of Knights Dragoon by the age of 15 as a squire. Ever since she did her best every day to reach her goals.
The Calamity
Arzilia experienced the sudden change of Ishgard's climate with the occurrence of the Calamity at the age of 18. She adapted pretty well to the cold.
Deemed Unfit
By the age of 19 Arzilia was sent away from the Order of Knights Dragoon due to insufficient proof of being able to reach the high standards of the legendary Order and what they considered a lack of seriousness from her part, despite the daily rigorous training she undertook.
The Convictory
Following the disappointment of not going to enter the Order as she planned, Arzilia did not relent in trying to become a worthy dragoon nonetheless, knowing that the continuous deeds would prove only beneficial to herself and her House.
She joined the Convictory, the Order that was one of the first lines of defense and a quick mobile support to aid the other armies against the Horde. In there she met a Almar Ethor, a veteran knight that had killed and participated in in the slaying of various dragons across his career.


Fallen Dragoon
Arzilia went missing in a battle along with her mentor Almar Ethor, by the age of 22. Official reports indicate that Almar sustained heavy injuries while fighting a dragon and Arzilia started to act more reckless than usual, trying to drive its attention away from her mentor. Arzilia Rausten was injured severely during the fight and fell off the face of a mountain. Almar Ethor resumed his attack but suffered the same fate as his apprentice. Both bodies were never found after the battle and are presumed dead.
Both were actually found by hunters of Tailfeather that took care of them. However, Almar recovered sooner than Arzilia, whose injuries in the end were worse than her mentor, and tried to leave for Ishgard but was killed by a dragon coming from Avalonia Fallen.
Knowing the fate of Almar, Arzilia fell into a depression while she continued to recover with the hunters. She considered herself a failure for being defeated on her last battle and not being able to protect her mentor. Almost as soon as she was able to walk again she left Tailfeather but traveled south through Coerthas and deeper into Eorzea, thinking she would need to grow further as a fighter and as a person if she was to defend the people in need again.
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