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Height: 5 fulm 3 ilm (5 ft 3 in)
Weight: 120 ponze (120 lbs)
Age: 24
Race and Clan: Miqo’te Seeker of the Sun
Hair Color: Bright Red
Eye Color: Amethyst
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned
Physical Build: Toned, yet very curvy
Notable Features: Medium sized fangs, medium length nails/claws kept smooth


Arzu’s primary motivators are Knowledge, wisdom, recognition and to find love and be loved. (But hey who doesn’t want that?) Her emotional disposition is usually happy and pleasant, and even-tempered. She is usually very honest a bit too honest at times which can get her into trouble. She tends to keep things to herself. Especially when it comes to her past and things that have happened to her in it. She usually only discloses things about herself on a need to know basis to people she really trusts.

Trust is something hard fought with Arzu. Once its earned it’s earned. She will trust you implicitly. However once someone loses that trust. It is even harder for them to earn it back. She tends to be very upfront and very honest. To the point that some may find her too blunt.

When it comes to changing things about herself she is quite open to it. If given good enough logical reason to. Being such a logical thinker she rather change for logical reasons rather than illogical ones.

She can be very stubborn and it shows a lot when it comes to things she feels she knows a lot about. Or feels she is in the right about. However when she knows she is wrong. She will admit it and apologize quite quickly. She has a big heart in the end and feels quite bad when she ends up being the one that hurt someone's feelings.

Arzu doesn’t always realize she is being flirted with. Especially by women and will blush quite a bit when hit on. However when she is in a relationship she tends to be rather monogamous.

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Arzu lived the last of her teen years in Uldah and then in the Uldah refugee camp after the Calamity. She is quite the skilled conjurer a herbal healer. Her empathetic nature helps her when tending to others. But it also can become a hindrance as well when dealing with the riffraff of society.


Both NPC and PC relationships

Key: -Romantic Interest -Sexual Attraction -Family -Friend -Neutral -Enemy -Disliked
§-NPC -Deceased

NPCs Show text

Y'uraq Tia :

Arzu started working for Y’uraq from a publicized flier looking for a conjurer to attend to him at Grindstone and various other tournaments around Eorzea. She also became his housekeeper and private cook after he found out she lived in the refugee camp in exchange for housing. Over time though she had grown to develop feelings for him. Probably much more so than she should have had for him. They did date for quite sometime but however have since broken up.

Gyo Shouzhen:

Arzu met Gyo by accident leading him to a nightclub with several members of their Academy. Not realizing the blind Au Ra just wanted to go back to his camp. Which was where he thought she was leading him. She eventually found out he was a student at the Academy where she is as well. And started learning martial combat under him. They are now fully dating and a mated pair. They also have a four month old daughter and live and spend every day together. He is still teaching her how to fight with her fists and how to tap into her chi which he started teaching her how to do back at Vylbrand Academy. The couple are happy and love each other dearly.

Stephano Samwell :

Arzu and Gyo met Stephano on their first visit to Kugane and were given a rather thorough tour by him. Explaining all the rules of the city and the lay of the land. He then took Arzu to the tavern later that evening while Gyo calmed down from the exposure and they shared some rice wine and some good conversation. She finds him a very calm and gentle older elezen man. And a good companion to talk with. However he has a spark in his eyes that has already caused a great deal of trouble for Gyo and herself. When playing a joke on them the already paranoid pair attacked him. Arzu nearly killing him with her magic and having to bring him back from the brink of death. Which did not go over well with the Kugane authority. Luckily for them both Stephano lived and was able to help them sort it all out. But not before they spent several nights in a cell.

Sylbor Leclair:

Arzu and Sylbor met at the Vylbrand Academy as students. They found out they both were students of various aether studies. Her conjury and him unaspected aether studies. They began to study together working on ways to combine their magics performing tests and experiments to see if it was possible. Eventually after long nights working together they found they had taken a liking to one another in a deeper way than just magical studies. And were soon dating. However after a time their core fundamental differences broke them apart. And they are now simply very good friends who still enjoy a good cup of tea or glass of wine and long talks about aether magics.

Syf Kha :

Syf had become a really good friend of Arzu’s. Someone she used to consider to be her best friend to be exact. She always seemed to care for Arzu’s well being, and loved to eat all the food Arzu loves to cook. However after Arzu and Y'uraqs falling out. Syf and her drifted apart.

Aethryn Mikami :

Aethryn was a student at the Vylbrand Academy that was studying under Arzu for conjury lessons. He has quickly become a very good and close friend of Arzu’s. They share a love for books, reading and various other aspects of knowledge. They also both ues to work diligently in the infirmary at the Academy. She tends to feed him danish like she does all her friends. And he takes them home to his wife often. They have grown close over the time they've known one another and became best friends.

Ulan Mikami :

Ulan is the wife of Aethryn and after some stand offish conversations with one another. Arzu still feels rather at odds with Ulan even after repeated attempts to mend broken bridges with her. And has since given up. And simply only speaks with her on an as needed bases.

Ca'yita Whisperwind :

Kyita is a hard case for Arzu. She isn’t quite sure if Kyita hates her or likes her. Arzu wants to be friends with her. But when she tries Kyita either jumps and runs away. Or behaves aggressively towards her or flat out dismisses her completely. She is violent to a degree yet is a healer which makes no sense to Arzu.

Y’asmei Toaki:

(Player Character, played by Arzu) Arzu’s half sister. Found her creeping around her home in the Goblet one afternoon. Only to find out it was her half sister from her father. Has not really grown all that fond of her. Has a distaste for her and some of her actions. Y’asmei is only here to try and make Arzu’s life difficult at this point. From what Arzu can tell. Was killed during a fight with Gyo, Arzu’s boyfriend. Y’asmei drew weapons on Gyo and left him no choice but to kill her.

Riri Dilara: §

(NPC daughter of Gyo and Arzu who will eventually have a player in game) She is currently four months old. She is a full miqo'te child, she has Gyo's black hair. One amethyst eye and one emerald green eye. Black fuzzy ears and a black fuzzy tail bob.


Easily Heard
(Easy to find out most anywhere)

Hard to Hear
(Have to have been around her or found out through folds that know her better)

PC Rumors

  • Isn’t she a local healer for that Vylbrand Academy School in Lominsa? [Lominsa City Guard]
  • She’s always reading. Doesn’t she ever work? [Market Vendor]
  • I heard she once lived outside the Ul'dah city gates in the refugee compound. [Weaver’s guild attendant]
  • She’s walked into a few people while reading. I’ve even seen her walk into a door before. Who does that kind of thing? [Lominsa Arcanist]
  • She’s always so quiet. Doesn’t she ever talk? [Quicksand waitress]
  • Have you smelled her lately? She smells like cinnamon. She must bake a lot. [Local Gossiper]
  • I smelled her, she smelled like honeysuckle and cinnamon. [Smitten and Lonely Male Miqo’te Courtesan]
  • I heard she was attacked out in the refugee camp. That fella came back with a rock sized dent in his skull. They buried him that evening.. [Ul’dah Gossiper]
  • ((There are no rumors here yet. Feel free to add one!))


Journals Show text


You may have heard of her/know her if you:

You ever worked for or visited Vylbrand Academy

  • Arzu worked as a healer and teacher at Vylbrand Academy for some time.

You ever stayed in the refugee camp outside Uldah for any length of time.

  • Arzu lived outside the refugee camp after first moving to Uldah after leaving her home with Crimson Brook. This happened after the calamity.

You ever attended the Grindstone.

  • Arzu healed Y'uraq Tia as his personal pocket conjurer for several moons and attended the Grindstone to do so several times.

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