Astanya Lafihna

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Astanya Lafihna
A.k.a "Madame Nox"

Name... Astanya Lafihna
Alias... Madame Nox
Age... 28
Gender... Female
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Keeper ofthe Moon
Orientation... Bisexual
Relationship... Its complicated
Deity... Menphina, the Lover
Nationality... Gridanian
Occupation... Bard and ???
Alignment... Chaotic Good

Height: 5'3"

Hair: Purple with dark pink highlights, Very Long but usually worn in a ponytail with a plait.

Tail: Purple, Long and Bushy.

Eyes: Heterochromia:- Left eye Yellow, Right eye Green.

Scars & Markings: White Keeper facial markings, mole underneath left eye, strange arm tattoos.

Voice: Sultry tone, Speaks properly however sometimes rolls Rs and slips in cat puns. Example: 'It's no fur off my tail'

Clothing: Hunting Leathers that also double as a Bard performance outfit with a transforming Harp-Bow, A "victorian steampunk" like everyday outfit and a masked outfit used for illicit activities to conceal her identity, a Staff is usually carried with these two outfits.


  • Being bought/cooked dinner and/or drinks
  • ---
  • ---


  • Extorting the poor and unfortunate
  • Greed
  • ---


  • Failing or being unable to protect those she cares about
  • ---
  • ---


  • Astanya was raised to hunt with a bow and play instruments but later learnt the use of black magic.
  • ---
  • ---

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Romantic Attraction: Name is romantically interested in this character.
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Friend: Name considers this person her friend.
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(Undecided Name) Lafihna () ( NPC ) - Mother and Matrich of the Lafihna Miqo'te Family
(Undecided Name) Lafihna () ( NPC ) - Younger Sister
(Undecided Name) Lafihna () ( NPC ) - Younger Sister
(Undecided Name) Lafihna () ( NPC ) - Younger Sister


Maple Minazuki ( ) ( PC ) - Temporary roommate and Love Interest.
Kazehana Koizumi () ( PC ) - Chance meeting that sprouted into an unusual friendship.
B'atrix Vheg ( ?) ( PC ) - Keeps hearing this name but has yet to meet the person.
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◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "I swear I see that Miqo'te lass leaving the Carline Canopy with a different man or woman nearly every night - Gridanian Bar-goer"

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "If you mess with those Lafihna girls, I've heard Madame Nox pays you a visit in the night, and not the good kind of visit - Intimidated Denizen"

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!



◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

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I am somewhat new to RP and currently only RP with trusted friends.
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