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❧ Asashio no Haruhi ☙

♫"Her blood runs hot to cold, always breaking all she borrows."♫
♫"Her favours bought and sold, she lives like she's dead tomorrow.."♫




Haruhi, or Hali, as she's often called, is a somewhat strange, reclusive Raen. She is on the taller side, and carries some extra weight, giving the bespectacled girl a somewhat plump pear shape. She loves to read and cook, and if indoors, is generally doing one of the two. She is incredibly awkward in social settings, often miscommunicating her intentions and thoughts or reacting in ways that would seem inappropriate, from her lack of emotional attachment or over-reaction to many things to her very odd, dark sense of humour that borders on morbid or abstract and excessive irony more often than not. She has difficulty speaking in Eorzean and has a near constant stutter, pausing to think of words or just falling silent and gesturing with her hands, though when speaking Hingan, she seems to have a much easier time communicating and comes across as fairly politely-spoken. She is enthralled by science and technology, both aethereal and mechanical, and loves to tinker with spells and machines alike, and tends to enjoy a good sparring match with trusted friends.

"I-I mean... just..."


Hali is somewhat on the tall side for an Au Ra woman at just over five and a half fulms, and bears a fair bit of chub, mostly in her stomach, hips, and backside. To add to this image, she is very pale, avoiding sunlight when at all possible, which is offset on her face by what seems to be a very faint flushing of her cheeks that is nigh-constant and more akin to a very faint rash than any kind of make-up. She often looks somewhat tired or sleepless, bearing slightly dark circles beneath her eyes. Of course, such features on her face are only visible if she is not wearing makeup, which she enjoys greatly, always making sure she looks "just right" with a proper foundation, eye makeup with winged liner, dark lipstick, and even her eyebrows done up in a subtle, but flattering way. She has long blonde hair with very faint silver streaks that reaches to the middle of her back, often keeping it simple and straight with a headband or hat keeping it in place if not tied back into a high ponytail. Her scales and horns are a fairly typical pale cream colour, scales covering her neck and the sides of her head. Her horns are broad, flat, and fin-shaped, extending just a few ilms behind the back of her head. her tail is somewhat thick, but not overly so, its scales and few spiny protrusions at the base the same colour as her horns and scales. She has piercing, steely-blue eyes with thick, dark blue limbal rings that are made all the more noticeable by the black-rimmed glasses she wears at all times, being horribly near-sighted without them.

Hali tends toward darker clothing, often dressing in blacks, dark colours, or neutral tones, but mostly in her favourite colour: currant purple. She often carries some manner of ornate dagger at her hip or just behind the hip if not her twin wakizashi, and sometimes carries a grimoire or notebook with her, as well. She often wears thin black gloves regardless of outfit, but can sometimes be seen without them. More often than not, when adventuring or on a job, she wears one of a few different sets of shinobi armour, often having chain underlays as well as a hood and stolen Imperial air filtration mask. When she wants to be, she looks every bit the part of a shinobi, despite her curiously heavyset stature.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Always wearing glasses.
Above average in height and, especially, weight.
Hair has faint silver streaks.


Hali is best described as odd, if not entirely awkward. She generally cares little for people and often avoids them, unable to really understand them. She is unable to process emotion well, not understanding it, either, and, therefore, tends to be detached from a great many things, including people, whom she says are generally nothing more than "meaningless shapes and noise", though there are notable exceptions, even if she does not understand why. She is very easily misunderstood due to her odd expressions and choice of wording being inherently flawed despite her otherwise intelligent, witty nature. She shortens much of what she says so she does not have to speak much, but, entirely to the contrary, at times will be overly verbose. Though she avoids socialisation and can be awkward, she is still possessed of a deal of charisma that keeps her from being altogether unpleasant. She tends to be impatient and is given to doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible, or else her attention tends to wander and she loses interest or simply becomes entirely unfocused. She is typically fairly calm and quiet despite her constant stuttering and pausing while speaking, though she is given to outbursts at times when upset, sometimes flying into a panic. She often has trouble regulating her volume, especially during such times, and can outright start yelling without meaning to, or will mutter at so low a volume she is hard to hear. Her mind tends to wander quite often, and she tends to daydream or space out, even during conversation, prompting her to ask people to repeat things multiple times, finding it hard to understand what is being said to her. She has a bit of a problem with an anxious paranoia that seems to be very pervasive in her mannerisms, causing her to do many things quickly, speeding up her pace when walking, and leaving her watching her surroundings and looking over her shoulder constantly. She is also very prone to bouts of extreme anxiety and, at the very worst, can melt down completely into a sobbing mess of fear and confusion, especially when provoked by certain stimuli or overstimulated in certain ways.
Hali's demeanour shifts greatly, however, when under the influence of moko or fogweed. She is overall fairly calm, more composed, and is able to speak clearly and coherently. She explains this by describing her mind as being so much faster than her mouth that speaking is often just plain difficult for her, and she's able to slow down just enough when high that she can articulate effectively. Her anxious streak tends to calm greatly, as well, and her bolder side comes out. She will often tease, joke, and converse with relative ease, and is generally more in control of herself. When Hali runs off on her own, it usually means she's grown tired of struggling with herself and has gone to smoke.
Hali values logic over emotion, and fact over faith. She detests arguments based in abstracts and hearsay, and will almost always back up what she says with fact and resources as are available to her. Similarly, she is almost always brutally honest and very blunt, seeing honesty as no different from simple fact. She becomes incredibly annoyed very easily with things such as passive-aggression or calling her honesty or trustworthiness into question. Despite being of an ill temperament at times, she does still often mean well, regardless of her reasoning.

There are sides to Hali that are not often seen. Due to her psychological instability and trauma, she can often lose her composure entirely and reveal very extreme sides to herself that she manages to suppress more often than not. Under certain circumstances, such as during great duress or traumatising experiences, these shifts in personality can be very sudden and jarring, though sometimes, these sides of her slip out regardless. She seems to have a lot she keeps private, presenting a very different face than she would like to have seen at almost all times.


Magic. Hali is ever searching for new ways to bend reality to her whims.
Technology. Technology fascinates Hali, and she loves to play and tinker with new creations.
Dark Humour. Hali has a very odd sense of humour, but she loves when others join in and understand her.
Cats. Hali's preferred company is that of cats or coeurls, and is often accompanied by a small cat of her own.
Music. Hali adores music and can often be found singing to herself.
Food. She especially enjoys unique food and cuisin; the more exotic or strange, the better.
Solitude. The darker, the quieter, the fewer people, the better.
Moko. Moko is Hali's saving grace in many situations, helping to quell her anxieties and help her communicate more effectively.
Progress. Nothing makes Hali feel better than actual, tangible progress made toward a goal.


People. People are baggage - nothing more than meaningless shapes and noise. They are inconvenient and often unreliable. As such, Hali tends to remain alone.
High-Pitched Noise. High-pitched squealing like dog whistles or squealing metal is physically painful to Hali.
Bright Light. Hali is fairly sensitive to light, and is easily overwhelmed by bright lights.
Disorder. Messy, unkempt, chaotic surroundings serve to make Hali incredibly uncomfortable.
Uncivilisation. Hali abhors anything barbaric or generally uncivilised, holding herself to a higher standard than she feels is typical of Eorzeans.
Bugs. Bugs are disgusting to Hali, and often make her jump when she mistakes them for bees thanks to her fear of them.
Pointlessness. Hali hates doing things just to do them. She always needs a reason or something to gain from it, and it usually has to be an immediate benefit.


Magic. Hali loves all kinds of magic and enjoys not only experimenting with it, but learning new things about it.
Training. Constant improvement is incredibly important to Hali, and, as such, she tries to fill much of her time with practice in running, climbing, fighting, and more.
Singing. Though not entirely musically gifted as far as instruments may go, Hali is a decent singer and likes to do so.
Relaxing. Hali is easily-overwhelmed, leading her to take numerous breaks to keep her mind at ease.
Cooking. Hali enjoys trying new recipes and cooking whatever she can, especially if it's unique or exotic.


Willpower. Arguably Hali's greatest strength is her nigh-unbreakable will. She will attempt to persevere through anything until she, herself breaks.
Adaptable Intellect. Though not quite a genius, Hali is a quick learner and picks up on nearly anything she tries easily.
Imagination. Though it tends to steal her away, Hali's imagination and creativity are incredible boons to her in the most unexpected of ways.
Fortitude. Hali is capable of withstanding quite a lot, and will push on until she physically cannot go any further, even through exhaustion, if she feels she must.
Aethersense. Hali is possessed of an extraordinary sense for aether, claiming to be able to feel it very powerfully, giving her incredible magical insight.


Anxious. Hali is prone to anxious fits, causing her to worry over things that may not even be there almost constantly.
Melissophobia. The fear of bees. Hali is horribly afraid of bees, and will always steer clear or run away from them.
Social Dysfunction. Hali is uncomfortable and often unwieldy in many social situations, and generally is not the best person to have trying to negotiate.
Aether Sensitivity. Though her aethersense is a powerful blessing, it is also a curse, and she can succumb quickly to acute aether sickness, if not worse, when confronted with certain potent stimuli.
Instability. Because her mind has not fully recovered from repeated trauma she's suffered during and since the Calamity, she is prone to breaking down into intense panic fits or even complete insanity at times if provoked in certain ways.


Fun - Hali is out almost purely for her own enjoyment. If she doesn't enjoy something, she often will not do it.
Constant Improvement - Feeling as though nothing is ever good enough, Hali always seeks to improve herself in any way possible.
Exchange - Though she tends to avoid people, Hali knows that keeping them happy will mean she often gets left alone, so she likes to appease and please people so that she is favoured.
Boredom - Sometimes, Hali simply has nothing she really feels like doing, and so will do things just to occupy herself.


Chaste ♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡♡ Lustful
Energetic ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡ Lazy        
Forgiving ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡ Vengeful  
Generous ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡ Selfish    
    Honest ♡♡❤♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Deceitful
          Just ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡ Arbitrary
Merciful ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡ Cruel    
Modest ♡♡♡❤♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Proud
      Pious ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡ Worldly
  Prudent ♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡♡♡♡ Reckless
Temperate ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤ Indulgent
      Trusting ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡ Suspicious
  Valorous ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡❤♡♡♡ Cowardly


Hali is not particularly a well-known person. However, she would be known to some as the champion of the Games of Glory - a fighting tournament hosted by several renowned Ul'dahn merchant companies and the adventuring guild guild she calls home: The Gold and Glory - as well as the winner of the Iron Chef competition held by the same collection of wealthy monetarists. She also once won the Spellguard tournament with her partner and fiancee, Dahlia Blake.


This information may or may not be known. If you're not sure, feel free to ask!

The Naras Clan and Childhood

Hali was born into a nomadic Keeper of the Moon clan called the Naras clan. In the days before the Calamity, the Naras clan would wander the breadth of the realm, though they would typically remain in the Shroud or Coerthas, hunting, fishing, and gathering. Though tribal, they held a small standard of civilisation in their heritage: many were learned in at least some bits of reading and writing, parties often took short trips to nearby civilisation to trade and do some business, and they held to a strict moral code. Where males of the clan were always hunters and gatherers, females born to the Naras clan were trained from birth as conjurers, and those who excelled would be taught to read and write, as well, to serve as traders and negotiators for the clan. Those who excelled in their duties growing up would often enter consideration for a position as one among the Clan Matron's handmaidens - handpicked girls who acted as advisers and assistants.

Though she excelled at her conjury, as well as her clerical schooling, Hali was ever an awkward child, often bullied by her peers for her strange and outlandish behaviour, which was often viewed as weakness or stupidity to her peers, and as inappropriate to her teachers and betters. Despite her skill and intelligence, she was always held back as "troubled" due to what were viewed as flaws that kept her from remaining on the same level as others on a social level. Sadly, this also kept her from gaining any important roles within the clan.

Hali's parents - her mother a respect Handmaiden and her father a skilled hunter - were ever protective of their only daughter and doted over her, as her mother had had difficulty in conceiving a child in the first place, had lost two children to miscarriage already. As such, despite her inability to hold a position of importance or ascend through the clan social hierarchy, they loved her unconditionally, protecting her from the venom of those who would condemn her as "damaged" and as a liability to the clan. She spent years under the care of her parents, who spent much of the time they were not involved in their duties doting over her and making her as comfortable and happy as they could to counterbalance what was often a cruel world for the young girl.

Foreign Allure and Early Adulthood

Throughout the clan's wandering, more than once did they encounter hardship. Tense stand-offs with other tribes and clans, misunderstandings with Wood Wailers who took them to be poachers, Ishgardians who took offense to the clan's presence on their lands, and even Imperial patrols often caused the clan to go to battle. During this time, Hali bore witness to the Empire's mechanical and technological might and was utterly enraptured by it. Watching the clan fight so hard to escape instead of win due to their clear disadvantage time and time again left her with questions that few could answer: Why did they fight such a powerful and civilised foe instead of joining? Why did they not advance in the same manner? Why did they always run? Such questions burned in her and stole a deal of faith in her homeland. As time went on, her interest only grew, as did the feeling that she was in the wrong place, and with the wrong people, yearning for something more civilised and orderly than the savage clan could offer.

Eventually, like all adults of the Naras clan, her time to accept a role in the clan came and went. However, when it passed, it passed without a clear or concise decision as to how or where she would be best suited. Eventually, she was given the option to leave for the nearby city of Gridania. Though attached to her parents as she had been all her life and anxious about the unknown, eventually, she acquiesced that there was no place for her in the clan, and took to her own. She found some odds jobs with the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania, eventually learning more and more about Eorzea as a whole. Eventually, a small delivery job took her to Limsa Lominsa, where she fell in love with the port city and its oceans. She especially, however, loved its food and closeness with arcanima. She eventually forsook Gridania for a place in Limsa, where she often drifted, staying in inn rooms close to where she could find work, and spending a great deal of time at the Arcanists' Guild.

It was there that she learned of an odd gift. Though she could always feel it, she became more aware of the flow of aether, especially when used for magic and other supernatural occurrences. Though impossible to describe in words, she often found herself, though wholly confused by the geometries of arcanima as a whole, penning the feeling of such aetheric phenomena, which, in turn, served her as an unorthodox means of casting similar spells. Despite this, however, she was unable to truly advance in the guild, as her take on the craft did not fit their understanding. Though a curiosity, she eventually strayed from the structured organisation in favour of studying her own barely-understood methods by herself.

Adulthood, Solitude, and Recovery

The time during and after the Calamity for Hali was spent largely alone. The rending of the land and subsequent chaos drove the Keeper into seclusion, her previous problems compounded by the terrible twisting of the aether that caused her some years of constant anguish, leaving her scarred and unable to do much save for attempt to take jobs that focused on her long-practised conjury to heal the land and earn a living for herself all at once. Beyond this, however, she neglects to say much about this part of her life. In reality, the rending of the world in the wake of the Calamity broke her mind. Nearly a year was spent, often starving and neglectful of her own health, in bouts of insanity and paranoia. She remembers little of the time, and recalling it tends to trigger relapses that cripple her sanity.

It was her cousin, Dail'a, who, in his wanderings, eventually found her. She had been wandering in a mad stupor, seeking shelter in a small grotto in La Noscea. Dirty, barely coherent, and nearly dying from undernourishment and poor living conditions, he took her in for some weeks, intent on doing everything he could to nurse her back to health. She remembers none of this, as once she had begun to recover, he took her to the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania again to allow them to finish her healing. Though, eventually, she returned to La Noscea, taking jobs as she had before, her previous problems had multiplied in severity, and certain stimuli - especially those in overwhelming intensity - would cause her to lapse into intense bouts of panic or even insanity. With a strange, unexplained, and very dramatic increase in her aetheric sensitivity, she began to have a much harder time functioning, though she was determined to do so.

For Gold and Glory

Hali encountered a man named Zheng Diremite while studying in Aleport, who asked for her services due to her knowledge of the area. She guided him through Sahagin-infested areas in order to rescue a man and merchant's daughter both that had been taken by the Serpent Reavers. Her strange magic - the result of her having copied others' magic from her increased aethersense and attempting to record them as a form of faux-arcanima - intriguyed him, and, once the Reavers were felled, she was spirited away to Thanalan to the Gold and Glory Adventuring Company to rest and recover before being offered a job. After some time and a few jobs at Gold and Glory, she had come to odds more than once with its new owners, the Crawfords. They intended to fire her after her standing up to verbal abuse from Maximillian that Anthony did not believe happened and a particularly bad failure in protecting Anthony against a mugging (despite having been alone), but thanks to Naoh and Keerith Tayoon, a couple of fellow Keepers who took to looking out for her, she was offered another chance as a chef while she redeemed herself as an adventurer.

Some time later, she was scouted out at the Mythic Runestone magic competition, where she competed in an attempt to better herself, by three men from Thavnair that called themselves "Immortals." After quizzing her with mysterious questions, she was gifted with a dowsing crystal that led her all over Eorzea on a moon-long quest, seeking them out, then each time, undergoing a new trial. From them, she learned of Blue Magic and began to put her unique gift to the test. When she returned, it was with the Immortals on her heels after she'd betrayed them. They had intended to brainwash and induct her into their ranks, but she refused. Some time later, she saved them from the Pit in Ul'dah, and gained their (partial) forgiveness and a place among them as their Eorzean counterpart. Soon, she improved to the point where she won not one, but two events sponsored by the Gold and Glory: a fighting tournament and a cooking tournament, placing her as champion of the Games of Glory and as Iron Chef.

Curiously, she encountered one of her most life-changing events after being crowned Iron Chef of Eorzea: a shady "admirer" pressured her into accepting a congratulatory drink before she retired to her room to decompress and wind down. However, no more than a few bells later, she was overcome with crippling pain that left her unconscious and falling to the floor. When she awoke, she was no longer miqo'te, the hair of her ears and tail having been shed and covering the floor, as well as a bloody spot from where her head hit the hard wood. In her place was a Raen - an Au Ra - with many of the same defining features like her height, weight, even hair. It was a long process, full of panic and hardship, but eventually, she adjusted to her new shape after accepting that she had been drugged and changed permanently. After some time, she grew to even enjoy her new opportunity.

The Gold and Glory eventually branched out overseas toward Kugane, and Hali happily accepted the invitation to go along with many of the others from the company, including her best friend, Kaori Shikibu - a Raen woman whom she met during an early job with Gold and Glory and had treated her for injuries as the company's primary alchemist on multiple occasions - and left her cousin Dail'a to watch her room and take care of her cat. While there, she grew to love the culture of the people she resembled, and began to learn it in earnest, and with great success.

After some time, however, even as her skills in Blue Magic grew, she was no more accepted or respected by her Thavnairian teachers than when they had first shunned her, nor was she learning anything new. Eventually, after a venture nearly drained her and killed her in one single night from using her magic, she decided to abandon it altogether. Thankfully, Kaori had offered her a new path: that of the shinobi. Though her lack of physical fortitude and skill was a problem, she was promised that she could and would improve, given her clearly-demonstrated potential. Happily accepting, she began her training, eventually purging herself of the "Beast" that the Immortals had made her attach to her soul, but leaving it broken and her humanity, if not sanity, diminished.

The Present

Hali's training with the Morningtide Clan continued for some time, preparing with Kaori to restore it to its former splendour. She became a very skilled shinobi in her own right with incredible speed, her training nigh-constant when she had time to herself. She pushed herself, time and time again, in the coming moons to exhaustion and beyond, but her will kept her going until she had become the shinobi she not only desired, but needed, to become. Eventually, her training and hard work paid off, and after a series of difficult and challenging tests of both physical and mental exertion, she was formally inducted into the clan, and the restoration of its island home began. From then on, Hali was a shinobi of the Morningtide in Hingashi, taking the name Asashio no Haruhi. Since then, she has been a registered Hingan citizen.

Hali eventually met a young woman by name of Dahlia Bellechier, who often goes by the moniker Dahlia Blake. Discovering she was possessed by a powerful voidsent, Hali lent her services to the other girl to banish the creature with the few tricks she'd learned from Onmyouji in Hingashi. Unfortunately, the two managed to rid Dahlia of the demon, Mirseleiris, beginning what would become not only a horrible series of recurring battles, but also an unexpected romance. Dahlia joined the Gold and Glory company with Hali after some time, though, eventually, hiding Dahlia's struggle became too dangerous for them both, and, coupled with long-running problems and some more recent, the two both left the company.

Not a day after, Hali and Dahlia both found themselves in the care of the Outriders, an adventuring and investigation company with whom Hali had frequently worked on the side for various ventures. For some time, the two found themselves in good company. Hali eventually wound up branching out from her shinobi training, as well, when her attempts to help Dahlia led her to murder an ancient Amdapori mage named Auguste, interrupting a resurrection ritual that would have brought him back and inadvertently binding the man's soul and staff to herself. For some time, she spent her efforts training to handle the staff with which she couldn't part, eventually growing to wield a holy magic that, unfortunately, drew on her very being, but could prove an effective weapon against the voidsent tormenting them.

The struggles with Mirseleiris were quickly becoming more frequent and dangerous, eventually resulting in the near death of both Hali and Dahlia, even with the intervention of the Outriders. Hali spent nearly two moons in a comatose state, recovering from grievous wounds. When she woke, she found that Dahlia had been taken by the Cult of the Hierophant, the organisation that wished to turn the voidsent possessing the girl into a god - a primal, in essence. By the time Hali had caught up with them, Dahlia had been used to grant Mirseleiris that primal transformation, altering her before nearly killing her outright were it not for swift intervention. For Vivian, Dahlia's sister, however, it was far too late, the girl having been tempered and interfering with Hali's attempts to stop the voidsent primal. Eventually, she was forced to slay Vivian and, in a desperate attempt to finish Mirseleiris once and for all, enacted a powerful spell that turned the voidsent, their surroundings, and even Hali, herself, into a pure, astral crystalline form.

For several moons, Hali stood, her body crystallised and her soul imprisoned, until Dahlia, surviving thanks to Hali's sacrifice, and working tireless for those moons to restore her beloved, managed to trigger the resurrection ritual in Auguste's staff, the soul of the old mage finally seeing fit to relinquish his own hold to his mortality and allowing himself to be used to restore Hali. The shinobi was restored, but in her original form, as a miqo'te, appearing naked before her statuesque corpse in a far-flung corner of Coerthas. This only lasted a short while, however, as her shifting, recovering anima rejected her original form for that of which she had grown so fond, causing her to return to an Auri form.

Since then, Hali and Dahlia have become engaged to be bonded, and their work with the Outriders - their family - has resumed, just as Hali seeks to resume her other work as a shinobi. Where they go from here, however, is yet to be seen.

ಌ Technique/Weapons ಌ

Hali has a well-rounded skillset, boasting both powerful magic and well-honed close-combat skills. She is a highly-skilled assassin and shadow, having been trained as a Hingan shinobi, valuing stealth, guile, and her ninjutsu to allow her to dispatch targets with ease after getting close with twin shortblades.
Shinobi: Not long after arriving in Kugane, Hali began to take lessons in being a shinobi - a ninja - from her "sister in the shadows", Kaori Shikibu. After some time in intense training, her promise showed through quite brightly, and she has since been sharpening her skills with work and play alike, becoming an ever-deadlier force for any who might challenge her.
Shortblades - Though many rogues and ninja tend to fight with two blades, Hali has trained in a style using only one dagger and an empty palm. She is incredibly skilled in quick strikes and combat tricks that make use of both dagger and free hand. She does, however, often use dual-bladed strikes when needed, especially in quickly-dispatching foes.
Thrown Weapons - Keeping with her time-proven effectiveness at range, Hali has an incredibly keen aim with throwing knives and shuriken, even from longer ranges. Though mostly used for distraction, she has the ability to strike out with deadly precision.
Ninjutsu - Hali's deep connection and understanding of magic on an intimate level have allowed her to very quickly grow skilled in the use of ninjutsu, both offensive and defensive in nature. She has even learned a number of mudras used in Onmyouji rituals and puts all of those to good use.
Tricks - Smoke bombs, vanishing dust, and more are favourites of hers, allowing her to vanish, hinder enemies, or even aid allies when needed. Her "bag of tricks" always has something hidden away in case of emergency.

Other Skills: Though specialised and very talented with her shinobi training, she has some few other abilities and weapon proficiencies as well thanks to her constant divergence and obsession with keeping her talents varied and adaptible.
Weapons and Practices:
Staff - Hali is somewhat skilled in combat with a staff, able to do some manner of quick and skilled manoeuvres with it to deter enemies.
Archery - Trained in her youth for both self-defence and hunting in her clan, Hali excelled with archery. She doesn't often use it much now, however.
Conjury - Hali has some ability in conjury, taught as part of her clan training as a child, allowing her to heal minor wounds and cast smaller cantrips for aid.
Scimitar - As part of her training as a Blue Mage, Hali received some manner of training with a scimitar. However, it seems significantly weaker when not augmented with Blue Magic.
Grimoire - Hali's primary spell focus for her "arcanima" is her grimoire, activating runes and designs inside of the tome to create her odd magic. She possesses many of these, but one in particular seems to be a hodgepodge of her "best" spells.
Experimental Notebook - Though not her go-to, Hali always keeps at least one notebook on her person in which she scribbles new designs and runes and tries them out, later moving the pages she likes to her grimoire.

Abandoned Disciplines: Hali has branched out into many different methods and techniques of defending herself, from slipshod attempts at magic to more serious disciplines that she has cast aside all the same for whatever reason.
Abandoned Disciplines
Blue Magic: Under the mentorship and training of three mysterious foreigners, closely resembling soldiers from Thavnair, Hali once practiced a methodology of learning the spells of her foes after surviving them or devouring their essence to feed what they refer to as the "Beast", empowering these "Immortals" and giving them strength as they draw in more aether and make it a part of themselves. Following a series of trying and difficult situations with both the Immortals and her own body and soul degrading from the magic, she abandoned it entirely.
Scimitar - As part of her training as a Blue Mage, Hali received some manner of training with a scimitar, but, somehow, a lot of it seems to be almost an instinct or second nature.
Grimoire - If remaining at a long range and abstaining from physical combat, Hali will often use her grimoire as a spell focus in order to assist and augment her ability to participate in combat from afar.

"Arcanima": Hali once used an unorthodox form of arcanima: where normally the craft relied on precise geometric designs, the pages of most of Hali's grimoires are full of strange, runic scribbles that often span each page's entirety. She rarely uses this anymore, given her shinobi training is far more reliable.
Ebony Dagger - Hali carried an ebony dagger on her at one point. It bears a crimson gem in the hilt and often has Hali's odd scribbles covering its blade.

ಌ OOC Combat Info ಌ

I am generally open to any and all combat situations, but prefer that limits are established or understood beforehand - otherwise, I am open to very nearly anything but character perma-death! I am willing to engage in just about any system so long as it is explained to me and I have time to understand it.
Tier 1 Combat: This system is my preferred method, and uses detailed posts to explain actions that are being placed in combat. It uses a roll system which the person playing the attack will roll and the defender will need to roll higher to defend. Critical hits are welcomed in this system and often are considered if the difference between rolls is over 700 (using ingame /random rolls). Explanation swiped from Abagail Graves along with her layout.
Designated Personal Systems: Everyone has their own system for group combat RP which they themselves made or they made for their Free Company. I am open to discovering, learning, and uses all kinds!
Freeform/Honour System: I am not a fan of the honour system unless it is established and agreed upon as to who will win the fight beforehand on an OOC basis and there is a mutual trust on the same level. I will not often do this with strangers for any reason.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Dahlia Blake ( - The Moon)
Character's Thoughts: "I don't think I've met anyone who's ever made me feel this way. We have this mutual understanding of one another that I've never had before."
Hali came across Dahlia while on her way back to Ul'dah from the Shroud, finding the Ishgardian face-down in the dirt after having been possessed by a voidsent. A year of struggles and hardships later, and Hali died for Dahlia's freedom of her voidsent tormentor. After some moons more, Dahlia managed to resurrect her lover, and they now live together in peace, adventuring with the Outriders and looking forward to their impending bonding.
Kaori Shikibu ( - The Mentor)
Character's Thoughts: "She's my best friend. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her."
Hali and Kaori were introduced while part of the Gold and Glory Adventuring Company. After some significant time together, Kaori began to train Hali in the shinobi arts, and the two resurrected her long-dead clan in Hingashi. Now, Hali and Kaori work to restore the shinobi clan to its former glory not as master and pupil, but as sisters in the shadows.
T'rahven Tia ( - The Rival)
Character's Thoughts: "He's got a heart of gold, and I am so happy to call him a friend."
Hali met T'rahven with the rest of the Outriders. She, at first, didn't have much of an opinion of him, aside from just seeing him as another Outrider and adventurer. She has ever been grateful to him for carrying her out of a bad situation when she was badly wounded during a venture, and vowed to make it up to him someday. After an intense, hour-long sparring match, she and T became incredibly close, constantly challenging one another and pushing the other to always keep improving on the battlefield.
Dail'a Naras ( - The Idiot Cousin)
Character's Thoughts: "He's a total idiot. I don't know how he lives. But... he's got a good heart."
A cousin to Dail'a, Hali left their clan some time before Dail'a's arrogance and authority problems caused him to flee and strike out on his own. They have encountered each other on quite a few occasions, and though they are not close, Dail'a claims he looks out for Hali as best he can. Hali is generally not enthused by this, seeing Dail'a as a possible liability in his recklessness and thirst for constant conflict or need to be some kind of vaunted hero. She does not remember her time spent in his care after the Calamity left her a homeless madwoman. She is often visited by Dail'a now, however, who helps her look after her cat, Finn, when she is going to be away.
Cetah Naras ( - The Innocent Cousin)
Character's Thoughts: "Too naive for her own good. She will wind up breaking sooner or later."
Hali and Cetah are, like with Cetah's elder brother, Dail'a, cousins. However, Hali's departure from the clan came during a time before Cetah truly knew her at all, and therefore, the relationship between them is little more than one being aware of the other and watching from a distance when they happen upon one another. Cetah's naivete and optimism strikes Hali as entirely unrealistic, leaving her to wonder when and what will serve to break her, as she feels is inevitable.
Naoh Tayoon ( - The Paragon)
Character's Thoughts: "Probably the most powerful mage I know, and, generally, just someone I feel safer knowing is at my back."
Hali met Naoh when attempting to figure out her strange magical talents, and was more than happy to engage in experiments with the woman to delve deeper into figuring them out. She has come to view Naoh and her wife, Keerith, as elder sister figures of a sort, as they have managed to help her out of problematic situations very frequently and offering her very good advice when she needs it.
Keerith Galeo (Tayoon) ( - The Knight)
Character's Thoughts: "She's a great fighter, and so full of wisdom. It's nice to have her around; I know I can count on her for nigh anything."
Hali met Keerith alongside her mate, Naoh, and has since shared a good amount of time with the woman who, alongside Naoh, she has come to see as an older sister figure. Keerith has, on many occasions, offered Hali meaningful advice and support when she needed it most, and has been an inspirational figure for the troubled adventurer.
Fiona Delaine ( - The Anomaly)
Character's Thoughts: "Fiona's a truly good person, and I'm glad Dahlia's had her. I just... can't figure her out, though..."
Fiona was introduced to Hali by Dahlia, the two having been long time friends, with Fiona mentoring Dahlia and acting as her teacher in magic. Hali has a great respect for her abilities and knowledge, but there's always something strange happening around the girl that gives Hali pause. Despite her well-meaning personality and support, there's always a small measure of suspicion and caution given to anything she does involving Fiona.
N'aomi Kett ( $ - The Outrider)
Character's Thoughts: "I've never met someone so charismatic and friendly. She really knows how to treat her people. The Outriders are family."
Hali and Naomi met some time ago during a visit to the Lighthouse Tavern, soon after becoming involved with her and several others from the Outriders when they began taking on dangerous missions together under O'byahta Odah. As time went on, Hali became an "Outsiderider", an unofficial member accepted as part of the family, and not long after, following her departure from her old life, became a true Outrider, signing on with the company and securing her place with a group she'd come to know as her new family.
Ottovachi Zotovachi ( $ - The Voice of Thal)
Character's Thoughts: "Otto's reliable, and I keep finding more and more about the incredible knowledge he has."
The Outriders introduced many people to Hali, one of whom was Otto. She admires his incredible skill in magic and tends to treat his teachings in the realm of Nald'thal as absolute (save for when they apply to her). His wisdom and knowledge have helped both to protect and inspire Hali, who has come to count on the thaumaturge in cases of magical mishaps, or just when she needs some advice.



Some of these rumours are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumours - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Heard just scribbles aimlessly in those books then hope she got somethin' good." -- Arcanist
"Hells if she won't spend a pile o'gil for enough food to knock a man out." -- Restaurant Owner
"Talks to that cat of hers like it can understand her. Weird, innit?" -- Bystander
"Don't touch her without permission. She's very squeamish about it." -- Chirurgeon
"Heard she's an Iron Chef! No wonder. Her cooking's to die for!" -- Tavern-Goer
◢ Uncommon Rumours - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Nothing but shapes and noises, she said I was... Sigh." -- Smitten Lad
"Don't talk 'bout no 'arm comin' to a cat 'round'er. She'll up an' start bawlin' on ye." -- Sailor
"She don't feel like a lot o' people do. All mixed up... Girl's damaged." -- Romantic
"If she up'n starts gigglin' outta nowhere... run. Just run." -- Adventurer
"Fair sure she's one o' them blue-wearin' cultists from... what's it, Thavnair?" -- Colosseum Flunky
◢ Rare Rumours - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I swear, I've seen her treating with Garleans. Bet she's some kind of traitor." -- Anonymous
"Ever seen 'er 'round loads of aether? Girl goes down like a sach o'popotoes. Sensitive summat fierce." -- Anonymous
"She's killed in cold blood afore. Don't know why, and don't wanna know." -- Anonymous
"Ever heard'er sing? Sounds like 'at Doman songstress lass... Katsu summat? Wonder what 'appened to'er." -- Anonymous
"Wait a bleedin' moment... weren't she a miqo'te afore? ...and- huh?! What's goin' on?!" -- Tavern Patron


Feel free to add your own rumours to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumours - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Take it easy on'er. Lass's'ad it rougher'n most. Trust me." -- Dail'a Naras.
"A very sweet girl and a fantastic chef! She's quite the problem with words, though." -- Corelyn Rosefire.


Songs used to set a mood; lyrics may not reflect the views of my character. The following links will take you to Youtube. Please mind your speakers.

Character Theme
"Shallow Grave"
Artist: The Birthday Massacre

Ambient Theme
"His Brightest Star Was You"
Artist: Two Steps From Hell

Quiet Theme
"Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion"
Artist: Yoko Shimomura
Awkward Theme
"You Must Like It Here"
Artist: Murray Gold

Concentration Theme
"The Mole"
Artist: Michael McCann

"Wanderer's Lullaby"
Artist: Adriana Figueroa

Action Theme
"Song of the Ancients (Atonement)"
Artist: Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi

Desperation Theme
"Dependent Weakling"
Artist: Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi

Sad Theme
"The Death of Dr. Owen Harper"
Artist: The BBC National Orchestra of Wales



Player Note
Hali is portrayed as a character with Asperger's syndrome (a form of mild autism), as well as severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as an exercise by her writer, who is very much the same. Her behaviour and personality is not meant to demean, deride, or cast a negative light on those on these conditions, but rather, to do the opposite and to act as a therapeutic character and exercise in self-awareness.
Personal RP Limits
I will always refrain from these things and ask all people do the same when engaged with my characters. I am incredibly open to most things, so talk to me OOCly about what you would like to do.
■ No godmoding.
■ No powerplay.
■ No rape.
■ No violating the IC/OOC divide.
The views and mannerisms of this character do not always align with those of the player and are never meant to offend, belittle, or do intentional harm to any one person or their character on an OOC basis. All actions taken by this character are as the character would be written and will not be tailored to OOC influences except as absolutely needed to continue playing the character as I like.


Potential Plot Hooks
■ Hali tends to frequent different restaurants, but only when they are less crowded and/or quiet.
■ Hali used to cast spells through copying the "feel" of them into notebooks (if they worked).
■ Hali is the first champion of "Iron Chef Eorzea".
■ "Hali Naras" may be known to some Garleans.
■ Most everyone tends to call her Hali, rather than Haruhi.
Character Lore Adherence
This character will always adhere as closely as possible to established lore as possible. Small deviations into territory not fully covered may be possible, but never without solid logic and reasoning, as well and will always be researched as thoroughly as possible before implementation. Overly-non-lore-friendly aspects present are subject to retcon at any time as they are brought to light for any reason.


Name - Asashio no Haruhi
Pronounced -
(ah-SAH-shee-oh NOH HAH-ruu-hee)
Race - Raen Au Ra
Age - 28
Height - 5' 6"
Weight - 219pz
Name Day - 24th Sun, 4th Astral Moon
Deity - Unknown
Orientation - Demisexual
Status - Engaged

Alias(es): "Hali"
Citizenship: Hingashi
Occupation: Chef, Shinobi
Voice Claim: Halsey
Hair color: Blonde, Silver Streaks
Eye color: Light Blue
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Key Items: Notebook, Shuriken Braces, Glasses, Chef's Knife Roll
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Lavender Tea
Favorite Color: Currant Purple


Haruhi, or "Hali", is a somewhat strange girl who spends a lot of her time indoors, reading or experimenting with recipes to improve her considerable cooking skills. She has a weakness for cats and kittens, but generally doesn't care for other people, for the most part, finding them difficult and not often worth the time and effort.

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