Bastian Greywolf

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Bastian Greywolf
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 35
Nameday 24th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon 1942
Height / Weight ?? fulms ?? ilms / 170 ponz
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Member of The Roaring Rhotano
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Bastian Greywolf (/ˈbɑːstiɑːn ɡreɪwoʊlf/) is the first mate of the Roaring Rhotano serving under Captain Glazisil Tofftylwyn. He is a highlander but due to lack of memory of his past he is unsure where he hails from. It is assumed that his memory only goes back to the post-Dalamund as he has no recollection of the events of the Battle of Carteneau or for a couple months after the fight. After Glazisil found him and took him as part of her crew, they grew a great bond and he quickly became her trusted right side man.

Basic Info

Bastian is a tough man with a warm heart. Even though his memory is cloudy and he cannot recall his past, he has still been able to form great friendship and relationships. Bastian has made the active decision not to seek out his past, but if it wants to find him he will confront it. He currently serves as First Mate and is part of a pirate crew that was shipwrecked in Limsa Lominsa.


Build: Large.
Height: ?? fulms ?? ilms.
Weight: 170 ponz.
Hair Color: Chocolate brown with red highlights.
Hair Style: Layered and choppy.
Eye Color: ??.
Skintone: Average.
Distinguishing Features: None.








1542-1572 6AE - Pre Dalamund

Bastian doesn't remember anything about Dalamund, the Battle of Carteneau or anything before this.

1-5 7UE - Post Dalamund

1 - 5 - Brand New Era

5 Onwards - Journey Forth



None that he is aware of. He considers his crew mates to be his family.


Glazisil Tofftylwyn: The longest person he knows from as much of his memory spans, Bastian trusts the pirate captain with his life. Many nights he has spent drinking ale and arm wrestling with the Sea Wolf in tarverns accross Eorzea.
H'ikaru Tia: Bastain is particularly fond of the mage Miqo'te however he has agreed to keep his relationship a secret between them. He has sworn not to reveal H'ikaru's where abouts to Seto.
Seto Verasse: H'ikaru's younger brother, Bastian affectionately teases the younger lad though he with holds the vital information Seto is looking for; the where abouts of his brother. At H'ikaru's request, Bastian looks out for Seto from a safe distance and keeps an eye on him without actively interfering in the young miqo'te personal life.


None at this time.


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Player: kagadesu
Server: Balmung
Timezone: Europe GMT/BST
Location: England, UK
Characters: H'ikaru Tia

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