Roaring Rhotano

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The Roaring Rhotano
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Base Location La Nocsea
Group Type Pirates
Leader Glazisil Tofftylwyn
Member Count 9
Linkshell The Roaring Rhotano

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The Roaring Rhotano is a group of pirates lead and formed by their captain, Glazisil Tofftylwyn. The band is primarily made up of Highlander Hyur and Sea Wolf and Hellsguard Roegadyn, and are mostly a male group with a small handfull of females. Thier current situation is shipwrecked in La Noscea after their ship, the Rho'atad, was destroyed in a violent clash with the Garlean Empire.

Basic Info

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In the year 1572 6UE on the 25th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon, Tofftyl Rymmfalksyn was murdered. His only daughter Glazisil Tofftlywym, inherited the crew and his ship, the Rho'atad. Her father was killed during the Garlean uprising and the chaos during the decent of Dalamund. Her father's notoriety had slipped and to add insult to his name, he was murdered in his sleep on land.

For the eighteen moons that followed his death, Glazisil and the crew of the Rho'atad fled the lads of Eorzea to the seas behind, hunting for any ship which may hold clues to her father's killers. Glazisil guided the crew into blood thirsty revenge, chasing down notorious crews and high-profile bandits and engaging in ferocious battles. But as the path dried up, she became to accept her father's death and instead set out to make her name as the daughter of the notorious Captain Wastgybal (Sharp Skull) Rymmfalksyn.

As Glazisil inherited the Rho'atad at the age of 23 her first few years of Captain had their ups and down. A majority of the time her crew stood behind her and she was pretty headstrong, but at other times she was very unsure of what to do and sometimes let her emotions and angry lead her in the wrong direction.

Crew Members

The crew are currently scattered accross La Nocsea, gathering together as survivors of the shipwreck. The crew has dimished, either from dying during the seas battle, drowning in the sea or disappeared and not returned to be a member of the crew. Originally made up of 23 different members, the now grand total of knowing surviving members is down to seven. Crew mates who have not returned to the Captain are presumed dead.

There is also a supply group who work directly with the crew. A business agreement between Percevains Caudron and Glazisil Tofftylwyn which works to both their favors. Where the pirates raid dungeons for rare materials for the company, the company provides tools and materials to the pirates for a minimal fee.


This is a list of surviving officers.

Glazisil Tofftylwyn: Captain (Sea Wolf female)
Bastian Greywolf: First Mate (Highlander male)
Wawasuma Mamasuma: Sea Artist (Dunesfolk male)
Seto Verasse: Navigator (Seeker male)


Here is a list of the current survivng crew members.

Wilfmoem Oebmannsyn: Master Gunner (Sea Wolf male)
Hrodulf Beake: Gunner (Highlander male)
Rising Geyser: Striker (Hellguard male)
Vyncent Yaeger: Carpenter (Midlander male)

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