Glazisil Tofftylwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Glazisil Tofftylwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Occupation Pirate Captain of the Roaring Rhotano
Age 28
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Nameday 14th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Height / Weight 7 fulms 1 ilms / 185 ponz
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Glazisil "Glassi" Tofftylwyn (/ˈɡlæzɪsɪl ˈtɒftɪlwɪn/) (translated: Glass Island, Daughter of Deep Valley) is a Roegadyn pirate, descended from the Sea Wolves clan. Raised alone by Tofftyl Rymmfalksyn (translated: Deep Valley, Son of Frost Falcon), her proud father and the original helmsman of the Rho'atad, she was taught to believe in the ancient customs of the Sea Wolves and to take pride in being a master of the seas. After her father's passing, Glassi inherited the Rho'atad and its crew at the age of twenty-three.

Basic Info


Build: Full-figured and toned.
Height: 7 fulms 1 ilms.
Weight: 185 ponz.
Hair Color: Moss green, turning mint at the tips.
Hair Style: Shoulder-length with a part on the right and one side tucked behind the ear.
Eye Color: Aquamarine.
Skintone: Grey, somewhat tanned.
Distinguishing Features: Scar across the bridge of the nose.

While considered just slightly above average height among other Sea Wolves, Glassi towers over all other races. Her hair is slightly bleached due to overexposure to the sun, while her complexion is darkened for the very same reason. Received the scar on her nose after breaking it during a bar brawl that she started after a drunken sailor goosed her.


Mannerisms: Although generally tomboyish, her social posture is relatively effeminate. She received coaching as a child on how to behave like a lady due to the level of noise her rambunctious nature created, and as much as she disliked it at the time, the behavior was still reinforced. She'll drop the girlishness in an instant if combat arises, or if there is a need to intimidate someone. Often she'll put down those around her in an attempt to show superiority, even if it means making a fool of some of her crewmen.

Voice: Glassi's speaking voice is loud and commanding, but she's not the best at articulating herself. Her vocabulary is extremely vulgar and simplistic, dotted with idioms that she's either picked up from other pirates or just made up on the spot. Her accent is similar to that of the typical dialect in Limsa Lominsa, but due to her travels it has been muddled with numerous other dialects from distant lands.


Glassi is a very bold and stubborn woman, but she is loyal to a fault. She tends to be blunt and doesn’t mince her words, a quality that her crew and other clansmen find admirable, but tends to offend others. More often than not, she steps on toes and puts herself and her crew in dangerous predicaments for her mouth, but she has the guts and the willpower to see things through to the end— no matter how stupid they wind up being.

She isn’t entirely without kindness, however, and treats her crew as she would her own family.


Picking fights
The sea


Cold weather




On a stormy night at sea in 1549, Glassi was born aboard her father's ship, the Rho'atad. Her mother had fallen ill late in the pregnancy, and childbirth left her weak and enfeebled. She knew already that she wouldn't be long for this world, and had asked her husband to bring her to a beautiful salt lake she'd heard stories of in childhood that was said to "reflect the sky as clearly as a pane of glass". Fearing that the place did not truly exist, Tofftyl named his child Glazisil so that his wife might finally see her beautiful "glass island". She passed on soon after, and Tofftyl began to raise Glassi alone.

Despite every attempt to protect and shelter her, Glassi was too much like her father to heed his warnings. Even as a young child, she screamed and scrapped as if she were an old sea dog herself. On occasions where dangerous voyages were planned and Glassi was left at port, she'd always find a way to sneak back onto the ship before departure. Her size and facade of innocence even benefitted the crew a number of times; the sight of her screeching and running at enemy pirates and sahagin with a little hatchet served to distract them long enough to be gutted by one of her crewmates.

As the years went on, Tofftyl began grooming Glassi to eventually take over his ship. This news infuriated a number of veterans who'd been patient and loyal for many years; the crew all loved Glassi and helped her to grow, but a reckless teenager had no place in learning the duties of the Captain. A rift between the crew formed, leading some to slack off, bicker with their captain, or just outright desert the crew altogether. Glassi insisted that she could never replace her father, nor would she want to. However, Tofftyl was growing older and less capable as the years went on. His loneliness after losing his wife so many years ago weighed his heart tremendously, and many accused him of growing soft.

During the ensuing chaos of the Garlean uprising of 1572, Tofftyl was murdered while the Rho'atad was in port. Glassi found her father's lifeless body in a rented bed; the very thought of her father dying in the brief moment that he was away from the sea sent her into a boiling rage. She gathered up what crewmen she can find and takes to the seas, still carrying Tofftyl's corpse. The Rho'atad sailed until all that surrounded it was the sea and the red sky; Glassi gave her father a burial at sea, which calmed her for a short time. She kept sailing away from Eorzea and informed the men that they would not rest until her father's murderer had been found and dealt with.

The next few years were filled with much bloodshed as Glassi ruthlessly patrolled the seas, interrogating and systematically destroying all those that have even the remotest chance of being connected to Tofftyl's death. Eventually the leads and rumors all dried up, leaving her with no choice but to set aside her vendetta indefinitely. In the present day her vengeful spirit has quieted somewhat, replaced with a compassion for her crew that outweighs the unrelenting anger she once felt. The Rho'atad has since returned to Eorzea and Glassi balances conquest with almost-respectable business, though she keeps herself on high alert at all times.



Bastian Greywolf
Seto Verasse
Brittle Slate

Out Of Character Information

Player: sardonyxweapon
Server: Balmung
Timezone: Eastern (USA & Canada) ~ GMT -4:00
Location: Maryland, USA
Characters: Navarre Fairclough