Aurelais Monteliard

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Ishgard.jpg Aurelais Monteliard
Art by Yona-Remi.
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 24
Marital Status Single
Occupation Knight-Dragoon
Height/Weight 6 fulms 7 ilms / 170 ponze
Relatives Katrienne Roncevaux (Aunt)

Aurelais Monteliard is a knight-dragoon serving the city-state of Ishgard and commander of a specialized wing of elite protectors tasked with the annihilation of opposing Dravanian forces. Lauded as the 'Lance of Valroyant' for her martial prowess and peerless elegance, she is recalled for an almost romantic sense of vainglory just as she is for her indomitable integrity. Whether indulging in the heat of battle or engaging her peers, her deceptively palatable charisma conceals a critical view of the effects foreign invasion has had on her beloved Ishgard: protective of those of blood who might ask for it and inhospitable to those who are not, she stands as one of many young elezen in a rising wave of dissent birthed in the breach of a society she had once considered sanctimonious for its seclusion.


Tall and possessing a curvaceous figure admired for its solidity and attributed a sense of vivacity, Aurelais stands as exemplification of the timeless beauty that the elezen undeniably possess and the nigh predatory portrait an established dragoon of skill and repute presents, for - in her own estimation - there is nothing in the whole of Eorzea more comely or grand than she. She exhibits a striking figure garbed in flame blackened mail, drachen plate and fur to ward off the Ishgardian chill and armed with a great lance with a serrated blade, but nothing proves so arresting as the arrogance prevalent within her every bold step and gesture.

Long, dark tresses fall in soft, neatly trimmed layers around her angular, pale features, brushing her chin at their shortest and edging along the middle of her spine at their longest, and appear in a constant state of pleasantly wind-whipped dishevelment when the visor of her helm does not obscure her fair face from vision. Her gaze, verging towards a blue so light it near appears translucent in some respects, is possessed of an intensity that either wards away the errant stare or draws it within, and the fullness of her mouth often favors a sensual and wickedly winsome smile that speaks to secrets that curiosity begs discovery of.


Almost universally regarded as a woman who has maintained a nigh philosophical view on the art of martial play as she has of the greatest historical ballads of Ishgardian society, Aurelais is in many respects the archetypal portrait of a chivalrous knight in form, function and flair, for there is nothing that she is more known for than the chivalric sense of duty that drives her every action. Stripped to her barest characteristics, the dragoon is a bold and imperious young woman taken with a curious kind of provocation that provides for the interested eye a mystery that begs full attention: capable of the charismatic inclinations of low blood that disarms as she is of upholding the officiously proper protocol of a noblewoman, she is for the gaze what it is most desired of her in moments of trial and tribulation.

Despite many qualities that endear her to compeer and superior alike, Aurelais's flippant disregard for the constitution of her peers and detachment from circumstances that beg reliance on sentimentality reflects an aversion to intimacy. Often assuming a position of command amidst those most familiar with her has both blessed and cursed her with bold presumption that will swiftly turn her tongue towards the argumentative, should her acumen or judication be questioned, and a temper that runs as hotly within her as her blood turns her to swiftly solving issues of insubordination with the edge of her blade before amends can be made with word alone. An entitled and expectant need for approbation has permitted her very few connections that are not properly distant, but Aurelais has little care for matters of rapport when there is no better company to keep than her own.


Competition. There is no one greater than she, after all, and she's more than willing to show with exacting accuracy why.
Independence. Never a woman to rely overly much on others, Aurelais prefers solitude and self-involvement to anything grossly dependent.
Attention. Without an audience to weave her many grand tales to, she is an artist without a canvas and paint.
Confidence. Aurelais admires in others qualities that are reflected in herself, so she takes to those with natural confidence with ease.


Cowardice.There is nothing so loathesome to Aurelais as those with water for guts.
Insubordination. If it is not cowardice that infuriates her, it is rebellion.
Heresy. Intensely loyal to her people and the creed that has become as familiar to her as her own family, she safeguards her culture as she would her own blood.
Hedonism. Though she is not without her own particular vices and sins, Aurelais examines those with hedonistic tendencies with a particularly critical eye.


Excellence in the line of duty.
Preservation of the old chivalric code.
Repute garnered in action and prowess.
Protection of Ishgard and its people.


Brave. Aurelais's sureness has earned her spurs dozens of times over.
Tenacious. She favors a stubbornness that can be maddening, but serves her well.
Dual. Many find themselves well-served by her ability to adjust to circumstance.
Noble. Aurelais maintains admirable elegance and grace while conversing and in battle.


Arrogant. Aurelais's particular brand of bold charm can be grating to those who prefer those who boast less.
Prejudiced. Though she chambers many intrusive, resentful thoughts towards non-elezen, she is unwelcoming and frigid at her best with nonnatives to Ishgard.
Provocative. Many find her naturally quarrelsome nature a challenge to endure before proper introduction.
Reticent. Her preference for solitude and detachment precludes closeness in most forms.


Under construction (which more or less means that you'll have to find out in character because I'm lazy).


◢ Common Rumors
"The commander is a fetching young woman, is she not? Ah, t'is such a shame that she's refused every hand that begs hers for betrothal..."
"I've heard of how often she's set herself often to prayer, but there's naught much more that the lass loves than the thrill of contest."
◢ Moderate Rumors
"I've heard that the supposed 'Lance of Valroyant' earned her spurs through less than noble means. I wonder what starveling stole from the Haillenarte nobleman who gave her a title, and how hard she beat him."
"There are times where, if you look closely enough, you can see beyond her smile to whom she is within. I wonder how long she's been nursing such heartache..."
◢ Rare Rumors
"It's doubtless that she'd never say it, but the commander's desperately lonely. I've seen her invite a lady of the night into her chambers - how scandalous!"
◢ PC Rumors
None yet.


Romantic Interest     Friends     Acquainted      Avoids
None yet.



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