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Gridania-transparent.png Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn
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Birth Name Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn
Meaning Absent Axe, Son of Fyrilsunn
Nickname(s)/Alias Byrt
Age Around 17
Born 14th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon 1561 6AE
Birthplace Gridania
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridania
Guardian Menphina Icon.png Menphina, the Lover
Height 7' 2"
Physique Broad and muscular, padded with some fat as well
Hair Dark gray with streaks of blue
Eyes Deep, dark blue, almost black
Skin Pale, bluish
Occupation Cavalier in the Order of the Twin Adder
Combat Style Fighting with a lance, mounted combat
Primary Weapon A Twin Adder-issue lance
Secondary Weapon A red lance that belonged to his great-grandfather, Loetramm
Armor Preference Low-ranking Twin Adder gear
Transportation Bramble, his green draught chocobo
Username Shoshopu
Time Zone EST (UTC - 5)
Server Balmung
Additional Characters Shoshopu et al.
Free Companies Aetherial Warriors ⟪AW-RP⟫
Rusted Sigil ⟪RUST⟫
RP Preferences I very much like OOC discussion! Feel free to hit me up OOC if you have any ideas or things you want me to know about.
  • Light to medium
  • Adult themes are fine
  • I sometimes ERP but I'd really rather talk about it in advance, if it's right for the characters, that whole thing
  • No harming or mutilation unless discussed in advance either.

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Basic Info

Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn is a Gridanian native, raised by a single mother who originally hailed from Limsa Lominsa. He had never met his father until after he'd already seen sixteen summers, but was fortunate in that his mother at least remembered the guy's name so he could have a surname. He is a White Wolf in the Order of the Twin Adder, and his dream is to become a master of the polearm and a Wood Wailer, to protect Gridania and all of the Twelveswood.

Appearance & Personality

Awyrbyrt is a Roegadyn youth, about seven fulms tall, give or take a couple ilms. His skin is a light blue-green, and although his body is broadly built and fairly endowed with muscle, he's soft around the edges, probably still hanging on to some baby fat. His hair is black with streaks of grayish blue around his temples, and it's usually kept swept upward in the front, because he thinks that looks cool. He has a strong chin, a broad nose, and his father's eyes, dark as the bottom of the sea. Aside from his enormous jaw, the rest of his face is rather soft, and he keeps it all clean-shaven.

He has a bit of an ego. Growing up in Gridania as a minority among a bunch of Elezen and Miqo'te, he fancies himself to be way more impressive than he actually is... and it shows, unfortunately. He is only humbled when actually around other Roegadyn. He highly values rigorous training and practice, and is actually pretty dedicated when it comes to his daily drills, instead of doing... whatever it is kids in Gridania do for fun. On the contrary, he actually really enjoys it. Awyrbyrt is also a buff of Eorzean military history, though his illiteracy hampers this hobby. He usually coerces other, more bookish White Wolves who can read into reading things for him.


Awyrbyrt's mother, Bararael Koelzantwyn, fled Limsa Lominsa in early 1561 6AE for reasons unknown. She was either unable or unwilling to find or make contact with his father. Awyrbyrt was born later that year in Gridania on the 14th Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon. He was raised by his single mother, knowing nothing about his father but his name and previous occupation, that he was a naval engineer and fighter for the Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa.

Bararael assimilated as best as she could into Gridanian culture, and Awyrbyrt was raised Gridanian through and through, adhering to all its cultural customs. He did his best to make friends, though as a toddler who was so different looking, there were several children he didn't get along with; alienation and size advantage guided him into the 'schoolyard bully' niche, though the role didn't suit him and he fell in to it with some reluctance.

During and after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Awyrbyrt and his mother struggled to survive, but the two of them just managed to get by. On the 12th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon and the 5th year of the Seventh Umbral Era, en route to visit a friend in Hyrstmill, his mother was ambushed and murdered by a small group of Ixal. This impacted Awyrbyrt deeply; he began to take his future more seriously, and when he turned 16 two moons later, he enlisted in the Order of the Twin Adder, where he was assigned to the White Wolves.

Later in 5 7AE, while lounging in the Carline Canopy, Awyrbyrt was idly listening to the conversation of some experienced adventurers at a nearby table when one small Lalafell called her Roegadyn friend by name: Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn. Knowing he was Fyrilsunnsyn, Awyrbyrt couldn't help but approach the large man and say hello; he made the mistake of approaching Fyrilsunn from behind and found himself thrown over the man's shoulder and into the table, but the patrilineal resemblance was immediately apparent once they were face to face. Introductions were made, and Awyrbyrt was thrilled to learn these adventurers, and his father, were in fact members of the 81st Maelstrom Foreign Levy Company, which he coincidentally had taken an interest in due to their recent defeat of the primal Leviathan.

Awyrbyrt keeps occasional contact with his father and the 81st from his station in Gridania. He hopes to be promoted soon, being the biggest and best of the White Wolves at this point in time. At least, he thinks so.


  • Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn : Awyrbyrt's father, an incredible man who casts a large shadow. Even though he was missing for the first sixteen summers of his young life, he looks up to the man more than anyone else. He feels like he's a bit of a disappointment, because there are many things on which they don't see eye to eye, and his father's achievements are a lot to live up to, but Awyrbyrt tries his damndest to impress him. Awyrbyrt still has a lot to learn about the man, and the two have taken up attending the Grindstone tournament regularly together as a sort of weekly bonding exercise.
  • Kodaro Ba'rococo : Although he hasn't spoken to or heard from Kodaro in a long time, Awyrbyrt is a longtime fan of this Bloodsands champion.
  • Lynn'wo Vahnal : Child of a tribe long rumored to (and truthfully) have terrified and murdered many a Wood Wailer in the past. Lynn'wo- or Sparrow, as he prefers to be called- seems to have made many efforts to distance himself from his past and seems earnestly regretful and apologetic of it, and is a good man now, in spite of what happened back then. Awyrbyrt tries to get along with him.
  • Shoshopu Shopu : This little Lalafell appears to be one of his father's best friends. This confuses Awyrbyrt. She seems smart and kind enough, just... not the sort of person to make friends with an axe-swinging badass like his father.

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