Ash Eclipse

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 Ash Eclipse
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship ???
Age 34
Marital Status Single
Occupation Archeologist
Height 6 fulms 9 ilms
Relatives ???

Character Overview


FFXIIIpointer.png Vital Records
Exiled from homeland


Smoking in the rain
Impulse Buying
Wine tasting


Having little or no money
Open Affection (Towards her)
Wasting food


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favorite Food: Constantly flip-flopping between various tastes
Favorite Drink: Kiwi Juice
Favorite Color: Purple & gold

Appearance & Personality

Far from the tallest of her kind, Ash lacks most of the towering height which charactarizes the Roegadyn and instead cutting it at 6 fulms and 9 ilms (give or take). This is not to say she is small, but she is short. She remains distinctly Roegadyn through the structure of her nose and her robust physique indicative of a childhood spent in the Hellsguard homeland. Her pigmentation (or seeming lack thereof) gives her an unusual, sore-thumbish appearance when along her fellow Hellsguard, her being a slightly tinted ivory to the iconic red shades belonging to the Hellsguard.
Ash's hands have the telltale signs of manual labor, littered with minor nicks and scarring and callouses established at the base of her fingers. This would, to those who had the oppritunity to glance, would go for the rest of her upper body, hard earned muscle not absent of imperfections, some imperfections deeper than others. Although her freckled face remains untouched by similar marks and past-injuries, their existence is something of a contradiction to the seemingly natural scholarly and almost teacher-like persona she projects, speaking of perhaps a slightly more complicated past than how she would tell it.
Before anything else, Ash likes to present herself as a bookish sort, and not in any meek manner. A confident academic, secure in what knowledge she does have and how to learn more about what she does not know, it would not be unreasonable to think that she likely belongs in the academic ivory towers with others similar to herself. However, there is a down-to-earth (or vulgar and gluttonous, if you so wish to view it in that light) edge to Ash which keeps her from completely identifying with those sorts. She could be described as teasing, smug and a variety of other almost-insulting things, but there appears to be a consistent politeness to her interactions, and mayhaps even a kindness hidden beneath a level or two of vanity.


The following is the story as told from Ash's perspective. May be best to be taken with a grain of salt - or it may wholesale simply be untrue - and may be abridge in areas.

FFXIIIpointer.png Childhood

"Humble beginnings."
Ash's earliest memories are of the volcanoes of Abalathia, of the unforgiving earth and the perpetual sullen environment. There was little to be found in such a place, let alone it being a good place to raise a child, but like many-a Hellsguard before her it was what Ash had to deal with in her youth. She, unfortunately, was born weak in a land which demanded strength, fragile where only the sturdy thrived. This did not warrent her extra attention or care from her peers, nor any coddling from her parents - instead she had less. Less care, barely any belongings, scraps for food and only more effort to put in. She survived her earliest and most formative years through, as she puts it, raw determination and spiteful stubborness for the environment around her. This spite began her less-than smiled upon habits.
Indeed, before she was seeking to take from dead civilizations, Ash was taking from those around her.

FFXIIIpointer.png The Teenage Years

"... And then I was attacked by the Baby Behemoth's mother..."

FFXIIIpointer.png The Seventh Umbral Era

"Garleans. I hate those guys."

FFXIIIpointer.png The Present

"And that's how we got here."
The now-established "archeologist" (read: treasure hunter and thief) encountered a curious individual while dwelling not too far from her original homeland - one Lancelaux Fiermont. A polite check up on a fellow mortal being lead to her involvement with the Black Chocobo Gang.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Moonlights as a personal accountant. Despite poor management of her own money and income, she apparently knows how to turn an inch into a mile when it comes to others.
Supposedly a minor celebrity within the archeological world.
Also supposedly takes credit for other peoples finds.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Where does that Ash get off telling me that handwork isn't distinctly Miqo-Merycidian... ain't even got a bloody degree..." - Disgruntled Coworker
"She's thirty-something, isn't she?" "Been in her thirties for more than a decade, mate. Pretty sure she's getting on."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"... - fixation on voidsent'll get us bloody killed, Fionne. We can't keep working...-"- Unknown Coworker
"T'was not just the experience she took from the Tomb, stranger. The legacy she carries... " - ???
◢ Opinions (Opinions from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Lancelaux Fiermont:
Aori Daitu: A fellow academic who Ash had the fortune of striking up a conversation with one night, Aori quickly proved herself to have a personality type which meshed well with Ash's own, the conversation between them flowing naturally. Rare to quickly consider someone a friend, Ash is indeed close to calling Aori one after one meeting. Ash intends to take the Au Ra on a dig with her one day.
Azunai Nevarus: A man who can punch, cook, and won't try to bum a cigarette off of her? Ideal husband material. But alas, Ash is a busy woman with only one spouse; work.
Solemn Olive: Ash's sister-of-circumstance, Olive has more than earned her place as a good friend. Painfully aware of how uncharactaristic it is of herself to adopt anyone as a family member, she cannot help but feel a close attatchment to Olive due to her own situation and relative youth. Something of a reflection she cannot help but care for.