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Character Profile

Glass-circle.png Character Profile


   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
Gridania-transparent.png Syf Kha
"What makes a tribe strong?"
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Gridania
Age 16
Occupation Adventurer
Place of Birth Steppes of Othard
Place of Residence None
Guardian Dusk Mother
Nameday 26th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon

The seventh winter of Syf's life is passing, the end of peace and a stationary life for her and her tribe. A small valley nestled in the mountains of northern Othard is a paradise in the cold months. The heat beneath the land keeps the waters flowing, the cold at bay, and gives the small tribe a chance to collect and craft their knowledge to prepare for the coming year. The comfortable valley will soon become toxic waste of heat, killing most of the grass and pushing away the wildlife to search for the greening pastures of the spring. The Lost Kha adapted to life in a smaller tribe, and found the respite welcome in a season of short sunlight and in a land full of danger.

The few yurts in the valley were being prepared for their departure, people among the tribe preparing their horses and grazing animals for travel, stocking everything that they needed onto their beasts of burden. Heading the transition is the Matron of the tribe, Syf's mother, a middle-aged Xaela with a stern and commanding presence, organizing and making sure nothing would be left behind that is important. Everybody is busy, but there are a few heads that are missing.

A young girl gently rocks from side to side as she holds onto her small fishing stick, watching the line with unbroken attention. Syf bounces along, the dark skinned Xaela beams a smile, her excitement cannot be contained for the promise of new adventures ahead. Next to her is a tall Xaelan man, Syf's father, sitting still and upright with stoic posture. He is far off in thought, staring at the other bank of the lake without motion. The two have been like this for the entirety of sunlight, only changing when interrupted by the promise of a fish. Wordless exchanges passed through the silence of the day, far enough from the bustling business of the tribe not to be bothered. The sun was slowly falling behind the peaks that edged the valley, kissing the mountaintops with the blaze of light. The father broke his distant stare to look up at the sky.

"Little one, what makes a tribe strong?" The father asks.
She replies without thinking much on it. "I make it strong!"
The father chuckles, shakes his head, "No, this was an important question little one. I will ask it again later." The two continue until complete darkness, and head back to join the others.

A year passes, and again the two are on the bank of the river. "Little one, what makes a tribe strong?" The father asks.
She replies with rousing cheer, having thought about it before. "Dah, you make it strong!"
The father beams a smile, but still shakes his head. "I see that you still do not have an answer I am satisfied with. I will ask you again later."

Another year passes, and the two stand in the middle of a river with spears, catching more to eat. The father signals to Syf to pause.
"Little one, what makes a tribe strong?" The father asks.
She replies, having prepared for the question with a lot of thought. "The things we learn from other tribes and villages, the people we meet and the lessons of the land."
The father furrows his brow, but still shakes his head. "I am impressed with your answer, but I do not think you know what makes a tribe strong yet. I will ask you again later." The two collect themselves, and join their tribe. It is the last time Syf's father asks the question.

Seven years pass, and Syf steps foot off of a ship onto a dock of a cold and unwelcoming land. She looks over to the endless horizon of the ocean, and asks herself. "Syf, what makes a tribe strong?" She mulls over this for several minutes, looking to others as they pass by on the busy port. She answers herself and smiles, "I do not know." She turns and follows the current of the crowd, still thinking over what will finally give her the answer her father is looking for.


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: This smiling Au Ra is constantly antsy, walking, pacing, or shuffling about in her spot. She's constantly throwing herself into conversations, trying to learn more about people. She likes to prank people, or steer conversations towards the uncomfortable to see what happens. Will try to avoid engagements that are too hostile. Has a very active imagination, goes into daydreams often.

Nature: Laws and customs are there for a reason, but are not set in stone for her. She tries to uphold traditions from the Steppes, and often sees the customs of the land prohibitive.

Religion: Believes in the Au Ra pair of deities, believing she's been blessed wholly by the Dusk Mother with dark skin and scales.

Habits: Syf has a nervous tick, causing her to rub her stomach. She hums often, unaware of how she brings it into speech. Syf trains daily, and tries to keep herself from getting too soft and civilized.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Her hair is dirty and combed only by her fingers, pulled back into ponytails to keep her vision unobstructed. Her visible skin is pocked with small scars, the result of shrapnel cutting along the curvature of her face. Syf is often seen disheveled and clanking about in her often dirty armor, dye sheared off at places where she was hit. She is often covered in dust, gloves and feet muddy, with traces of caked animal blood clinging to pockets and grooves of the armor's decor.. Her armory consists of a long greatsword, hidden behind a collection of furs bound with leather scraps, and whatever sword and/or shield she could find during her travels. She lives in the armor, rarely taking it off. Thankfully the stench of her sweat is mostly sealed away by the leathers. Syf is quite short for an Au Ra, and she has stopped growing, much to her frustration. The rigor of daily survival brought muscle under a healthy layer of fat.

Scars & Markings: Underneath her shell is a collection of more scars, a claw strike across her collarbone, and her shoulders gripped by some larger beast. Across her back is a crosshatch of scars, thin rips healed unevenly.

Voice: A heavy Steppes accent lines her Eorzean, often pocked with incorrect pronunciations of words. She punctuates her sentences with a modifier of negative or positive connotations, carrying it over from her previous spoken language.

Clothing: Pink armor is her usual wear, finding it in the Shroud in poor condition. She has had it since then repaired and dyed to a brighter pink, appreciating the attention it brings. She's also fond of what Eorzeans think pink symbolizes, and carries it proudly. Her other wear is a Yukata style dress, for more formal public occasions.




  • Fish and Fishing
  • Horses and Horsebirds
  • Large open spaces
  • Meat
  • Lighter teas
  • Stargazing


  • Garleans
  • Physical contact
  • Ishgardians
  • Bathing
  • Unhealthy animals


  • Her Chocobo
  • Dah's Sword
  • Dancing


Syf has a lot of disdain for Garleans and Ishgardians. Both enemies of the past that have come down upon her tribe and her kin, she has a short temper when it comes to these people and any talk of them. She has also developed a small hatred of Miqo'te in Eorzea, finding them too touchy and invasive.


Glass-sword.png Abilities



A sword dancer by her own name, her strongest fighting style is when she is either rooted in place, or very close to her opponent. When using sword and shield, she often discards her shield and prefers using her sword as an eviscerating tool, spinning about close to an opponent. Her larger greatsword employs a different tactic, dispersing aether as she performs a kata in a very strong defensive technique.

Her strongest suit is outdoor survival. The rigid Steppes along with great tutoring has given her the tools to live off of the land, and endure long bouts of hunger or thirst. She trained her chocobo fairly well, and has decent aim on chocobo back.



Poor agility on foot, poor physical defense, poor knowledge of most fighting techniques and magicks beyond Dragoons and magitek. Often stumbling about while trying to dodge or fight something she doesn't know. While her defensive magic is strong, she will lose her concentration if her dance or stance goes awry, often dispelling any accumulated aether.

She's awful at picking up social and context clues, often getting her into trouble. Her use of Eorzean is getting stronger, but she uses context in a sentence to try and figure out larger or new words. She is learning how to read, having gotten a book that illustrates characters closer to her origin language. Her chocobo is still not trained for proper battle.

Her knowledge of crafting is limited to what she remembers of Steppe culture, not knowing exactly what's similar can produce ill effects. Her skill in fishing is limited to bobber and weighted lines, limiting her options for travel as she cannot fish from certain locations.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Mah and Dah Khatsog ( ) - Parents
Relationship: Mah and Dah, referred to affectionately by Syf, were the two leaders of the Khatsog tribe. Dah was a reserved man, often sitting in silence and thinking. When he spoke, each word counted. To Syf, Dah was a figure of reverence, often trailing and watching her father with bright eyes. She would go on fishing trips with the father, working together in silence for hours. Dah was one of the teachers for swordplay in the tribe, teaching Syf along with other students. Mah was the matron of the tribe, teaching Syf how to train horses and to shoot a bow. The two had a distant relationship, performing roles as they were tasked to each other. Mah was seen as rude and controlling for Syf, often because they spent for more time together.
Khatsog Tribe ( ) - Extended Family
Relationship: The Khatsog tribe splintered away from the Kha tribe by a natural disaster about two hundred years ago. Their smaller numbers allowed them to move faster across the Steppes, but they could not reunite with the Kha before leadership changed. The Khatsog followed tradition of the Kha, entering trade with tribes and villages of other civilizations as they traveled. In the winter months however, they found safe havens to endure the cold in peace. A very uncommon rumor placed them as the slayers of a huge swathe of Garleans, but no records indicate this as truth.
Carl ( ) - Chocobo
Relationship: Carl, the rascal of a chocobo was adopted and cared for by Syf from a hatchling. The bird is still young, but Syf makes heavy strides in his training from her time spent in Bentbranch Meadows. The bird often runs off and searches for food when given the command to roam free, and will search people with his nose for food. Syf has good command of the bird with a set of unique whistles and calls.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
Ohki Leyga ( ) - Caretaker
Relationship: Ohki is a matronly figure to Syf, offering up home and some lessons in reading just for the company of the girl. She often talks of her adopted Raen daughter and wife, Glaz. Syf still uses the room offered on her journeys to the Shroud, storing her wealth in the assumed safe place.
Khoba Lhyr ( ) - Friend
Relationship: A troublemaker and gadfly that outdoes Syf, mostly due to her mastery of the language and social knowledge of other people. This conjurer lives a seemingly carefree life, sleeping outside and walking around barefoot. Syf is thankful to have Khoba around, to point out her faults in language, and is willing to tolerate Syf's more distancing qualities.
Eddard Holt ( ) - Friend
Relationship: A rock standing against the tides of silliness and madness that Syf brings to the world. The bartender of the Neverfar's is a favorite of Syf's, a good target for amusing jokes or to try and push women on. Syf finds him fascinating, and constantly niggles at him to find out the eventual truths he is holding dear.
Yvenalise Tachibana ( ) - Friend
Relationship: The hunter Miqo'te of poor language and excellent personal space invasion. Syf's relationship with Tachi is excellent, happy to find another that shares enthusiasm and happiness in the face of a bleak land. They've shared a few hunting jobs in the wild, and Syf has found a layer of character under the cheery demeanour that concerns her greatly. Tachi does not wish to share, however.
Haru Otohime ( ) - Friend
Relationship: The young genius has had a few conflicts with Syf, over the use of magiteck and her views on the Garlean empire. Syf does find a good friend in Haru, perhaps one that tries too hard to please Syf's stubborn and ostentatious views. Haru has given Syf a few days of temporary deafness, and a means in which to prevent future incidents, an earring to amplify or dampen Syf's horn receptiveness.
Rainusi Onigura ( ) - Friend
Relationship: Rainusi is a quiet and reserved individual for Syf, often found with her companion node AME. The Xaela woman is somebody that Syf feels comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings with freely, and will admit that she is jealous of Rain's acclimation to Eorzean society.
Madison Brookstone ( ) - Friend
Relationship: Madison is the leading example for a proper mannered lady in Syf's life, a goal to achieve is to emulate this woman as best as she can. Syf will never admit that this woman is one she respects and wants to learn from, and will act especially aloof around her. Syf is fiercely committed to this woman's happiness, though she will handily fail in trying.
Oai Himura ( ) - Friend
Relationship:A confusing relationship that has Syf worried and frustrated over this woman. Oai is a chef and maid, often busy with travel and work.
Togy Brandmarkt aka Mister Mask ( ) - Friend
Relationship: The aggressive man is constantly trying to court Syf into becoming a long term partner, but the constant sexual advances forces Syf to refuse. Syf is interested in learning more about him, and his mastery of magic, but will keep her distance based on reputation and their prior interactions.



Common Rumors

  • "Pink lady with a big sword, takes work as she comes and goes. Looks like she's been through hell every time she comes in through those doors." - Twelveswood
  • "Why does she smile with such awful lookin' teeth?"

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard she's in the business of killing primals, must be really madness that I see in her eyes."
  • "Biggest lightshow you've ever seen, heard she brought down the power of a Xaelan goddess in order to win the Runestone. Bright and shiny that one, everytime you look."

PC Rumors

  • "She's a very loyal person. Kind an' fierce, a true friend an' adventurer. 'm glad she's with th' Pathfinders ta be honest, though, 'm curious as to where exactly she was raised an' where she came from." - Talan Dracht
  • "Syf is very kind. She often thinks about other people before herself. Gods help me though, I'm going to drag her into a bath here soon..." - Madison Brookstone
  • "Syf! Am glad to call this one friend, yes. As much as this is true, find she tends to easily anger...Would not touch her without permission no, or even with." - Yvenalise Tachibana
  • "I know her, though only a little. She seems to try and work people into awkward conversations with each other. Managed to rope me into one on my first night with the Free Company." - Cullen West
  • "She's a sweet thing, I think. A little green in some ways, but that just keeps her adaptable. Nice to find that sort of honesty in a person. I poke and prod her and she takes it in stride. Might not know she's taking it in stride, but she does." -Khoba Lhyr
  • "Ah, Syf. Quite the curious one, her. Her smile is warm, but her brow can furrow at a mere moment's notice, yes. She's teaming with stories and understandings that go beyond even my own comprehension though, pray, be silent and listen to her. You will both be the better for it, I'm sure." (/Syf of Kha. /Strong. /Resilient. /Kind. /Vulnerable.) -Rainusi Myshkol and AME
  • "Miss Syf is strong, splendid, and surely sublime. These words, however, whence I did speak them to her, didst prompt her to craft a pair of dragontooth betrothal necklaces, but a week after our first meeting! The gesture was thoughtful and, admittedly, romantic, but I cannot say I've developed the same feelings Miss Syf did, in so short a time." -Zigovali Rigovali
  • "I thought I was weird. What kind of idiot waltzes into a cave and demands she borrow the monster living there?" -Averill Rooks
  • "She is my sister, perhaps not by blood but by heart. I could not ask for a more loyal or kind soul to call kin. I pray she finds a home, and happiness. I'd give anything for her to have those things." -Roka chan


Glass-hourglass.png History
Syf was born in a splinter tribe of the larger Kha tribe. The tribe practiced trade with the non-Xaela people for weaponry, and some of the culture diffused into the tribe by osmosis. A few years ago, 1557 1AC, her tribe was annihilated by the Garleans. An assimilated Xaela agent was planted within the tribe before Syf was born. Through a grave error from Syf, the wrath of a Legion was brought down upon their tribe. Syf was away during the strike, and slept through the battle. She buried most of her tribe and family, and took up her father's sword as a memoir. She found a necklace on his corpse, and donned it on her neck. She touched the soulstone of a dark knight then, and she suffered a long bout of unconsciousness. She started to suffer from nightmares, visions, and a second voice echoing her deepest desires. She started treading familiar ground back along the tribe's migration path. After a few weeks of barely surviving, she found a corner of civilization in Othard and was helped by some helpful Raen to nurse her to health. During her time here, the Garleans attacked and imposed martial law, and was taken to labor camps. As a smaller child during the time, she worked in horrible conditions, life threatening and overbearing. She was stronger than most of her counterparts, and often took the blame for other workers mistakes. Once the rebellion went underway, she managed to escape and make it to the boats bound for Eorzea. When she landed with the others, she was nursed back to health, and found herself under siege along with the other Xaela from Ishgardians. She eventually left yearning for adventure, unable to assist in the fight for survival. Carl was the first adventure of her travels, finding the wounded and young chocobo left by a former master in Gridania. After Carl fell ill, the teenager found herself unable to care for the chocobo properly. She found assistance from a Raen named Kukiko, and was brought to the familiar grounds of the Harbingers. She however failed in her attempt to assimilate, and even suffered through her first relationship with Oai Himura. Finding the Harbingers of Dawn too duplicitous and civilized for her tastes, she took all of her possessions and started traveling again. She hoped to find some kind of nurturing companionship with an individual or a 'tribe.' She is currently traveling the world, taking leves as they come to provide for herself and her chocobo.

Personal Belongings

Glass-pictureframe.png Personal Belongings
On her person she carries a small sack of gil, from enough for a day's worth of food to enough for additional spending. She also carries leveplates around as well.

Carl carries on him two bundles, one side with weapons, the other with her personal affects. He's well feed and keeps himself clean, always seems to be peppy and energetic.

Personal affects
  • Wrapped greatsword.
  • One book titled 'The Happy Chocobo.' Well worn, children's title.
  • One book titled 'Eorzean Language.' Written in Doman, a learning tool for Syf to grasp the alphabet of Eorzea.
  • Small vial of scale moisturizer, made of snake oil and sand.
  • Short shorts.
  • Bikini two-piece and a swimdress.
  • A set of window curtains, makeshifted into a skirt.
  • Flint and tinder.
  • Small mirror.
  • Fishing rod and tiny tackle box. Dry bait.
  • Skinning knives. Extra sharp.
  • One pebble bracelets.
  • Chalk and charcoal, kept wrapped with paper.
  • Sword and shield of the day.
  • Broken elm shortbow, fifteen arrows and quiver for the hip.
  • Yukata Dress, bound in leathers.
  • Aether charged plate, chain mail, and simple wearing leathers.
  • Earring - Magitek in design, allows Syf to calibrate the sensitivity of her horns. Given by Haru.

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits
No permanent death. I use all of the RP my character goes through as reality. Please use private chats for anything considered PG-13 beyond vulgar language. Combat RP is preferably avoided.

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
Humor, fun, and light-hearted RP are my favorites. I am looking for Steppe culture inspired characters.

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